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So Go. Jump In On Our World. Legends Tell Classics Take One. Great Leap Otherwise Frog Wise In Deeds. Indeed Frogs Wisely One Classic Symbol Too. One Having Two Worlds To So Live. In Water. World + Atop Our. World Earth As Well. Well As Venerated For Starts Jumping. Cues Frogs From Yores Symbolically Too. To Ours Now All Arounds. Abouts Frogs.


Yore Egypt. Our Frogs.


Outed in

Our rivered Nile one Symbolic Life. Blood +

Waterline. Water so lined thus

lively one too. One croaky blessing + one

Natural Hazard at Times, Places. Placing


when Our Nile flooded, bursting. Banks

became no hindrance too. To torrents

taking Life. A ways


needed so, was so. Found

in Frogs. Frogs




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Symbolise Elements/Elementals with addons. Capabilities +

Meanings in deeds. Frogs indeed multi-purposed +

So Take One Classic Leap. Frog


Types so writ are one. Epitome/Archetype oft. Of

the Transitional. Changings of

Element. Elements


so changing/combining fluid Water, solid Earth. Earthy

inhabitants of Aquaworlds in Our World. Legends

tell Fringe


dwellers on the water. Fringes. Frogs Amphibious

can/may so flexibly represent. Both Our Water, Earth

Worlds here +

Symbolically can thus be. Those that carry one


distinction of doubly Represent. Repping



either or… Water/Earth + vice versa. Frogs one

Creature also. All so

enemy/opposite Elemental Our Toad


as is. Our Bee is too. To Our Wasp. Frogs

Yore ritually used in. Various mannerisms. In


Yore Egypt Our Frogs up + left. Aright

appearing along. Our Nile shorelines several Days

prior too. To it’s River watered banks. Bursting

away from the Area. One Natural dire



Local Land. Residents so soon appreciative

croakily oft. Of. Of Frogs



Indeed Our Yores Isis In. Deeds In Stoned.


such much Symbolic. Associations/connections with

natural Mothered. Earth fecundity + Lunar Moon

attributes. Frogs


get the best of both Our. Worlds

Frogs became involved also. All so

used in Yore Weather/Rainfall Rituals. Invoked

harbinger endings ups. Beginning

as Heralds/Icons oft. Of oncoming Fertility + so forth.

Forthrightly Yore


Our Goddess. Herit/Heket, main Isis Assistant

in. Outings concernings Osiris/Lazarus

Yore Rituals/Traditions as well. Well as


Resurrection Themed bore

Ours Yore. Frog as Her emblem. Frog




tokens/amulets placed certain Times. Places Yore

Egypt with our interred Mummy. Frogs


with smoky Mystic Transformational. Abilities

become earthy princely + noble. Lower

in our world. Legends tell Frogs


as highly regarded Creatures oft. Of Healing feature

in several. Our Yore Cultures/Traditions Frogs

supporting regeneration + change. Transformation +


Our ever transient. Mothered Nature cycles. Cycling

Spring so froggily on. In



next jumping into. Outing on 15/12:

Quirky Quotes #21.