iDreamofNinja POETS…#17

THROUGH THE SHADOWS OF MORNING. Staring at the page as i let the words come,.. so starts Shiro’s sounds of… his scratchings on paper… screen actually… bout… morning memories it seems.





Staring at the page as i let the words come,

dreaming inside-wondering on what we’ve done.


Remembering your smile as we pulled each other close-

Then holding tight,… not wanting to ever let go.



All through the shadows of morning–just holding on-

More than pleasure…-and so much more than fun.


No regrets, no sadness–only feelings of the heart-

Just feeling, just sharing,… not wanting to ever do part.


Missing you now, as the nights slowly turn and move by-

longing to touch, hear your voice,… and–see you smile…

The flash of memory as i stare at the phone-


Missing you now,… as i sit …here all alone…

…through the shadows of morning…just holding on.




3 thoughts on “iDreamofNinja POETS…#17

    • hi and thanks for visiting ninpolegends.
      Thanks for the support and sentiment.
      am glad you found us.
      glad too you enjoyed the site content
      and found much of interest.
      please feel free to visit and chat
      again soon when you feel the need
      to read… more.
      new and updates ongoing.
      take care.
      til next shiro.

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