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Symbols In Our World. Legends Tell Phoenix-Like Liked Also. All So Sunnily Like Our New. Year Yore Phoenix Does So. Arise. Ending 2020 In Deeds Done. Daily Indeed Dawn Timed Yore Anew. Year. Now So 20 Pointed Phoenixed Outs. In Here Lightly As Well. Well As Ups ‘n’ Downs. Noted Down Herein.



Just a wisp. Then

in Time. On Time.


Now Our Dawn of Dawn.

  • Time. Cycling


Sparks of Light gather collectively now too. To be

swept away together so quick. Flickering in early Winds.

Then again. More. Much more. Moreovers


underlying truthfully soon. Enough, a spiralling plume

that so. Twisted

turned cloudy darkly dissipating as it. Moved, lightly


circling, gaining that height to greet this. Our New Day.

  • A New Years. Day.



This Morn so thus bright, heading. High, spectrumed

with those. These Seven Colors that Nature

so adores, adorns so. Collects into One. Light


alight with that final. Fervor so favorings


Alight in Our World. Legends so do say. Telling

which such much ONLY means. Make way tis’


New Years,

Rise Of The Phoenix.

All Ashed Ups

and is burningly so. Begins, Endings these On. On those hot as,..


  • Moves again. Again, with Change +



Raising. Symbolically Our Phoenix is. One Yore Elder


oft. Of mores than enduring. Moreovers underlying Truisms,

Archetypes, Ancient Wisdom Mysteries. Philosophers, Artists,

  • Legends, Symbols. Motifs, Emblems

unto Our Lore. Story-Tellers rising Yore in Our World. Legends

are such. Much


  • Religious, Spiritual, Philosophical. Societies + Groups

so felt. More

than pleasured too. To so include. Symbolically this enigmatic

Bird. Birds concepted textually, pictorially

have long been. So used to epitomise. Themes, Emotions,

Ideals. Ideas +


Concepts well as. As well, well personify, so times + places. Within

those selected Legendary Creatures;.. These with




Their Story To there Tell. Tales whereby Wings. Unfold. Tails

whereso that. Hereto turn, return. Here + there

retold some such much mores. Of Courage, Cruelty, Sacrifice, Honor,

Kindness, Tragedy. Pride also. All so


Our Birds Abilities. Flying High, To Soar Above, carrying

such thus. So aloft high aboves much. As belows

  • too of Hope. Inspiration, Dreams, Good

Wishes. Thereupon arounds abouts such as well. Well

Timed, Places Ways means


‘Tis All about Our… Intent… + Uplifting

Senses. Sense of Dreams so lightly

carried. Along, brought so into. To

parts of Our Life. Real Yore



so. Symbolising heights so attained. Carrying alongs

Beauty. In All Forms of

Aspirations, Purity. Truths with All Wings unfurled. Unfurling,

  • unfolding, then enveloping, in Messages sublime. Carrying

of Spirit, Love, Soul, Fate, Destiny Universal.


Universe, Solar, Planetary, Worldly,

Global, Social,

Local, Legendary. You. In Our World. Legends


Tell The Phoenix is There. Here

Eternally Renewed. Cycled, Recycled

in some many Ways. Ways that portray, means renewal +

yet allows. So reminisce. Within


  • Prose, Poetry, Music, Art, Lit. and Mores. Moreovers-

With literal emphasis oft. Of placed ON the New Life

Shining On. Out and In as well. Shines On.

Top of the Pyre and Pile therein, thereof. As

well. Mainly in


Recognising perhaps much. Innately, of such Powers. We



even addon Our Wings divined

  • too. To Yore Messengers Trio of Deity- Angels, Rebels +

Devils alike. Like

Subliminal Messages that occur. Again so



Those Places, Heavens, Hells. These ‘tween Lands,

Times, Spaces so too. To

bestow such conceptual Honors. Recognise it’s Truths We

also. Then

  • include Birds in. Our Creation Legends. Legends

of Our World.

Legends that so detail Tell. Tales of their tails ended


Search. Discovery of Our Now New Lands

emerging. After the Last Age, Dark Ends. Usually

disastrous Ends that is. Is that


rising in Mind, Discovery. So Birds Ways means

  • thus and so… Cycles of Life, Nature. Goes



naturally Renew. Anewed on



Birds, Symbols,

Colors, Trees.

Wings Divine, Devotedly

telling Our Tales oft. Of Yore that toil, bend Upwards

go. Going Ways beyond

  • the mean neutralisation of Our. World’s Gravity

Laws. Laws

that seemingly power. Down as The


Legendary Birds… Power Ups. Up…

into. To Trees skywards lined. Up

in deed do these of Our World Legends Fly. The


  • is of such an Yore. Olden hue that Our Majority.?. All.?.

Bird Symbology… Belongs, Began.?. There. These


Local, Cultural Adaptations so brought. Forward

into History

as are the Assets. Phoenix Abilities carried aloft so along.



Later Short + Long Tales Told, take these

Symbolic Mysteries. Those

  • under their Wings spreading The/A Knowledge


in various. Ways and Means. Means Ways

Pointedly pointed Outs. Herein Aboves + Belows.

ThOSE Meaningful Mysteries

Of ThEse Aboves

Phoenix Ways: Below


  • The Phoenix, when That. Time does so Call for.

Nests. Nest Made of Acacia, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Thereof, therein. Thereto Their


  • Plumed Feathers of Deep, Royal Purple so adorn.

Tail Feathers: The White /or BLUE,.. + Red.


Golden Collar + Cuff.




So Rise… A Tree…

Of Life.?.


  • One touching, tousled Tuft too of such,..

ON The Head.

Golden/Topknot The Phoenix so Wears.


  • The Swan, Eagle, Owl, Peacock, Pelican

ALL so take. That on Board,..

What the Phoenix… So Be. Was. Is


as well. Well as Tri-Nesting. Trying


New Year Inner
Of. The Phoenix Rising.?.

Nestled Layers within much

of Meaning do. Such Our World Legends contain. Contained

within. Without + in The Real Materialism Rains. Reigning








The Phoenix Legends Contain Warnings subtle. Unsubtly


Much has been Writ. Ups abouts The Phoenix as a

  • Metaphor or

Symbol Of… SELF. ‘Tis said by replacing “… YOU… ”

everyTimes and Places in the TEXT where it says…



This Action results. Finale in a Meditational Approach too.

To the Issue within

of KUNDALINI. Kundalini within is...






According to such much these Accounts. Activation

thus so if Spontaneous Human Combustion. Avoided

leads onto. To a form of Enlightenment. A Dance-Life

With The Light. Lightly


summed as with several Others Olden. Our World Legends.

  • Many Meanings, Ways To Be Realised. Concepts, Ideas.

Change, Rebirth, Anewal, Cycles. Symbols, Elemental



Our Phoenix alights so there. Here



… Here, Keep These. Those

Home-Fires Burning. A lil’.


Live Your Dreams. A Lot.




Next… Ups. Is Gonna Be. That of Those


Mount Cherry Plums. Radished Island Orange too.


To Be So Writ. Herein. See

You Next Year. Good Wishes In Deeds. Indeed

Till next… Simply Enjoy.