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The Unknown in Our World. Legends Lost. Tell Tales of Yore. Our Knowledge of Medicines Has Long… Gone Green. Purple as well. Well as Herbs, History, Herstory. Combine unknowingly. Yet plainly in those Plains. Of The Americas. Herein. ThereUpons. That Land.



Flowers dripped. As Morning Dews. So overran

small herbaceous Leaves.

Leaving Camp early. Was

not that. Unusual for One. Such as He.

When and Where Mother Natures. Herbs

are. So meet.


The Buffalo had long gone. Gone

too the Tribes. Hunters. Following. Like

the Vulture, Coyote, Jackal. Some Others.

They circled. Behinds


that Moving Herd. Groups


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of the Flowers. So sought. Lay nearbys. By

using Foods, Plants as

Plains Medicine. Herbs.

Man. Mores.

Were so in Our World. Legends

of the Americas. That drifted Those.


Skies of Thunder, Lightning. Where

freely. So Those Eagles. Roamed to the

Plains. Belows. Begins


Long afore. Aboves, Those Planes

so drift over. There now.


Of Yore. There were

quite a Few Herbs then. Plains

so swept. Nature’s Motherly Greens. So


Food as Medicine well as. So known.


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What in Our World. Legends Tell. Tales



Is that. The Original Nomen

of Those Peoples. Of These Plains. DNA

Studies ongoings. Going

backs too. To a Earlier centralised Group. Of Yore.


The Native Red Amer-Indian. Now

nomened so. Or variant. Thereof.

Original Peoples Name. Unknown. Unknown

too. To


exactly as well. Well as where. They

Originally. Came Froms.


Their Lore Keepers of such

Intel. Info. Long gone. Long

lost. Languages. Mores. Lost.

Their Home-Lands.



An ancient Place that had Times. Times

of heroic growth. Deeds done so well.

A Culture rising. Risen

Paradise. Good yet byes.

Then and so. That


fall from. Grace.

A Disaster. Of Great

Magnitude. Struck.


Of that. Those Ancient Ancestral

Peoples. Then. Now

Scattered remnants They are. So

now lost. Displaced from Their Mother Culture.

Whose very Name has been. Forgot

in Our World. Legends of Theirs. So

say. Now. Then


ons. Finding Their Ways. Means

The Americas. So became

a New Homeland for what. Remained. Then



One of the enduring Legacies. Of

many Peoples living closer. To Our World.

Legends, Theirs. Contain the detailed Knowledge of

Earthly Plants.



Medicines, Tonics, Teas. Mores.

Alongs, arounds abouts. Those

wandering Ways. Means...


Saying verbally herbaceously.

This Flowers Nomen. Problematical. So

yet. Rhythmical. The





The Purple Cone-Flower.

So named. Thereon


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the Prairie States.

This so perennial Plant. So grows.

Growing a stout. Bristled Stem,

Tapering Leaves. Leaves that

nestled belows. Under the shade of the

distinctive. Flower aboves.


The Plant and Roots oft used for Tonics, Blood

Purifying Toxins Cleanse, Indigestion. Fevers.

A Preventive for Bites, Poisons. Mores. More

and well


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combined. Herbally with such. Others as

Boneset, BearBerry. Wild Indigo too. To



A stunning Flower of predominantly Purpley.

Greens. Forming a burst Ray

and Conical Disk Type. Appearance. Seasonally

then. June to October. So Flowering. Flowers


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that soon enough. Attracted Bees.

Medicine Men as well. Well as



having Healing Properties. Nutrients

natural and wise. Motherly

’tis seems. Seemingly



Next… Posted. So To Be. As so in: Watching

Drakes Run. Alls Arounds Our World.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…