Pigeon Post. Arabia to Wall Street. A lil’ Bird told me.

The days of Yore, of Pigeon Post… long gone. Modern Tech Computers and Cameras work together now to produce instant results. Messaging, Videos and more. Herein… is rather… less. Early flight lessons in Ancient Arabia to days of a Dynasty Founded. Our World Legends where such as Saladin bloom and the Rothschild’s bring along… gloom. Seek and search the Ancient Skies… above… to bring the lowdown of those flights of fancy.


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In those days gone of Yore and Legend;..

…Messages flew swiftly on Wings by and by.

So these of Our World Legends do say. Herein.


Long before email.


Pigeon Post.

(From) Arabia to Wall Street.

(What) a  lil’ Bird told me.


…Has enabled a Country… to be divided…

…and wrapped up. In Shares.

Theirs… to Control.


Via Birds. In Coops. Lofts as well.


A Dynasty of Bird Whisperers.

From Ancient Arabia.


A Modern Dynasty of Bankers.

They of the… Red Shield of War.

Trade and Finance… too.


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Their Legend.

Herein. Pigeons… as well.

Their wings and tales openly retold.

Simply enjoy… or not. Such flights of fancy.



Mail Call… of the Wild,..

…that is.


Not so long ago:.. in the World that was Ours.

When the word had to get out.


Let loose the… Birds of War.?.


The Strategies of Battle, Wars, Politics, Diplomacy and Banking took to the Skies.

On wings of those pesky pooing Pigeons.

Pigeon Post.



In deed,.. and in fact… as well.

In Arabia of Ancient,.. Our World Legends did soar.

In Times and Places of the Sultan Saladin.


A Sultan of… wings.

At War.


Pigeon… Posted.


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Saladin instinctively altered his breathing as he entered.

Stopped. Breathing that is.

Acrid, rich mineral excrement… in decomposition.

Fumes containing… lil’ Oxygen.

Smelly… too.


Known from childhood… the coops;..

Saladin couldn’t help but grin,..

as he dwelt on irony, picking up a small bundle of fur and feathers that cooed so sweet and true in his hands, warm and snuggled as he softly stroked… yet did…

Pigeon Droppings… that… so stank

…and… yet in Ways;..

His Country United. O… Irony indeed.


Without the first… there was no… Country…

to Unite that is. For these…

Pigeons to the coopRescue.

For the salvation of his Peoples. Were honored and respected.

For… His Country was at War.


Intel and Information… from many fronts…

and rear actions also.



Was being relayed on the Wings… well…

Legs actually,.. of a plentiful Pack of Pigeon Post-Birds. His.


A Sultan with much more than a… flock of few to manage.

Each Message required some six or more Birds per short trip.

Long flights may double or triple. That.


Thus Messages to ALL his Commanders…

filled the Skies with wings of greys, browns and whites… in full flight.

So he could continue. Unite a Country.


To fight that good fight… per se.


Such as this in Times and Places of Yore… bore Saladin… A Sultan of Wings… good and bad tidings it seems indeed.


Country United… at stake therein.


Fatigue and Lost Ways of Postie Pigeons…

were high risks. Like Soldiers… at War.

Our World Legends found the Mod Term…


Cannon Fodder… apropos herein.


To make sure at least One got through.

Out of that huge sum that is.


Not that any of the Droppings were wasted… at all.

Therein that is. The Sultanate.

Lands thereof and therein.


An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub… Saladin,.. 1137-1193. photocredit/thanks:alloutdoor




For Vine, Melon, Hemp and some others also,..

were Crops that brought forth much bountiful and needed harvest with the judicial addition of that end product.

Suitably Watered down and Earth filtered in some Ways prior it seems.


Pigeon Poo packs an Elemental and Mineral Rich Fullness in ‘tween. Also.


Still stinks though indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well.

In Times of Now…


and Saladins. Also.


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The Stink of War.

Was also that chosen by the Family Rothschild.

The Red Shield.


“…For the last one hundred and fifty years, the history of the House of Rothschild has been to an amazing degree the backstage history of Western Europe… Because of their success in making loans not to individuals but to nations, they reaped huge profits… Someone once said that the wealth of Rothschild consists of the bankruptcy of nations…” Frederic Morton,.. Preface to ” The Rothschilds ”



The Plan was simple. Profit over People.

Send out 5 Sons. To 5…

different Countries.

Fund Armies in each. Wait and Call for War.


Bet on the outcomes based on the Info gathered earlier. Bet BIG.

Gain control of Shares by buying up and out… those above…

…from 5 different Countries,..

who bet and lost. Lost though not was another of those Pigeon Posties.

Of Rothschild’s.




Knowing well in advance the results of various Battles and Sea actions.

From 5 different Countries. By Pigeon Post.

Their betting… rather… rigged. The Stock Exchanges

became their financial playground and pilfer place.


“…The fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very periods when others lost their money, is beyond question…” E.C.Knuth,.. in ” The Empire of the City ”


Coming closest to… owning that world.

Through news filtered on wings. What a lil’ Bird so toiled to tell.


Wall Street too taken over by Financial Theft… of 5 different Countries.

At War.

Funding both sides,.. Profit over People.

Oft their sorry Tale therein and thereof.


On June 4, 1879, the New York Times too, noted:

“…Baron Lionel N. de Rothschild, head of the world famous banking house of Messrs. Rothschild & Co. died at the age of 71. He was the son of the late Baron N.M. Rothschild who founded the house in London in 1808 and died in 1836. His father came to the conclusion that in order to perpetuate the fame and power of the Rothschilds, which had already become worldwide, it was necessary that the family be kept together, and devoted to the common cause. In order to do this, he proposed that they should intermarry, and form no marital unions outside the family. A council of the heads of the houses was called at Frankfurt in 1826, in the end the views of Baron Nathan were approved…”




Views and Dreams.

Of Greed, Materialism, Hypocrisy et al with All the attendant horrors and Human Rights to Life violations… and more. Funding War for Profit. Tis how the Red Shield got their large score. WankersBankers supplying Bullets to those…

so hungry for War. Anywhere… everywhere they go.

That this is still so is an easily told… tale.


Military spending… 1.7 TRILLION+… in 2012…

that was a 1.7… followed by 12…0’s… or something like this:


$1,700,000,000,000… year after year… o dear. Dear indeed such costs.

Indeed. Money created out of nothing… costing something precious as well.

Interest fees apply to cash… also supplied at interest.?.



IMPOSSIBLE to repay… btw. Just so… You know.


Exemplified in such as ” Jews and Modern Capitalism ” whereby and within Prof. Werner Sombart wrote:

“…The principal loan floaters of the world, the Rothschilds, were later the first railway kings. The period of 1820 onwards became the ‘ Age of the Rothschilds ‘ so that at the middle of the century it was a common dictum :

There is only one power in Europe and that is Rothschild…”


Created out of… nothing. Interest on Interest… applied.

Fully monetised… and CONTROLLED. At Your cost.


Red Shield Ways it seems.

Banking and Investment tis now called it seems.


Profiteering on the misfortunes of others.

On Lives and Dreams.


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Cannon FodderFeeder.?.

There is oft Lore… oft forgot within many of Our World Legends.

Herein also.

This is just one such… Tale to follow. Sorry perhaps as well.


Beneath the Wings of those Pigeons grand…

lay the ingredients for Empire Builders.

Empirical Plans. Profit over People.


For in ” The Rothschilds: The Financial Rulers of Nations ” John Reeves writes:

“…The first occasion in which Nathan assisted the English government was in 1819, when he undertook the loan of 60 Million; from 1818-1832 Nathan issued eight other loans totalling 105,400,000; he subsequently issued eighteen Government loans totalling 700 Million.

To the Rothschilds, nothing could have occurred more propitiously than the outbreak of the American Revolt and the French Revolution, as the two enabled them to lay the foundation of the immense wealth they have since acquired.

The House of Rothschild was (and is) the Ruling Power in Europe, for all the political powers were willing to acknowledge the sway of the great Financial Despot, and, like obedient vassals, pay their tribute without murmur…

It’s influence was so all-powerful that it was a saying, No War could be undertaken without the assistance of the Rothschilds. They rose to a position of such Power in the Political and Commercial World that they became the Dictators of Europe.

To the Public the Archives of the Family, which could throw so much light upon History, are a profound Secret,

a sealed book kept well hidden…”


Created All… out of Nothing.


Secrets of Money AND Interest and how real wealth lies within…

Control. The Red Shield.


Profit over People… amongst the mix;..

a major aim therein their schemes.


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Power of the Poo.

Pigeons and Guns do not really nor usually…

mix well. Mixing Ancient Gunpowder.

Though meant your hands were full of it…

so to speak. Pigeon Poo that is.


Their Mineral rich leftover deposits contained high amounts of Saltpetre.

Charcoal and Sulfur soon added, soon makes… Gunpowder indeed,..

in deed and in fact also.


Royal and Military Coops and Lofts etc were oft… Guarded well.

Thief prevention so assigned. Soldiers so toiling to save the Birds tails.

Lives as well.



Such… Tales to tell.

Of Wings and Dreams. Highs and Lows.

Truths and Lies.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


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Till next…



Ark of the Covenant. Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech.

Viewing Our World Legends from a Science-Fiction or Technical POV… leads to oft electrifying… consequences. Legendary Tech has been used… All over Our World. Legends tell Tales that in Our Past,.. certain Groups… oft had access to TECH far advanced than the other everyday… cave and tent dwellers per se. By adapting Nature and processes… Weapons and Machines came their Ways also. Herein. Several miraculous Methods. Large and Small also. Explained. Naturally. No Gods or Extra-terrestrials needed.



Until you view and reflect on Our World Legends from a Technical POV…

even unto a Science-Fiction type approach-

much may you miss.

Such as. The…

Ark of the Covenant.

Weapons, Machines and

Other Legendary Tech.

Much indeed. In deed and in fact…

as well.


Our Ancestors used much in Nature to Craft their Ways.

However… this Knowledge and Wisdom was NOT splashed about All over the IOT.

There wasn’t One. Yet.

IOT that is. Crafts.?.


There were MANY. Many many indeed,.. in deed and in fact.

ALL with secrets intact per se. Secrets in the sense of HOW…

to use that Knowledge.


For Creation, Inspiration and Death.

Destruction thereof and therein… also.




War Songs.

Ancient and Legendary Weapons…

oft of Mass Destruction are found on many Ancient Continents.

The Greeks for centuries… were the lil’ Gods of War.

As with the ancestral Spartans. A nomen of Martial renown therein and thereof.


Greek Fire… Ruled the Oceans… Seas and Waters…

for a while.

Burnt Enemy Shipping with a Flame that water could not douse.

A Naval Flame-thrower extraordinaire.

A secretive Recipe which combined several Minerals and Elements uniquely into a flowing form.


Science, Mining and Trade historical Data indicates ingredients such as:







Our World Legends typically credit KALLINIKOS with this Alchemical Discovery.

A Fire… that Water molecules cannot douse.



A Weapon of Mass Destruction…

that helped in the Construction and Origins of early Democracy.

Such Weaponry approaches during such turbulence in History kept encircling Enemies on the back-pedal leaving the Majority of the Public… to Live a Life.

A Weapon of Self-Defence as well,..

from that POV.



The Liquid Gif below however…

shows one possible… Grecian of Yore…



Freely available per se…to One and All.

Though perhaps… undreamed of. It’s Knowledge and Usages

still zipped tight.


Vinegar… works well…



Greek fire… NO MORE. Herein. gifcredit/thanks:twitter


That such as Greek Fire and The Ark of the Covenant.

Weapons, Machines and Other Legendary Tech.

shows indeed Our Ancestors oft thought…

diversely indeed. In deed and in fact also.


Our World Legends reveal many Technical Marvels.

Oft built by Giants.





























For  those  of Science bent… Egyptology too.

These Giant Ones are those summarised below within their Research Legends.


As with the discovery of an entire City at Troy.

Our World Legends confirmed.


A GIANTS Place In History…

Science also.


The ignorance of Giant stature Humans is only possible.

By simply ignoring our Ancestors and Our World Legends.

By ignoring their own early internal Research Evidence and Facts such as that presented within…



The ” Archaic Egypt ” Summary of Professor W.B. EMERY… Pg39:

Noted in the very Early or Pre-Dynastic Tombs and Graves…



“…Anatomical remains of a People whose skulls were of a greater size and whose bodies were larger than those of the Natives…


…and whose;…

“…Racial Origin of these Invaders is unknown and the route they took in their penetration of Egypt equally obscure…




Early, Unknown Origins. Oft ascribed as… Divine.

Larger than Life per se as well.


The historical connections of importance from these Times and Places of such GIANT Facts lies in the recognition that THIS SAME RACE was also at another of Our World Early Civilisations

if not the Earliest.

That of SUMERIA.




“…People allied in type to the big-headed Pre-dynastic Egyptians are to be found buried in the Early graves of Mesopotomia…








A Pyramid of Power.


The Great Pyramid.

Designed by ” Gods “. Built by ” Giants “.

No Extra-terrestrial… need apply.


So Our World Legends do say. Herein.


A Giant of a Mountain like structure was and is…

no mere Tomb.


Pharaoh, Queen or Mummy… even.


From a Legendary Technical and Modern POV. Herein.

A Mountain and the Natural Forces and Elements therein… as well.


Our name… says it All.

Pyramid… pyr(e) amid(st).

Fire… in the Middle. Powers a Pyramids… Ways.



Herein for example;.. whereby;..

Modern Engineer Kunkel soon enough purviewed the inner alleys and galley Ways of the Pyramid from a…

Technical POV.


The Pyramid is a Pump. Engineered. Of Yore. He so declared.

A Fire driven Steam/Vacuum Activated… it seems. To the…


Waters of the Nile… PUMP.


He,.. Kunkel persisted in it’s perfection.

Patent granted therein and thereof.

Kunkel’s Pump… based on… Pharaoh’s Pyramid Great.


Pump it up Pharaoh indeed,.. in deed and in fact also.

So Our World Legends do so and say.


Herein… i, Shiro as well.











Pharaoh… Hands on.

Ancient Tech does not necessarily equate with Machinery… as we know it…

Now and in the Modern.

As the Pyramid Pump of Our World Legends does show indeed.

In deed and in fact as well.


That Pyramid Great that greatly utilises Natural Elements of Fire and Water.

The Cystalline nature of the Quartzite Blocks also.

Have meaning when viewed in that/the Tech. POV.


Piezo Power the closest Science nomen therein and thereof.

The Natural Power of Pressure it seems.

Close… to hand that is also.


A Pharaoh’s Hand perhaps too it seems.






A Hand-held Piezo Crystal Powered Device.

Ancient Tech Our World Legends do so and say.

Crystalline Quartz, Zinc and Copper.


A Pharaoh’s Wand or Rod… of Ra or Horus that is.

A Rod… of Power. Elements… Minerals as well.

Basic Minerals that are a vital necessity to…

Our Life. All Life.


For all of our life as well.



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Powers of the Gods.

Just take a look at what Our Ancestors saw.

Use Technical POV.



enlightening indeed.




The above is oft referred to as a God from Sumer.

A God.?. OK.


So let’s get POV Technical herein.


Technically… Looks like a Man.

With Wings. Beard also.


Looks thus like a… Mutant Man.

With Strange Ear-rings, Wrist-watch, Bracelet, Hat and.?.


A Handful of… Opium Buds. The Poppy.


These Gods of Ours are thus… Technically. POV.


Tech savvy, drugged up Giant Mutants who accessorise.

Simply divine indeed.


A Bud of the Poppy… Papaver Somniferum the nomen of Science therein and thereof.


They Lord it up divinely in Our World Legends also.

On the Terrestrial… level that is.


Live and die. Love and Hate. Fight and makeup.

Have Families and Friends… Enemies as well.


Marry, have Children… oft…

quite many. Of both.


This is a God.?.


Are We not ALL… then,.. Gods.?.

Though… not necessarily Mutant…

though… only from that and… Our POV.


From such a Beings POV…

we are the Mutant Ones.

Clipped Wings.


Cycles of Knowledge and Power. POV.

Our World Legends.



Capacitator of Incapicitation.

The Our World Legends of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant are…

illuminating indeed as well.


From that/the Technical POV… it is a Capacitator.


Built Layer upon Layer. Condenser. Electric.

An oversized Leyden Jar.

The March 5th, 1933 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune,..

cited the Experiments of Professor Frederick Rogers;..

the Dean of the Department of Engineering at the Lewis Institute of Technology.

A Technical POV therein and thereof was… obtained.


Two very Conductive layers(Gold) separated by an inert layer(Acacia wood).

An Electro Capacitative Super Weapon


also notoriously ready to flash out. It’s charge.




Even amongst it’s owners.


When… Earthed and Grounded… they were not.

Though mention of Protective Apparel…

such as Special Aprons and Vests is biblically occasional.

Legendary Hints electrified therein it seems indeed.

In deed and in fact… also.


Some 10,000 Volts Professor Rogers did surmise.


Movie Mayhem may indeed thus reflect an Olden Legendary Truth.

The Ark of the Covenant… not a saviour. Just… us and…

a Weapon of War.


Wonders of Our World Legends would never cease. Fire and Brimstone…

optional extras.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




“…They shall construct an ark of acacia wood two and a half cubits long, and one and a half cubits wide, and one and a half cubits high. You shall overlay it with pure gold, inside and out you shall overlay it, and you shall make a gold molding around it. You shall cast four gold rings for it and fasten them on its four feet, and two rings shall be on one side of it and two rings on the other side of it. You shall make poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold. You shall put the poles into the rings on the sides of the ark, to carry the ark with them. The poles shall remain in the rings of the ark; they shall not be removed from it…”


Wooden Poles to carry.

Wooden Poles.

Wood. Would conduct Electricity…


very badly so Science does so and say. Woodenly perhaps too.

Thus perfect to carry an electrically charged… Weapon. With Wood.


Our World Legends also seem to say that to charge up this Legendary Weapon required very precise positioning. In some place called the HOLY OF HOLIES.

Perhaps… Holy of Holes more apt.

Holes in the Roof per se…

where the Lightning Rod collected it’s Energies.

Later misrepresented by the Religious Cults as a Church Spire.?.


Such Natural Energy collected,..

as the later Scientist Benjamin Franklin found out.

Powered up indeed. Kite high… Sky High it seems.


Holey… yet Natural,.. Electricity.


Lightning Tech;..

the Ways of this Ark of Divine Weaponry.



Power Ups…
All Over Our World.

Legends do tell of more. The Bible… several too.

Legendary Machines with Power.

A… Technical Power… that is.


Depends on your… POV. Beliefs.

Faiths too. Or… Scientific through and through.


Diverse Ways of Thought… Weaponry as well.

Divine they seem not. Nor Extraterrestrial.

Just as effective. Entire Cities demolished with the…

God-Mother of all bombs.


Sayonara Sodom… Gomorrah Good-bye.


Angels that and thus weep,..

imploring run and don’t ever…

look back. From… their God’s Work.



Weapons with terrible Powers of Destruction.

Gods with Tempers that condemn and curse. Others.


Ascribed furthermore to a God.?. who later in the Bible is supposedly and somehow mysteriously transforms into One All Knowing-All good.?. Yet before in the OT… needed Tech. And went to War. Oft. A lot actually. A real lot.

As well as attempting to drown…

All of us. And succeeded on most of us.

A God… tis called.?.


Yet also in such Legends,.. many overlook this God’s defeats. By Charioteers of Iron for example. Judges 1:19.?. Or why not ask why.?. Such a God… supposedly creates a Species after his image and then rampages killing several Millions and more along his Ways.

Rather… maniacally self-defeating perhaps.?.

Mutant megalomaniac most apt.


Meanwhile a Modern view of Tech.

From a reading of Ezekiel of the Biblical OT.

Another Patent came true to view.


When a previous NASA Chief and Engineer did surmise,..

and would not admit defeat…

that what a Biblical Prophet saw. Flew. Also.


Also… looked somewhat like this…

thus below.

Ezekiel… this Prophets nomen therein and thereof.

Biblical that is.




A God… or a disgruntled Ancestor…

with access to Weapons, Machines and Other…

Legendary Tech.?.


Fly High. Naturally.

Divine or not. No need for those Extraterrestrials.



Letters from Our Ancestors.

This is what Legends are. Herein. POV.


Find Worth and Have Faith…

in your self. Your Dreams. In You.


For if not You.?.




Our World Legends.

Light that Flame.


Be One.



Till next…



My Health Record. Online Update.

Further and Updated Information concerning the Australian Federal Governments Medical Health Database recently exposed. With no prior announcement the Govt. put Medical Records of every Australian Online. Additional Information on How To Opt out is revealed… Herein. Database Security… reviewed also. My Health Record. Online. Yours as well.




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Following on from recent revelations of IOT ineptness within the Australian Federal Government concerning their rather secretive Online Database named;..

My Health Record.

Online Update…

… is now a necessity as further Information has been recently released.


Mounting Public and Professional pressure and scepticism has led to further concessions from the Minister and Dept. concerned in regards to the ” My Health Record ” Online Database System.


A Survey for example in the industry magazineAustralian Doctor ” included almost 500 in it’s sample. Which found that some 8 out of 10 Doctors then and therein…

had No Plans whatsoever to access this Database.


Concerns therein included Privacy and Security and lack thereof;

as well as a…

lack of trust in it’s usefulness for their Medical needs and requirements.

Accuracy and Up-to-Date Data validity…

also questioned as lacking therein and thereof they say.


A leading News Corp Investigation has further found such…

lacks leading the ways.



Privacy Proof

and Data Breaches.


According to a Pg. 17 Article in the Thursday 2nd August Edition of the Adelaide Advertiser the relevant Health Minister Greg Hunt is quoted as obtained Advice that ascribes Military-Grade Security to the Database Site with No Breaches.

Yet and…

According to the Australian Digital Health Agency which actually runs the Record System for the Database.


There have been at least… 9 DATA BREACHES THUS FAR. Recorded.


This was reportedly reported in their Previous and Earlier Report Publication which was distributed for release listed to all Doctors and Professionals associated the Medical Health System.


The Ministers Advisors… perhaps didn’t make that list.?.

or simply playing that ol’ Yes Minister approach.?.


Our World Legends list miss… also. Noted.



Opt-Out… Up-date.


In an ongoing response and reflex to the ongoing critiques of lack and list-lessness,..

The Minister and Dept. have… decided.

Privacy Provisions are set to be strengthened though details are…

sparse in the actual… details.


Access to the System and Records… also…

as above. In detail that is.


However a Decision has been made.

To Extend and ride-out the OPT OUT.

Another Month.


My Health Record.

Deadline for IOT Online Opt-Out Now:


Nov. 12,.. 2018. Opt-out indeed.

In deed and in fact… as well.



My Health Record. The Database.

Still Online.





Till next…





The Microscope Royal. Rife Looks and Medical Mayhem.

Taking a closer look at Medicine and the History of applicable Inventions,.. one finds a… Royal View within Our World Legends. When Technology that can revolutionise comes up against vested interests,.. a closer look indeed helps see the Reality therein. Join Shiro in a seek and search of Science and Medicine where a new Way of Looking… gets blind-sided indeed. A Legendary Look… Lost.


A new Ways of Looking… photocredit/thanks:rifevideos


(Music Link)



Our World Legends herein;..

did the Mass Medical Establishment…

…mayhem cause.


Vested Interests, Agendas and a Suppressed Invention.

Silence… like a Cancer grows.

Truth blind-sided by dark Bureaucracy.


When Money Talks… You know the rest of how that goes.

So these of Our World Legends do say.


A closer look at…

The Microscope Royal.

Rife Looks and Medical Mayhem,..

… light up in this Topic…

…and indeed it seems,.. are the inexplicable result thereof.


A… closer view indeed.

A look at a Legend that changed History indeed.

Medical MAYHEM ensued and ensues.


A look at a Legend where Profit before People reigned.

Of Light… lost.




The closer… view.

A Royal view…


Party Time.


Within Our World Legends… in 1931;..

was “…The End Of All Disease…“.

So some of the Medical Establishment,..




An Honorary Meeting and later Banquet of some 40+ Doctors, Physicians, Researchers and Scientists.

Pasadena, California USA.


The End Of All Disease.

In 1931.


A Time and Place to Party… The End Of All Disease… therein. 1931. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Strange and strong statement.?.

Stranger still… to come. Stronger as well.


The End of All Disease…

in thanks to the leap of Faith… in Light…

of an Inventor Royal so named.


Royal Raymond Rife… that is.

Inventor, Scientist and Researcher.


One who gave Science and Medicine the closest look yet…


Mass Media used to… represent. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


and caused absolute mayhem as a result…




we shall indeed,..

indeed and in fact… as well.


To find… and see that Light…



(Music Link)



Looking a lot…

at so lil’.


Several such News and Science Reports can be found with simple online searches detailing the uniqueness of Royal Rife and his Inventions and approaches to such. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Using a new Technical approach, Polarizing Light through Prisms.

Double Prisms… of Quartz.

A Monochromatic Light Beam combined with intense Magnification.

Max. Mag. vis concentrated crystalline Light.


The Royal Rife Electron Universal Microscope invented,..

and over Times and Places…

perfected it seems indeed.


In deed and in fact… also.

Here’s a pic for example… under it’s skin per se.


Rife Microscope Schematics. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Scientific accolades soon gave way.

To smears, political ploys, lies… and bullets.


The A.M.A.,.. had swung into action…

well…  reaction actually…

rather rudimental that is and was.


The then, Institutional Head and Chief Bean Counter Morris Fishbein wanted in.

In the Microscope Deal. Anxious and rife he was…

with Rife Royal indeed. He wanted in. Riches to skim.


(Video Link)



Royally gallant,..

Royal Raymond Rife… said No. No to Fishbein

being in.

Fishbein… flipped… out.

Unleashing his pets of Propaganda and Payback.


Clown Fishbein was this then,.. Chief of the A.M.A’s first calling.

Trained as a clown…


he clowned around with the Truth of such matters… as well.

Btw… Never treated a Patient… either.


Nothing… funny there it seems.


A new and Unique way of looking with Light… made dark in Our World Legends… By Profit over People… and some guy trained as a clown… called Fishbein Morris of the early A.M.A. it seems. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


No big Deal…

just a fishy Deal.

Professionally and Politically using his Institution and other clowns from his like circus to do the deeds.

Misdeeds, maltreatment, professional and private harassment,

frivolous Lawsuits – wasting Times and Monies in Defense thereof and suchlike.

Guns… too.


Institutionalised Violence,..

a choice from this and such… clowns of protectionism.

Of their Profits over People that is.


Nor adverse to taking Potshots at Researchers and nosey Journo’s it seems.

A… Real Clown… of many Ways indeed.

In deed… for Profit over People… in fact.


So Our World Legends do say.



Out there… too.


News Reports… such as this… photocredit/thanks:pinterest



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A Legendary Look at Rife…


A lil… Rife Look… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Nebraska,.. USA born. 1888.

Royal Raymond Rife.


Inventing and contributing Technology to several of the Sciences and associated fields of Research. Optics, Electronics, Aviation, Ballistics, Biochemistry and Radiochemistry. Inventions include Microscopes, Microdissector and Micromanipulator.

Studied mainly at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with also an Honorary from the University of Heidelberg.


Awards and Invites… there was a few… photocredit/thanks:rifevideos


Numerous Awards recipient… 14 Major known of.

By 1932, the Universal Microscope completed.


Some two-foot in height and weighing 200 lbs.

6,000 Component Parts therein.

Many thousands of Magnification available.

A long looker indeed.


As noted prior:

Many Newspaper Articles, Journals, Science and Medical Reports issued on his Career.

The Smithsonian,.. also.


After the clowning of Fishbein + co.,.. however;..

the ruination of Rife Royal ensued.

The harassment, constant professional vilification and litigation defense costs…

all added up. To a very high personal cost.

Retirement from Research, Public Life… and more.


Alcohol the chosen weapon therein. Ending… 1971.


Royal Raymond Rife… Microscope as well. photocredit/thanks:falandoaverdade


A leading light… lost.

A long and last look… also.



By The Light.?.


Whilst controversy and mayhem ensue with the mention of Rife Royal within Mass Medicine,..

several other Sciences…

look anew at such vibrations and frequencies of Light.


Two such innovative Sciences and their approach to such as Frequency Medicine and it’s wide ranging possible applications… imaged below.

Feel free… to take a look at their Light.

Simply click their Name or Image… to look indeed.






The NOVOCURE Approach. Click Image to look at more of their approach. Therein. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Non-invasive Medical Treatment tends to facilitate max recovery.

Application of treatment targets the Cancer Cell division/replication process which ensures Healthy Cells…

do not apply.


The Body Trauma of such as Surgery and Chemotherapy well known and documented…

within the respective Sciences anyway.

On BOTH Cancer and Healthy Cells that is.


The Approach. photocredit/thanks:cticcapital


The Approach by NATIVIS. Click Image to look at more. photocredit/thanks:2bcoding


Well said within Our World Legends is that…

We are All of Light. Till we…

choose otherwise per se.


Our Cells vibrate at frequencies.

Variations thereof. Biophotons.

Our Bodies Biochemically Electric.


We are… Vibrations of Light.


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We are Light.


Enjoy Yours… and the Life therein.

Light… Your Ways indeed. Royal… even.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


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For tis,..

as well said by one and someone unknown:


… Always be yourself,

because the people that matter don’t mind, and the ones who do mind, don’t matter…


Till next…



Forget The Grassy Knoll.?. That Bush Ambushed JFK.

There are many inconsistencies and missing data on the killing of JFK. A beloved U.S. President making radical changes to several stuffy Institutions. The People enjoyed his approach, manners, flair and growing mature Diplomacy. Our World Legends also. Whilst researching into this sorry chapter of Americas… evidence found of another political and geopolitical Identity AT THE PLAZA ON THAT DAY came Shiro’s Ways. Herein. Legends Evidence presented in a Fictitious Interview Format. Shiro recalls what is known. Names and All. Others… not so much.


Our World Legends garner many and different reactions.

To the Tales and Toils therein…

Actions as well.


Some… are hard to believe.

Requiring too big a shift in Worldview.


Others add on to current…

expanding and enhancing that view.


Others reveal anew old Lies and Misleads.



Whilst Mainstream Media, Education, History and such, say for example;..

… and seem content with.

‘Twas… Lee Harvey Oswald…

alone that shot and killed JFK. A loved President downed.


Our World Legends…

and seemingly the curious majority who look at the EVIDENCE

do beg to differ. Or not. Beg… that is.


Differ… we do so indeed.


The Final Triggerman… On that Day.

Who assassinated JFK.?.


Can and will be seen and revealed. Herein. Also.

For such…

drives many a Theory. Conspiracy or not.



Let us,..

Forget…The Grassy Knoll.

That Bush Ambushed JFK…

… has All but been forgot. Till now. By me…


i, Shiro that is. Herein. Now You… also.









Shiro: Let us recall the events of Nov. 1963.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… (them).


Shiro: Were you in Texas.?.

That Bush: … somewhere down in Texas… I cannot recall.


Shiro: On nov.21… Booked in at the Sheraton Hotel.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall.


Shiro: The Tyler Rotary Club Speech .?.

That Bush: I cannot recall.


Shiro: On Nov. 22… Phone call to FBI Logged.?.

That Bush : I cannot recall… (making that call).


Shiro : Are you of the CIA.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… oh wait…

yes i remember now… i made Director.


Shiro: .?. In 1963.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall.


Shiro: Were You with the CIA IN 1963.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… i made Director.


Shiro: And your Son.?.

That Bush: One was there… I cannot recall…



Shiro: In Dealey Plaza.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… (the name).


Shiro: You were seen in the Area.

That Bush: I cannot recall (that).


Shiro: The Photo… outside the Depository.?.

That Bush: Was my picture taken.?.

…I cannot recall (posing for that).


Shiro: Did you make a Speech at the Rotary.?.

That Bush: I cannot recall… (maybe after Drinkies).


Shiro: Is there ANYTHING You can… recall.?.

That Bush: I could recite a speech my son made


Also in Texas… He said…

“… I Promise you, i will listen to what has been said here,..

even though I wasn’t here.”


There… I recalled that One.!.




Thanks to… That Bush: aka GWHB.

Thanks Shiro… aka… Shiro.





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HE… Cannot Recall…

…very much at All.



The American who went from CIA Director to U.S. President.

Rather… incongruous. Unusual… also.


For Our World Legends records this;..


From a Family only decades before…

that profited and did well from Hitler’s Regime.

Until U.S. Law decreed otherwise.



(…Another family Member also later became Pres…)





The Son of a Nazi Wartime Collaborator.

Long-time Member of a Secret Society.

Skull and Bones… so named. Therein.


GEORGE WALKER HERBERT BUSH 41st U.S. Pres… ( and a Son…):

Were both IN Dallas, Texas. Dealey Plaza,..

…on the night before and the day of:


The Assassination of JFK…



That Bush… and (a) Son… WERE THERE.


Our World Legends say so. Herein.

Others… too. Below.

His Wife… as well.


The activities the Bush Pair actioned…

are exactly unknown.


Cos… GWHB…

… cannot recall.

Much at all.


…Cannot Recall… much.. at All. I am GWHB. CIA. Herein also.


Photos of the milling background crowds and the Texas School Book Depository Building and so forth show the Pair around the Area on that Day.

At one point… GWHB is leaning on the Building itself.



Questioned on the matter several Times in several Places.

GWHB used the ” I cannot recall “…many times. Most… actually.


His wife Barbara (via details in a book she wrote), FBI, Investigators and Journalists have seemingly confirmed the Bookings at HOTEL, ROTARY CLUB and PHONE Info…

… lil’ much more than that.


No reaction… on the Bush’es actions therein and thereof.

On that Day.

Nov. 22, 1963.

The CIA… still publicly anyway… are silent as…

as well.


His Bush CIA Spy hand in All that happened…

…On that Day.

Clean or Not.?.

Unknown publicly exactly… at this stage.


However,.. HE was there.

GWHB WAS THERE… On that Day.

A Son… too.


Nov. 22nd 1963.

Dealey Plaza, Texas… U.S. of A.

J.F.K.,.. … R.I.P.


On that Day.


On that Day… i, Shiro recall;..


an American Legend died.









The Name:

For the record: Our World Legends.

Unknown if this Video following has been manipulated or not:



Our World Legends could find only One Agency who went to print.

Vis the release of the Dallas Police Files.


Mar 17, 1992… GLOBE Magazine.


Vested Interests and Other Agendas seem to have kept the rest of the MASS MEDIA…

quiet indeed… in deed and quite in fact…

as well.



(Video Link)






PLAY TILL 00.24/25/… Pause again.

The Driver is.?.



What is the DRIVER DOING.?.

(Have 3-sequence screenshots below)


Look at  THE DRIVER. Turns… Points…


Ambushed. JFK. Indeed.

In deed and in fact…also.


Screenshots sequence from 00.25… Look… The Driver therein. photocredit/thanks:youtube/shiro


Zoom in of above. photocredit/thanks:youtube/shiro


The Driver and The Assassination of U.S.Pres. JFK. photocredit/thanks:youtube/shiro


The Driver.



The last screenshot above… shows the last JFK moment.


President down.


William Greer is so named. Herein.

The Driver.


Government Agent thereof. Named.

Therein below as well.




The Driver.


So these Vids, Links, Police Files and Journo’s;..

do herein and therein… say.



This link also shows a Photo of a milling nearby Crowd.

Near end of Article. Herein… also. Below.

Taken on that day. 22/11/1963.



On Ground Level.


Whilst JKF was driven and ambushed from within.


Oswald just stood. Watching the Motorcade… go by.

As did many others.


On that Day.




William Greer… The Driver thereof.


JFK. Ambushed.


In Dallas, Texas,.. U.S.A.





On that Day.


So Our World Legends…

do so…

…and say.




Till next…



Shinryuken. Ninja Soke. Ninpo Legend.

The study of Martial Arts leads a student… like Shiro… to the Masters… who teach… students… like Shiro. A smaller slice of these Masters take the journey a lil’ further to lead the Ryu or Family Clan. Grand-Masters,.. SOKE… in the Japanese WAYS as the term goes. An Our World LEGENDs of a look at one of History’s recent. photocredit/thanks:japanesefinearts


The Japanese input into the History of Martial Arts is certainly one of the oldest,..

enduring even to Modern Times and Places.

The continuing influence of these Ancient Methods and Traditions obvious. Japanese Martial Arts and Traditions… still grow.

Budo and Bujutsu styles alike. Martial Way and Martial Technique.


Though veiled by necessity the Ninja Arts and Traditions are lil’ different.

The modernization and unification of the Japanese Nation also provided opportunity for other forms of employment.


Such is and was the case with…


Ninja Soke.

Ninpo Legend…

and all that…

that entails. Herein.


Soke Shinryukens… Rules for the Dojo. Herein. photocredit/thanks:tshirtsareus


The History of Japan’s unification as a Nation contains many Tales of War and Diplomacy. Geopolitics.

The Military Systems put into place from around the 1500’s strived to put an end to the Power divisions of the Feudal Lord System then prevalent. Battles and Skirmishes, Treaties and Alliances…

all shifted Power…

though each provided a little to bind the Country as One under such Rule. Eventually.


In and over such times of Martialness…

Three of these Warlords (Daimyo) came to dominate the Political Arena therein.

Oda Nobunaga,.. Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Actions therein intended to bring together and end the Warring States.

Consolidation and Central Authorities enacted or rearranged.



to Unite a Nation.


Several centuries it took before the locally divided systems and approaches…

opted for another.

As Power of the Local Warlords eventually waned…


a Nation was thus reborn.


The Flag of the Rising Sun… Hinomaru… being raised at the U.N. Headquarters 1956. photocredit/thanks:wikimedia


Herein and therein the Japanese Language:


The Clan or Family…= (…RYU…).

The Grand-Master… = (…SOKE…).


SOKE TODA SHINRYUKEN MASAMITSU. photocredit/thanks:bujinkankyu



…WAS A cub.

Though Japan… in the early 1900’s was well into Modernization…

some things may never change.


The Training that is.



Takamatsu Toshitsugu grimaced and looked down again on the pain.

His hands.


Bloodied and torn they continued to strike. Ninjutsu Training for him at this time meant lil’ more than persistent and constant body conditioning. Against trees, sand, gravel…

…whatever surface O Sensei insisted on that eve.


Tonight was gravel.

Stony sharp edges meant pain.

Takamatsu had learnt very quickly that O Sensei being his Grandfather,..

was not always a positive.

His hands, proof enough of that.


Takamatsu’s father himself had requested the placement,..

hoping to toughen up a 9 year old it seems.


Best reflected in one of O Sensei’s favourite quotes:


…Even when you are faced with Death… Die Laughing… “.



Grand-Father of Takamatsu


…with some typical NINPO advice.




Unknown at the time though;..

was the Truth that soon enough…


and in his own Times and Places.

Takamatsu Toshitsugu would too… eventually.

Take up the mantle of Grand-Mastership of these Ancient arcane Arts of War.


But that is another of Our World Legends…

altogether. Linked above… therein.



Ninjutsu in the Western World as a Martial Art Tradition…

is still quite young.

Middle aged perhaps… some 40 years only.


Confined Shinobi Style in Japan for many of our centuries.

An Ancient Tradition therein.


The many Disciplines, Styles and Arts of War that merged and coalesced did so over Times and Places.

Events also.


The IGA WARS of the 1580’s brought the turbulence of Political and Nation Unification to the fore. Herein. The Slide-show. photocredit/thanks:fxguide


A United Nation…


Echoes of the Tokugawa, Hattori Hanzo…

and the Iga Wars versus such as Daimyo WarLord Oda Nobunaga.


Brought much into the Arts of War and Ninpo that Soke Shinryuken had Studied.


Toda Shinryuken Masamitsu.

戸田真竜軒正光 1824-1909.


Within the Toda Family/clan itself for example some 10 consecutive generations had long been immersed in such Arts as that within Togakure Ryu Ninpo and several related or associated Samurai/Ninja Arts.

Shinryuken’s Father,.. Toda Daisaburo Chikahide and Grand-Father Toda Eisaburo Nobumasa… had both served long Terms as Soke of several Martial Arts Traditions/Ryu as well.

Gyokko, Koto, Shinden Fudo, Kumogakure and such.

Martial Families and Clans.


Studying forms of both unarmed and weaponry.

Classical Martial Forms. Ninja mods added to.


A Recent Lineage Listing. Shinryuken… 32nd SOKE… Takamatsu… 33rd. photocredit/thanks:bujinkan/inner3


It took almost a  year.

A year before Shinryuken realised…

Politics was not a plus.


To his Study of the Arts of War.


1855… the relevant year therein.


The Tokugawa Regime of Governance had sought many reformations and wholesale changes.

To many aspects of the Geo-Political scenes and arenas.


Power and Class systems were brought under more direct Shogunate Authority which in turn became more centralized with hereditary Posts a norm,..

rather than say Martial prowess…

impressing so and upon Society.


A Castle of the Tokugawa Regime. This one is in EDO,.. Japan. photocredit/thanks:elteprompthu



Politics of Change.


Shinryuken had come to the attention of those given responsibility in KYOTO to form a National Military Academy.



As one of the representatives of the Martially inclined TODA Family.

He was soon enough… given responsibility therein.

First Chief Instructor…

Tokugawa appointed to school the Military Academy’s Martial Skill-sets thereof as well.


Oft referred in the annals as “… Hiken…”

Shinryuken… of the Secret Sword.


A renowned Sword-Master with a growing reputation for all-round Skills.

‘Cept perhaps…

the vagaries of Politics… therein.


By 1855… he knew.

Time… for another Way.


The Times and Places… are a changin’ it seems…


Seeing first hand the effects of political ploys…

being deployed against close friends, mentors and advisors.

Matsushira Norimasa.

Matsuhira Tadamasa.

Matsudaira Noriyasu.


Political plays that decimated the ruling Council and rearranged Power structures of Governance.

Where men of Rule and Law… get relegated and replaced. By others more favourable…

to that and those styles of Governance.


Time indeed for a change,..

in deed and in fact as well.


Time for… another view it seems. IOT CASH.?. Herein.


Ninpo Legend.
The Shinobi School.


With only slight adjustment in approach Shinryuken shinobied on per se.


Setting up both a Chiropractic Clinic and Martial Dojo.

In the Kobe area.

For such as… grand-son Takamatsu…

later that is… to attend. 1900’s.


i, Shiro too…

much later is and was… that though, as well. 1984.


Foregoing Public Life and Duties for a more Community minded approach.

To the Arts of War. Martial… and Arts Training thereof and therein also.


Sword Master.

Ninja Master.

Ninpo Grand-Master.


Ninpo Legend.


Another Ways… to other Martial Skills. Herein. photocredit/thanks:jordanbradleyward


Having learnt many and several Ways he sought to and eventually taught…

a more unified approach also.

Hardened by Time and circumstance he impressed this need upon All his Students.

Related Family… or not.


His Works and Legacy even acclaimed in later Journals of Japanese Martialness.


The BUGEI RYUHA DAIJITEN Encyclopedia… 1963,..

for example;.. includes:


玉虎流骨指術 …a Koshijutsu Ryu.

虎倒流骨法術 …a Koppojutsu Ryu.

神伝不動流打拳体術 …a Dakentaijutsu Ryu.

…though not an official nor complete listing by any means,..

does note at least three of the Ryu Traditions associated closely with Shinryuken and the Toda Clan personages and Families.


Such Japanese works of Literature and Classics do much to continue to convey the rich multitude of talent belonging to the Masters and Representatives of the Martial Traditions.

Tending to highly illuminate the indirect references that oft go on behind the scenes of many Modern Institutions. Clan links and Families that made up much of the Geo-Political Arena.

By doing so…


one of the few Ways to view…

a more panoramic overview of Ancient Society.


That those therein,.. enamored of the Arts of Self-Defence…

do have and provide. Hopefully.


Shinryuken Masamitsu of Toda… Japan. photocredit/thanks:ninjutsucolumbia


With Experience gained from Masters.

Our World Legends.



Be One.





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Till next…


Musashi… was this close. Herein. The Awesome Legend. Our World Legends indeed. gifcredit/thanks: pinterest