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Featured Image Of A Perched Blue Wood Ibis.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Fantastic In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen unPointedly. Chirped Outs Herein Letter #I. Our Owls Wise As. Yore Ibis.



A God of Yore. Our


Ancient Patron Of Knowledge, Writing, Wisdom

mores. Moreovers Deisms

underlying Ancient Egyptian, Grecian

Symbology Beliefs in Deed. Indeed He

so Liked


… This Ibis. Thoth


oft appears with That. Ibis Bird Head Wear. Crown

Hat thingy. Ibis. Thoth’s Head. Hats

off. Of topically herein

A to Z in Our World.

Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth

Wherebys in Our World. Legends Tell

Our Owls Wise As. Yore Ibis


so Begins. Ending


Ancient Egyptian Stone Carving Of An Ibis.


after approx. 3 weeks

is all. Thus so Incubation, Egged ons Ibis

Period. Periodical Times, Places

Seasonal Ibis. So oft

journalled in Yore/Our Egyptian journeys so writ.

Our Ibis


became so important. In Remembrance, Memorials,


Tales in Our World. Legends

in Deed. Indeed


The Ibis Fem. lays 2-4+ eggs Sized. So ‘tween 4-6+. Cm’s

so forth. Forthrightly Ibis flightily

left. A Legacy rightly of Our Early. Yore Days

in Egypt. Delta Marsh Mangrove Lands, WetLands

so suit this. Bird, That Ibis which all so


lands. On Water. Also


Picturesque Landscape Image Of A Beach Sunset/Rise With A Flock Of Ibis In The Foreground.


Image Of Egyptian God Thoth's Symbols And Attributes.


in both Egyptian Hunting, Reproductive Ways. Means

Climates, Terrain where these. Those

Ibis means big business in such. Lands much

as Yore Egypt produced. Then as in. Yore Greece


so noted bys Our noted Greek Writer/Scholar/Author


in. His De Natura Animalium. So Ibis


One of those Few. Birds


sleep. Head Folded in, under Wings


giving outs. That Heart Shape overalls. All


Image Of A Pink-Red Ibis Perched On A Low Fence.


Ancient Egyptian Stone Frieze Of Thoth And Others.

Thoth Forthrightly So. On Left Side.


whilst gliding over these- Egypt, Greece refs too. To

so note Two perhaps 3. Ibis so

Types/Colored/Symbols. Mainly Red,

Blue/Black n White/Moon. Ibis. Ibis


All so

noted Insect Predators/Devourers/Enjoyers. There

too. To the fore so respected Natural

Protectors of Farmings, Crops, Agricultures

thereof. Therein,..


many Egyptian Pics are. Of


Modern Toy Doll Image Of Thoth In Ibis Form Of Ancient Egypt.


Thoth This. God Divined so


in Ibis. Forms hoverings in those. Backgrounds

arunds abouts there. Their

so Upfrontly Representative. Showing in a Range. Of

in Deed much, such Symbolic Scenes– Community,


Arts, Sciences. Religion, Trades, Temple Buildings


so ons mores. Moreovers Being so ons

depicted oft. Oft impartings, Wisdom, Teachings. History,

Events aboves overseeing below Times. Places thereof

Our World Legends

with Our Ibis. A Big. Birded Wise part


There, Yore too. To


Beach Shore Image With Several White Ibis.


…. that indeed nestled

this. Next in Deed So

= #58. Quirky Quoted. See


You There. Here.