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Drama In Our World. Legends Tell. Tales of Yore. Afore WordPress. There Was This dramatic Shakespeare. Otherswise as well. Well as That. This One Writer is Not. A Shake At Alls. Herein. The Code Uncoded. Read Shakespeare before.?. Not Like. This. That Part One.


Codes, Ciphers. Secrets in plain. Writings. Plainly

sighted. Message. Unreceived.

Unknown. Unassumed. Un Real ised.

Hidden in plain. Sight.


How Many. You. Out There.?.

Have read that. Of Shakespeare. Shaking

Your Hands. So Ups. So Please.?. How

so many. So Shakes that. Be.?. Shaking


my mind. That of i, Shiro that is. Is that

now. Forsooth such Truths. So Deny.? To



Alls those. Bar few.?. One.?.




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Have not so. Known.

The Truth within. Those shaky

in Our World. Legends

so writ.?.


Yes, Virginia and Otherswise or not. So nomened.

Named Herein. There

In these wise rolling hills. Of Shakespearean

Prose. LandScapes and motivates. So assumed. Is in

A Code.


The Shakespeare Folio of Writings.

The Originals.

In Code. Ciphered Messages. Lies. Within.

Unknown too. TO most. Now,


Always. Means…


not You. No longer. Now. Now

What’s That Name.?.


Comes to mean. Much Mores. Than

just. Simple. Simply


stated. Within the Original Folio

Writings. The Author(s) inserted. In

Plains. Sightedness. Their- The Code.



This Code is ONLY in. Those that follow.

That Folio’s Original EXACT Lettering Ways. Means


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then. Can and so. So be. Code Read. Then

YES In deed. Indeed Modern Printing

obscures. This Code. That Code


becomes lost and meaning. Less.

Due to preferred Printing Methods. Methodically

in a Seek and Search in Our World. Legends

tell. Tales to be read. Originally

prefer. Whenevers. So can. Pleased


By doing. So. You too. To will see. Much

more. Mores of what those

Ancient Ancestors, Scribes. So writ. Therein


Using ORIGINALITY. THE CODE. Man ipulated. So. Once Known. The Code. Exists per se.


The Clues.

Are in the Details. Detailed

Letterings so LOOK. AT CAREFULLY too. To

soon enoughs. So See. A Second Alphabet

TyþË k∃ĒPS BEiÑG. sO UsEÐ. There. Therein


as well so writ. How Many have read

Shakespeares King Richard. Stuff.?.


Wanna Have a. Bets.?.

No Clues encoded. In That.

The Modern Reprints of this. Tale.

That is.


Get the Book.

Grab, put in front of YOU. NONE

WILL. SO REVEAL. Now. Put in that. Front. In



what front is to me i, Shiro. In

this front of me is that Headpiece to too. To

The Shakespeare Folio. Of


KING RICHARD THE SECOND. The Quarto of 1597.

As Belows. Image Pair Shows. That


Tell of Treachery. Within. Within

The ORIGINAL FOLIO Ornamental/Headpiece/Frontispiece

Design is a Type of Scroll Motif. Almost Flowery

well as. As well


Symbols and Letters. Elongated, stretched Outs.


discerned. Within. That

Design. Designed to alert. One to. The

Code. Begins,


Whys, Hows. So Ciphered. Within. That Tale.

These. Those, ONLY so ins. Thems. Pertains


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Featured Topic Image


To. The

Folio Originalis and Copies Thereof

Shakespeare. Shakspere


Btw’s is not a Mis-Spell. There

aboves. ‘Tis Hows. The Nomen.

Was Originally. So spelt. Sorta’. Of

Yore. A Lil’.


As begins. Aboves. The Belows

soon shows in Our World. Legends

of the Dramatic Arts. Show That. The




Played. Outs. Anonymously. When First Public

exposure was so done. So done

under No Name. At Alls.


An Actor, firstly playing a bit Parts. A bits

Later. So nomened

with a name. Resonating. ‘Twas

so chosen. To Plays. Along.

With these. Plays by Association. Shakspere

so changed.


Yet, He appears NOT A Writer. At Alls.

A Minor ShareHolder. In Company.

Lowly born. The City borne in. No Higher

Learning Institution, No College, No

University. No Tutors ever mentioned. Shakspere’s


Parents and Daughter noted

Illiterate it seems. Seemingly overs so and

looked by many… seeing not This Code. The



CipherS. Withins. Imaginings Selves to be so

clever to read. What was not. Even There. There



W. Shakspere’s Estate.

Only thing of note =

a Silver Bowl. No Library, No Books. No

Notes. Nothing within. None.

Not even. A Pen.


A Writer steeped in the Classics.?. Yet

taught and knew, had. None.

A Writer of Several Languages… Yet

Illiterate too.?. So who Taught. These.?.

Plays. Then.?.



Aparts from THIS… The Great Folio then. There

is. Evidence.

None. No

Others Copies of such. Ones Works. None.?.

No Prose.?. Sonnets.?. Poems undone.?.

No Manuscripts unfin… No rejected.?. None.?.

No Drafts.?. None.?. None.


Just 6 examples of His Writings. Exist

today too. To be. Alls Signatures.?.


No Other. So Writ.?. Anywheres... None.?.


His Next Work.?. None.



Not hards. To so imagine in Our World. Legends

have become hit and. Myth.


Shakespeares Plays. Are NOT THIS Shakspere’s

per se. Say


this too. To be Understoods. In Our World. Legends

Tell. Tales that.






The usage of TWO+ ALPHABETS. Mores

subtle tweaks to LETTERINGS. Will be discerned. So.

Some use LOOPING… OTHERSWise, Places... do not.

The TYPESETS Being Used

DIFFERS. Times, Places. = ALLS CODE.




Ciphers Undones. Simply so. So

by selection/substitute. The Selective

Letters of the Code. Produces Messages. Massaged

too. At Times, Places. Many Refs…



One that is. Known well as. As well



in Our World. Legends

remain. Maligned

by somes. Venerated

by Others. Unknowingly even. In Games.


A Man. Of Those

Shakespearean Times, Places. Placing

Hims too. To and so. So into. Context

in Our World. Legends

so Tell. Retell His Nomen. Thus

Way, Means. That


Sir Francis Bacon. Do Rise.



Posted. So Next: Next Part too. To Part Two that is.

The First Word.

Of this. One. Laying Bare. Shakespeare Ciphered

Code. A Selective. Peering Pieces puzzled outs. In

What’s That Name.?. Francis Bacon.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…