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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #I. In You Go. Go Indigo. Go In.


They Color Our World. Legends

of Dyes, Colorants, Pigments. Painted


Tales telling of Trade, Secrets. So

lurks. Alls therein

over Our World. Legends

in Agriculture, Clothing. Fashions


collide behind those scenes. Seen

of Colored Ingredients, Processes. Processed

only bys. Those so few. Who. So dare

to get Their Blues. So

to go. Indigo


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18th century hand colored engraving of Herbarium Blackwellianum emendatum et auctum by Jacob Trew in the 1750s.


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that is. Is that

herein, within

this. That

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Got

the Blues. Go Indigo go in


The Letter. #I. Indigo


of Yore. So prized. Prised

from the certain Hands, Minds. Of certain

Ancient Ancestors as well. Well as


a Trade Secret Formula. Indigo

was quite Special. Specialities

of Pigments, Colors, Paints,

Dyes. Secrets to

get those. Blues aways ons. Means


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Dye for also. Also


Naturally Plant extracted. Extractions

that will lead too. To begins of Processing

in Colors. From Mother. Natures. Naturally

nomened after. That Grecian. Of Yore. For

Indikon. This Roman Indicum. Indigo


best harvested just prior too. To

Flowerings. Dyes, Colorants

obtained from Plant Leaves of some. Varieties

Contain as Lil’ as 2-4%. Used were mainly.

Woad or

5 Other Types of Indigo Shrubs. A Legume

of. The Indigofera Family

Native too. To the Tropics. Regions in


Our World. Legends insist, persist. That

this usage has been. Long. Mores. Moreovers so

used for overs. 4-6,000 Years knowns. Of


Yore including; Egypt, China, Africa,

India, Indonesia.

Mores. MoreOvers


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As Blue Dyes.

Naturally Rare.


Indigo extraction became a sub. Speciality

of such Trade Processes. Processes

wherehows Secrets also. Also


certain Molluscs can such as. The Murex

Sea Snails. Produce shades of Blues,

Purples. Dyes well as. As well


did Sir Isaac Newton. So used

Indigo to describe one of the Primary.

Colors whens. Splitting White Light


into the Rainbow. So observed. Then. There


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Blue false Indigo – The Baptisia Australis.


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in India too in deed. Indeed to Revolts. The Indigo

Revolt of Bengal. So raised against. Ins 1859. The

East India Company. For Their forcing

Role in slavery. Oppressing Peoples

Concerned. Concerning


This. That PlayWright Dinabandhu Mitra. So writ.

Nil Darpan. The Play. Ons Indigo so based. Basing


and readying Indigo. For Dyes. Is a Challenge Being

Chemically. ID’ed as: C16-H10-N2-O2.  Indigotin

the Coloring. Agent Nomen thereof. Therein

Non Water Soluble. It too. To, must be forced. To

undergo several Chemical

changes to change into a usable. Dye.


Thus the Trade-Secrets to this. Act. Actions


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so involved in this. Extraction.

That Toxicity

oft. The Result. Resultant

effects affected, noticed. Noted

in Our World. Legends

so writ of a noted. Poet

of the 19th. Century in Deed. Indeed



words. So writ. Written

by William Wordsworth. So go. As belows so Shows.


“…Doubtless, I should have then made common cause

With some who perished; haply perished too

A poor mistaken and bewildered offering

Unknown to those bare souls of miller blue…”


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Ins His Intro too. To The Prelude


That was. That is there are. Snakes

of the Carnivore Non-Venomous Colubrid.



in the U.S.A. The longest Native Species

therein. There Nomened afters, due too. To

the Serpents Iridescent Belly Colorings. So Thus

The Indigo Snake. Like


it. Or nots. Get The Blues. Go

Indigo. Dyes that so enliven

Color. Our World. Legends



so do. Well as.


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