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Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein #V. Verily Down Sounding Of. Up Off Scaled In Deeds.


Sounding Off. Of Sound-

It’s All so in. The Frequency also.


Listen up. In

Your Eyes +


Ears. Matters. Matter


of Factly eyeing hearing Faculties matter too. To

max. out Senses sensory. Input. Endings heard

filling Solfeggio Senses in Mind. Yours. Mine

now so la harmonious begins. Finally




Music makes You resonately You. Happy- Being

a Being


happy- You makes attuned thus sweet. Music

this in Our World Legends. Legends vibrational

that Our World so harmonises sways. With. Without


Music within Harmony so instinctly withers. So sound

here’s vibrantly distinctly some Aboves. Enchanted

Mind Music




(Music Link)



Music;.. One of those. These that have IT.

In Our


A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. #V. Verily Down Sounding

Of. Up Off Scaled. Yore Low Frequency

Scaling heightily that. This

a Major influence + space. Times, Places set too. To

Music. Rhythm Medically

divined. Yores a lil’ in. Our Inventors/Scientists

created Systems to capture these. Those



Ultrasounds. Sounds named low ranging


oft Our First Baby pics. Thus in Our Mod. then. Now

back in Our Healing Arts. Therapeutic

Ultrasounds. Tumor Shrinkers, Kidney Stone Smasher, Soft

Tissue Healer Accelerator, Bone Break Binder mores. Moreovers

heard seen Diagnosis Tool/System. Systematic Healings

underlying truly highly Very Low. Frequency as truly seeable sound


Healings in many Soundful


doable Ways. Means

Sound so fully sounded outs also. In All so such do

many. Creation/Origin Type Tales. Ones much in Our World

Legends. Our World nomens Sound = The Word aka


as a prime named divined Force. Forcefully




Iamblichus noted biographer of. Pythagoras noted

Pythy. Thoughts- that Music notes inspired, aided+ added

greatly too. To All round abouts noticed Good, Well-Health. Yore

Health noted


concerns asides. Misgivings concerning misuse

of VLF focus on/vis Submarines +

Shipping Signals Radars crossing wires, messing ups. Down

deep Sounds

of Species that then. Beach

inappropriately and so forth. Loud Sounds amplified wailed. Outs

at times, places thereIN. There

are now as well. Well as


Mod. Tech Devices/Instruments to Measure. Also Display

Aboves Imaged Belows- A Pair much showing. Such

pairings of Sight + Sound. Where + bys Our


Resonant Geometry

of Sound. Sound

made so. Visible vis Invisible effects. Effectively displayed

vibrating In/Above Sands these. Those Chladni Forms Imaged

Belows seen hereof. Of Hearing… + Seeing


Well As Chladni. Formations So Sound Well As Seen.



Indeed Sounding Outs. Seen In Cymascope In Deeds.


Sand Sound Displayed as notes effects play. Out

further into Foodstuffs. Stuffing Sound

into Spirals, Vortices, Shell Formations also. Forms All so

Aboves. Imaged

well as shown with that other. Digital Cymascoped. Cyma =

Sound. Scoped =

Seen. Sound Seen Instruments showing Sound in.

Induced Wave Patterns

In Deeds. Cymascopically. Indeed Sound

Geometry a soundly seen Mandalic delight. Light overall



Nature, Chanting, Humming- all have Healing

Rhythms +. Benefits,.. seeing


You can Stop. The Music

but should not. Real


Music. Simply really

Listen. Life really

Heal, added to too. Largely



next in mostly. Small words so writ: 13/1

Our Wonders. Yore Tech. Geared

Ups Down Deep.