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Yore Lost In Our Sands Times. Places In Our World. Legends Tell So Meroe So. Went After Coming Ups Empirically. Driven Kushite Egyptian Citied Sighted. Siting Meroe Islanded, Rivered Lands. Scaped Savannah Surrounds Surrounded By Sandy. Sands Desert Pyramids Now Lost. Dessert Forsaken Research. Herein Found.


Yore Lost. So


found lost in our world as well. Well as

Legends tell so now

Yore Meroe. Our Yore City




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so lost in. Sudden sands Sudan then. Now

times oft of our

Yores. Africa so when

Our ruins so. Found thus so

nomened. Naming

by noted Herodotus our. 5th Cent. B.C. Yore

Historian noting so historically. So physically

geographically evidentially


“… South of Elephantine… After 40 days journey on land

one takes a boat and in 12 days reaches a big

city named Meroe, said to be the capital city of the

Ethiopians. There is an oracle of Zeus there and

they make War according to its pronouncements…” Much

such notably based


squarely Tomb Pyramids. Placed triangulated gravely

hundreds + hundreds + hundreds

also. All so pointedly timings in. Meroe. Yore

citied sighted Meroe. Yore site sitings

Nubian Kushite



bustling Royal City. Templed Island +

Smelt. Workings

Of Yore City

Lost Oft. Off Our



arounds abouts in. Deeds in

our world. Legends

tell tho’ indeed so smaller much. Such

as Our larger 800 B.C. ish

Egyptology, Archaeology. Geology works reveal

Agriculture, Cattle Herdings. Hardy Smeltings. Works

Tradeswise otherswise as well. Well as capitally


situated so in then. In + on wooded Savannah

now well. On the well rivered + known

so Nile’s Eastern. Banks well

credited so situationally


becoming positionally one. Link or provisional


so in + ‘tween. Yore Bordering Lands. Scaped


some 200Km’s north-east oft. Of Our Khartoum

Yore Meroe arounds abouts so. Surrounded so


Rose Yore Meroe In Deeds. Indeed Found Deserted Ours.



bys differing nearbys. Cultures + Technology +

Environs. Indigenouswise + Egyptianswise +

otherswise Empiric built + rebuilt that is

so mixed. Grew is that matching Meroe

as one liked rather. Alikes with one touristy

exotic remote. Moated place


partially Rivered/Islanded per se. Sayings tell

so Citied

Templed Yore dedications too. To Symbolic our

Ram. Headed Yore Amun + Zeus afters

Our early Yore Meroe. As various Times, Places +

Customs so this. That changes Namings so as our

Saba. City became Yore Meroe. Meroe


beings nomen of named Persian King. Cambyses

Sister so replacing Saba one oft. Of Son of Kush

Founders so ons. Meroe so as


moved Times so did Trade. Goods + Supplies

Fresh. Food,



Water, Wood + Ropes so

for Shipping. Shopping

items includings Incense, Spices, Gems. Ebony +

Ivory. Feathers, Pottery, Iron. Cruise

Shippings Stopovers for Slaves also. All so

watersbounded freshly riverings so

surrounds Yores

Desert. Sands Our


Eastern side oft. Of Town Meroe proper. Properly

somewhat hilly. Ridged so major are

areas wherebys. Bys + bys

the Pyramidical. Cemeteries


Meroe so once built. Minor

Pyramids much such these be so. Pyramids

Small Replicas Gravelikes. Symbolswise alikes greatly

Osiris. Tomb

Pyramids MANY arounds Sudan abouts yores. Meroe

are ones much such so thereto. To be

one Pyre amidst crowds in deeds. Indeed


so thus pointedly based. Squarely triangulating points

so upwards named. Nomened these Structural

Triangular Giants per se. Sayings alikes our liked Yore

Great. Pyramid


Yore Great In Deeds. Indeed Our Pyre Amidded.



Giffed Inner In Deeds. Indeed Great Pumped Ups. Waters Niled.


are Giant Man-Made. Volcanic Pumpwise actioned

Mountains whilst. Pointings Symbolswise otherwise

onto. To

gravely wise Osiris/Orion Tomb. Entombed + fully empty

per se. Sayings Yores otherswise Egyptians wisely


alignedly much. Such at shiny so. Stars

rightfully lying constellationally

so. Skewed skied cosmic aboves. Below so our then


Tropically inclined Paradisical. Weatherings/Climate

kept Yores. Meroe’s surface oft. Of scratching suitable

works such as by suitably searching. Archaeologists +

Egyptologists + Historians digging. Our

digs + so forth. Forthrightly left

so forthright Noted details dug in. Noting + detailing

notable otherswise noted Positional. Structures

mainly Kushite/Nubian Cultured so. Similar


massive enclosing stone walls. Sprawling settlement +

Temple/Palace/Sanctuary Type. Areas laid outs in

Stone Columned oft. Of Halls, Courts,

Colonnades. Towers

towering architecture + residences these. Thus


that so centralised our Main. Yore

City. Mainly Meroe




one upon Times placed. Placing Our Yore

City + surrounds were ones so links too. To

various Trade/Supply Dynasties entrenched so

within. Yore that is. That is within Our

Egypt, Greek, Persia, Ptolemaic + Rome

our. City eternal so. Fleeting empirically

in our world. Legends tell so


historically in. Our their end as when… our

Empiric Rome app. Years 300+ A.D.ish so began

ending too. To fell… giantly Our Yore.  Cited Citied


Meroe had simply become one too. To be too

hugely critically dependent. Sited so

on Our Romes + Yores. Otherswise or notso

Empires. Influences invasional further were


so increased. City declinings so too with. Yoreto Our

Meroe with. Yore Empiric ended Them. Beginnings

fadings so into. To Yore History then




so. Next endings roaming into

ups + outs. On 11/5:

Quirky Quotes #42.