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The Wonders of Happy Exploding Mind. Mind Blown.

Inspiration comes in many Forms. Truths as well. Well as ’tis said… Out of the Mouths of Babes. Jaded, i, Shiro attends a Local Gem + Mineral Show. Shown too therein. The shiny and fresh Wonders of Awe. For and far too oft. We take things lightly, for granted. Granted earthy Life from Mother Nature of Our World. Legends from Inner and Age-less innocent Wisdom from a Child’s Mind. Herein. Charlie.



“…My Mind is Exploding with Happiness…”


Out of the mouths of Babes. Charlie’s. Surname.

Kept silent to innocently protect. Thus and so.

Unknown and lost to Times, Places and i, Shiro. Now.



a Young Male Child to be so precise. That is.

Charlie so named. He was and is.


This morn, Saturday began as per norm. The norm of

Chores, Shopping, arranging friendly Meets and so on. On

and to. To a near and by Local Community Gathering. A

Display, Sharing and Showing


of Work and Finds of Experts, Novices and Interested Parties.

Of the Works of Mother Nature.



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Where Heaven and Earth combine and mix in Form.

Elements, Gems and Minerals that twinkle just. So.

Where Innocence and Truth do meet. Mix.


To combine into Awe and Wonder. Meant.


Of that moment. Now. IN THE NOW.



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Indeed, THAT moment. That moment

when a Young One. Realises a Dream. When

The Wonders of

Happy Exploding Mind.

Mind Blown

by simply Being. Being

at a Gem + Mineral Show. In deed. His First.


With this and that Wonder and Awe. Of Youth. Charlie’s

in particular.

That is. Also. In Mind. His. Then.



“… My Mind is Exploding With Happiness…”


ajoined with that so wide open stare, gaping mouth

and that enigmatic breathless whisper. Of Awe.


Having arrived early (…compared to that is Charlie…)

at the Gem + Mineral Showing. Once done.

Several Laps thereof.


I decided to take a Seat from a row set along the entrance Hallway.

A magnificent scene, Formational Crystalline Inner Earth in colors

and hues divine. In

a cutaways Fashion with movements and Sounds

of Liquids, so forth


and styled and Cabinet Displayed very artily. Also. Was

up. There.

To keep Mind. Serene.


Awaiting Companions… all Adults…

to finish up their Ways. Around. The Show




This meant that new arrivals would pass and go past. My


Several did. Young and Old. Both.

Most rushing by


eager to get in amongst the Stalls and Tables laid out

within. The Show.



Not Charlie.


Relishing his chance he strung out, wrung out those and these

feelings of goodness, emotions. That so arose. Within.

He stopped. Stand-still. Statue. Mouth open…

soaking it All. In. Within.


The Show. Scene.


Till Words did so then arrange those filled so Emotions. That


Within. Him.

Till Mind had seen, so absorbed this scene. To be seen. Ahead.

Of Charlie. Then.


Till voice so filled could no longer. Contain. That and

those so so whirling, precious Emotions, that so. Arose. Did.

Within. Charlie.


Till bursting free pressure pulsed from within. Giving such and so

that Voice. To Emotion.

A cry so heartfelt i compelled and turned to join. Emotionally

infected. As i, Shiro


turned and just so smiled in turn. Turning

Mind back and over such to Other Times


and Places. Where. Where



that Feeling. Did and had uplifted so. So

in tune with Wonder and Awe.



i joined in too. To feel


“…My Mind is Exploding with Happiness…” as well. Well as


The more i, Shiro look. The more. I did see. Within.


Of the many and Real things. That so please.

Of how too. To realise that Youth when left to be right

IN the Real. When left to rightly describe. What they Feel.

Reveal Truths of what Our World in deed do


and does. Reveal.


Even to an ol’ so n so. Like me i, Shiro. Youth


can teach Elders too,

by sharing so well and so refreshingly clear. Their

naivety, innocence, that drive and freshness of view. Their

Love and Care. For


that and this Our World. Our Home. That which We share.

The Awe



of those things that really Matter. Within. To Mind. Also.

When Living in this Moment. This here. This Now.

This moment of Real Emotion that so tugs and tears.

That’s… Real.


That’s Life.

Take a deep breath. Of That. Just Feel.

What. They feel.


Not the chase for goods and accumulation.

‘Tis feelings, emotions, experiences, sharing.

That count. For Real. Within.



In the Now.


Be like Charlie.

Our least. With the Most.


Share the Experience of Feeling, yet and not those

ravages of Time.

Share the Experience but keep it age-less,

time-less. Now. Just Now.


To relate to young or old. Be young or old. Just

Share. That. What’s Real.

Your emotions, actions, carry forward, all with

that inherent due care.


Be not afraid to step back and down into those

shoes. Smaller

though they may. Be. Flexible.

No quashing of Dreams.


Go back or others Ways to get a sense of their

fit. Size…

doesn’t matter with this and that. Just Feel. Now. Then



What’s Real. Within.

Show You Care.



Authors Notes:

Just for the Record.

Whilst chatting to Charlie + Fam. after myOur

Minds Explodeds.


I mentioned to and asked Charlie His Opinion

on the Display Cabinet Back-drop scene.


He said… ” …The Earth is very pretty

I like the bits that Shine…”.


Then. To that and this and His.

I demur, concur. Agree.



An Exploding Mind.?.

When was the Last or First Times and Places.?.

Yours did.?.




Feel pleased and more than free to Share that

still and so

Moment of Awe… which

filled Thy Mind. Then.


Set it Free. Herein.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


No matter Your Age.

You are Time-less.


Be like Charlie.

Shine On.


Simply and so.

Live Your Dreams.



You are Now.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #9

A Need For A LiL’ Speed. The Pin-Ups.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


A Change. Halloween’s Samhain of the Heart.

As Samhain, Festivals of the Dead do so Cycle on. A Fare Ye Well Ode. To that. Seasons Change Upon Us. Times and Places to Fall about and Spring clean out as well. A Last lingering look with Words that Rhyme a lil’. A sorrowful Look at Decay, Death and Regeneration. The Times in’tween. The Halloween. Herein. Goodbyes.


All that has Grown thru. In Nature’s Season just Done.

All Harvest picked and sorted. So ripened by Our Sun.


Falls decay, sorrows gathered, arounds in piles.

Homestead spruced up clean, to so bring-

Clear, bright Smiles.


As This Night so Begins.

So Begins, Nature’s Change.

As Lands Stop the Growing.

So Death, Decay, Begin to Rain.


Mountain Fire, to Purify, Cleanse and Release.

Devils, Gods, All. To Honor and so Appease.


Times to set Your wayward Ways then,

so All and Right.

Times in deed, to just Set your Worldly Ways,

All Alight.


A Clean start, a Fresh Season, Starts so then Anew.

Hallowed All, even those Dearly Departed, Lost Few.

Hallowed All, Young n Old and Those

All in ‘tween.


A Change of Time. A Change of Heart.

For upon Us Now, ’tis Halloween.



A Change.

Halloween’s Samhain

of the Heart.


Samhain may seem macabre to those who fail to spot

the Regenerative Pulse/impulse that so lies within. Within

and venerated by many of Our Ancient Ancestors. That is

that Decay, Death then Seasonally Lead. Backs to Life.

A Cycle. Full-Circle.


A Life-Cycle.


Made Festive. In Appreciation. Of Life.

In Remembrance of that great Human Endings.

The Mysteries of Death.


Whilst Samhain is the Gaelic/Celtic/Druid applicable Term.

Many Cultures, Countries, Groups and Organisations all

have over Times and Places perpetuated these Our World

Legends of the Festivals Of


Death or of the Dead.


Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos. Day Of The Dead.

Wicca’s The Straw/Wicker Man Burnings.

Bohemian Grove’s Grand Great Owl Burnings.


Are some current examples.

Themed akin they involve the getting rid of Last Years dross

in some manner and then

giving and sharing the Bounties of the Harvest.


Acknowledging both Death and Life.

Those Times of Change.


We All. Go thru’.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Change it Up.

When You need. To.




Going Japanese. Gaming Japanese. 7 Ways.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.




Till next…



That Night. Sam Hains Did Run. The Ode.

Holy Days. Holidays. Hallowed Times and Places. As One of those Special Days approaches, a special Twist. Herein. A Fictional Ode to usher in that Celebrated Day. Night, actually. A Night that brings up… and out… the Best and not-so. In Our World. Legends In and of… All of Us. A rambling running commentary on that Night. That Night Sam Hains… did run.


The writing of Fiction akin to an Art. An Art i, Shiro know lil’ of. Off

and now aways from My comforts zones. I am. Here. To writ. Write so

downs, Fictionise whatever comes up. In Mind. Mine. With this and that in mind

and Our World Legends Themed still therein and thereof. There is this. This

Fictitious Legend Combo + Dedication to those high and low


Emotions that such ‘tween Days do so bring. Out.

Fear, Excitement.

All in ‘tween. Also.


Holy Days. Holidays.

The Hallow Days.

All Hallows Day.

The Hallows in ‘tween.


The Halloween.

Tonight. So,


I ate The Pumpkin. Soup.


Most of IT.

Here’s a Taste of what. IT left. Right



and Then. A Night.

That Night.

Sam Hains Did Run.

The Ode

in Mind. Mine. Herein. Begins. Belows.



(Music Link)


The Run

of Sam Hains.


She had to go.

She had to run.




Night was coming. Rains too.


Tonight. Was THAT Night.

That Night was Here. Now.

That Night.


Closing in quick, Deep upon Her.

Tonight. Was THEIR NIGHT.


The Night That Devils Dance. Openly.

Tonight. Here.


Grabbing, tucking, pinning Skirt in one smooth motion.

She Ran.


Already near full speed when the Rains misted down.

A New Moon. Though Clouds had closed that in.


Shivering, inside and out. She ran on.

Recalling those horrid Tales of This Night.

How those caught out.

Were so mis-treated.


Things so shamefully done.

Only trickled whispers were so passed down.


‘Twas then, just as She thought of.

She Felt. IT. Close.


Behind Her. Close.

Almost, not quite Soundless. IT. Was There.


Though the Night Cooling.

She could already Feel IT’s Heat as IT so Neared.


Strong. With Power.

Everybody Knew. Everybody Said.


IT Was Their Night, Their Might.



She moved This Way. Then That.

Stealing a quick glance.

Over and around the Shoulder.

Eyes drawn, catching,


holding in Sight.

A Single Eye. IT.

Balefully, beaming. Her Way.


Wind whistled in Her Ears as She now so frantically raced.

Whipping, biting. Ankles, Shins with Wind-spray, Sand, Shore.

Not too far ahead. Just a lil’ more.

She ran. On.


As She slowed, Turning, following the Path. IT almost Touched Her.

She accelerated those Few, Last Steps.


A Grab, then Turn.

A Slam and Click.


Leaning back against the Door, allowing Mind and Body to Relax.

Letting what had run, run it’s course. Settled.

Patting and Wiping at Her Clothes and Self. Till,..




The Door Chimed. Did so Ring. Then.


Ready Now. She was NOT going to be caught out.

Not Tonight.

On Their Night.


She So Knew.

What was to be next and done.

She Knew What She Had To Do. Now.


Reaching for, then so taking hold of what She had prepped early.

The Wood went warm in Her Hands.

Just Right. For Such a Night.

That Night.

Their Night.


She had so just Run.


In One Hand, with the Other.

She so,

ever so, slowly.


The Door.


To so Hear a Howl erupt,

a chilling soulful, yet now plaintive rhetorical cry.


Childish, Pleading. Persistent.




She looked Up.

Straight at IT.

That Eye.




As many Hands made Light Work of the Sweet Contents.

In The Wood-Bowl She so Handed over and down.

One Shiny, Moving Direct Lens. Up there.

Stared Back.


She wondered as She so Watched.

That Night.

Out There still.

Baring All.



That Leading Light.

That did and so.

Light Her and Others Ways.




For the Twists and Turns of a Life are many.

A Life of a Light-House Keeper’s Daughter.

On such a Night.


Late from School.

The Run Home.

On such a Night.


Their Night.



She Knew.


The Night of Halloween.


Took Many Steps.

Ups n Downs.

Ins + Outs.



Many Steps.


She Smiled. Now.

She had run.


She Was Home.

Time to Change.


Sam Hains…

the Nomen thereof:



is the Gaelic derived Term for that Olden Festival and Tradition of Celebrating

the Mid-Point of the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. This usually

marked the End of the Harvesting Season, A Change of Seasons

and Times. A Times and Places

of Death. Celebrations thereof. The Celtic Day begins and ends at Sunset. A

Peoples and Community


following the Lunar Calendar System. The Twilight Times Begins the Day. There.


The onset of Seasonal Winter akin to a New Year. The “… Fall…”

clean up done and dusted by,

on, before and during the Daytime of the 31st.


Celebrations at the Sunset onset in deed. Spoken of as a GREAT SABBAT. Oft

considered Pagan though this Term problematical. POV Mine.


Herein. Communal Ceremonies invariably utilise Fire. Bon-Fires the norm. Sacred

Fire used to Cleanse and as Divine Offerings. Other Activities, such as;




(Music Link)



Circular-, Wheel-, Cycles-, Poles-…

-Dancings, Story-telling, Mimes, Songs sung, Prose posed, Play Acts,


Sacrifices, Offerings. Festivities. Ancient Ancestors…

ALL THE DEAD… were Honored, Recalled in Our World, Legends

and Tales… re-Told. Many


left Food, Sweets and Drinks on Graves, Places of Memoriam or Power. Fancy

Clothes, Costumes, Parades, Dressing as Angels or Devils,

Giving and Taking. Life Shared. Communally.


For those who included such as the Roman Goddess

in Their Celebrations;

(…or equivalent…)

POMPONA… Apples were Bobbed. For. As well.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Work through those Fears.

Live Your Dreams. As well, well as.


Angel, Devil.

Trickster, Treatster.

Or in’Tween.


Stay Safe.

Take Care.

Holy Days. Are Here.




Simply Enjoy. That.



A Change. Halloween’s Samhain of the Heart.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…