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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #N. God of War. Of Yore.


The God.?. That

God of War.?.


…Of Yore.?.

When in Rome. Of Mars.

When in Japan. Of Hachiman.

When in Lands Aztec. Of Huitzlipochtli.

When in Grecian. Of Ares.

When in Indus. So Skanda. Shiva’s



When in China. Of Guan Yu.

When in MesoAmericas. Of Buluc,

Votan. So.?.


When… Ins Sumer. Of War.?.


Ninurta so that. So be. Divine

as well as God of

The pleasure of Reading Writings. So writ

divinely. Divine


Map of Topic.


Warrior. Ninurta. Of

War. Their. The God thereof. Herein this

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. God

of War. Of Yore

The Letter. # N. Notes this

ins Sumer. That Lineage Divine. So

Reigned. Raining

down War. On Friends, Foes. Others. Alls

alike. Us too. To do now that is. Is that...


We War Too. Oft as well. To well as

back in

Times, Places in Deeds. Sumer. Indeed done

as a Godly goodly Patron. Of those


Arts. Or War, Agriculture.

Thunder, Spring.

Scribes also. So Writ. Ninurta.

So be. Being


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associated with this. Early Civilisations

attempts to override Tribal conflicts,

chaos. Into something... a Líl’…

more Civil. Civilising


the Ninurta Ways. Means

lots. Of War

that is. That is ‘tween.

Whilst Plowing. Lots also. Also

oft pic’d with that. Plow. Birds, Weapons

as Sword, Bow, Mace well as also. Also to be


involved directly. With those Times, Places.

Agriculture and Writers

req’d Defending. Of. Off

with many Dis-eases too. To

becomes, maintains. A Rep.. Of a Healer. So

attached as well. Well as


Featured Topic Image Family Tree

Sumer. Of Yore. Ruling Lineage Divine.


probably due too. To His intimate. Knowledge

of War… Wounds. Woundings therein, thereof. Herein


noting this. That Ninurta

was a Son of God well as. As well that. Of

Ninlil, The Mother Goddess +

Enlil, The Father God. The


Sumerian Divine Lineage. Of Yore. Complex

as seen in Image. Aboves. Belows

a Pantheon Type Approach. Of Sumer. Ins.

There were many. Gods, Goddesses


of many Societal, Cultural, Religious, Spiritual,

Technical, Mundane. Mores. Many more. Divine

Peeps. There. Ninurta’s


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adventures show. A Warrior that understood

the necessities of providing solid Defence

for The Peoples to flourish. His Protection

of Agriculture, Writers drew many accolades,


appreciations. Mores too. To a Brave, somewhats

aggressive Fighter who led by example. Heroic

Battles are recounted, retold of His exploits

in overcomings Adversity, Enemies


and so forth. Forthrightly

or not. As many such cases. Seems to be. Be


those Ways. Means


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Seated. Inanna.


Ninurta. That God of War. Of Yore, Sumer. Be


the Brother there thereof. Inanna.

Inanna, The First ons a Pedestal.

Their First Goddess of Love. Love

War. Or nots


in Our World. Legends

so be. So Complementary. So