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Featured Image Two Helmet Wearing and Goggled Children Snowboarding.

Go East. Young Ones Athletic In Our World. Legends Tell Our Earth So Spins. Movings Rotatings Speeding Thru’ Times, Places, Spaces. Space Herein Too. To Calculate Those Ways. Means Done. Earth Tales So Spun.


Our World, Legends Tell so. Tales

Of Spins

on it’s. Axis, West→East Rotatings


whilst Movings. Arounds Abouts Our Sun

so Elliptically in Deed. Indeed Orbitings

whilst then thus Travelling. Thru’ that

Milky Ways Galaxial Spaces

well as. Means as well.?.


then also. So as to


Featured Topic Gif Our World Spinning In Space.


squeeze in that Most.

Outs of Our World. Legends

of Planetary Rotatings

Spin… so

Go East. Young Ones

Women, Men Athletical. Theoretical


considerations spun so. Considered

then. Records are such made too. To

be so much. Easterly Directed withs Higher.

% so possibly

broken. So Throw,

Run, Jump so forth. Forthrightly


Athleticsised Ways. Means



so East. Go. Going

closer too. To the Equator

for Max. Earth Speed… Speeding,


Our World. Legends Tell, Calculate

well as. ALL so generates. High

Kinetic Rotational Energy. Hugely

so seems. Seemingly


Spinnings ats around, abouts 1600+ kph

ons Equator Levels. Levels


of Rotational Energy

exceeedings 10²² Joules. Highly



Energised in Deed. Indeed


Young Adult Jumping Off Bridge/Jetty Into The Water Below. Background Sunset, Forest, Water Banks.

Herein Next #A In That A To Z Too.


in Our World. Legends

so be.