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Bare Bears So Range In Our World. Legends Tell Rangers Bear Anti-Bear Suits In Deeds. Indeed Barely Surviving Bare. Bears Baring Bare-boned Bare. Teeth. Gaping At Watery Depths Upon One. Microscope Bearing Slide. Tiny Giant Bare Bears Bared. Barely So Writ. Herein Barings Borne Outs.


Water Bears.


Water bearing Water Bears. Baring

bare Water Bears


in Our World. Legends tell oft. Of


anotherwise naturally resilient. Lifeform/Specie with

Space Travel. Survival + otherwise capabilities

in Deeds. Indeed alike Mushrooms Spores here

as well. Well as alien Life forms there

in Our World. Legends tell oft. Of so

baring bare Water. Bearing barely seen bare


waterborne + born. Water Bears.



Can You barely see

Yore Bare Waters Bearing

Our Too. Barely Small To

See. Water Bear.


Bears. Bears

range norm mainly in. Forests bearing Foodstuffs +

come in one. Ranges of Size. Sizing normal

one anti-Bear Suit too. To Protect Rangers +

also All us so. So


barring Bears can be done for normal sizes All. So


this. That bare One exception. Excellent

Eyes still cannot barely remain still. When viewing


bare Bears these. Those barely open watery



Eyes need bare Tech. aids. Much such baring Our

Sciences bearing. Inventions Microscopes

may help. Mayhaps


see such Bears in deeds. Indeed much thru’

see then. Them Bears in tiny detail. Detailing

nomens is unbearable at Times, Places. Here


barely named in Our World. Legends tell


Bears of the Waters. Water Bears

also. All so bearing up as

beings Beings. Tardigrades


barely microscopic in. Sizes.

Water Bears are tiny. Animals +


Upping The Ante In Deeds Suits. Anti Bear Indeed.


barely seen Creatures as well. Well as


nears so invisible, indestructible. Practically. Water Bears

aka Tardigrades were first seen arounds

these. Those Yore Our 1870’s onwards

when Water. Samples could be Magnified

in view. Magnificent


typically Bearish viewed

crinkled suit

appearance indicates Water. Bears

so ones too. To have 4. Pairs Legs +

bearing ups with. 4-8 bearlike Claws upon Waters

transparent + bare. Barely seen Yores thereupon.

Microscope bearing


Slide so borne. Our Fully born +

even Giant. Adult Water Bears are no larger

than. Barely 0.05-1.2 mm in length. Long Yore


Ones barely viewed there Ours. Bear watered so

downed under seems as well. Seemingly well as



Water Bears imaged. Belows


Indeed Such Much Magnified Bare. Water Bearing Water. Bears In Deeds.


Perhaps Indeed Waters Bearing Bare Mayhaps. Water Bears In Deeds.


are one. Large Family bearing overs

1200 Tiny. Species/Types bared so writ

known here + barely


thereof. Oft there + hereso

All so arounds abouts. Everywheres also

from Pole to Mountains. Antarctic too. To

Himalayas such much + so forth. Forthrightly left

naturally Water Bears so. Water born + borne. Water

Bears extremophiles of Environ. Adapting


even unto harsh/extreme conditions. Underlying

overarching capabilities oft. Of Metabolisms

of many inner Natures. Naturally suspending

cryptobiosis techniques fasting

ways. Means inner processings dramatically

slowdowns/hibernations in deeds. Indeed

Our Nation


of Italy providing this. Name that


Booted Camps In Deeds In. Italy 1400’s ish Indeed.


so with Our Yore


Italian Language derived nomen so. Named

for it’s… Tardigradaslow steps.




Indeed Non-Waters. Bears In Deeds.


ups next in bearing down. Barely

baring out on 1/12:

Quirky Quote #19.