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Yore Dreamy Egyptian Pharaoh In Deeds Our World. Legends Tell Mostly Thutmose Four To The Fore Here Too. Hereto One Sphinx Is So One. Paired Set So Oft. Of Dual Complementary Guardians Guarding. Egyptian So Goodies + So On. Alone Now After That. Then This Quake Our 13th Century. Disaster Indeed Mores Too. To Two Yores Duals. Sphinx.


Our Yore Sphinx too. So is one


oft. Of one Our pair that is. That

is Our Yores pairings. Ups Duals


one Female + one Male. Sphinx Duet



Guardians. Dual Complementary Guardians


as depicted so noted. Yores bys Ours noted ancient

Scholar. Geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi (1099-1166) +

noted also. All so

therein Yore nomened Historical Encyclopedias. Namely

Kitab al-Mamalk + Kitab al-Jujori


so noting. Notably in His/that/their Times,

Places. Placing

Two Sphinx to ours. Fore noticed so thereto. Hereto

furthermores + furthernotes as well. Well as Sphinxed


such Two.?. To be Yores.?.

much more than so. Guarding




NOT one. Pyramid at alls also. All so

surrounded such by Waters. Sphinxed much

arounds abouts such means. Ways

more gatherings. Erosions/weatherings bodily

overs times, places. Weathered placing


Sphinx Beings being as well. Well as offset

so differings in basic. Alignments + oddly even

Base levels downed under. So differently down

so ‘neath too. To


some 40mtrs difference be Sphinx. Buried 40

mtrs lowers so than Our One. Pyramid greatly

so there is. Is hereso

Oft Of Yore Too. Two

Sphinx So Guard


deeply so. 2 Sphinx grounded in our world. Legends tell

underlying rightful concerns. Concernings… Sphinxed


When Yore nomened Two became. Our One.?. One

Years Quakings series.?. named. 1303-1311


Yoreto Cairo Quaked Our. 1303/1311 too.


Indeed Our Yores Sphinx Tunnels. Ups ‘n’ Downs In. Deeds.


so calc’d so seems in Our World. Legends tell

so seemingly uncalculated Our. Sphinx Duo lost

one too. One Partner Guardian to


one. Earthquake series. 1303/1311. So

much of Yore locale Our. Cairo was such so. Quaked

aways arounds abouts Yores Sphinx. Ways. Means


One oft. Of Our Yore Two Sphinx so became this. That

earthy rubbled one in 1300’s. One now


Yore Sphinx guarded so. Alone afters 1311. Together so paired

so co-symbolising archetypical/natural dualistics. Complementings

Guardians so joined at one. Complementary Gateway. One

Female + Male

one too. Two


complementive set Yore Guardians. Guarding Our one

Yores Egypt contemplated Gateway.?. To where.?. in our



Legends tell


Paused So In Deeds In. So ‘Tween Our Yore One. Sphinx Paws. Stele Of Dreams. One Pharaoh Thutmose. 4.



encompassings such much as arounds one too. One

Pair of Guardians named Sphinx so required. To one

nomened Egyptian undergrounded. Set


Hall oft. Of Records, Passages, Tunnels and ultimately.?.

Ours. The Yore Tomb of Osiris some 200mtrs

behind + 30+ mtrs. Belows so. Matchings mores our

now One Yore Sphinx. So left sitting still + still leavings

as. Well


plenty room towards. Then well as under the greatly +

othereds Pyramid areas/locales mores. May yet too. To be

explored thus that reveal. Mores, as excavatings

archaeologically, historically, geologically, logically as


Our times, places go. On more + bys. By Yores


In Deeds Two Our Sphinx Too. To See Indeed On Yores. Stele Oft Ours Stele Of Dreams.


Featuring Still Peering Stonily Into. Stele Pairings Ups In Deeds To. Two Differings Sphinx Indeed Featured Differently (…closeup of above Alamy Image…).


the Pharaoh’s Dream message from Stone. Stele

that poised dreamily so sits so set. Still ‘tween paused


Our Yore Sphinx so. Nomened Paws. Dream Stele

Pharaoh Thutmose iv named

imaged aboves. Belows Our Yores

so Thutmose iv dreamingswise named so. Stonily shows

Two too. Two


differings Features Paired Sphinx also. To All so

featurings one Dualistic Pair oft. Of Sphinx. Ours Dream


Stele inscribed long. Yore by one Thut. 4 too. One



can now indeed. In deeds so speculate that once to

there. There were there.!. Our TWO. Sphinx… then

Once an Earthquakeds. 1303/1311

there was/is now only Our. One. Sphinx… So

rightfully left… Yores


Two Sphinx = Female + Male…

One Fell Quakily… Which One.?. So


.?. If one includes now these. Those

other legends.!?. In

our world. Legends tell Ours… One now Male Sphinx

was also. All so recarved + repaired. Why.?.


it so.?. Fem B4.?. Did Our 1303/1311 Quakes Sphinxed.?.


take out Our Male.?. so now then.?. Recent

Yore our males.?. so.?. Someone(s) so.?.


Recarved Our Yores Sphinx… Fem.?.




coming soon

in. Our world legends leads One. To

be forthso. Rites + writings right

wherebys left so fieldings. Guarded

next onto. To herein into 2/2:

Quirky Quotes #28.