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Nine. Months Coiling Numbers Arounds Abouts Our World. Legends Tell Curled Ups You Were. So In ‘Tween Conception +. Birth. Spirals Mother Natured Into. To Growth Naturally In Circular Receivings. Antenna Receive Waves. Waves Oft Of Frequency So One, Two Or Flying Mores. Moreovers Frequently Flocks Decided Those. These Two Cyclings Shall Meet. Herein So Writ. Out.


They are here. There Yore

as Our Georges. Lakhovsky watched


the Pigeon. Flock approach flightily

aboves. Belows

Planted Yore Coiled. Our Growth



lay sweeping greened Spanish Hills. Moving

alikes Fish Schools or Our Cycling. Pelotons so

move. As

One. One


Pigeon minded Way towards Their Coop He. Observed

several things. That

so flocked Enmasse almost

perfectly in. Sync this feathery mass moved, shifted. Not

always tho’ in our straight as. Straight line. Spinning


our world legends tell is rounded. Our Earths

Electro Magnetic Field/Grid is thus. Not straight also. All

so these. Those Our spun Forces

as with our. Gridded Mappings concept oft. Of

Latitude + Longitude run both. Ways means




Birds so ride our world. Winds + Force Fields

in the invisible flowing as well. Well as

then It. So It happened. Happenstance and his stance

enabled true vision. Visibly just then. There seen so

was chaos so seems. Seemingly out of the blue yet in

Our blue 1920’s. Spanish Skies. Skywards Dozens


of Birds peeled off. Of in any and all Our directions. Nearly

1/5th from one side of the core. They so scattered,

so struggling too. To

maintain Flight + coordination. Their flow flightily had

flown. Aways

means slowly yet forcefully They. Struggled on, making

alikes beached. Whales, Lemmings straight

their confused way back too. To the comforting crowd. As


He lowered His view. His Eyes so narrowed. Stopped. Seeing

several Tall Trees + directly. So underneath that where

sectioned. Flock There. Up had swirled, so sputtered. Pointing

up + into. Our named Heavens now. Was something of Man’s,

only one. Thing


nomened Our one. Radio Transmitter Aerial. Tower Antenna

Paterna, Valencia

Transmitting pointedly aways. Means over




numbered Nine. 9 Months


Yore curled ups. In outing uncoiling

Conception start too. To endings of Ours. Birth spirals

out in app. 9.


Nine Months.

270 Days approx. So

269.442 reflects Our World. Earth Frequencies. Spirals

in. Our Mothered Nature follow nuanced Mathematical.



Numbers nomened ways. Means

Numerals/Formula/Ratios named


The Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci’s

Sequence. Pi



Indeed Yore Rounding Outs. Our Pi In Deeds.


spiral such. Sequentially encirclings much in

Natures. Growth methods. Naturally also

we are partly Bio-electrical. We All so


create Fields. Forms of Light visible, invisible too. To

Cellular Vibrations radiating. Life Frequencies receptive

involving Electromagnetic. Resonation wherebys harmony +

equilibrium aids Health. Dis-sonance producing Dis-ease.

Cells absorb + emit Frequencies frequently. Geometrically


Our Cells so resemble

Bio-Electro-Chemical. Circuits distributing Power

appropriately arounds abouts. Antenna

one growing necessity oft. Of Our now +

burgeonings Yores Radio

Sciences Wave Tech. Our


Antenna naturally Tech. receptive too. To

the spaces invisible. As Our


Indeed Natural Spirallings In Deeds.


Inspiring In Spiral Shelled In Deeds Snails. Trail Led Antenna Indeed.


Antenna good for reception that is. Is that


with correct/correspondings

Placement/Frequencies/Devices so forth. Forthrightly

left 1920’s Russian-French Inventor/Engineer/Research Scientist +

Author rightly Bird. Watcher as well. Well as nomened

Georges Lakhovsky… (…1869-1942 buried in Paris…).


His named Research watching + wondering

led too. To Travel wandering with Pigeon Courier Trainers

across Europe. In Spain noted Engineer Georges noted

the Aerial. Interference connection Birds face when aligning

directionally. Aerial/Antenna

Tower Research led Him on too. To


realise/recognise Our Insects Creatures. Comfortably

utilise one Aerial Antennae

such form. Much one

wondered He arounds. Abouts Plants.?. Could One

Antenna for Plants +


You also. All so

Authoring the Book The Secret of Life in 1935. 1963

Reprint by Heinemann Medical Books. One


In Deeds AB… See, Antenna. Beetle Indeed.



whose workings. Outings Copper Plant Aerials

notably noting Left/Right hand/thread in. South/North


beings. Pref’d Ways. Means forcings flow oft. Of +

with Nature’s as with Coriolis whirl. Vortex pattern Cyclonic

winds so forth. Forthrightly left winding


outs Georges Inventing

One. Multiple-Wave-Generator/Oscillator. Oscillatings

Copper Wirings. Antenna


Sympathetic Vibrations harmonising Natural Rhythms.

Systematically Rhythmically

spiralling ups in capabilites. Shown so

uncoiling larger Plant Data that. This showed


Indeed Ant. Antenna In Deeds.


In Deeds Plant. Antenna.


as well. So well

damped Electrostatic Waves. Oscillating/varying well

arounds abouts


10cm to 400mtrs. Waveslengths covering ranges

from 750,000 too. To 3 milliards per. Sec

frequency vibrations also. All so one

Circuit producing Harmonics. Within visible light +

infrared. Regions so minimising Cell injury


overalls. All greater Growth, Health, Productive

so tuned in. On excellent Aerials antenning


effects affecting. Effectively Plants. Enhancing


Indeed Flutter By. Butterfly Antennaed In Deeds.


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