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Clear In Our World. Legends Tell Crystals Got That. This Shine. Shinings In Deeds Thru’ + Into. To Indeed Our Eyes Light Mores. Moreovers Underlying True Clarity. Clouds Oft Of Minerals. Mixes Mesmerise Herein Slide. Showed Ups In + Outs Down Here So. Writ Lightheaded Clearly. Crystal.


A glint from Our Mother. Nature sparklings. Naturally i,


Shiro bent so overs. Below

the adjacent Creek creaked + gurgled. Along

arounds abouts it’s twisting spiraling journeying. Waters

there. Therein


shorely a glint glassy. Surely crystallised into one. Crystal

imaged of above Crystal so below. So


ending Our begins so writ. Herein


In Deeds One Lil’ Yores. Our Shiro Founded Indeed.

















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Indeed tho’ much such in deeds are oft. Of Natures. Bounty

mothered Our Crystal made lookalikes are. Also liked + All so

of particular beauty.



Mother’s Natural Forces + Processes. Processing Mineral Mixes

in spectacular. Ways means

producings multi-varietal range/usage. Ingredients

thus looks well as. As well


Mineral Crystals of many. Natures as per Water, Snow +

Salts. Plain





One or mores recent look sitewise found Crystal. Cappings

on Stoned otherwise Pyramids. Greatly sheeted

Mica layers laid. Outs in Pyramids + Templed. Sites

layered inners. Outing power ups. In


Piezo Pressure in Our Time. Pieces

Quartz Watches. Watching

which sound. Outs in

telling on. Time. Placings so


Giant Crystals in Caves undersgrounded Mexico’s

Naica System. Systematically Scrying so next. Herein

a peek into. To

lightly look balled. Crystals in deeds. Indeed named


Crystal Ball Gazings aka. Nomened Scrying Arts thereof. Oft



part in Our World. Legends tell Our

long Yore Traditions include Scrying. Scriers

use such much as Crystal, Mirrors. Water Bowls and icons

with polished, shiny. Surfaces thus + so

providings a state oft. Of transparency wherebys Matter

visible yet able too. To be seen thru’/on. Contemplatively


gazed ats till visions occur. Occurrences

noted in Our Yore Persia, Egypt, Celts, Greeks

and so forth. Forthrightly






Aliked so seems to “…Meditating on an object…”. So

One becomes the “…observer/watcher…”.

A process involvings NOT letting yours. Imagination create images

rather tho’

letting. Images be created ON your imagination

vis the watched. Object as a Screen to view. Viewings where +



Sit… Wait… Look… OBSERVE ONLY.

No Try… Just Scry. Observings



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