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Hawaii, Sugar and Children In Our World. Legends, Tales and Play- They Alls Enjoy. Join i, Shiro As Children From 7 Or More Nations. Play Together. Together Chat, Invent A New Language As Well. Well As Only They can. Sweet Lil Ones… Loud Voices. Herein.


By 1880, Hawaii’s Sugar Plantations were thriving. Growing.

A then recent addition to Agriculture and Industry. There,


Lush Lands turned so, to Agricultural Ways.

By Means of Hands, Toil, from Workers

from All over Our World. Legends that show,



(Music Video)


in Chaos, Hard Times, Places, still so. Did Play,

Hawaii’s Children.

Language Lessons,

Sugary Prose in Play.

Meant so and simply. Turning Language



Arounds. Abouts also. Also



Hawaiian CoastLine.


Now Known As,.. Creole.

Hawaiian Creole that is. That is

Children Prose At Play, Times. Then


as now, Labour was so encouraged to Agriculturally Aid.

Sugar needing a Helping Hand. To Grows. Good.


Fields of Sugary. Cane.


Immigrants swept in from many Lands.

In the main and fore, Seven so met, mixed.


Hawaiian, English, Chinese, Japanese,

Korean, Spanish, Portuguese. Mores,


Their Children also. Also



with none understandings the Others

in the main. Language Barriers. Alls arounds.

Even at Play. Children had lil’ to say. In Ways

Others could play along with. With


and wherebys. As Times, Places there go by. By

and howevers…


abouts 1910… sweet sounds. Simple Phrases,

simply and playfully altered. To which Parents

and Others Hawaiian too. Joined In. With


Section Of Pu’uhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park.



such inspired influences over Times, Places a crude

working mix of ready-made Words from these

someHows. Coalesced. Mainly with much

Childish encouragement so… Kids could be Kids.



With Others. So, To Chat, Play. Played in also were

Grammar Rules to suit. Them. Then. In Our World, Legends

of a New Language. Begins…


To… Play Outs. Outside, Inside, All Overs. Islands




Professor Derek Bickerton came across this Scenario.

Whilst at The University of Hawaii.

Being a Specialist in Linguistics He enthusiastically

noted the Childish Input into Creole of Hawaii.

Then wrote a Book. From His Notes.


The Roots of Language.

So writ.

To put about such Words of Child Play in

Our World. Legends, so now Tell of How

Child’s Play and willingness, wantoness

for Others. To Plays Alongs… soon enough


Played out, mixing, melding into a New Language.

So Kids could Understand. Each Others.

Mores. Play-Times. Then.


No Google Translate. Req’d.


Get Out. Enjoy,



Feel so Freely Childish.

To Share.


Games, Toys, Puzzles,

Books, Music

of Child-Hood so endeared

in Our World. Legends


To You.


Or a New Language

For Others To Play. With. Too. To,


Ancient LightHouse. Ancient Lighting. Click aways to turn on. Lights. Of Yore. As Belows Also.


Next… So Be with i, Shiro. Back. In Japan…

How To Climb. That Mountain.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



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Till next…