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Featured Image Of A Piper Playing In Traditional Clothing.

With Them. Pipes Blowing Hot Coldly In Our World. Legends Tell This. That Is So Far. Out Piped Within. Pipes Of Yore Blown, Our Gods Divined As Pan. Pipes Missing Targets, Panic Packed. Panned So Herein. Piped Outs Calling Those. Pipes So Pan.


With stillness surrounding. Settling

as i, Shiro so blow this. That Pipe

there was no. Sound

of Music. Sounded like



was this Sound. From me…

‘cos i missed that. Target

with the BlowPipe just piped and blown. Then

i had blown. My chance justly


of success. Research pans out that

Pan, Our Yore Divined God. A


Son of Hermes,

of Divinity of Our World. Legends Tell


Image Of Ancient Greek Gods Family Tree.

Pan’s Fam. Tree.



(Music Link)


herein Symbolising

Pan’s Pipes. Panned Pipers Pipe. Ups

so begins. Ending with Pan

starting noting. Music sweetly


He so could. So simply purely Pipe. Ons

ups alls around

abouts Our World. Legends Tell

Born in Arcady borne so

this. That Pans Pipes can change. Hearts, Minds,

Moods mores. Moreovers

underlying existings Harmony with excitements. Pan

oft got

panned for that. Playing so forth. This forthrightly left


Pan on the. Outer

of Divinities + edgy invites therein. Thereof


Image Of A Pan Flute.

The Unpanned Pan. Flute.


Yore Our Divined Abilities Listings. Listing

Our Pan’s Talents so includes adding.

Words too. To Our World Lexicons with these. Those


sounds of outing. Panic

in for examples so

nomened so after. Pan’s Peoples those Times, Places

Named Yore. Our Nymphs,

Satyrs Natured Sated, Spirits, The Elementals. Elementally



discovered such too. To much dismay There. Theirs,

marvelled at frights that. Ensued upons this downing

News of The. Heroics upendings

Osiris/Lazarus Death. So Displayed so

for. All to See

vis the Mourning Attire Robed now of Isis too. To see…

Thus… Their… Panic. There so Beings being


eg… i c (see) Pan = Pan i c…


Image Of Osiris Plant Leaves.

Still Here Osiris. Leaves.


or See.!. Pan i say

So Run. Aways Means in basics. Nomens/Terms.


Pan is lightheartedly mean. Ways

paradoxical revealing certain Truths. Ways

Pan thus means mean… You… Your Ways

when in Panic Mode. Mod.


Sciences Of Music, Harmony, Geometry try too. To

avoid i c Pan Panic i c… ‘cos

of that. This DisHarmony. Then thus


Dissonance so occurs… which basically

means. Your Ways had more thans. Enough

… of listenings too. To much such

this Dis Music so. Not meaningful anymores. Moreovers

underlyings decisions too. To turn. Off. Dis Music

which so

causes Dis, ease unwell as. As well Rhythmic Music


aids when i c Pan i c. Now


Image Of A Statue Of The Ancient Greek God Pan.

Our Pan. Yore Piper.


Pan’s Symbols in Deed. Indeed include Hybrid

Horned Looks with so Cloven. Hoofs toed outs. In

Skipping/Action Form/Posture, Pipe norm so in.

Hand. Handful

grasped of naturally unwrathed. Grapes.

A Messenger Type Archetype


so writ. Herein. There

Our Yore Pan dominates Greenery Landscapes. A Nature

Divinity Spirited Elementally. Combo

Attributes so included. Light, not-so. A Forested


Heavenly Earthy Nature mix. Toasting

Pan so becomes that, this necessity. Ritually

with Mood Lightings, Music, Song. Wine. Women,

Men also. All Ours so Yore Temple allowed

therein. Thereof


Pan styled Entertainments oft


Image Of A Sandpiper Bird Standing On A Small Pile Of Rocks In Water.

Piper, Sand. Piper In Self. Reflective Mode. Panned Outs.


of, highly so thought. Though guilty also of-

All so lowly actingswise otherswise at varietywise

Times, Places as well. Well as


a complex sarcasm so frivolously expected too. To be

so wisely acted. Outs in Our World. Legends Tell

Yore Divined Our Pan so shepherds in. Outed as

a Benefactor, Patron. Hunt Guide


Figure with Humanities rather wholesomely

intact in Deed.


Image Of A Symbol For Elemental Music.

Indeed Music Panache In. Deed. Next Then In A To Z. #E.


P.S… Many Words so Pan related:

Indeed The Term/Nomen Panentheism/Pantheism

usually ref’d in Our World. Legends

Tell is arounds abouts = The Doctrine/Belief that ALL

Things are Within. The Being

Of God… Yet God Is NOT MERELY the whole. Sum per se

of ALL said. Things in Deed so panned out. Outing


All so spans

Pantheon, Pandemics, Pandemonium

planned as other unnatural

Collectives. Nomens…


Pandit/Pundit as in Yore Hindu.?. Our

Nicknomen for certain. Sagelike Learned Men/Women too.


… Simply Enjoy.