World Over and Turnings. Turnings Words To Play. Chains, Balls.

One. Other Side to Our World. Legends in prose and praise of looking Both Ways. Two Sides, Every Tales. Mix n Match mismatched. Sides of a View of Dreams and Plans, Thoughts and Dreams. Too. There that is. Both Sides. One. The Other. Pt2. Another Ditty Dozen Dishing Dirt.


In Our World. Legends do so and say that there are many

Words. Therein. Herein a few. Mores. Twisted, warp sped through

the Mind. Of i, Shiro. That is. Is that which is now. Upon Us. Yes…

You. too. To Word Play… or not.?.

In such Ways. In such a

World Over and

Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Chains,


That and so thus say too; That. Pt.2. Herein.

One Other Side.

So and thus.



Another Ditty Dozen Dishing Dirt.

As so and thus. Herein. Belows

and. Aways. Whereby and



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Once. You and i were a Pair, so matched.

Now. More a Quilt with that, so patched.


Once. I dreamed You would never change. Live a Dream.

Now. You say i never changed. Into that same Dream.


Once. We had Love, Just Life. So precious.

Now. Life and Love. Just, So pressured.


Once. For Me. You said Mountains, so climbed.

Now. Every mole-hill so, is a Mountain made.


Once. Accepting the Others All, least and most.

Now. Mostly caring of the Other in the least. Of All.


Once. We fell for that perfect marriage pitch.

Now. We stand yearning of that so 7 Year itch.



Once. Love Supreme.

Now. Simple. Simply. Broken Dreams.


Once. Every door open, before us. The World, Our Oyster.

Now. Locked doors. Balls. Chains.


Once. Every door You opened for Me.

Now. Every Door You slam.


Once. We sat watching Waves, Seas and Sky.

Now. We sit alone. Just. Watching them Fall. By.


Once. Wherefore Cupid Arrows, did so burst.

Now. Only that so cold, Knife, back-thrust alert.


Once. You so Smiled at My every joke.

Now. You so joke,


You no longer ever Smile.



Words, Lives so strung, every and which.

In other ways. In the ends. Begins


We Walk. Play. So and do,



In this and those.

Chilly Breezings that so. So

sweep Your Soul. So


Ever been so.?.

Lost For Words… Till Long Afters.?.

Long. Long… Afters needed.?.


Feel free to place and put. Herein.

Those mashed Ups Misquotes and

Misspokens as well. Well as


those. With Bite. Or Bark.!.



Our World Legends. Be One.

Wheres, Whens. Whence, Ever and


So, You So.

Do Walk.



Next… Our World Legends return. The

Research. Continues To Seek and Search: Featuring;

Chariots Of The Gods.?. Rock n Roll Juggernaut.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



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World Over and Turnings. Turnings Words To Play. Balls, Chains.

Prose and Satire combine, mix. Herein. A mix, a combo of Thoughts and Dream Wishes. Wishes that come and those That Turn. All overs. Turns. In All sorts of Ways. Ways that Our World Legends do so and say have. Have and with, least, Two sides to every Tale. Taking sides. Your Choices. Therein. Tales of go… then woe. Pt.1. One Side. 12 Plays. A Ditty of Dirty Dozen. Now. Go.


Working with Words as a Researcher into Our World Legends exposes One

to many. POV’s.

Even as the Mind of i, Shiro works through the Data, it plays. Wordplay,

twisting, manipulating and moving Thems arounds. The Data goes into Others

already there, checking to see the Light of connection. Connecting they stay,

if not… They Play.


As Belows. Herein.

A fun Way of Words overturning.

Simply Enjoy.


In a

World Over and

Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Balls,


That thus and so say; That. Pt.1. Herein.

One Side.


A Ditty of Dirty Dozen.

Now go. Like so and thus; Wherebys,




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Once. ‘Tween Us. No Words needed to be said.

Now. ‘Tween us. Words. Everything, better left unsaid.


Once. You only. Had Eyes for Me.

Now. Your Eyes cannot even meet. Mine.


Once. You asked Would i be gone long.?.

Now. Only wishing, would be. Long gone.


Once. We had not a care in the World.

Now. We sit Alone. Our World uncaring.


Once. Wild Horses could not separate us.

Now. We ride alone.


Once. We made Vows on Rainbows, Colors of light.

Now. Silently We vow. Everything just black, white.



Once. You gave me Butterflies in the stomach.

Now. All. Just. Lumps in the throat.


Once. You vowed to carry Me over every threshold.

Now. On the threshold of carrying every burden.


Once. You used to kiss me quick.

Now. We so quickly kiss.


Once. We took on the World. Battling ups n downs.

Now. Smoothly evading. Giving runarounds.


Once. Our Plans and Dreams were the same.

Now. Planning and Dreaming. Of any change. At all.


Once. You said you would Love me Forever.

Now. You ask-


Loved Me.?.

Have You so Ever.?.



Words, Lives so strung, every and which.

In other ways. In the ends. Begins,


We Walk. Play.




In those.

Chilly breezes that so. So sweep Thy Soul.


Feel free enough to let loose those Quotes

You mish and mash Ups. Herein. Misquotes.


Laugh in or cry on.

Strung Ups or Tied Downs.


Share Any and All You so wish. To. Herein.

Chains, Balls. Balls, Chains.





Pt. 2-

World Over and Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Chains, Balls.

Another Ditty Dozen Dishing Dirt.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Turn Your World. Over.

Live Your Dreams.


Just Play.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



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A Need For A LiL’ Speed. The Pin-Ups.

Though i, Shiro prefer the Two Wheeling Kawasaki Kunoichi ZX-7… These TWO of Our World. Legends have become greatly known of. Of the 4-Wheeled kind that is. Is that of the incomparable Lamborghini Countach and then renowned Jensen Interceptor MK3. Two of the free-wheeling SuperCars that are not. Free. But Super in deed. Indeed and Revved Ups. A LiL’. Intel Bytes #9 A Need For A LiL’ Speed. The Pin-Ups.


Many Cars designed, manufactured. Elite, Specials and the very Fast

of those built, in a Class All their Own. The SUPERCARS. In Our World,

Legends do so and tell of Men, Women, Machine, striving and speeding

on and in to History. History


Books that is. History making Cars are unique as

A Need

For A Lil’ Speed. The


shows o so clean and clear. Ly. Herein. To begins

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #9

do so and include. Therein. The pinnacle of Car Manufacturing

and Automotive Tech.

Of a certain Times and Places. Back then and when.


Representative of a Ways and Traditions that combines looks, speed,

quality and stylish performance.

The Super-Car.


Not All are Racing based though such Tech. and Equip. oft

supplied. Therein.

Trade Nomens of repute, many longstanding, freewheeling,

dealing their Ways into those Books. Of History. Include


Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren,

Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bugatti, BMW


and so on. Lamborghini has an ongoing and high standard with

a solid background in both

Production and Racing. Such as with the






Spicks of The Specs. Therein. As Well.

Well as being so given the

Nomen/Type : Countach LP400.


Production Years : April 1974 – 1978.

Designer : Marcello Gandini for Bertone

Production Build : Automobili Lamborghini SpA


Structure :

All-Round Steel Tubular SpaceFrame by Marchesi (40 mm tube).

Body : All Aluminum Panels.


Suspension : All-wheel Independent, Fully Adjustable.

Front : Unequal length A-arms, Coil Springs, Tube Shocks

and Anti-roll Bar

Rear : Upper Lateral Links, Lower Reversed A-arms,

Upper & Lower Trailing Arms,

Dual Coil Springs, Dual Shock Absorbers and Anti-roll Bar.


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Brakes : All-wheel Girling Disc Brakes, Vacuum assisted, Single Servo,

Twin Circuit Split Front and Rear.


Steering Type : Unassisted Rack and Pinion, 3.1 turns lock to lock

Turning Circle : 13 m / 43 ft

Front Tire Size : 205/70 VR 14

Rear Tire Size : 205/70 VR 14

Type of Tire : Michelin XWX

Type of Wheel : Campagnolo cast Magnesium.

V-12 60 degree, Light-alloy Block with pressed-in liners mid mounted

(longitudinal), Rear Wheel Drive.

Dual Overhead Camshafts, chain drive, two valves/cylinder.

Dual Electric Bendix Fuel Pumps, 6 twin-choke Weber 45 DCOE 96/97

side draught Carburetors.

Clutch : Fichtel & Sachs dry-single plate, hydraulically operated.


Type :

Lamborghini five-speed +

reverse manual All-synchromesh driving

to a Lamborghini Limited-slip Differential. Differing


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in some and many Ways. Is that of the another of the

Super Cars. That

is the

JENSEN INTERCEPTOR MK3. That is in deed.


Hand-made ’twas for the most part. Parts and components too. To

and when required. Back then. Back then in and from the 1950’s.

Interceptors were made at and under the Hands of those. At The

Carters Green and Kelvin Way Factories.

England. Thereof. Therein. They were so made. Even handedly. Back Then.


Originally envisaged to enable Production in Italy of Vignale the Interceptors

Imported had to be rather extensively modded. Modifications

to suit English Conditions and Requirements that soon and enough. Then.


Become rather costly and not to mention Time consuming…



but mentioned THAT i, Shiro just did. AnyWays. Just Then. Back then,


with the Interceptor they became. Then. Thus solely West Bromwich Built. A Full

Leathers Interior with perhaps three

main Phases to it’s ongoing then so onto Development. Mode.


  • 1966: Interceptor Series Production ensues, powered by The

6276cc Chrysler V8. TorqueFlite Transmission System.

23 were built with Four-speed Manual ’box.

A Model FF was introduced, 4WD and ABS.

  • 1969: Mk2 released with slightly altered Front End,

improved Interior, uprated Brakes.

  • 1971: Mk3 release, with The 385bhp 7.2-litre SP.


In the main the Chassis was heavily modded with differing arrangements to suit the

changing Drive Systems utilised. Wheels and such were updated on and at each

Production Release as usually was Front Suspension now mainly

using independent Coil-spring Ball-jointed Wishbones, Damper


Levers telescoped, updated Girling Triple Pistons, Power Steering,

Brakes and Tyres similar updated as well. Well as



so and thus to Figures Why. These Be

Our World. Legends Be.?.


These are, was and so used to be. Be the so and thus First

Car Posters.

Cars i, Shiro had. As a wee Lad.

The First on My Wall.


Well… Last as well. Well as this.


Feel the Wind well in thy Hair. Thus and so feel Free

to Share. Your

First Pin-up. On the Wall.


Your Room. Your Home.

‘Twas.?. To be.?.




What in deed.?. Filled This Space… Wall-Space that is.?. Of Yours.?. Of Yore.?.



World Over and Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Balls, Chains.



Our World Legends. Be One.


Super as can be.

Your Ways in deed.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…