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Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #4

The Sword of the Samurai. The Katana. Has been at the forefront of Japanese Culture, Society and Traditional Ways. At and out the Back. The back of the Blacksmiths Forge that is. Is that so detailed here. A lil’. Those enigmatic few. Master Makers. Of Swords and much mores. One more. Actually. Choice of i, Shiro. Of Yore. Is where this Intel Bytes #4 is pointed. Blacksmiths of Legends. In Triplicate. Plus One.


Smithing is in deed a Form of Alchemy. Purifying and focusing the Works on particular Aspects

of the Metal so obtained. Many forms of Smithing of Metals + co. As belows.

  • black / white / tin / red / brown / copper / silver /+
  • gold / hammer / blade / nai(l) / arrow / shoe / six(sickle) etc


The importance of their Place in Japans History, Martial and Other Ways n -wise

is oft carried along. With

the famed and infamous KATANA.


The Japanese Sword.





(considered alphabetically…)



The Natures and Geo-Political processes of the Feudal Japanese Structures and Governance

ensured the Sword became paramount. In Our World. Legends developed.

Along with the Ancestors. Entwined this and that. Is

that of the Forge.

The Master Black-Smiths thereof and therein. Also. As well


did the Sword come to represent Nation, Beliefs, Laws. Past, Present. Futures too. To

even reach an elevated place within Personality, Spirituality and high Ideals.

The Black-Smiths the crux of All this.

Makers of Weapons. A Profession honored.



Sword making became a Traditional Ceremony in itself. Best epitomised currently by the inclusion

of such as

Hattori Hanzo

in modern Film-making… (REFER for example the captivating Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Series…)

coming to represent the Ideal and Idea. Of these Makers. Their continued contribution to the

forging of Society,

Unity, Nation building and Tradition respected by many. Still. Thus and so



Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #4

forges thus and so ahead to machine. Those Ways. Herein.



(Video Link)


These be those

Black-Smiths of Legends.

In Triplicate. Plus One.

Of Japan. Of Yore. A lil’. As Belows.


The 12th and 13th Century the peak of the Prowess.

Times and Places when All the ingredients for the right mix. A mix of

Tamahagane… The Jewel (of) Steel. Obtained. Displayed also. Also

a Time when several Black-Smiths forged ahead in their Own Ways to discover New Ways. That


then became Legendary. Ways in deed.


The Blades produced prior 1600 still referred to as Koto… Old.

(…Those after and now btways… are Shinto… New…)


Comprising Three Major Elements: Thereof. Therein. As belows. Herein.


Sugata 姿 (overall structure/shape),

Jigane 地鉄 (grain structure/shape), and

Hamon 刃文 (temper pattern along cut edge).



A long, complex and technical Profession. Process as well. Well as

Methods and Inner Secrets/Hints for Makes, Tests of, Metal Blends and so on. On


and then to the Crafting of Accessories, Attachments. Many Clans, Families

over Times and Places gave their All to these Arts, Crafts, Trades and so forth. Forthrightly

too were several Elite Makers so picked on. To represent. The Creed.


The Ideal.


For such is Society’s dependence and inter-dependence with such Manufacturing. The

Idea. Of Master Makers of Metal. A value far above… it’s worth.



Have also made an Executive Decision. Here i, Shiro. That is. Here. The Plus One of Title.

To represent. Those unrepresented. Who in the Background. In so many Ways. Do so

Aid. Life and Ways

thereof. Therein as well. Well as then are these. To represent.


The All. Therein.

Master Makers. Enigmatic. Still.



and last but not least… Plus this One:

  • MASTER-MAKER MURAMASA…of ISE PROVINCE… He whom, them and that purists so forgot…



i, Shiro. Did not. Forgot. Him. At All. ‘Cos He is. Here. Now.

(…on purpose btw ‘cos these purists still do so and say…i mean…

just cos that o so fumbly  SHOGUN  IYEYASU did and so

cut himself…TWICE…on this and that a MURAMASA…

surely doesn’t so then mean anything???…hmmm???…


might just throw some salt over that left shoulder… just in so case methinks…

or not.?. AND…

and get someone else to clean THAT so and so SWORD too perhaps…

Are You free.?. to Works those Ways in deed.?.)



AnyWays… shine on. Sharp as. Till and when. Tis’ done. Now. Here.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #5

Building a Pyramid.?. First Make a Moat.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



Ninja. Kunoichi. The 27 Ways.

Kunoichi… Modern Cosplay Representation.


Defining Ninpo and All the Concepts within is problematical.

Even the Fundamentals.

The Essence is Survival.

This is taught in a fluid Combat manner…

to suit any and all situations.

Defining that above… problematical.


Herein i, Shiro’s attempt at classifying that which the Japanese Masters and Our World Legends state and say on the Historical Practices of the Arts of Self-Defence… Shinobi Style;



Ninja. Kunoichi.

The 27 Ways.

Loosely Defined.

Legendary Ninja

Training Systems.


Ninja… Modern Movie Mayhem Style. Here portrayed through the many Martial Talents of Sho Kosugi. Photo Credit/Thanks:youtube


TAIJUTSU : Unarmed Combat Systems.

TAIHEN-JUTSU : Evasive Movements; Jumps, Leaps, Rolls, Tumbling…

DAKEN-TAIJUTSU : Body Defence Systems; Blocks, Punches, Kicks…

JUTAI-JUTSU : Close Quarters Combat Systems; Grappling, Holds, Locks…

BOJUTSU : Stick/Staff Methods… variety size and type…

KENJUTSU : Sword + co., variety size and type…

YARIJUTSU : Spear + co., variety length and type…

SHURIKENJUTSU : Throwing Weaponry Methods; many size, type, shape…

SEISHIN-TEKI-KYOYO : Mind, Meditation, Spiritual Concepts.


Kunoichi.The Ninja FEM.One of Our World Legends.More Herein.The Musical.


SHINOBI-IRI : Silent Movements; Stealth and Camouflage Systems/Methods.

MONOMI no JUTSU : Finding the Weakest Link Concepts.

NYUDAKI no JUTSU : Finding Sources and Personnel Concepts.

YOGI-GAKURE : Distractive Methods, Usages and Approaches.

HENSOJUTSU : The Arts of Disguise.

KAYAKUJUTSU : Fire and Explosives Methods/Weaponry.

NAGINATAJUTSU : Long Staff/Pole/Bladed End Weaponry Methods.

KUSARIGAMAJUTSU : Chain and Sickle… variety size and type…

NYUKYO no JUTSU : Flowing with Correct Timing Concepts.


Modern Movie. Ninja-Martialled by Franco Nero. Photo Credit/Thanks:youtube


BAJUTSU : Horsemanship Skills and Methods.

SUI-REN : Swimming Skills and Methods.

INPOJUTSU : The Arts of Hiding.

INTONJUTSU : The Arts of Escape.

CHOHO : Espionage Skills and Methods.

TENMON : Natural Meteorology Signs and Usages.

CHIMON : Natural Geography Signs and Usages.

SEIZONJUTSU : Survival Skills and Methods.

BO-RYAKU : The Arts of Strategy and Intelligence Gathering.


Nikko. Japan. Must see. Herein. Our World Legends and more.


The Systems above are taught and tempered with a creed/motto type approach to both Dojo and Life thereafter. These Rules and/or Guidelines can vary somewhat from RYU/School and Sensei/Soke involved.

A recent-ish Ninpo Soke version is here.


Though details may differ the overall Concept and Approach involves realistically knowing oneself and capabilities. This is then also applied to such as Universal, World, Natural or Local Knowledge.

Balance, Harmony and Flow are oft emphasised.

Basic Rights, Empathy and Respect is highlighted to Others and Society as a whole. Love for Self, Kin and Human-Kind.


Survival and Self-Defence linked naturally.


Ninja…Kunoichi… Shinobi All and both. Our World Legends. 27 Ways. photocredit/thanks:pinterest


(Video Link)


Till next…



(Video Link)


Some of the Things Shinobi… do. gifcredit/thanks:eyeless


Our World Legends.

Ninja and Kunoichi.


Ninpo Ikkan All.


Ninja Weapons Wall Slide-show.

Weapons. The Site Cameras are… emptied. Herein. Wall-to-Wall Weaponry Slide-show. Our World Legends. Minimal chat and background Music… too. photocredit/thanks:weaponcollector


WEAPONS of the NINJA and associated MARTIAL TRADITIONS helped shape much of the ancient world they were used and lived in.

Many are rather unique and classical in their form oft. adapted to suit the particular circumstances required.

Inventive indeed (click).


A very large variety.

Battle-field and training alike.


(Music Link)




Weapons Wall


…tis just a show-case Way,..

…to show-case such WAYs indeed;..

…in deed and in fact… too.


Some, over time and deeds became LEGENDARY…indeed (click).

Many included within Our World Legends.

A select few feature in various… as well.


So… Our World Legends do say. photocredit/thanks:togetherwerise


A LEGEND OF AMAKUNI for example, from the 7th/8th century;

tells of the WEAPONS LEGEND explanation whereby the KATANA, a single-edged Sword

was obtained by the simple division of KEN

the double-bladed Sword.




The HISTORY of such as NINJA WEAPONS involves so much more than War and associated Combat.


ANCIENT JAPAN…community + co.


TOKUGAWA CASTLE, EDO… Japan. photocredit/thanks:elteprompthu


From the settlements of Community and Defence necessity;

…also via the MINING and then ALCHEMY OF FIRE.


(Video Link)


the ANCIENT SWORD-MAKERS applied to create these unique weaponry items and onto

the BUDO MASTERS who personally refined technique and method.


And themselves.


Mirror… Musashi Miyamoto + Attendant… also. photocredit/thanks:joongdokwan


This training too for example would involve the interpretation of actions via THE ARTS OF WAR, THE DOJO and even the somewhat frivolous organised ‘ Hunts ‘ of the BUSHI SAMURAI

whereby wild animals such as quite large Boars or Deer forced/cornered into active COMBAT.


Live training indeed…with the losing party…

buried or eaten.




SLIDE-SHOW… to follow:


(Music Link)


The following NINJA WEAPONS WALL SLIDE-SHOW is a dedication and reminder of the inherent beauty…in




NINJA +co…WEAPONRY related pics.


Please Start at the Kunoichi with Chain Photo.

for some 200+ weaponry related pics…mostly.

The Slide-show: Weapon Wall.



(Music Link)



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