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Driven Deep In Our World. Legends Tell Roundly Rolling Ons In Deeds. Indeed Yore Cars Our Vehicles So Powered Shot Well As So. As Well So Differently. Differentials Really Wheeled Cruise So Into. To One So Steerings Smoothly Braking. Breaking Outs Crashing In. Here There Our Turns Thru’ Yore. Ages Ridings Radiatings Along. Short So Writ Parked Ups. Herein In Here Car. Tunes.


Are You driven.?. So

do You.?. So now…


what drives You. On

steering thru thick ‘n’. Thinly rolled outings in

disguised. Steel + panelled nomen. Namings

aridings arounds rubbery tyres. Spinnings

abouts so inclusion that is hereof. Oft of is that

Vehicle, Auto or even thus so quoted far. Car

widely nearly reaches non-watery terrained

almo’. Everywheres so wheely arounds. Abouts


do You get, go so in. Cars.?. Our really

spun outs so in

Yore Car. Tunes

Our World


so outs now. Then dedicates too. To

Our Cars are many +

so much. One such below so Our. Cars per so

overviewed aboves. Now Vehicles motorings. Ons

internally combustings auto in our. Civilisation so in



our world. Legends

tell surprising details shot thru’. Detailed Engines

detailings Cars so driven. Narratives




(Music Link)


within cogs of Our. Cognitive Yore History Engines

wheeled outs in. Rounded Tales spun so. Really

abouts cornerings

now then driven bys. By Ours + Yores riding. Alongs


real times placed. So arounds 1673’s one… Workings

Internal Combustion Engine so worked. Outs by one

Christiaan. Christiaan

Huygens thoughtfully designed. One so works

too. To work


vis Fuel fired by one. Gun. Powders. Powering so

one Modified von Guerike. Typed Air Pump

System. So systematically firing

combustions internals with gun. Shot, shot

thru’. Into One


Device/Process, which later then. Now

with further processings…

easily converted too. To Yore Steam, +

our Petrol/Alcohol powerings so forth. Forthrightly

left now then riding. On




ins moreso Our Yores Dutch. Inventor, Astronomer,

Maths Whiz + many. Studies mores. Moreovers

polyglotted so our yores one

Christiaan. Huygens


roundly went so. Forth so did rightly do/done

more. Forthrightly

left some Astronomy spotting Planets. Moons

outed in steerings rightly nightly History so. As left so

underlying rightful otherswise Inventiveness also. All so

Inventings one righteous ours. Yores Pendulum Clock


timely in placings 1656. Outing roundly


smooth timely so placings

timed Clock. On capabilities timed evers. Since. Since

watching Yore

plotting gunpowders timely journey. Scienced nuanced


in our world. Legends also

tells all. So arounds talings consistently. Gunpowder

so arounds abouts so exists. Consists



Yores usually in one. Mix as well. Well as our

75/15/10 noted

saltpetre/charcoal/sulphur Ancient. Yores

Chinese recipe Notes oft. Of app. Our named

Year 850- Tang Dynasty Inventor nomen

notably unknown. Knowings namely notes so


Our Yore. Gunpowdery Mix on arounds abouts

Our 9th/10th Cent. Yore China too. To our

fore. Early two for


usage examples as so One. Ingredient too. To

be in Signal. Flares + Firesworks Devices

much in such deeds. Indeed our




further onso

Historical. Legendary Yore one mentions. Mention


7 partedness Satlpetres

5 partednesss Charcoals +

5 partedness Sulphurs so inside Our. Mix. Straightly…

Our Yores app. Yeared 13th Century Monk +

noted. Scientist type one


Roger. Bacons noted defining this. That Basic

Recipe. European styled powderings shot

into. In Our

Societies overs times, places. Placings billeted

variations in our. Bulleted standardised forms

too. To so power one atop. Gun


be so shot. Out




Parking on Our. Yore Roads could be


bumpy + very hazardous as well. Well as


Your continuings long. Health + Life longly

as so dramatically. Woodenly Shortened also. All

as so shortly so very. Deathly

unwell in deeds. Indeed


NO Parking/Building on Yore Ninevehs

Temple. Roads so simply

Meant NO. Parking. Parking or Garage Building

Your Yore. Chariot simply meant you wanted

too. To be


so simply so

Impaled. For Parking




Infringings thus so There. Their Ways

mean meant was handed outs no pass. The bucks

payable no deterrings Fine. Simply

howevers simple Justice. Simplified

Yore Templed Parking


Punishments = Your Impalements. Meant so


as ssticky deterrents. Uprightedly held

as sin in deeds. Indeed pointedly so

as sso that punishment seams a bit. Rough riding

woody surfaces surfacings thru’. Yores You. So

Advice breaking from pointing i, Shiro is… Do

not Brake…


or Break. Down Yore Templed Roads. Ways

Up + Roll on our bys. By


after wiping dry your. Temple oft. Of sweat



now bloody way tearys. Then

parkings here so next on 13/4:

Quirky #38 Quote.