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There are MANY Our World Legends and within them… many perspectives also. With that in mind,.. ALL THOUGHTFUL RESEARCHERS WELCOME… Drop by… and say hi… to Shiro and Site too indeed. Just a Home page for guests + co. it seems.

There are MANY Our World Legends and within them… many perspectives also. With that in mind,.. ALL THOUGHTFUL RESEARCHERS WELCOME… Drop by… and say hi… to Shiro and Site too indeed. Just a Home page for guests + co. it seems.






Most are aware that there are many sides to a story.

With that in mind, Our World Legends

Research and Intel gathering involves looking from a different perspective

at the picture whenever possible… words also.




MOST of the site PHOTOGRAPHY vis:

…or otherwise as noted.


Several SPECIAL GUEST too as credited.

PLEASE NOTIFY ADMIN vis COMMENTS on MAIN PAGE if such credit should be added or modified etc.


Thanks in advance.



The new theme of ” GUEST BLOG ” will aid in this process by allowing other thoughtful researchers to have a say.

The idreamofninja site selection process at the moment is uncomplicated.

If you are a serious researcher with much non-abusive but topical posts/articles…you will be welcome.


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6 comments on “Our World Legends: Guest BLOG POSTS… #home page”

  1. Hi there OP,
    i noticed you visited my blog so i came to
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    1. Hi and thanks for visiting ourworldlegends.
      Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback
      and the sentiment though usage may depend on
      your WP Plan etc.
      Feel free to return for more.
      New and ongoing updates.
      Chat again soon.
      Take care.
      Till next Shiro.


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    1. Привет и спасибо за посещение ninpolegends.
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      Добро пожаловать назад и спасибо тоже за ваше …
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      Рад, что вы нашли интересующий сайт и
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      Hi and thanks for visiting ninpolegends.
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