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Weapons In Our World. Legends Tell. Oft Max Sized Overs. Powers Ups In Deed. Indeed Herein Giant Sword. Giants So Apply Too. To Have and Hold. This. The Norimitsu Odachi. Giant Sword Great Well As. Huge.


The Sword. Afore me so confounded, bedazzled. A

very long Sword in Deed.?. Indeed


The Largest. Longest Samurai Styled Blade

So seen. By i, Shiro. A

12+ Foot Sword. The Japanese

Ceremonial Sword of Norimitsu “. The


Norimitsu Odachi

of Yore. 15th Century so termed. Generally


nomened. Named unceremoniously

so rather. Generically afters The Blacksmith

Osafune Norimitsu, this. That

Great Sword. Was not

at Alls. Atypical nor





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This Giant Sword Is Housed, Viewed. So At The Kibitsu Shrine. Okayama Prefecture, Honshu Island Japan.


In Our World.

Legends Told of Japan. Well as so had

Giants. Of Yore that is. Is that


Thoughts. Set of Mind mine. My

Training with Swords only. Added

emphasis too. To


The Thoughts of using. A 12+ FOOT SWORD…


Current Norms per se. Say 3-4 Foot… mores.?.

More Overs


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dragged the i, Shiro Mind into that. This



Zone. Wondering, ponderings. What

ifs.?. How, Who, Why. When

Times, Places

such a Sword. So needed too. To


be made indeed. For whom in Deed


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did so Norimitsu.?. toil Hard. BlackSmithing so Long

Aways. Then to whom.?.

does this Oversize Sword toll. So


belong, work? For Training with

Even Spears of such. Length


a Task. Well as

more than a Handful. For

as well


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Will The Real. Owner Please Stand. Up.


the Average Sized Mod. Human.?. So…

Giant Sword. Giants So Apply

…for thats. Position

of Ceremonial Norimitsu Use. That


12 Foot. Sword so Samuried. Imaged

aboves, belows arounds abouts


also. As well


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this Norimitsu Odachi. Odachi

Originally fitted,

styled. So 15th Century Ways



Sword seemingly that is only

so. Catalogued in the Records with lil’

else so known.?. A mean indeed

Long Great Sword of


Ceremony… of Ceremonial Ways unknown. Ways


quiet yet. Quite


Giant so seems

in Deed.


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Indeed Letter. #C. Next So In The A To Z In Deed.