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Taking a closer look at Medicine and the History of applicable Inventions,.. one finds a… Royal View within Our World Legends. When Technology that can revolutionise comes up against vested interests,.. a closer look indeed helps see the Reality therein. Join Shiro in a seek and search of Science and Medicine where a new Way of Looking… gets blind-sided indeed. A Legendary Look… Lost.


A new Ways of Looking… photocredit/thanks:rifevideos


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Our World Legends herein;..

did the Mass Medical Establishment…

…mayhem cause.


Vested Interests, Agendas and a Suppressed Invention.

Silence… like a Cancer grows.

Truth blind-sided by dark Bureaucracy.


When Money Talks… You know the rest of how that goes.

So these of Our World Legends do say.


A closer look at…

The Microscope Royal.

Rife Looks and Medical Mayhem,..

… light up in this Topic…

…and indeed it seems,.. are the inexplicable result thereof.


A… closer view indeed.

A look at a Legend that changed History indeed.

Medical MAYHEM ensued and ensues.


A look at a Legend where Profit before People reigned.

Of Light… lost.




The closer… view.

A Royal view…


Party Time.


Within Our World Legends… in 1931;..

was “…The End Of All Disease…“.

So some of the Medical Establishment,..




An Honorary Meeting and later Banquet of some 40+ Doctors, Physicians, Researchers and Scientists.

Pasadena, California USA.


The End Of All Disease.

In 1931.


A Time and Place to Party… The End Of All Disease… therein. 1931. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Strange and strong statement.?.

Stranger still… to come. Stronger as well.


The End of All Disease…

in thanks to the leap of Faith… in Light…

of an Inventor Royal so named.


Royal Raymond Rife… that is.

Inventor, Scientist and Researcher.


One who gave Science and Medicine the closest look yet…


Mass Media used to… represent. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


and caused absolute mayhem as a result…




we shall indeed,..

indeed and in fact… as well.


To find… and see that Light…



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Looking a lot…

at so lil’.


Several such News and Science Reports can be found with simple online searches detailing the uniqueness of Royal Rife and his Inventions and approaches to such. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Using a new Technical approach, Polarizing Light through Prisms.

Double Prisms… of Quartz.

A Monochromatic Light Beam combined with intense Magnification.

Max. Mag. vis concentrated crystalline Light.


The Royal Rife Electron Universal Microscope invented,..

and over Times and Places…

perfected it seems indeed.


In deed and in fact… also.

Here’s a pic for example… under it’s skin per se.


Rife Microscope Schematics. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Scientific accolades soon gave way.

To smears, political ploys, lies… and bullets.


The A.M.A.,.. had swung into action…

well…  reaction actually…

rather rudimental that is and was.


The then, Institutional Head and Chief Bean Counter Morris Fishbein wanted in.

In the Microscope Deal. Anxious and rife he was…

with Rife Royal indeed. He wanted in. Riches to skim.


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Royally gallant,..

Royal Raymond Rife… said No. No to Fishbein

being in.

Fishbein… flipped… out.

Unleashing his pets of Propaganda and Payback.


Clown Fishbein was this then,.. Chief of the A.M.A’s first calling.

Trained as a clown…


he clowned around with the Truth of such matters… as well.

Btw… Never treated a Patient… either.


Nothing… funny there it seems.


A new and Unique way of looking with Light… made dark in Our World Legends… By Profit over People… and some guy trained as a clown… called Fishbein Morris of the early A.M.A. it seems. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


No big Deal…

just a fishy Deal.

Professionally and Politically using his Institution and other clowns from his like circus to do the deeds.

Misdeeds, maltreatment, professional and private harassment,

frivolous Lawsuits – wasting Times and Monies in Defense thereof and suchlike.

Guns… too.


Institutionalised Violence,..

a choice from this and such… clowns of protectionism.

Of their Profits over People that is.


Nor adverse to taking Potshots at Researchers and nosey Journo’s it seems.

A… Real Clown… of many Ways indeed.

In deed… for Profit over People… in fact.


So Our World Legends do say.



Out there… too.


News Reports… such as this… photocredit/thanks:pinterest



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A Legendary Look at Rife…


A lil… Rife Look… photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Nebraska,.. USA born. 1888.

Royal Raymond Rife.


Inventing and contributing Technology to several of the Sciences and associated fields of Research. Optics, Electronics, Aviation, Ballistics, Biochemistry and Radiochemistry. Inventions include Microscopes, Microdissector and Micromanipulator.

Studied mainly at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with also an Honorary from the University of Heidelberg.


Awards and Invites… there was a few… photocredit/thanks:rifevideos


Numerous Awards recipient… 14 Major known of.

By 1932, the Universal Microscope completed.


Some two-foot in height and weighing 200 lbs.

6,000 Component Parts therein.

Many thousands of Magnification available.

A long looker indeed.


As noted prior:

Many Newspaper Articles, Journals, Science and Medical Reports issued on his Career.

The Smithsonian,.. also.


After the clowning of Fishbein + co.,.. however;..

the ruination of Rife Royal ensued.

The harassment, constant professional vilification and litigation defense costs…

all added up. To a very high personal cost.

Retirement from Research, Public Life… and more.


Alcohol the chosen weapon therein. Ending… 1971.


Royal Raymond Rife… Microscope as well. photocredit/thanks:falandoaverdade


A leading light… lost.

A long and last look… also.



By The Light.?.


Whilst controversy and mayhem ensue with the mention of Rife Royal within Mass Medicine,..

several other Sciences…

look anew at such vibrations and frequencies of Light.


Two such innovative Sciences and their approach to such as Frequency Medicine and it’s wide ranging possible applications… imaged below.

Feel free… to take a look at their Light.

Simply click their Name or Image… to look indeed.






The NOVOCURE Approach. Click Image to look at more of their approach. Therein. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


Non-invasive Medical Treatment tends to facilitate max recovery.

Application of treatment targets the Cancer Cell division/replication process which ensures Healthy Cells…

do not apply.


The Body Trauma of such as Surgery and Chemotherapy well known and documented…

within the respective Sciences anyway.

On BOTH Cancer and Healthy Cells that is.


The Approach. photocredit/thanks:cticcapital


The Approach by NATIVIS. Click Image to look at more. photocredit/thanks:2bcoding


Well said within Our World Legends is that…

We are All of Light. Till we…

choose otherwise per se.


Our Cells vibrate at frequencies.

Variations thereof. Biophotons.

Our Bodies Biochemically Electric.


We are… Vibrations of Light.


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We are Light.


Enjoy Yours… and the Life therein.

Light… Your Ways indeed. Royal… even.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


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For tis,..

as well said by one and someone unknown:


… Always be yourself,

because the people that matter don’t mind, and the ones who do mind, don’t matter…


Till next…