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Featured Image Of Two Cherub Angels Statues On A Window Ledge With A Pidgeon On Top Their Heads.

In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #81. Down Belows. High Aboves.


Once upon a Times, Places. Ours. Now

Long of Yore They were. Here.


Quirky Quotes

Quaintly. Done #81


Living so Down Belows. High Aboves

so aka Those Yore named. These Our






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be nomened. Mutants in Our World. Legends Tell

tall + short.

Sized well as. As well

Numberings 6,000 in number. One


Family. One Tribe. One Community

of Our Peoples also. All so set in stone. So

inscribed in that. This Yore Kutha

Stone. A Creational Legend

Tale so Begins. Endings Legendary


as Our Angels. In Yore Japan,


Image Of A Tengu Winged Being Of Japan Statue.

In Deeds. Tengu.


Tengu. Others Times, Elsewheres Places Otherswise


Garuda, Moth-Man, Winged Gods, Nefilim, Djinn,

Fire-Bird, Aztec Eagle Warriors so named

in Deeds. Indeed


6,000. All overs Our World. Legends Tell

overs these. Those Peoples Bodies much

rebelled, Mutated into. To oversee such

7 Kings Ruled. All Brothers.


Wings Of An Angel. Bird

Face Of A Crow. Bird


Image Focusing On Upper Torso Of A Tengu Statue.

Indeed Our Yore Mutants In Deeds.



Facings Peoples,.. Mutated. 6,000.

A  God.?. A Queen.?.

Bequeathed Thems also All so with that. This

beings so Liveable Places for. These Beings in. An

Undergrounds City. Caves


System that goes for that. This

a long ways means many. Many miles

unknowns where all connections so


end. Beginnings


Image Focusing On The Face Of A Tengu Statue.

Earthy Heaven. Aboves Belows In Deeds.



Our Yore Kutha Tablets “…LEGEND OF CREATION…”


recorded in Stone in the Chaldean/Babylonian. City

of Kutha.

So at the Temple of Sitlam in this. That Sanctuary

of the God NERGAL divined in. Our World Legends

Tells inclusion of a Race: Of Mutants. Of Women,


“… Men with the bodies of birds of the desert, human beings

with the faces of ravens, these the GREAT GODS CREATED, and

in the EARTH the GODS created for them a dwelling. TIAMAT

gave unto them strength, their life, the MISTRESS OF THE GODS

raised. In the midst of the EARTH they grew up

and became GREAT and increased their number.

Seven KINGS, brothers of the same family,

six thousand were there people…”


Image Of A Statue Of Mothman.

Man Moth In Deeds. Indeed Mothman.


Image Of A Painting Of Fallen Angels.

Indeed Push. Fallen Angels In Deeds.


In Our World. Legends Tell. Like Us now…

Some were. Good

some not. So be

Angels. Fallen


Angels well as. As well

masterful Instructors


of Our Yore Ninja. Ninpo


Image Of A Tengu On Horseback Art Print.

Arounds Abouts In Deeds.


in Deed. Indeed cutting thru’ so. Sharply

shapely next:

What Yore Lines. A Giants Long Ways.