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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #C. How to Throw. Up like Leonardo.


Leonardo da Vinci.

A Nomen. Of some repute. Yet

many so would. So love to get their. Hands

on Leonardo. A handle on His. Mind

as well. Well as


this. That Nomen of Genius. So

falls short. Unlike His inventive



Within this

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. How

to. Throw up

like Leonardo


The Letter. #C. Chucking

with Catapaults


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not. Leo’s only obvious. Talent

that extended too. To many Societal,

Cultural. Iconic Themes. Throwing

out many. Artsy examples in Our World.


Legends so Tell. Tales of Skills. High

leveled. Level headed it seems. Seemingly

even. Even for

War. War


Machinery. Others also. Also

so oft described. Drawn well as. As well

though many. Never so made. Making


HeadLines. Still. Now. Then,

Leonardo da Vinci


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of 1452-1519. Tuscany born. So

inferred, showed Hows. Nature, Sciences. Art

so connected. Hows Observations, Thoughts

then. Inventions could be so. So applied. An


only Child… with many many. Half-siblings. 17

so seems in Deed. Indeed epitomising. Nows

that Nick-Nomen,


Il Florentine. The Renaissance. Man. His


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NoteBooks enfold several Main. Themes

of Art, Architecture, Mechanical Design. Design

of Our Human Body’s Anatomy as well. Well as

not averse to Consulting. The Experts too. To

explain intricate. Details. Details


such as this also. So explain His Own,

Ways. Means

which led. Him to be. Secretive bys

Coded. So writs. Writing left. Left-Handed

in a Mirror-Image Script. Techniques


which many. Then. Could not Read. At Alls. All

ups. Overs 13,000 Pages. So writ, drawn. In

NoteBooks, Codices, Manuscripts so called. Calling

out for War Machines. Were also many. Soldiers


of War. Fortunes


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nows too. To pay for the now nomened. Leicester

Codex. Costs some $5.12 MILLION. Millions


of Soldiers had by now. Perished

in Our World. Legends so tell. Tales

that We Alls. War a lot. Lil’

more so. Than explaining. Why. Leonardo

geared ups. Machines

for. That. This


includes The Catapult. Herein. Therein


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His Designs. Science, WoodWorks,

Art. So meet. Meeting

resistance with His Own. Liking


for the Current. Models

then available. He so redesigned. Adapting

a Leaf-Spring too. To

produce a greater


Arc. Chucking Ups. Even mores. Further.


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Further Layers Of Wood so built. Ups

yet Thinned approaching. Ends. Ending

ups. With a versatile, handy. Hand

cranked Axle-Drum well as. To

easily, rapidly. Accelerate that. This


Throwing Catapultic. Arm. Armies

could then release. With much greater.

Speed. Speeds


such estimates. Chucking ups,

overs. A Quarter of a mile. Possibly.?.

Maybe... as also. Also as His so writ. He


drew deliberately. Flawed

purposely too. To fool, mislead



and put off. Others with... Designs

of Their Own. Of His Works. Working

for The Military Men. Of His Times,

Places. He so knew

the Uses too. To which His Works. So



applied. For in the Notes accompanying. His

Aqualung Design for examples. There’s

this. So writ


“...Knowing the evil in men’s hearts

they will learn how to kill men

on the seabed...”


Land, Sea. Air. Alls so involved

Leonardo. His Mind

in Our World. Legends


so be. Too.