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Behind the Pages and Lines of a Writer lay many inspirations. Using Experience and Mind i, Shiro do Share. Thoughts, Tales, Hopes and Dreams. Beyond that… i give Thanks. To One who inspires in many such Ways. In Prose. Swift Thanks in deed indeed. Herein.


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For The Swift.


Thank You.


For and to the One that oft so Reads. Reads

Swift and sure

‘tween Pages and Lines. Such as so. Herein.


Of Our World Legends. Their Lives. Their Hopes.

Their Mysteries. As well.


Their Dreams.


‘Tween Pages and Lines of so and such Tales.

Tall… and these o so running so True. Herein.


‘Tween Pages and Lines of these Tales Martial.

Much more therein. More than War just in deed.



It is said and so… does seem.


For One.

Towards so and on such.

Do such thoughts just stay and say

and then in Ways do so… too drift. Aways.


Thoughts such that so… i, Shiro. Herein.

Do say and so… now do Share.


Of Legendary Lives. Loves. Dreams. Inspiration.

Hopes and Heartaches. Too. To All.


Written with due care.


Thanks. To and For the One. The


Natalie of Swift.



Thank You.



Live Your Dreams. As well.




Till next...


We so and may

meet again. Herein.