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Featured Image Of A Pigeon On A Male Statue Shoulder Staring At The Face.

Forthrightly Left Prosing In Our World. Legends Told Pose Quite. Quiet Poetry So. Writ Ups Down Herein. Touching The Sky Whilst Yore High Flying. Below Our Steppes. Could Be. Seen All Arounds Abouts Times, Places Too. Placing Feet Backs To Ground. So Forth So. On.




High Flying So In Our World. Legends

Breezed Bys Tell This. Of Prosed

Yore High Flying, Below Our Steppes


Can Still. So

Just Be. Seen Flitting. So


Written So.

So Begins Herein. There


A Pigeon Sits Atop One Of A Row Of Cameras On A Building Wall.



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Scrambling High On That. This So Mountain Top

Up Above. Below Forest Trees Sway. Gently

So,.. As i Run Then Jump.



Air Rushes Up. Jams So Tight, Against My Wings.

That Power. Antigravity So Makes My Blood. Sing.

No Bird. Freely Man i,.. Shiro Still,.. So Am. Yet

So Higher Than Mountains So High. Flying,

Below Steppes.


Tilt And Turn. So Taken Over By The Breeze

Wind Blown Letting Thermals Lift, So Rise.

Then Back Down Too. To Land, A Deep Sigh.


Up Above i So Look. Seeing Birds

Simply So.


Sky High.


A Vividly Colored Japanese Nature Scene With Temple, Mountains, Trees, Birds, Fisherman And Large Sun.

Ups So Next Writ. Down So Herein That. A To Z This #O.