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Mothers Natures Floods Our World. Legends Tell With Floods. Waterings Our Yore Egypt So Our Nile. Yore Waters So Channelled Arounds. Abouts Pyramids Greatly Much Such So Watered. Downs Upping Productive Lands Ours. Pyramids Down Too. To Earth Pumping Ups. Yore Waters Of Life.




Yore Pyramids so. Surrounded in +

oft of. Waters + Moats

off Our World. Legends tell so. Writ


of Waters Ancient Hieroglyph Symbol well. As

of Elemental elementary as well. Powers. Power

of Water rushes

off worldly in Deeds. Indeed



Our Niles Yore a lil’. Unpredictable

at Times, Places. Wetlands, Floodlands, Floodplains. Surges


so forth. Forthrightly left Yore Peoples rightly predictably. Upset +

ready too. To walk like Our Egyptian

ways aways that is. That means is fed. Ups

Arounds abouts bouts of Floods. IN Their Homes. There

Our Pyramids. Pyre amidst Great

Yore Waters. Pumped


Our Niles a yore mostly unwelcome. Such Visitor. Going much



Niles In Deeds. Waters Ours + Yores Indeed.


shortly sharply rounding. Outs longingly

upon squarely triangulatings encircling Yores. Our Egypt-


Our Pyramids so too. To be shaped alikes. Mountains. Mountains

so waterings Lava Our World per se. Sayings nomened Vulcanic

spew Lava. Our Yores Ancient Egyptians preferred Water. Nile

Waters In channelled spewed outs in Deeds. Indeed Water-

spewings Mountains giantly + Giant-Man. Made


thus Pyramids = Pyre amidst = Fire-driven

Waters/Lava Pump = Pyramid/Mountain. Great so




Niles Waterways means Watererings System. Systematically

controlling or rather attempting to control/manipulate. Nile

Seasonal Flood Events Waterings War on Peoples,

Crops, Livestocks, Life


Losses so forth. Forthrightly left Pumpings. As

Waterings Control rightly one. Option pumped arounds abouts

in Our World. Legends tell Ours Engineer Germaned

nomened Edward J. Kunkel so. Rediscovered/patented

one lookalikes Pyramidical greatly Yores

Inners this. That Pharaoh’s Pump aboves

mentioned belows Imaged. So


simply as this. That Niles Waters oft. Of Life

pumped as Our Giant. Man

Made Mountains Inners so great. Pyramids Pumps Ups

outing Yores


so awashed so was. Are gratefully Ours



pumping out. So next 26/5:

Is Dark Out Moonlight In. A Thing We Should Do.