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The Wooden Dummy That Is No Dummy In Our World. Legends So and Say. That. Research In Our World Legends Means Finds Ways and Means. Herein. Train with Wood, Woodenly Train. Thats May Also Be. Be Found Trees Conversant, Edible, Trees Poisonous, Positive Benefits. Negative Ions. Wood, roots, branches, leaves. So Ons. Herein.


As i, Shiro Punched, Struck. Wood. Wood Swivelled,..

Struck. Back. Plowing Ons, though with Feelings. Feelings,

Growing So and somewhat, less than Bruce Lee…

... Less;.. not even Happily. I So Punched Ons. Seen


in certain Martial Movies and Documentarys: The

Famed Wooden Dummy. That is No Dummy. In Itself. A


Trains in Japan oft Given... A Helping... Hand. Gloved.

TRAIN ing… Squash… ing Times, Places. Place Herein Japan. Busy Bodies Homewards Bounds. Made To Fit. By The Gloved Ones.


New… ish Design To i, Shiro. Really. A

New Growth, Ways, Branch of that ol’… Tree.  A

sticky Seek and Search. Now Due. Herein


How Trees Talk.

Whilst also Working with…


Wood,.. Swivelled.!?

A Wooden Training Dummy. Swivelled.



That. Bites Backs. Wood That


This One Swivels.?.

What a Dummy.


When... Swivelled That is. That is My Research for You

In Our World. Legends of Martialness,

Training, Conditioning, Endurance, Staminas


and so Ons. On To




(Video Link)


Woodenly so describe Heroes whose Combat

Skills Was so momentarily stilled. Still cut to pieces.

So and confounded by Woodenry Weaponry well

and so utilised in Our World. Legends tell enough

of Wood. Used Well enough on Miyamoto Musashi,

The Japanese Sword Master who was whacked


chestily, wantonly by That Wood. Wood… and Weapons

Master Gonnosuke… Holding… The Wood. Too. To such,


Pinnochio. He, Who Wouldn’t Lie. His Wood Would

Then and So. So

Would Then Nosily noisily, Multiply. Ply Then. Was a

Wood. Type. So would be


Oft and so useful in Targets Manufac... Btw’s. Also


Right And On is Gonnosuke Weapons Master WoodsMan whilst Leftily Be Master Musashi, SwordsSpecialist… Just Prior To The Wood Whacking. Event. Musashi’s Mum,.. Watching The Event Live Ins Actions Was Later Heard To Mumble… Well, With Wood, Boys Would Be Boys… Or something Epic. Like That. Whilst… Shakings Her Head… Wouldn’t You.?. Anyways… That Full Sticky Tale. Herein Clicks Aways.


Benefits. Of


Dummy and Training Weaponry.

Includes Thus and so.


For and When. Raining OutSides.

Places, Times. Of Training. For Then.


Otherswise… We Can And Do. Use A Tree.

‘Cept Theys Do Not Swivel. Either. Then


Youtube Model... Doing the Hard Wood Works.

This IS NOT i,Shiro. Check The Contact Page. For an Image. Hims. This Be Of and Off Youtubes. A Model modelling well. Well as See The Creds. There.


again, Trees do have a special Place. In.

In The Earth

Hearts, Minds, Eyes, Forests.

Our World.

(…We are Not. In... just Ons. Our WORLD…)


Legends... and Your Eyes, Minds. Tell so,..

Trees are IN. Deep. Soil. In Our World,


Legends Tell Tales of Long Lives, Whys and Hows. How

such Tall bearing Plants do so Speak also. Also…



With Noises, Chemicals Pheromones and Mores. More

Seeds so triggered when Drying Leaves, Barks

so and do Form

in Our World of Summers, Autumns. Getting

ready for That. Spring. Sounds can almost go ultra-Sonics

when the Dry so dries Outs, those Living Woods.


Releasing Chemical Smells that Warn

Others Alike Of Predators

and Pollinators. Buzzing, swarmings

around. That Place. Where too the Sounds

of Running Waters, Sun evoke The Young to turn to,

go to. Face.


The Trees. So Be. Be


Tree of Oakness... Odinness, Cricket Batsness... Branching Outs In Our World. Legends.

OAK. Tree. Connected In Our World. Legends Of and Abouts God Odin, Mighty Oaks and Cricket Bats. In Our World Legends do and so. Branch Outs Alls Overs. Our World. Just Like Trees. Do.


Equipped too and with. That Slower Metabolism... Signalling

just and under 1cm per Min approx imated someswhats.

There. Branching

Out Mores Ins and UnderGrounds. Than Aboves so Shown.


This Metab Helps Aid Longevity whilst allows Times

for Nutrients to gets arounds. The Tree.

Mature Trees drink Ups of 100’s of Watery Gallons.


The Trees Energy Field is also mostly UnderGrounds though

Kirlian Photogs and such may be of interest. To U. There.


To See. That


Energy Fields. Plants.


Swivel Watchings…

Wooden Dummy Aids well too. Reflexes. Reflectively

Swivellings Arounds and Abouts. Allowing Mores. More

Combat Moves to so Flow. Ons. On to be a useful Training

Aid. Add-on. Addition To Your Routine. Stuff. You Do. There.


Usually Well Built enough to and for. For

Works with Some Light Gloves or None.

Allows Combos. Feets included.

Improving Timings, Placings.


An Excellent Training Partner. Though...

Don’t Says Much. At Alls.

Swivels well though. Well as


Another Types Tips is so and to. To Go. Hang.

Hang a tough ol’ Canvas Gi Arounds.

ScareCrows Style.

For Grabs, Throws.


Simply. So.



Model... Whacking Woodenly. Well as well.

See Aboves. Simply Reversed. Photo. Image.


Sticks and Mores. Trees.

Training. More Wood. Of and Off Trees.


Trees. Trees, Forests are One of the Major Producers.

In Our World. Legends

Of Negative. Ions that is. That is that


which freshly, breezily so smelleth in your Nose. Like A...

Forest. When

You Walk. Thru The Forest too. To

and akin That, the WaterFalls, Beaches that so erupts in

Negative. Ions. Also. Also


with so many Benefits of Health. Yours. There. Therein


Nature. Basically.

Negative Ions. Positive Benefits.

Of That. Negative nomened so. So

One That Mod. Tech. has developed too. To such,


the Elanra Tech Devices. Thereof.


Air Ioniser. Elanra Selection.


Negativity that atmospherically positively enhances Breathing,

Recovery, Natural Body Rhythms, Sleep

in Our World. Legends of Sciences, Healths. Mores

as well. Well as


Many of the Negatives in

You and Your Waters Intakes

can Be Filtered Outs using Plant… Waste products…



Steep In,..

soak in 1 tsp. per Glass-


Powdered Edible Fruit/Veggie Peels. Peels of Your

Selection that are

prepped Cleaned, Boiled, Dried, Crushed. Powdered

and Sprinkle Added Prior. 2-3 Mins. Let Sit. Strain. Yums.

Clean er. Waters


and so forth. Forthrightly some Ideas,

Portable Modelled well as. As well


Tree. Of Life. Alchemical Styled specie.


Do some Trees Give Life. Life taken too. To

and by… Death. Death

and by the MANCHINEEL Tree in Our World. In

So Many Ways. Poison in deed. Indeed and so. So


Under Rains. Do Not Under… Stand. Standing Under

The MANICHINEEL During Rains… Drips Poison so…


Understand. That. That whilst every Part

beautifully Geometrics,


A Tree A Maze ing…


harmonic and exponential in Growths. Are Trees. Trees

took the Eyes of a growing Genius astutely noting by noted

Da Vinci Leonardo in His branching Outs Notes; Noting

this, Thus

Abouts Trees… That

“…All Branches Of A Tree;..

Put Together Are Equal In Thickness To Its Trunk..”. Trunks


so and thus Balanced. Aboves- + Belows-. Ground. In

Our World. Legends of the Tales Arbory Tell. Tell of The

Rounded of the Largest Width = some 38+ Feet. Arounds.

The CYPRESS so Therein.

Many such and so Large supportive Trunks


so used. In the Waters Driven Supports of the City,

Venice as well. Well as



The MORINGA OLEIFERA that so Tropically Grown. Grown

wherebys Any and Alls Of This Plant. Can be. So Used.

Nutritious, Medicinals, Bee Loving, Water Purifying Plant.

Alls Rounded. So


No Needs To Be. Hard. To

Share. Share in deed…


What WOULD YOU… Wood Carve.?.

Design.?. Invent.?. Sculpt.?. Model, Create

and Mores. Like That.


Weapon.?. Toy.?. Thing in and ‘Tween.?.

Object of veneration, imaginations...



Would Carve Outs Woodenly. So What.

Would That. Be.?. Please Share. Herein.





Next… Wailings Ons. That Would Be. A Wave To

Whales, Songs, Warm Ice Caves. Waters Super High-Way.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


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