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Featured Image Of A Young Womans Face And Ears Covered By Pairs Of Hands.

The Central Seat Of Intelligence Is Mind. Mind Matters Within Our World. Legends That Go Back In. Giant Leaps Of Times, Places May Too. May To Tell You That. This Seat Can Be Thus So. So Shaped So Changed. Why This Dunce Hat So Shaped In Deed.?. Indeed In Mind Herein.


(…A Longish Read Arounds Abouts Long

Head Shaped So Writ Research Ahead… +

…3 Musical. Interludes protrudings to Background …) So


Head Lining Shaping into. To Our Future,

Improvements, Advancements. Updates within Our World

Legends Tell so Tech., Machinery thereof. Therein

perhaps also. All so

are Intelligent Uses, Applications. You… and i, Shiro


can and be. Sit or stand… apart. Beings THAT

Socially Distant,..

Yet still and so. So

We can.

We can throw So. Writ words invisibly too. To

and fro Devices each of the Otherswise. Indeed

Smart Tech. In Deed All


over so Our World.



Legends, All


The Ancient Ancestors Letters. The Our World

Legends Yore

that so permeate varietal Means and Ways. May.



a Tip. Or Two.

A Top Tip Too.

For the Top. Of Your Head. Shape

That can top. Off


tip that cap. Shape aways means

Tap The Genius Within in Deed. Is.


Is indeed. Herein Now Begins,



(Music Link)



Ending A Times, Places so using That. The

i, Shiro Long Thinking Cap. On. A

Seek and Research longing. For Our

Yore Dunce Cap. Shaping

Our Mind Our

Dunce Cap. Shaping Yore Mind

of. Ours

this shortly may. Mayhaps


turn out too. To be. Being

That. This Start Of May 2. Mayhaptoo. To


Image Of A Long Hatted/Headed Ancient Egyptian.


so Famed in Our World. Legends Yore Egyptian

Built Dedicated. Statues In Deeds. Indeed The Image

above is such. A One. The One that tweaked,

tugged and tore… not literally. Literally noted. Would not

and did NOT. Sit. Right. Whilst here. I Write. Right


Here Sitting also. Also

My Mind. Mine Tortured


as well. Well as… again… not literal therein. Anyways

well as


the Image that got this going. Thinking too

so set off. Did. Once,


For in my Media Collection was THAT. One. Aboves,

Below TOO. Two As well. Well as

these and so such shapely

Mind Matters within. My Mind i, Shiro that is. Is and

did. Start to turn. Over. Like a Jigsaw Piece. I

had to match to fit into. That mix. Of Mind.


For mine and Yours perhaps too. Can match. That


Too. To Shape too. To

see what i see. Match Head. Below

too. To Above. Cap.


Tip-to-Top. Per se. That is. Topped Up.


As above, so below. As well two

too. To so see.?.


Montage Of Differing Skull Shapes.


That Match.


Of Mind Matter Mix. Misshapen

Skull and Cap. Do such and so. Fit

quite well as. As well so actually. That is

and should. Be. Was. As well. As well

can be seen. Herein. Now thus


and so. Being. That Ancient Egyptian of Bearded

disposition did wear. Wore. Hats

Of Yore.

That o so Duncey off shaped Top Cap. Above. On

His Head Tip-Top ‘Cos.?. His


Head was. That Shaped.!. So.?. Thus. A Match.?.

No Dunce Hatted Real. Shapely

Head Capped. Also SHAPED That Way. Means

Mind Tapped so untrapped per se.?. Therein


in Deed.?. Indeed


Body Shaping is an Ancient Art. For about

as long as we have had One. A Body. That is.


Head also. Also several of


Our World Sciences that delve into many of those


Elder and Olden Communities in Our World. Legends

oft note. Such practices Thereof. Therein


in the Mains. Within. Those



Shamanic Traditions. Elder so called. Inclined As well. As well


as being Treated. As an Anomaly A. Strange and so Custom. Of

those weird yet wonderful. Ancestors. Of Yore. Afore You. Also.


Also still this Custom persisted too. To come to

surface especially when

One. Went Looking. For. Such In Graves

and so and such in. Inner Earth That is. In deed. Usually.


Indeed in and to, Two of the Very Earliest Civilisation

Type Centres. Of Olden Egypt and that.

Those Of Sumer. Two too. As well. Well as Our World. Spades


and Shovels, Trowels and Brushes. Can and so. Go

on. Into and. Then onto. Do such and so


Gif Displaying Ancient Egyptian Tech.

O Giant So Shine That Giant. Light.


Tell. That. There were and are.

Strange Shapen Bodies…

+ Heads…

in the Lower Levels of these First

Dynasties and Cultures. Graves and Tombs thereof. Therein. In


a Prior Summary. Now. Herein. As Below. Will tell. Of. In


Graves and Tombs at the Lower Levels of Times and Places. Had these.

Mis-shapen Bodies and Skulls. Galore. Of,

to and fro. Of Yore. Also




  • Skeletal Shaping Differences.
  • Unknown Race.
  • Unknown Provenance.
  • Ancient Pre-Dynastical.
  • All over Our World


Legends from such as that so contained. Within

Egyptologist Prof. Walter B. Emery‘s:

Summary on. In. Archaic Egypt.

Where and by many of the Tombs and Graves…

esp. of the Upper Egypt Regions. Did so. Whereby contain


Anatomical Remains of a People

whose Skulls were of a greater size and

whose Bodies were larger than those of the Natives


…and which and whose;…

Racial Origin of these Invaders is unknown and

the Route they took in their penetration of Egypt

equally obscure


…vis via 1961 ARCHAIC EYGPT pg.39etc W.B.EMERY(click)



(Music Link)


Image Of Ancient Giant Steps.

Then on. On and into. That and so of Sumer. Of Yore.


To see. As before. So. What did so then above Professor. Did. Saw.

Seen as well. Well as below. Henry Field. Did see. Saw before

that afore as well as this. That

People allied in type to the Big-Headed PreDynastic Egyptians are to be found buried in the Early Sumerian Graves of Mesopotamia




See. Saw, Done. Then That


Of Yore. More


over and all epic saga approaches aside.

What is seen

in the very Early remains of at least two of Our World’s


Legends of Civilisations. Both. Had these. So shapen


and styled. Heads. Bodies. Caps. As well.


This Race appears long vanished as such and the so Sciences and

Our World Legends too. Do too. Say lil’ more. Than That. So

said. Already. Herein.



That’s that. Then. For Them. That is. Herein. Anyways. For

now. Till next.


So. We see more. Now. Now. We see

A Misshapen Headed Race so Emerge

of Yore.?. Our

Mutant Type Race possibly Extinct.?. Yet so and did.

Were and are,.. so wander

at such Places and Times. Of Our World


Legends. Still. Enigmatic. So on

to find that Brain Shape may well. Fit. A Sorta’



…Genius. Thereof, In


Schematic Image Of The Mind/Brain.


Image Of Ancient Egyptian Giants Helping Man Build.


Skull Shape.
Brain Shape.
Mind Shape.

Sciences at Times and Places assume. Ass u me

that Our World Ancestors. Were simple.

Yet and so. Did some amazing things.?.


Simply.?. How.?. Giant Ancient Structures

that are mentioned oft in Our World Legends. The

Giant Steppings Platform/PathWays Means

Massive Quarried Stones.

Pyramids, Baalbek Trilothon Stones, Dolmens,

NeedlePoints, Egypt, South Americas, China, Underground

Labyrinths, Temples, Cathedrals… ARE NOT AT ALL. SIMPLE


That is. That is why Evens Nows with All

Our World Tech Ways. We can barely build

thems such. So… much who is the simple tonOnes.?.



Now aside that from Our Ancestors simply

being simple. Shows how


simple. We think. So



Image Of Ancient Egyptian Giants Erecting A Needle Tower.



(Music Link)


Montage Of Ancient Egyptian Gods And Goddesses.




You know. Who built thems.

Them. The Giant Strange Shapen Headen Ones. Of

Yore. Our

Wise As Dunce Hats So Seem. Seemingly Dunce

Shaped Heads.

The Giant and Strange Structures found All

over Our World. Legends

so and say. ‘Twas. They. So


i, Shiro also re searched. Now So Writ Herein. Then

Of Yore


‘Twas. Done Our so Minds Giantly tweaked.?. Shaped

into. To Shaping Constructions Megalith


Presenting Next In That A To Z. This #N.


in Our World Legends. Now


Use Your Mind.

Leave not Your Body. Headless.


Get ahead.

Live those Dreams. As well


You can. So Do Giantly


Till next…