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Featured Image Ancient Magic Ritual Scene. Grimoire, Skull, Candle, Ring, Key, Book and Knife Arranged Around Candle Lit Background. Ring And Key On Top Of Book.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those Ciphered Ways. Means That This Be. A Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends So Playing Off. Of Word Magic Herein. The Letter. #A. The Abs of Ra. Cadaver.




This Word. That

focuses hocus-pocus so magically. Magicians

in Our World. Legends

told oft. Of repeated attempts to so Master. Magic

use is arcane. Ancient Phrase/Word

of Yore associates


so. With Amuletic Talismanic Origins. Magic that

exudes froms. So forms

when Writ or Numbered. So spoken

of Words too. To




Man On A Pedestal Ponders Wall Boards. Boards Pose A Ironic Question.


we turn. Arounds abouts


this Word is open sesame too. To

too many Others

Ways means…






Ra. So


much many Ways Wordswise, Languages wise too. To

so confuse


breaks up. This so Magic. Word


Featured Topic Image Two Cloaked Street Magicians Performing Levitation.


Plays like herein Letter #A. In

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Of

The Abs of Ra Cadaver

and such nonsensical Ways. Means

sight is lost. Of The Ancient insights



Magic. Beliefs so sited classically within


Featured Topic Image Hooded Magician Holding Up A Playing Card. The Card Is The Ace Of Spades. Out Of Focus Lined Trees In The Background.


sight. Of Words

so seems. Seemingly these Traditions in Our World.

Legends Classically Literature so. Tell

First Recorded. So evens

Writ of Yore. Of,

bys arounds abouts 200 A.D. usages


prevalent enough too. To

be noted in. Notes

by noted Writer, Roman. Imperial Sage, Physician

Serenus Sammonicus. Sammonicus

notes in. His Liber Medicinalis

that is. Is that Details, Descriptions so forth

became Note worthys in Deed. Indeed


Literature’s References so increased

Abracadabra’s Traditional

usage continuing well

after this. Invention of Printings


Old Style Printing Press.


wherebys still nomened, noted so Writ

of, in that. There 1582 Print

in English. Of

The Troublesome Voyage of Capt. Edward Fenton


bys that noted Eve Rimmington. Then

many many Others.

So ons Times, Places so. Noted

much such Abracadabraic

use well as from Our World Legends


into. To Mod. Times, Places also. Of Yore


Featured Topic Image Atypical Pyramidical Talismanic. Design Uses Explained In Latin Text Below Pyramid.

Atypical Pyramidical Talismanic. Design.


Amulet/Talisman Inscriptions oft.

Were so done. In

Pyramidical, Shaped Lettered Sequence Ways. Means

abracadabra thus. This reduced to simply be…

a. A


Writing Form. From a Fine point

start + endings, around abouts

with/in Our. First Letter

(…Triangle ups or downs… Depends on POV…) A


focused Triangular (…Grids/Squares well as

in/at Others

Times, Places as well…) of Magic too. To

systematically Phonetically, Numerically


Graphically APPLY,

ward off. Offering The Magicians


Powers so. Within Words


Featured Topic Image Wand Holding Cloaked Top-Hat Lego Magician With Rabbits Out Of A Hat. A Lego Police Officer and Pink Unicorn Toy Observes Nearby.


of Power. Powers

so applied


that in the Real. In the Mod.

Applications thereof

so forth. Forthrightly

left Our Magicians so that One. Thing.

That Ability of so Many too. To


Rabbit Pop. Pop


outs of Hats. Ra was Ab


Ancient Egyptian Relief Painting Of A Ritual Scene Of Attendants Venerating The Sun.


at One. Stage also. So Fathering Others wise and nots. So

wise, Gods so ons. In Ab is a Nomen for Father

Ab RaHam named for examples. Sampling


several Languages within This


Word include Classical

Egypt, Greek, Roman, Hebraic, Aramaic so ons. In

Ra is a Nomen for a God. Egypt

of Yore well as. As well

so Ham magic


Wordplays. Continue

with Word connections to even. Other Gods

Abraxas, Mithras highlighting mores. Moreovers

underlying that Sun. God Passing

like magic

365 Days. Per Years

so shining. Ons,


overs Our World.


Shadowed Figure Holding Aloft A World Globe In The Sunset. Mountains, Waters And Sky In The Background.


Legends next up. That

Quirky Quote. #46 That Is.