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Boston Tea. Cup and Condoms Runneth Over.

Independently Seeking Our World. Legends of the Revolution. An Anniversary. Chests Chucked. Boston TEAses out it’s Times and Places in History. As the Masons don disguise… very badly. Later Monumental Masons make a Monument. Folly in Stone or Stony Flight of Prophylatic Fancy.?. An Eyewitness account. Not to drink Brit Tea. That is. Then. Herein. One Full Cup… of Pt.2. Teas. Condoms. Lots. Both. Celebrate.


The American Revolution provided the background for many singular

and collective, Heroic Acts. Committing to and following, Ideals, Justice,

Hopes, Dreams. A new Life.


In turn, FreeMasonry provided the background for many of the

Independence Movements. Coalescing mainly in Massachusetts,

though quick to spread to New York, New Jersey, South Carolina.

Masonic Symbolism is still visible on the U.S. Dollar Bills.


Imaged Belows.

Many notable Americans, several Presidents + Vice pres too

were/are Masons.


Some 300 plus Military skirmishes were had ‘tween Great Britain,

a Military Powerhouse at those Times and Places,..

and those of the Revolution and various Wars thereof

(app.1760-1783… Treaty of Paris).




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As noted in the Previous Pt.1:

Today. An Anniversary with:

The Sons of Liberty, the Famed

Tea Party Chest Chuckers of

Boston; Formed in 1765.


Such Groups soon had Heroes,.. Riding along. Ways that

a Sons of Liberty. Once did. Back. Then.


That Legendary Ride by Express Riders,

William Dawes, Paul Revere,.. Their

Horses, though maned, unnamed also.


To Boston, Dr. Joseph Warren‘s, Paul first

so rode. Tasked therein… for that Long Ride.

The Midnight Ride to Lexington.


A Warning to Fellow Revolutionaries;

John Hancock, Samuel Adams + co. Their Task.

Later Dr. Samuel Prescott joined.


A British Military Patrol outside

of Lexington caught up… Ways too late.


Deed done. Message Passed. On.



The resultant Truths of this and that Dedication in such and so

moral… and physical hot pursuit. Pursuing


and passing on needed Knowledge. Knowledge of a

somewhat sacred Alarm Call

for a Nations Founding… and several Founders. Thereof

and Therein it seems. Seems


too, heated disputes boil ups over

Boston Tea. Cup

and Condoms

Runneth Over,..

means merely Masonic. Deeds Done.

Some worthy of Praises, Scorns, Bewilderments, Understandings.

Diverse in deed. Masons so Be.


This is the Begin. Pt.2. Herein. Soon, Now.


As the American Independence began it’s faltering

then growing surely steady steps. To the granting,

voicing of that honored

o so noble epithet.


Yes Mr/Mrs. President.



This Brit King + Queen. Then. Then so. Lost that,


this wanted, preferred role to an

actual Real Live American. President. Some whom

could act. As well. Well…

not necessarily well but anyways. What Ways. A


Dream. So and Realised. The so

First and then presidentially those after.

us, That as well. Well as


of Yore. In Boston. Boston

where the Brits so did find their Chests in deep water. Where

the Tea was. Was a Times and Places for them such and


so to lose hotly too. To those of The Tea. Party



that is. That is Tea. To be set. Loose and free. Tea. Leaves. Left

their Earth woody bound Chests. To leap off. Griffin Wharfs.


At Wharf’s End. To end up. Wet. So soaking wet. Sodden. Suddenly

the East India Company which held the Petition and Monopoly

on All Colonial Tea Exports. A Monopoly granted by the British

and their Government. Were Teas out. In the drink thereof,


therein in deed. With nary a Tax credit in sight. Of That.


The Tax and British Imperial reorganisation of Fund collecting

from the American Colonies, initiated by Charles Townshend

in the Parliamentary Commons. Taxes on Paint, Lead, Paper…

and Tea. Was reinforced with Military


Movements and Actions. Colonial counter-moves and -measures

soon followed.


Masonic Symbology.


American sentiment and agreement with such as the Acts

of Trade and Navigation soon enough soured.


Samuel Adams for example, quick to draw attention to the Subject

of how Americans were basically paying Salaries for British Royal

Judges, Inspectors, Governors… for no real good…

or profitable American… reason.


Mainly via Letters in Newspapers and support for Orators to spread

this News. John Hancock, John Dickinson, Dr. Joseph Warren,

James Otis, John Adams, Josiah Quincy and mores,

all contributing to this, Their Cause, A Freedom of sorts


in Our World. Legends tell this quite diverse group,..

these so united fraternally. Yet so

soaking Sons of Liberty’s were, are

and turned out. To be. Diverse in deed. Also.


Descendants so and thus

freely of such then eminent Nations of Our World: As Belows;


African, English, French, Irish, Portuguese, Scottish

are some such legendary, so recorded. Therein did



follow too, other British attempts at Control with the Quebec Act

of 1774. After such as the Tea Party (…1773…) had lit the obvious

American citizenry in a search and spark of Liberty.


The First Continental (U.S.) Congress on 5th September 1774

brought together a fledgling Nations search for Rights and

Foreign Relations amidst a struggle for Finance, Trade and

other such Sovereign needs and precautions.

A Struggle on many Levels. 56 Delegates attended.


Some estimated 5000 Members of The Public had converged

on the Wharf, mainly to voice British Displeasure and to show

their Continental American Support for the Ideals, Ideas and Vision


of a Free(er) Land oft envisaged and celebrated by such Masonic

Groups and Organisations.




Mason Style.


A Boston Tea Party Member + Participator George Hewes

was recorded as thus so stating: The Below; That


“…It was now evening, and I immediately dressed myself

in the costume of an Indian, equipped with a small Hatchet,

which I and my associates denominated the Tomahawk,

with which, and a Club, after having


painted my Face and Hands with Coal dust in the Shop

of a Blacksmith, I repaired to Griffin’s wharf,


where the Ships lay that contained the Tea. When I first

appeared in the Street after being thus disguised,

I fell in with many who were dressed, equipped and

painted as I was, and who fell in with me and marched

in order to the Place of our Destination…”



Using such so sharp Hatchets. A hatchet job. Was

sharply done. On

those taxing, terrifyingterritorial Tea Chests. Who

promptly slipped. Off

and into. The drink.


Waters. The Wharf, Griffins. End.

Boston. Back then.

Dec 16... 1773.


So that nobody could drink. Thems. Teas.

Nor Pay Tax On.


Brit. That be. Back and Then.


The Tomahawk. MotorCycle. That is.



(Music Link)


A Tomahawk and Axe. Mod Style.


Tbh… England at this Times and Places tried

a so similar approach…

and resultant… Result also. Also

with the

Chinese. The Opium Wars the Result. There. The


British Opium Trade

was no longer. Thus did and so.

Began getting

withdrawal symptoms. Therein also. Also



and thus why. The Understandings, Praises referred to in the

Previous Pt.1 Feature Image Paragraph.

(…By that is meant that i, Shiro thus and so now Understand why

such as the Masons Praised, honored much in

the Early Days U.S.A. Freedom, Liberty born per se…)


Ok,.. now for the… Scorns, Bewilderments

bit, of same Image Para. As Belows.


Population Control

of Bewildering Natures.?.

indicated. Thereon. A Modern,

still and stony, statesque Monument. Still inscribed

thereupon. Masonic. It

seems. Centrally and Top.

Is ’tis: ’tis so read:


The Georgia Guidestones

Center cluster erected March 22, 1980




6 Giant Stone Slabs.


Approx: 240,000 lbs.


Elbert County, Georgia, U.S.A.

Commissioned June 1979 at the Elberton Granite

Finishing Company

vis Order placed under the name: R.C.Christian.

Unveiled Publicly: March 22, 1980.

Dedication to Thomas Paine.



The Georgia Guidestones contain inscribed

etched messages.



Of Them. Guide Lines. That is.


  1. Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 In Perpetual Balance With Nature.
  2. Guide Reproduction Wisely — Improving Fitness And Diversity.
  3. Unite Humanity With A Living New Language.
  4. Rule Passion — Faith — Tradition — And All Things With Tempered Reason.
  5. Protect People And Nations With Fair Laws And Just Courts.
  6. Let All Nations Rule Internally Resolving External Disputes In A World Court.
  7. Avoid Petty Laws And Useless Officials.
  8. Balance Personal Rights With Social Duties.
  9. Prize Truth — Beauty — Love — Seeking Harmony With The Infinite.
  10. Be Not A Cancer On The Earth — Leave Room For Nature — Leave Room For Nature.



Monumental Statuesque

Starry Alignments:


In addition to the repeating last phrase.

4 Ancient Languages.

8 Modern.


Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Sanskrit. Of Yore.


Arabic, Chinese, English, Hebrew, Hindi,

Russian, Spanish, Swahili.

The Mods.


For those Astronomically bent to look up and upon

those Skies. Above.


The Four Outer Stones measure the Lunar

Declination Cycle.

The Center Column features a peer thru Hole

to view the North Star.


A Slot aligns the Sun Solstices and Equinoxes.

An aperture in the CapStone shines a Noon

beam of sunlight. Thru.


To mark those passing of Days in such

Ways. Monumental.



The Guidelines above present a popular Problem

from the get-go.

Birth Control.



  1. Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000… .


The Figure presented… is well… ludicrously unbalanced

and understated… underrated and unkind. As well. Well as,



Would mean the… removal… of Billions of People





90%+ of  Our World Population.!.?.


Masonic miscalculation…

or misery.?.

Did Theys drop a Zero perhaps.?. Or…

Are these Masons, Rosicrucians.?.

Mass wannabe Pregnancy Terminators.?. Or


Know something Others can. Only



so Guess.?.


Searching through and into Our World. Legends

based so on a similar though quaintly FAKED antique

form. From



fakediscovered by Isa Rashid. Contains

in Verse 12:20 this…


“… This Earth can nourish and support five hundred million people

of all Human populations. But if these Laws are not followed….

the Earth will not be able to support them…”.


Only issue needed to highlight is this. That. Now.


Our World, Our Earth IS currently supporting

several Billions.


Still. Now. So and such is Her motherly

Nature of Life.


Even if Immanuel + co. fakers…

wills other-Ways in the count. Thereof. In




Praises, Scorns. From Understandings,



Masonic… Mysteries.?. Or…



Ice with that.?. That Tea spilled.?.


Another Tea Type. Cool as. In deed.




(Video Link)


Our World Legends.

Be One.






Live Your Dreams. Well. As well


Feel at liberty and more than free.

To Share.


Those Things that Surprise, Bewilder… Not Understand

and mores. Herein. So Tell. Those Tales.


Of Life, People, Events that digress and diversely

divert… catching Mind on the Alert… whilst the Rest

was off-guard.


Tales True of A Surprising… You.





The Kangaroo. Storm-Chaser. Symbol of the Unknown.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Boston Tea. Party Spills. Monumental Lost Causes.

Our World Legends of FreeMasonry attract Praises, Scorns. From Understandings, Bewilderments. An Olden, venerable Trade+Craft Guild Group that has grown. Many other Interests in deed. Indeed, from Spilling Tea to Govt. and Inst. Appointments. A Dedicatory Look as this Anniversary approaches. Freedom Calls. Pt.1. All explained. Herein. i, Shiro. Hope. No Tragedy.


FreeMasonry is an Olden Tradition and Ways. Of Paradox that is. The

Trade and Craft Guilds

that over Times and Places developed and diversified mainly in

Europe soon branched to include Other Places, World Regions

and Interests. This included the renewed attention independently,

then collectively of, on and in.


The Lands of The Americas.



Of Yore. A lil’.


Especially so freely at that wannabe independent Bostonic

Wharfs End. Griffins. To begin,

An Anniversary Approacheth. One that epitomises.

Freedoms. Community. One


that enabled the Foundations of a New Nation. A Nation

which still Now. In The Backgrounds Any and Ways, will

always echo that and such Calls. Calls that arose from


many quarters and Peoples.



(Music Link)


From this, teased out new Begin. FreeMasonry. Had. Built up,

Attracted a somewhat more liberal, daring,

meet and greet Freedom entrenched, Esoteric/Inner

Teachings and Methodology,..


differing in content and applications;


compared to that then, the Masonic Parent Groups

had. Elsewheres.



This. Then combined

with those unique and innovative

Masonry Sciences, Geometry, Architecture,

Maths, Spirituality, Philosophy and so on.


Therein. Then. Of still Yore. A Lil’.

Back… in the U.S.of A.


All to so mix n match with those who were

Beginning to consider America… Home.


In thus Nature and Places of Society. Freemasons

from several of it’s globally expanding Branches

have collected both Togetherness, Fraternitys and All

Hope, Tragedy, Fame

and Infamy also. From


all over Our World. Legends



Rosslyn Chapel.


it’s quite commendable Charities

and non-quiet yet Constructive, Charitable Works. As well.

As well as aiding

the Construction in deed of such and so

awesomeness. Constructs.


Those masonry magnificent,

so catching of Eyes…

Cathedral Structures of highs

and spiralled Stones. Indeed. Magnifique. Ups

There in Deed.


Such is known. Thought highly of too, of those and these

Brave Few.

Sons, Daughters,.. of Liberties.

In Boston.



Who at such and so critical and crucial moments. Of History,

created History. Anew. These are Times and Places

oft referred to. As

the American Revolution. Of Independence. That be.

Where, with and such. Such. An


attitude. That spilled in and onto

those foolhardy brave of starry heart,..



Bostonians, also now empty-cupped.


No Teas.

It seems. After. So.




Heroes Americanic Bostonic,

veterans all, of that damp dark day when. When America

then was within. Without Teas. With

a just Cause though, clasped to Heart and Hand.


As the Anniversary of this liberating Event approaches in

Our World. Legends they have become. Become

tied and linked

to One of Our most precious Ideals.


The Right to Freedom.


This Group dared to Believe.

In Themselves and Each Others.

In Change.

In Dreams.


Times and Places to change-up things. In deed.



Up. Them. Sons of Liberty.

Stood up too in deed, poured their Hearts. Out

and teasingly

upended Tyranny. That foreign cupped yoke. That is

no full nor inner joke. When emptying emotions,


these and those Brave Bostonians. Said

NO. Said. Enough.


When and then. When

that. That testy, bitter cup

filled with frustration, overflow and righteous


anger. Did so



and such, thus and so, erupt.

Runneth. Over. That

Boston Tea Party Spills,

Monumental Lost Causes

All over Our World. Legends say… Waters

actually. Therein. Wharf’s End Waters.

Griffins. Boston.


U.S.A. Of Yore. A lil’. Back. Then.


Did galvanise, reiterate, so echo that and those Heroic

epic calls.

Freedom. Independence. Liberty.

Under those and these Stars n Stripes. Indeed.


Did America shake, reverberate. Set alight. Not

Literal. Freedoms

Flame. Anew. Then. Such

as a Phoenix.

Therein. Did Follow. That. Into


this so damp and Boston Blue. That then Watery. Dumping of

thereof. That

was teased out and sent. Sent lockered straight and on to

Davy Jones down deep


and His so forlorn, lost and tender Crew. That





Then so despised. Chest, British. Tea.


Perhaps One, Two, ways more than Three.

Did so then fall. In.


Taking Back…



Fall in. Whilst being pushed. To

a tee. On planks of Wharf Wood. Wood which. Came

from Trees.


Fall. Pushed.

By Sons, those of Boston




Now. Herein. Tea. Not so despised. ‘Cos. ‘Tis quite

yum. Zesty. As well. Well as



then, whilst the comparatively Samuel Adams and the

then also called Sons of Liberty.

Somewhat poorly Impersonating those

Native American Mohawk Indians


with very dirty faces, to treasure that, this moment,

chest out,

back straight. To

set afloat New Dreams of a New Land. Landing All


those Boston British Tea CupsBagsChests squarely thus,

into the original site of Griffins Wharf

(…near the current Congress street Bridge…).

Waters. Thereof. Off the Wharf. Then In. That is

actually. Back. Then.


Thursday evening, Dec 16, 1773.



(Music Link)




Well over a 100 Members participated actively,

whilst some

5000 of the Public

were in and around these areas over the afternoon

and eve concerned


with protesting the British Rulers

such and so infringes to their


Rights. To be left

a good free Cuppa. Free of Brit Tax and so on. ‘Cos

they be. In


the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Obviously. The Sons of Liberty


after that tilted event turned themselves freely

around running

briskly aways into those areas full and well aways.

From Boston. Some 16 were still Teens. Under 16. Still,


only 9

were thus and so

over Forty yrs of age. In that Age.

Any older and they probably could not run. Far. So


only those fit, able and o so younger Sons of



Liberty. Were allowed to pour themself

into the Wharf. Area. Then pull n push Tea into the

Wharf Watery

Depths. Wet. Sodden. Useless for those Cups

for U.S. morns thereafter. For


a lil’ while. Till Traders got some more. With no Foreign.

Tax. Thereupon.


Within Our World, Legends as well. Do sayeth

that this was no

rash and impulsive act. Acts of Taxation

had been piling ups from the


British for some 40+ Years.

1733- The Molasses Act; Taxed per gallon produced.

1764- The Sugar Act.



Though lowering the overall Taxes, The Sugar Act called

for far more stricter

Control, Collection, Oversight. These strictures

were quickly deemed unsuitable to the Colonists

and a restriction on the Productive capacities

of these so called new Lands. Landowners


and Society at Large thought such approaches…



Such notables as James Otis, Samuel Adams + co.

soon enough calling Boycotts.

A Major Rallying Call or Slogan soon emerged. That being:


“…Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny…”



Tyranny that, in 1765 brought together many disaffected.

In 1765, The Sons of Liberty did and so. Form.


The Big Chest Heave-Ho was witnessed by hundreds,

possibly thousands,

crowded into a full cauldron of rising emotions aroused

and onto that


Wharf. Griffins. 1773. Thus and so, to then

and became. One. One of those Key Events leading

into the full blown up picture of this and that

American Revolution.

Where bys Freedom rained. In poured too,

stead of that such and so. That.

That so reigned before. 1776.


The Brit King + Queen. Then. Lost that and this wanted,

preferred role to an

actual American. President. The so Modern


First and then those after. That as well. Well as


Interview, Images and Intel. Simply Click to drive that Ways. Herein.


this be this End. Pt. 1. Done and so. Soon and

Next… Then. In the



Boston Tea. Cup And Condoms Runneth Over.


For Now. Herein. Feel the Freedom too. To

Fill Others Cups;..

With Knowledge and Your Share. Share

In Deed Those Freedoms. You. So


Treasure. Those Earned and Earning Still…


Freedoms, Rights. Mottoes, Creeds.

Words To Live By.


The Freedoms To… Be.



(Video Link)



Our World Legends. Be One.

As Well. Well as


Live Your Dreams.

May such Freedoms Reign, Ever

Rain. Also.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


The Patchwork Quill. Trivial Legendary Trivia.

At Times and Places in Our World. Legends spilleth, runneth over. Over and over with Info. Information that may Help… SomeOne. SomeWheres, SomeHows and so on and on. On and to these Tips, Hints and sayings of dubious Wisdoms. The Legendary Trivial Trivia. The Leftovers. Herein. The First Serve of 9. For You.?.


Whilst Researching Our World. Legends and All, there are Issues,

Qualms, Concerns. Concerning i, Shiro that is. That is the bane of

that and the Editor. Editing Outs. Stuff. This stuff Left-Overs. Herein

is oft

practical and common-sensical… yet and so. So


yet does sticks out like Awith sore thumb in the

Main Text/Theme being addressed. To and so

for that. Is this.



Tips, Hints, Wisdoms, Warnings, Glints n Gleams.

The Left-overs.


For You. To stew Overs.



(Music Link)


Those Patchy bits so Writ… that not do. Fit



Patchwork Quill.

Trivial Legendary


of Legendary LeftOvers.

A First One Serve of 9. Belows. Herein.



The Aim per se of The Quill so Patched is simply to

Enjoy. Enjoin and Supply …”…Advice…” Of Some.?.



The LeftOvers so grubby, Shine Best… Alone.

With Lotsa’ rubbing lovin. Therein. Thereof.


Their Place in the Particulars Legend Researched

was and is

oft minor. Major

Theme/Tale; hogging that and those


Limeylights. Therein.

Yet and so, the wishy-washy Wisdom remains…



You can Use it too… SomeHows etc etc;..

and pass it On.


Esp. if You enjoy Trivial Pursuit or such.



Writ Ups, Quilled

of the Patch…


1. Vis The Legendary Elephantine Style.

Martial Arts of Bokator : Therein.


  • A Mature Blue Whale’s Tongue...

...Weighs More Than a Mature Elephant.


2. Vis Their Survival Village Legend : Therein.


  • Seemingly... The Most simplest and effective Way

to provide Personal ( and Collective…) Security and Safety,

is to have Dogs.


(...Dogs,.. pref. Trained Dogs

not fluffball Creatures that fit into matchboxes.

The Dogs. Medium-Big. Lots…


or a Clan of Ninja or Kung Fu Adepts... You Choose.).



3. Vis Those Motions/Movements Toroid of Water/Fluid

and it’s Qualities : Therein.


  • Certain Regions of China served a so called White Tea.

(... Water, boiled… straight Ups...)




  • When You are in Quicksand ’tis said to get onto Your Back,

Arms and Legs wide etc, Stay Calm as can in such, Breathe in

largeHUGE amounts of Air… for buoyancy… Then... slowly,


Each Time and As Soon as one or more Your Limb/s come free…

use it/them to Swing Roll Your Body ... ROLL…… ROLL… as req’d.

ROLL/SWIM/SKIM towards the safe ground.


You’ll Have a minute or more… extra… TO GET OUT. That’s Yours

To Do. There. You’ll be muddy as... but Outs. Tired as well.



5. Vis That Ice-Cream Van Chase Legendaire : Therein.


  • The International Phone Code for cool spot Antarctica is 672.



  •   U.S. Patent No : 5971829 =

A Motorised Ice-Cream Cone Spinner. You Supply the Tongue.



(Music Link)



7. Vis The Missing ol’ Eternal Flame. Thingy. Therein.


  • Dubai has Solar Powered Pay Phones...

On a Cycling Track. In the Desert.



8. Vis Mountain High... D.U.M.Base Low, Under, In.


  •   Australia is The Only Country That is too. A Continent.



9. Vis Pod Power Pink. Dolphin Delights.Cia+Lsd.


  • Approx. 1/3 Of Our World Legends Water... gets Flushed. Aways



Feel in aways,


more than Free,.. To Flush This Ways,..

to Add Your Own Patch Ups so

Quilled to this Work. Those Lil’ and Largeish

Bits n Pieces

that Match not.


Anywheres Else.

That You so Know.


Hints, Tips, Warnings, Quotes, Mis-Quotes...

Any, All You so want Others to Know not. Either. Or


Those to be Passed Ons and Overs, Ups n Downs.

All considered. To be Shared. Herein.


Trivial or nots...

Just Writ. Them Ups. To

i, Shiro, a Comment. Or Three.

Send ’em. On. In. In




i, Shiro DIY Weaponry. These btw are NOT TOYS AT ALL.
Firstly… These Are NOT TOYS. ‘Tis a part of Ninpo Lore, Tradition and Custom for ALL Students to make Their Own Weaponry when possible. These are part of the i, Shiro Collection of such. The Basic Construction Method. Click Aways.


Next... Ups. Is... That freed ‘ol Mystery, cupped

to and for,

The Anniversary; Where and Bys

Boston Tea. Party Spills. Monumental Lost Causes.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…