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Once Upons Times. Places In Our World. Legends Tell Our Yore Giants So Were. Once Arounds Abouts Dinosaurs + MegaFaunas So. Grew MegaFlora.?. In Deeds. Indeed Our Bute. Beaut Mountain Now Skyhigh. Below Giants Mothered. Nature So Treely Grew Too. To Yore Giants Our. Now Mountains Grow. Ups So Writ Handily Herein.


Once upon Our Times. Places

When Yore Times, Places Our. Dinosaurs


soared so largely

in. Sizes + weights + heights +… Their appetites

there immensely so. Grew.?. So.?.


Did Our Yore growing PlantsLifes, Trees so.?.

Respond +

correspond also. All Ones so loftily same.?. Giantly

MegaFauna fossilised Trees.?. Now.?.

Indeed Our Bute. Beaut

Yore Tree In Deed


in our world so did grow. Tall




in our world legends tell. Tales tall +


not so. Tall Trees

so coexisted Yores then also. All so

even Yores there were Special. Ones there. Their

legends in our world legends. Still. Still

Trees grew even. Then mores so

larger than we.?. Now. Yet 5,000 yrs. Later


Trees like one our Jack felled +/or

alikes Northerns Ysdragdill, Biblical

Tree of Life, Piaroa Indian Kuaimayojo


so forth. So forthrightly left

still growings. High amongst our world

Legends. Legends



retold Plantswise arounds abouts our

world. Legends so still. Still so

Trees loomed so large. Now yet amongst,


Special Tree still grow. Growing


larger in our world. Legends tell Trees

are beaut. Butes.?. Maybe perhaps Yores


mayhaps One near You so.?. there. There


may well be. Our

Yore Giant One Trees. Stumps

that is. Thus beaut


Yore Giant Trees fossilised Mesa styled so. Now

Our Butes. But




are Our otherswise special. Butes + beaut Ones

chopped. Alikes brought downs too. To earthy

Mounts + Mesas. Tables Topped fossilised beaut’

Giant. Yore

One Trees.?.  .?. or.?.



does Mothered Nature use Plant. Alikes Methods


to grow Our stony Yore Mountains.?. Tops

arounds abouts branchings our world. Legends.?.


much such as Jugurtha-Tunisia, Benbulben-Ireland, Crimson

Plateau Mount Connor-Australia. Colorado’s Mount

Garfield, Arizona’s

Superstition Mountain, Table Mountain-South Africa.



Organos-Canary Islands, Venezuala’s Kukenan Tepui +

Mounts. Roraima + Cerro Autana, Wyoming’s Devil

Tower also.?. No small


Lil’ Yore Tall Tree. Ours Stumped Now.


Our Now Bute.?. Yore Then Beaut Giant. Tree. Stumped Ats Wyomings Tower Devilled.


Choice all rather choice. Choosing One

Yore Bute

all overs our world. Legends near You

aboves action belows. Beaut’ so then is. Yours

One Choice. Here


Yore very Tree. Yore very Giant Tree

One Yore Tree now. Looks so alikes Our

Mountain.?. One Tree in our world. Legends tell

oft of One. Tree. One Yore Giant



Yore Gigantism Our named so mothered. Nature

so nomened so proliferated. Liberated thus these

sizewise growthwise constraintwise. Big so grew this

Our MegaFauna Yore Dinosaur. Big Fossils. Now

Elephants, Whales. Big. Then


Our Yore fossil MegaFlora.?. so forthrightly lying

upons Yore world so too. To so suitably


grow. Big. One Tree.?.


Our Yore Tree. Fossilised Now.


Beaut Yore Giant Tree Ours. Fossilised Now.?. Indeed YellowStoned In Parked Deeds.


One Yore Tree. Now Our Mountain.

One Yore Tree so now stoned rocky. Big. In Our

Yores History enchantings enstoned

crystallised, fossilised.



so branchings out. In once upon Yore. Silicon

Ages Mineral Times. Places.?.

One Yore Tree rooted also

in our deeds. Indeed All natured so

rooted then systematically now so. Ours


One Giant beaut Tree. Our big Yore Tree

now Our lil’ Bute. Mount Hill. One Big Yore Tree

MegaFlora that is. Is that MegaFauna… +

so Giants soared Dino’s. Otherswise also. All so

hungrily well so suited. Suitable


deeper layerings + underlying Earth Crustal

Strata rockery. Typology +

support mechanisms so Earthily apply. Applying


Indeed Now Our Jugurtha Tunisia Bute. Beaut Yore Tree. Giantly In Deeds Fossilised. Enstoned.


Yore Monumental Mesas So Beaut Well As. As Well Butes Monument Valleyed. Now Stumped Yore Giantly. Trees.?.


Indeed.?. Yore Grove Giant. Beaut Trees Now.?. Our Stumped Enstoned Butes. Monument Valleyed In Deeds.


Yore Wood. Now Our Earth’s Stone Fossil. One


Yore Tree. Now in + outs enstoned. Encased

fossilled MegaFlora.?. One Big Yore Tree +


Tree.?. Genus so unknown at that. This stage. At one

stage such One Big Yore. Tree much dominated Skylines +

Yore. Peoples in Our World. Legends tell

MegaFlora + MegaFauna across Our Horizons. Vertically


growings such much One. Tree

so vertically inclined too. To largely

figure large in those following. our world legends. Tales

be our Yore All. So one in Our World

Yore oft. Of arounds abouts Forested with much. Such

one as now Our Bute. So beaut’


Yore Giant Tree. Big One

so Yores. So



next grately climbing. Still

hugely intent stepping into. To peer this. That

largely next on 19/1:

Quirky Quotes #26.