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The Classics in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Yore. A New Ongoing Series. Daily. One. On those ‘tween Days of the Usual every 3rd Day Post Schedule. Short n Sharp Info Bytes. Sweets or Others Wise. Classics. All. #25 Robot Chess. Master of Yore.


All Magicians keep. Secrets. Secreted

Ways. Means too. To


BeLIEve. Be. Live Their Lie. Lying in


WordPlays well as. Well as

with such. Secrets. Oft. Tech.

comes ins. Handy. To Hide… Yet

bolster. Thereof, in. Such

Truths. With Fun, Games. Playing




A rather complex. Battle

of Strategy. Game also. Also

of Yore. Thus and so. So.?.

Of Yore.?.


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a Combo. Of thus

Chess, Tech. + Magic.?.


in Our World. Legends so Tell. Tales

of These Three. Trio’d within. That

In 1769. Was a Viennese

Robot Chess. Master of Yore. Ins.

The Almost. Daily

Random Classic #25.

As Belows. So shows.



This Baron. Could Play. Chess

that is. Is that

Baron so nomened. Thus,

Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen

(…Vienna.?. 1734-1804.?.)

Did Play. Mores. More


than capable. Of Others. Things too. To

in 1769.

Combo Invent in Our World. Legends

of the First.?. Robotic Chess Master

as well well as. Well as


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a Chess Master, Mechanical Inventor

and Keeper. Of Secrets secreted ins. Within

The Robot. With Arabesque. Attire. Ons. That

Robot. And Table too. To Play Chess. Ons.


The Baron’s Apparatus consisted of Robot

Player and Table. Which was actually. A Chest.

Type Table Topped. ThereUpons. Arabesque.

Attired. In Design. Designed


arounds, abouts too. To accomodate

a dazzling. Array. Arrayed inside. That

Chesty Chess Table + co. Was. An


array of Cylinders, Levers, Small

Drum/Barrel like Items, Gears, Looped

Chains, Links and so forth. Forthrightly

ons. Inside. So went. So


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as that. When You so stepped. Ups


made a Move.

On that Top Tabled Board.

This Robot kindly responded. Then

mechanically unwound. Winning Moves.

Ones after. Others. Mores. So


Unkindly then. Then whupped Your.

So unmoved. Chessy Ass. As toppily recorded

happily. Herein. Thereof


NO ONE’s. Evers. Recorded as being. A Robot

Top Beater. Evers. Ever the Trier for. Example

was Napoleon.

Cheated. Still Lost. Loser. There. Then.


Well, till 1854. Unbeatens. Fired

Ups. Somewhat. Took a beating

through though. Thru’ and that. This Trial. Of

known Fire. Within. Ashily remained. Only. Only


When The Chessy Chest. Tabled Top


Arabesque. Briskly. Burnt Ups. In a Fire


then. Then in 1854. There

Amongst. Others such Valuables therein.

Within. That The Chinese Museum

in Philadelphia. Thereofs US of A. A



shame. ‘Bout That. Then. This

means. Ways so Baronial

in Our World. Legends barren

still be. Be several Theories. Arounds, Abouts...

Magnets and Midgets in. In the main



Times, Places too. To

and for. You too. To

Makes. That. A


Move. So go Now. In Then. Step Ups.


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