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In Yore Deeds Diamonds Rare In Our World. Legends Tell So Rarely Shine Mentioned Therein. Outing Lightly Herein Simple Market Truths Underlying. High Returns Profits Overs. Peoples Diamond Hearts So Lots Now Going Too. To Go Round Rarely So. So Unstocked Till Our South Africa Mine So. Shine Indeed 1867 Part. One Too. To Yore Diamonds Rare. Rarely Now So Ours One Rarity.


Rare.?. Not

since 1867.


There is lil’ in Our Mothered Nature that is. This

really so

Rare. On average 120,000,000+ Carats

Diamonds actively mined outs. In 2015 year. After

year after year…

Yore Rare A Part One. Not Our

Diamonds. Now






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are not at all. All not so. Rare. Now


Not. Diamonds. 120+ Million Carats per year. Rare.?.

So rare that just. These The Ten Largest Diamond

Mines still so. Contains so over One. Billion Carats

so till mineable left. Rightly Yores able too


so Truth is. Was Yores. Now


Diamonds are not. Rare,

We make it so… or not so. Forces




grounded + costingly marketed, applied advertisingly

so enticingly thus these. Those applying Sales

an enforcement Priced. Only of + up to. To Our

Materialisms greedy. Limits taxed too. To growth

oft of the off. Shored Corp./Co. Profits

overs People underlying Truisms. Is




So No, Diamonds are not. Rare. Yearly

120,000,000+ seems excessive rarely

in Deeds. Indeed

well as aboves app. 750,000,000+ Stock

Reserves so


Carats belows not. As well Rare. Diamonds

at all. So




mentioned is ours now. Diamond Cartellic

Industrial Monopolised. Sellings Systems so

only began. Endings

in our South. Africa in our world. Legends tell

in deeds. Late in Our 18th.


Century. South Africa was the one place first

too. To be so

Diamond. Mined. So industrially per se. Industry



of Diamond Jewelry production endings. Began

capital producements not so long. Afters


This. That

South Africa



massed lands contain much. Such

wonders oft. Of Nature’s classic +

raw beauty. Butes


Mountains, Forest, Plains + mores. Moreovers

one many resourced Land. Mass

underlying soils over massed rightly

with. Diamonds


in some Places, Times. Placing

many into. South Africa

then. Now



if we don’t so spend some. App. 80 Billion $… year

after year etc’s… So

buying ups all. All those so not rare. Diamonds

caratted aways arounds abouts in our world.

Legends tell


so ’tis a wonder there is any. Left… right with

these being so. Millions

Rare and all.?. As


Millions Rare Carats In Deeds.?. Indeed Billions Cashed Outs Indeed.


Rare is all. The number of teeth left. So rightly

in i,Shiro’s

now. So gaped opened mouth.!. Rare.?. So

Millions upon Millions

ofT.Of Carats


mined/loaded/sold ons yet still.?.

Rare.?. Rarity


Yores Diamonds once. Were. There

in Yores, Diamonds were. Rare. Rare

once or twice, thrice mayhaps. Perhaps

glimpses in our world legends as well. Well as

rare sightings in Yores India, Yores Borneo +

Yores Brazil also. All so

rare much such Yores everywheres. Else. Here


DIAMONDS in ours. Yore hands ONLY

up to/prior that. Thus mid/late 18th were

centuried indeed. So Treasured


RARE per se- Sayings applicable

in deeds were those. These able



found Diamonds were usually Yores. So

found in so rivered. Beds in alluvial isolation,

haphazardly, occasionally + so. Thus this/that

status oft

of RARE was in deed. Oft so and deserved

indeed. Now.?. Now…


with our Minings Industrially. Extractings + Science

workings on making Carbon copies etc. Rare

nomened should be binned. Been named

there done that. This Rare Title/Status

deserved. Only


in Our Yores. Only Royalty, Nobility, Conquerors +

Heroes or Thieves so forth. Forthrightly left

with Our Yores Diamonds. Diamonds

were in deed precious and far so ‘tween. That


Then. Rare for sure, Then. Now Our


Millions upon Millions. Carats so arounds abouts

our world. Legends tell


Indeed Rarely Not Found. Herein Diamonds In Deeds.


In Deeds That. This Rarity Market Enforcedments. Meant Not Rarely Is Profit. Overs People…


so otherswise nowadays. So in/by




Our South. Africa changed all this. That all. Now…

Then Our

South. Africa’s Orange River +… our penchant

for Gold. Mining continuingly ensured our

Yores Minings continued. So


RARITY of Diamonds passed. Past

Times, Places

was now in itself. Selflessly


a very Rare occurrence indeed. In deed




sometime in Yore 1867 in our

world. Legends tell our


River Orange began to yield. Your Diamonds

Mining, Monopoly, Cartels, Advertising. Sales

soon followed as…


The Banks of this Orange. River were oft one

full. Oft of Carats

much. Such Diamonds off + arounds

abouts thereof. There Their


Rarity so rivered in ended. Yores



Indeed South. Africa Orange River In Deeds.


next in Part Two too. Gather to arounds abouts

otherswise. Riverine


Diamond hard legends softly. So writ

froms Science, Advertising, Cupid. Wolverine +

15th Century. France in our world. Legends

Yores all. All so lightly summed

ups. Ours next into. To so


next weeks one. Part Two then. Now to



Goings On In Deeds. Up.


next ups. Outed glowing herein

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