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The Full. Alphabet Encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends Herein. The Letter #A. An Apple and a Day.


Apples in Our World. Legends Told

of Nature’s. Gifts. So Writ well as. As well

Crunched, Munched, Sung. Quoted

Apple of Thy Eyes. A


Varietal also. So

of Our Health. Within

An Apple and a Day


of Research. So Writ So. Begins



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many Ways. Means we have embraced. The

Apple. Apple of My Eye that is. Is that

aboves Symbol

an i, Shiro example in Deed. Indeed

belows ways


beyond icons of Health. Apple

a Top. Pick of Literature, Arts, Prose. Poetry,


Gamings, Symbolism. Gardening, Apple

Pies, Mead. Apple


mores. Moreovers


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Turnovers. Apple Souring Cider Vinegar also. Also

Bobbed fruitily for, or Golden.


Treasured in Our World. Legends

of Yore. Still now

persist insist so. Greening

of gold anew. Growth, Changes wrought

bys. Fates, Destinies, Times well as. As well


so Places. Heavens aboves, belows


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so hanging ins there. Those Hesperidean

Garden varietal

Grecian of Yore Golden. Apples In Our World


Legends. So Tell


Food For Those,

These Gods There.


Their Godly

Powers So divinely picked. So

Obtained. Thereof Not Of

The Earth.?.


Yet On The Earth.?. In Our World.


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Legends Golden. Shine Tops

Powered bys

Gold. Golden Apples providing

Salvation, Distractions, Aid. Comfort in Deed.



so divined as. Fruits so

fantastic. Immortalised Powers

so held. Released

within that Multi. Headed Dragon Guarded


Garden of The. Grecian Goddess

Hera. A Wife too. To Zeus

who also begot. Fathers well as this.

That Heracles who stole. Them Apples

so goldily greedily. Boldly


later. Now


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Philosophers. Stones akin. These Golden.

Apples So Be

Symbolised too. To

provide Inner, Outer PathWays. Means

well as much. Such


introductions Natural Knowledge. Elemental

in Our World. Legends

in Deed. Indeed furthered Study. Worthy


as Life, Travel, Foods, Trade. So

linked Us All. All



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Apples Powers per se. Say

High. Ins Vitamins, Minerals. Contents

quite content provokings well as. As well

staying so Well. So ways means


Doc’s Aways. Means

Smiles aways when also. Also


whens so Cidered. Further cidered ons

into Vinegars in Deed. Indeed

usual varied Vinegar Applications. So apply


freshly as too. Capabilities. To,


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for those bent

enhancings so

on Apples. Further Natural Gifts. Alcoholic


ins Flavorings, Scents, Spirits, Vodkas,

Meads. Mores. Moreovers


starring a prime Meditative Aid. Complex Within

So Stare Starry Eyed as.

An Apples Horizontal Slice thereof. Herein

Imaged 2nd a lil’. Belows

Star borne Apple

lookings akin too. To Mind Mandalas. The


Inner Space Outers. Heavens aboves

per se. Sayings

also persist. That used sparingly/occasionally

SMALL Numbers of Seeds will


be no harm. Done


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Cut Too. To Star That Core…


Golden Turned. Over or OthersWise


in Our World. Legends

so starring such Apples have. Become

much a Favourite well as


on. Any Day,


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Next So Chewed. Upons Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done. #39.


Night As Well. Simply

Enjoy So. Yours.