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Featured Image German Shepherd/Alsatian Dog Bites Man. In Groin.

Indeed Pet Protectors In Our World. Legends Tell Howling Tales. Of Dogs So Cerebral Wagging Tails On. Yore Dogs of War Well As. Cerberus As Well Symbols So Walked Into. To Those Arts Of Yore. Our Dogs In Our World. Legends Odinicly Canine In Deeds. In Here Barking Out.




Dogs have a Special. Place

in Our World. Legends Tell

of Acts brave, daring, selfless, thoughtful

mores. Moreovers so


Dogs Symbolised as Protectors. Guardians.

Faithful Friends. Rescuers. So for

Community, Individuals, Gods too. To

even of

Yore. Dogs of Our War,

Otherswise well as

have even so. Becomes a part. Of Alls

Our Lifes. Living


Legends in Deed. Indeed as well


Featured Topic Image A Small White Terrier Dog With Dark Coat On And With A Small Sword Strapped To It's Back.


Our Arts so characterise Dogs mainly. Thus


with Valour, Loyalty. So bound

as pillar Guardians Communal. Laying


so at Maidens, Families Feets. Alongsides

ons both also. All so asides Kings,

Gods. Odin bys examples

so. Oft retellings of Loyal Beasts so tame… ‘cept

for Them. Those Dogs of War Called that is. Is that

even somehows.?.


The Dog , Our Canines so cans. …Dog…God…



evens Reverse there. Their


Nomen to be so. Aboves so Named.!. Underlying


Featured Topic A Dog Figure Encrusted With Jewels Including Large Green Gems For Eyes.



Naming Our Dogs

after Heroes ‘n’ Heroines

of Yore at Times, Places so seems. Seemingly


even Guardians of Denizens. So Cerberus

in Our World Legends. Cerberus so Guards Those.

Dead Souls of Tartarus therein. Their Yore Grecian

Gates ‘n’ EntranceWays

were Ours into. To, From those Infernal

UnderWorld Ways. Means


Yore, Our Cerberus such Guarded. So withs

Three Heads. Workings as Trinitically much One…


mostly. Thereof ats Divine Times, Places-


Featured Topic A Brown And White Toy Dog Sits On A Window Ledge During Daylight Times.


The Abode of Divined Pluto. Ons The Banks, Shorelines

of The. Stygian Lake So therein Our World. Legends

Yore . Our Cerberus…?…


Btw’s Dog Lovers. Hating so

having His Throat rubbed, did Cerberus

in Deed.?. Indeed so seems. Seemingly



‘cos each so bristled… with a Nest


Featured Topic Image A Dog Viewed From Behind Urinates On A Yellow Fire Hydrant.


of non-Birdlikes,..

Vipers/Snakes/Serpents. A cerebral Symbolic

Companion Of The Dead Archetype. Typical


Dog Feature so included in Ancient Mithraic

Rites. Scenes left

so Writ, Drawn. Whilst Ins Alchemy

The Dog Symbolised mores.


that/a Phase of Transmutation that is. Is

that Times, Places during THE Process…

when Gold is beings Antimony. So within

so Purified. Whens… Alchemised so sayeth…


E.g. Our Wolf so devours Our Dog… or

The God Dog so Within etc. Within Gold


well as with. Out, Far North. Lights Auroral

Literature of Yore. Our Norse. Sagas

where ‘n’ bys

That God/King. Odin uses 2 Wolf

as Guards Dogs. Paired as well so there,.

Their Nomened


these Odinic Duo. So be Freki, Geri. Dogs


Featured Topic Fantasy Theme Image Of Odin On The Horse Sleipnir Holding Up His Spear Flanked By His Dogs. Lightning Crackles In The Background.


mores than simple. Symbolic carryovers. Moreovers as

… Companions in many Mod. Tech Areas of Life:

influence. Books, Comics, Movies, Computer Games, Social

Media. Tolerated by Cats… mostly. Most


invoke warm Memories in Deeds. Indeed

in Our World. Legends so…


be. Barkings ons

’bout that. There. Here


too. To You.


Featured Topic 3 Dogs In A Row Wearing Pink Bunny Ears. One Large Two Small. Each Has A Cake On A Plate-The Large Dog Eats Them All Quickly.

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