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The Pyramid is Machine Tech. Perhaps as with Schrodinger’s Cat,.. the many Mysteries of Ancient Egypt and other such. Simply need… to be re-looked at. Pyramid Power is oft relegated to the strange Sciences, Alchemists, New Agers and so forth. Forthrightly i, Shiro go… forth. To re-discover and re-unveil some stone cold Truths about the Fiery and Watery Ways of Yore. The Tech.,.. is Elemental… my dear Readers. Simply and Alchemically Elemental. What the Great Pyramid Really is. Herein. Who built it as well.


The Pyramid Great is a Machine.


From Times handily Prior of the Pre-Dynastic.

By Men and Women so larger than Life. Modern

Life that is. Is that in Our World Legends. Tell


Yore/Ancient Egypt has many great Mysteries.



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The understanding of One such therein

may. Trickle into Other Areas of relevant Research.


One such as understood by i, Shiro that is. Elemental.

That may have relevance in many other Fields and Topics

related to the Times and Places of Yore.


Egypt and elsewhere. Elsewhere too.



Pyramid Power.

Elemental… my dear Alchemist.

As well as other such handy Natural Tech Applications…



somewhat a lesser Olden Mystery. Herein.


Part One of Two. Two Part thereof:

soon following this… Part One that is.


The Great Pyramid.

The Name. The Shape.

Their Power. Herein also.


Our World Legends,..

regarding the Origins and Actions of very Ancient Egypt

and the Peoples therein and thereof.


Do stress and display the importance of the River Nile.




The Waters of Life. The Waters of the Nile.

Water… is Life.


Such Themes run major throughout the History.

The Nile per se Controlled many Lives therein. Thereof

actions of these Waters controlled the resulting actions

of those who Planted and Fed the Nation.


As well as those who plied their Trades…

upon the Waters… too. Too much at the vagaries

of Mother Nature.


The Ancient Ancestors sought… Other Ways. Out

of that Control.


The Nile supplied a Home for many Species of Life. Like Flowers. Flowers like these Blue and White Water Lily. This Ancient Egyptian Icon displayed in many of their drawings of that Times and Places…. usually too… when and wherever The Gods… so called… are. Totally… Hallucinogenic Btw. High… on the Nile indeed. In deed and in fact also.


A more Life balanced approach was largely necessitated.

Time to build a grand Future.


A… great new Way.


Stone Masons of Yore…

…Built All that Ancient Egypt was. The Great Pyramid too.


To and From the Times before Egyptian Dynasties came into being.

At Times and Places.


The Sciences say so lil’ about.

Usually however relegated… to Myth. Our World Legends as well.

Though, have…


somewhat more to say.

One of the Egyptian drawings… also.

Says and shows this.

An Ancient Egyptian… and Sumerian.


Stone Mason and Builder thereof and therein.

Herein. Below.




Though the Modern Sciences say lil’. Their Grave-site is known.

Archaeologists… found it. Them… actually.

Long ago.


In Ancient Egypt.,.. Sumer also. Also known is this:


The compiled ” Archaic Egypt ” Summary by Professor

W.B. EMERY… Pg39:

Notes that in the very Early Pre-Dynastic Tombs and Graves…

therein and thereof that is. Is that,.. there is;..


“…Anatomical remains of a People whose skulls were

of a greater size and whose bodies were larger

than those of the Natives…


…and whose;…

“…Racial Origin of these Invaders is unknown and the route

they took in their penetration of Egypt equally obscure…



Of Unknown Origins and Provenance… Providence… perhaps

as well. Well as divined nomens

Termed Gods also. Named so


Giants and Gods.

Giants in Egypt of Yore… Sumeria too. Too long

has such been known.



at least Prof. W.B. Emery wrote up his summary. Therein.





Though talked about only a lil’. Lil’ John too,..

He, of the Robin Hood Coterie.

Was a Giant… of a Man it seems.


Thus and so seemingly,..

the same Race… that of Unknown Origins. Originally appeared

too. At another of Our Earliest Times and Places. The Civilisation

of Sumeria. Sumer that is. For;..


“…People allied in type to the big-headed Pre-dynastic Egyptians

are to be found

buried in the Early graves of Mesopotomia…






Giants. Who got around Our Early World. Ancient Egyptian

Builders and

Stone Masons… Sumerian as well. As well,..


The Word.

The Name

Pyramid… nomened itself. That is.

Elemental that is. Indeed. In deed

and in fact also.




Pyre in the middle.

Fire in the middle.


Fire within. The Theme.


The Shape.

Is indicative of a… Fire Within. Also.

A Volcano is a Mount… on Fire. Within. That is as well.

Elemental Fire… at work it seems indeed. In deed

and in fact. In fact… looks rather…


Pyramidal… too.


A Pyramidal Mountain View.


A Mount and Volcano are shaped like a Triangle per se.

A Great Pyramid also. Also,.. begs the Question… too. To

triangulate such a trinity of terms. Can be… trying, interminable. In


Thus and then… now as well anyways.


If… A Pyramid… Looks like a Volcanic Mount.

Is… Named… Similar to a Flaming Mount.


Should such,.. not then…




Pyramids, Volcanoes and Rivers are very oft… close by.


Thus The Pyramid of Greatness be a… fiery,..

Volcanic Eruptor… aka Pumper.?.


Pharaoh’s Pump… perhaps.?.


as well. Well as such can indeed… carry then

with Nile Waters within,..

it’s Elemental veins rather than flowing Lava.


A Watery Volcanic Style Pumping Station.?.

Anyways it seems.?.

A Pyramid thus be.


Elemental Tech. applied therein. Egypt of Yore.

Powered by the Natural Elements. Fire-Water.

Ancient that is and be. Beings


The Power…
is Elemental

In Deed. Indeed,..




the Element Water… needs no Real intro. We…

are app. 50-75% Water. Age and Health dependent.

Says it… All,.. really.


To resume in Tech Terms etc.

To summary provide,.. an Overview.


The Pyramids are Ancient Egyptian Versions of Volcano Actions.

They designed and built a Machine to resemble that in Nature

from where they got the Idea.


Mountains on Fire. Volcanoes.


The Fire Element. Simply applied to that Other Element. Water.

So and thus. With… Heat, Pressure per se applied. Thus

and then,..

in simple and basic English… of sorts.


The Pyramid is a… Water Volcano.

A Machine.


In Ancient Egypt perhaps… or Sumer.

Someone there… Somewhere.?.

Some Giant… even God-like Mind…

did Think. So.


Though all so… no E.T.’s need apply. Therein.


The Internal Passages of the Pyramid Great,.. go topsy-turvy… just like this it seems.


Realised that Mountain Fire resulted in Steam, Gases,

Pressure building Up.

Realised that a Lava flows cos of heat and pressure etc

and so forth. And thus

and forth. Forthrightly perhaps too and so.


So designed a Non-Lava yet still Liquid Volcano.

A Machine replica thereof. Liquid Dreams.?

A Pressured Geyser of Fluidity.


Basically what. A Pyramid…is,..

thus and then:

Hot as indeed,.. though tempered within.





A Pyramid Great of Our World Legends is:

A Machine. An Ancient Egyptian adaptation/version of a Volcano.


Their Concept or Understanding of… thereof.

Replacing Lava with Nile Waters. Hydro Pressured with Fire



Using Natural Elements in a Unique Alchemical Combo.


An Interior Working Model in Gif Form

with the fuller Alchemical…

and Elemental Combo. Displayed.

Explained… as well. Part Two. Therein.



Part One thus and so ends. Herein.

Part Two thus and so begins.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Fired Up… Water Cooled.

Live Your Dreams.


Till next…