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Featured Image Of An Ancient Gothic Castle And Buildings.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #K. Going Gone Goth. King In Deed.


Human frailty. Failures inner within responsible

too. To cope with that so thrust. Upons

some. When with Royalty


so combined in Timings, Places. Of

ancient Germanic Kingship. Amidships vast Empires

stretching across Yore. Our Europe

perhaps so no more oft. Not often

enough can. Recoveries so occur after that. This

King. The One


of Toledo’s Last King of The Goths.

Nomened don Rodrigo. Roderic

(…the named Western equiv. transl…)


so faced turmoil. Within


Image Of Graffiti Art Of A Long Red Bearded King Walking.

Heavy Is The Head… And Beard Bearing Ups. This Crown In Our World. Legends Tell.


This Kingdom. This don Rodrigo done without


going gone Goth. King

herein so begins. Endings

that reverberated around abouts. Europe,

surrounds arounds. Abouts Our World. Legends told

so echoing, adding uncivil impetus to. To another. Ending

also with this. Civilisation implode, explode so fell. That

Times, Places known well All so. The


Fall of Rome.



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Image Of Romes Colisseum On A Clouded Moonlit Night With Most Of Moon Covered.

Indeed Rome. Dark Times, Places In Deed.


Roma, Italian so nomened. Named


in Our World Legends as an Empire. Collapsing,

Rome fell shattered. Thus this inside + outs. Asides Togas,

Lead in Water Pipes, Madness of Several Leaders,

Corruption, Bribery, Assassinations, Voting Rorts. Leading

Rome + Germanic Lands such. Much differences gave

don Rodrigo.


A Headache heartily ached. Huge

Lands. Huge

Headache as well. Well as


Image Of A Gothic Church Interior.

As Well Our Stoned Geometry. Mason Yore Styled Well As.


not being. A Roman,


don Rodrigo’s Life Details rather

obscure so well as His Death. As well Several

Writers/Commentators give well… quite different/varying

Accounts. A King who became so only. Bys overthrowing

the Family of the previous. King who had died. Living

under The Visigoths Ways. Means Ruling Dynasties Types

was not. Encouraged. Which…


basically encouraged ongoings War, Murders, Assassination


‘tween The several Rival Kingship Claimants. Roderic

Though eager too. To Conquest, War. Roderic was too. To

outs of His Depth


on those Geopolitical problematical fields. Of Battle,


unable to coordinate, consolidate any real. Success

against them so abled. Those hordes of battle

hardened. Harder strengthed Forces of

Muslim/Islamic Invaders horsebacked. Mainlys ridings

arounds abouts. Mainlands


of Yore. Our Spain,


Image Of King Roderic, don Rodrigo Last Toledo Gothic King.

Turmoiled Arounds Abouts In Deed.


likely Death, Roderic’s

on a. Battlefields soon followed That. This


turnover of Kings/Leaders, such, much other. Times, Places

in Our World. Legends Tell Gothics gone so

usually related. Empire factors ongoingly

displaced. Political + Power upheavals continuing too. To

further disrupt any semblance Peoples


of. Unity in many of the affected/outlying Lands. Kings

were ALL. Around abouts in different areas well as. Popes

as well Alls so Powers hungry and vying. So. So

in many armed. Ways

from within, without. So then desolated, desecrated. So


Empirical. So Rome Fell. Going


Image Of A Machiavellian Carnival Mask Wearer Eavesdropping On Others.

Indeed Our Yore Times, Places In Deeds.


Herein Next. So Be

Writ Quote Quirked #70.