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Featured Image Of A Red Door Numbered 888.

Indeed That Numbers Games In Our World. Legends Tell Some Too. To Oddly Even Match. Matching Arounds Abouts Ways. Means Heres A Thousand One. Two 888’s For Free. For That Means Probably Don’t. Match In Either Deed. 8 In Our World. Legends To Swallow. Herein Brought Pointedly Up. Outed.


1,000 Ways. 1,000

Ways Of Death so. Known


1,000 Ways Dying. So of

The Ninja knowing Survival Ways. Means


i, Shiro that this. Perennial Student

so knows 1,000 888 Ways. Means

…i …


…missed a Few Classes there. There




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was so. That Times, Places in Our World. Legends

such diarised much loosely. Bound so Writ. Untidily

that. This

888 ALL So. Also be

Yore 888. Our One Ate Ways


Numbers of Statues Stoned. Island Easter so known.

888… 887 +…

…1 GIANT still so partially buried. In therein. There

The Holey Island. Grounds Their So Easter



Easterly. So Missing

well as. As well

Classes- some of the 1000 Ninja Defence

Ways. Means… There… Their


Study Classes whilst i, Shiro was. ElseWheres…

Aways. Away


Image Of Several Easter Island Stone Giant Statues.


in Our World. Legends Spottings in Deed. Indeed

like here….. This Pointed 8… got…

pointedly Ate. Ups


Those. Beings These late 8 Ate:


  • … Tastings partaken of That. Philosophers.

Stones. One in Deed. Indeed

so too therein.


  • … Taking many Small looks at. Just One

GIANT well As. As well

Swords. These therein.


  • … Spent Times, Places so Climbing, Trekking

The One so Tea‘d forth

Mount. Fuji… Forthrightly left… right therein.


  • … Alongs those Ways afore Aboves. Fuji walked

into. To One Misty Village, Bridge mores. Moreovers

Nikko so stepped outs. So Writ therein. Then…


Pictorial Image Of Mt. Fuji Climbing Trails.


  • … Checking these. Cupboards for Condiments so too. To

Aid even First. Aid, In out of 9… 3 Listed Ways. Means

therein All So. Also


  • … Checking out in that. Battlefield One where

therein. The 3000 Fought Lively. Living


  • … Along Ways means Pastimes passing

Time. Ours. Juggling Another 7 Play Outs therein. Then


  • … Learnings Mores. More Tips Ways. Means

Such Themes Expanded Much

Too. To So Line


Outs. So Ups


Image Of Various Foods.


Too. To Reiterate This. That

In Our World. Legends


So Ate.


888… Indeed

Ate Morn,

Ate Mid,

Ate Eve. So


Ate, Ate, Ate In Deed. Daily

In Our World. Legends


So Be. Live.


Image Of Zen Stonepile Amidst A Colorful Sunrise.

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