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Indeed Once Upon Yore Times Places In Our. World Legends Tell Oft. Of Actionables Sacrificings So Aztecian. Reckoned Outs Herein Amidst. Sacrificial Rituals + Traditions Misted. Overs Recipes For This. That Finale Delicacy Yore. Last Meal. Our Suppered Food Of Yores. Gods. Devilishly Delicious Desserts Divined Forsaken In Deeds. Partaken. Life Taken.


King or Queen for One. Year


would You.?. One Year

King or Queen


then Sacrificed… would You.?. Yore



Ancestors mayhaps perhaps faced one. Choice

may have not been. Options so there so

yore… our such much their


King or Queen for one. Year

then Sacrifice. Aztec Styled

that is. Is that

When Yore Opposite So. Our



so choice in deeds.?. Indeed

much such choices would. Drive

anyone to drugged. Chocolate

sweetly in our world. Legends



tell Yore Gods are the ones too. To


have set the. Example the Aztecs +

otherswise or not. So unwisely so followers

unleashed. Twits


once upon Times places one. Cosmic War. War

of THE Gods. Our Planets + an Intruder.?.

Comet/Novae/Exploded Planet.?.


Our World + several Planets/Moon involved

in this War. War

endings begun

that begot. Peace by sacrificing/grav. pull…

Intruder so


journeys on. Into pulled onto Our Sun… The


remembered this worked. Once

upon Times. Placed


so their yore so there. Hereso our



as above so. Below

Space spatially


Does anti-Matter matter.?. So

Hero so Human in deeds. So opposites

indeed attracting energetic. Actionings so

North so. South


Abel’s able so Kain disables. So

Sun v Moon or

Venus so +. Mars. Marring

Osiris so. Set so marred. Setting

Achilles unwell so heeled. Lacing well


opposites also thru’ Yores

Aztecian there. Lore as so all so our

disharmony. Their Yore God was a Fighter

who. Thereso beat + evicted/deported

his. Thrashed

foes as oft as he could. Much such


one bullish brutal Fighter. God of Yores. Adored

only seldomly. One War-God so suits one

too. To



rules + lords it so overs. You

subbed so for the real


King… Yet so Sacrificial

Yore Gods-King-Man-Queen-Woman Official

Personage personally only. Ruled

Persons peopled


so. Ritually. Prisoner gilded cage. Tradition +

Rituals + Duties filled only Yore. Time. Placing

us into arounds. Abouts

One Month

form Sacrifice Ultimate one. Male so Sacri

King married too. To four. Wives



four to our crowned Seasonal. Themes fored

there so yores. Here Aztecian Directional


sacrificed in all four. Corners oft. Of our round

also. All so




community globally. Minded outlooks in

volved in Naturalistic deeds. Indeed You

yet + still ultimately. Dead. Alivings Life

in yore last month.?. Aztecian involved four

so. Contrasting


elements, lifestyles, partners. Patterns, Themes

for You too. To lord over + sacrificial lamb prep

with. Some opposite gendered. Companionships

4 too. To


4 directional swayed. Hips eventually

encouragings your lips arounds. Abouts

Your One Yore Last. Meal. One


Large Slice Pie. One our yore Aztecian

Honeyed Chocolate Mushroomed. Pie.




Chocolate has + is long. Been the divined. Food

oft. Of Our Yore Gods

Mushrooms is + has long. Been divined food

flesh of our world. Legends tell Mother/Goddess


Earth. Gaia

Chocolate + Mushroom symbiotic

as well… (Well as… Cannabis…) So be

bee Honey +

Mushroomed Choco Pied. Eyed entheogen

Mushroom genus tried. Inspired alikes Psilocybin

beshroomed. Magic so inner psychedelic


pie-eyed in deeds. Indeed enamored tripped

of Life + much such Mysteries. Mysteriously

inner shining trippings Mushily outs

oblivious you. Embrace the Sacrifice. Yours now

obvious + with the aid of one sharp. Divined Knife


watch oblivion. Approach



shiftings so next onto. On 6/7:

Quirky Quotes #50.