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Plants of Legend and Use-by Date. Herbal Handfuls. 756 A.D.

Handfuls of Herbs put aside in dedication for an Empress + Emperor. In 756 A.D. that is. A Treasure Temple. Memories of Ancient Medicine, Cultures, Art Works and a very large… Buddha. All therein. More as well. Our World Legends of Iconic Treasures of the Ancestors that include their Healing Ways. Herein. Therein actually. The Shosoin. A full Treasure House… housing Treasures of History. Japan. Of Yore.


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Many of Ancient Asia and elsewhere incorporated Herbal Medicines

within their Healing approach Systems. Systematically

these can ease many of the Minor effects of Dis-ease.


Plants that Heal and nurture. Nature has long provided

Outdoor Life to so and enhance Ours.


Being somewhat used to Life Outdoors. The Our World Legends

we now collectively Term Ninja that is. Also the Nature of Plants.


Japanese Nature thereof. Ancient as well. As well,.. they well

used many of these indeed.


An over view of the Nara Prefecture/Region of Japan.


In deed and in fact as well. As well,..


whilst much of these Shinobi and indeed

the General Populace from Japan of Yore were influenced

by Chinese styles and approaches to Medicine in general. Also

much was tweaked from and within their Environ. and Culture.


Herbs… the;..

Plants of Legend

and Use-by-date.

Herbal Handfuls. 756 A.D.

became… handy… to thus so and become…

hardy within. Within a purpose-built Structure that is. Herbal Handfuls

of Legendary Plants…


were so placed to promote that Ideal. Therein.

At any Times and Places.



Plants for Medicines, Tonics, Specifics, Concoctions and so on. On

the Mainlands of Japan of Yore so many were available. Thereof

as well. As well


these Herbs were part of a Dedication in Memoriam too. To

and of an Empress and Emperor. Indeed. In deed

and in fact also. In the Shosoin that is.


To Empress Kōmyō. Emperor Shōmu… as well. As well

as Arts and Crafts, Gifts and Herbs…


Cultural Artifacts also. Treasures per se…

indeed. In deed. Inside that is.


The Temples… within.


The Todaiji Temple Complex,.. Nara… Japan… includes the Shosoin. photocredit/thanks:flickr


The Treasure Temple.

Of Todaiji is contained within the Temple Complex. Within

the Prefecture/Area of NARA,.. Japan. That is.


Building first began being worked in

thereabouts,.. in 743.


The Complex houses many Structures built in Times of Yore.

Many such are now considered National Treasures. Treasures

housed within such Treasured Housing,..

include the Our World’s Largest Bronze Gild Buddha Statue. Therein.

Bronze, Copper and Gold. Thereof.


Buddha’s Statue is some 49 feet in height. Nomen The Daibutsu. The Daibutsu-

den,.. is a Treasure… too.

In which… Buddha sits within as well. Is some 157. Feet. High. The

largest Wood Building.



Of Our World Legends it seems. Seemingly

The Legend of the Headless Buddha

too,.. Weathered by Times, Earthquakes and… Wars. Wars

and Earthquakes whether balanced or not

gave great cause for pause… for


even this Buddha of such repose.


Lost… it’s head. In the Real. Shaken…

and stirred by Nature’s… Gift.?. An Earthquake… which quaked

and shaked enough of Our World… in Ancient and Olden Japan that is.


To shake off.


Great Buddha Within The Temple. Head reattached since the 12th Century it seems in deed. photocredit/thanks:keywordsuggest


Buddha’s lofty Head.


‘Tis… just… nodded… off. Off

his shoulders that is indeed. In deed

and in fact also. Buddha went… right off. Left


his Head. Grounded it seems. Therein. Treasure

Temple of Dreams. By the 12th Century in deed.


A Temple of Treasure. National Treasures that is. Todaiji.


With a Head recast,.. rebuilt from the lateish 12th Century. Buddha now sits…

still. Still

inside such Treasury Rooms sit… and lie

literally thousands of Treasured Items. Of Japanese and Origins elsewhere.


Ancient and Olden. Cultural Gifts and Presentations

present presently… still. Like


Buddha. Presented therein. Herein… as well. Now.

Works of Arts and Crafts and such Natures. Of then and…

now. Within. Therein too.


The Shosoin is this Temple’s Treasury. House. House

of logs styled in that of the Azekura. A construction method of Olden Times and Places whereby the intersecting Wall Corners feature horizontal specially hewn logs laid to support each and the others…

as well. As well as safeguarding countless (…some 9,000+ actually…)


ageless Civilisation and Cultural Items. Many such


which travelled the walkways and byways of the Famed Silk Roads.



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Of Lands far and flung… not literally. But aways. A Ways

From Japan of Yore that is.

Such as China, Korea. Persia too. To and from


such Lands before. Before storing that is. Within. Therein

actually. Treasure. Treasures in Treasure Temples,..

treasured therein and thereof. Thereof


including Silk of that Road. Which was not a Road actually. Actually

was a series of Routes. On and Off Lands

and such other things. Other things

such as;..



60 Herby Handfuls,..

yes please… will… treasure these.

Indeed… in deed.

Herbal Handfuls also

herein. Therein actually as well. Treasured.

Since 756.


A.D. Year of indeed. In deed

and in fact also.


As a repository of Ancient and Olden Medicinal.

Of Herbal Lore and Wisdom the Shosoin is somewhat Unique…

with much to treasure about such approaches and Ideals. Ideas



as well. Wellness approaches… some 60 indeed. In 756

the Year thereof;..


that is and was. Was… ‘cos,..

though In deed… some 40 now only still sit. There. Now. Still…


and quite still also. With Buddha within as well. Also still.


Still somewhat unique, thanks to Our Ancestors. Who left us some. Some

of theirs. There within the Shosoin still. Medicine that is. That is

Herbal in deed.


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Indeed, originally,..

some 60 Herbal Handfuls Dedicated worth. Worthy still is this.

This is that. That was…


in 756. In 756 impressed by Deeds done. By Empress

and a Emperor too. To Dedicate and impress thereupon

Future Generations to come. Ours and suchlike therein. Within


Treasure Temple… such Treasures… were bound. Bound



these bundles were, though still. Still… there were still

Times and Peoples had worn aways somewhat

at their Health… and this Total. Some 40+ ways still prevailed. Prevailed

and availed themselves as Healers. Therein. Now. Still. Within.


The Shosoin. Some 40 Original Recipes remain within. Within Us too…

for still. Still

and now. Healing aways…


dis-ease. Therein. Herbal Ideals… ideas

also. At work. Medicinal that is. Indeed. Therein.



Now revealed as Recipes of Ancient Healing. Still treasured and within. Like Buddha…

‘cept when there was that Earthquaking and shaking thereof.

Therein as well. By the then…


12th Century. Not now,.. then,..

that is in deed.


Such as The Shosoin Herbal Collection shows and documents how Herbs…

have helped. Helping to shape much more than Our Health.


All over Our World

Legends as well. As well

A Slide-Show.


Mistletoe. Below.


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such Gifts of Nature do so creep their Ways into other Traditions. Traditionally

Mistletoe is well within Our Ways and Our World Legends of Christmas

from Times and Places other. Other than Topic

at hand anyways. Herein. Herbal that be.


Mistletoe creeps and is parasitic indeed. In deed

and in fact too. To other Plants and on to

other Plants… does Mistletoe grow thereupon. Thereof

as well. As well as Mistletoe another Ancient Herb was


well used. Used well within Times and Places of Yore


Chickweed + co.


that is. Is that  One with the nomen Chickweed. Weed though called

still more so a Healer ’tis be.



and Chickweed

both have very long usage and History in Japan of Yore. Traditionally dating back to the very first known of Tribal Peoples, Places and Times thereof and therein. Herbalists from all Walks, Ways, Times and Places have availed Healing from these Plants of Legend.

Treatment Modalities include Cancer, Diabetes, Nervous and Respiratory Systems

and more. More Ways to Live well.


Immunity System boosts noted to aid Healing and Pain Relief therein.



With such range of effects on many of Our Bodily Systems their uses

are many also. Topical and/or… within.


By the handful it seems indeed and in deed

as well. As well,..



they make You well. Within. That is.


With out as well. Indeed.

Such are the Ways of Medicine.


Therein and thereof… it seems.

Such are the stuff of Mother Nature’s Plants.


The stuff of a…

Herbalist’s Dreams.



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Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Walk the Life Road.



Your Ways. In

deed… and wellness. Too.




Get Off My Bridge. Give Me Your Sword. Giant Commands.

In a Time and Place of Yore. Our World Legends of Ancient Japan that is. An Epic Tale of Friendship and the… Battles therein. When kindred Martial Warriors meet… as Enemies. Epic indeed. The Bridge Giant Guardian meets… a fresh new approach… and more than his match in the Arts and Ways of Japan Martialness. The Gods of War… are Angels. Fallen. Herein. photocredit/thanks:flickr


Within Our World Legends from those of Ancient Japan,..

there is much Martial. Arts as well.

The then Japanese Culture and Society oft encouraged a Martial Life-style and ’twas Geo-Politically important as well. Japan’s His- and Herstory tell of turbulent Times, Wars, Invasions, Expansions and so forth as it struggled towards Unity and then…

to keep that together… too.


This Tale retold herein resonated somewhat with me…

i, Shiro that is.


Due, in part to the partly Anglo-Saxon Heritage bits of me.

From that side i learnt Our World Legends of Robin Hood.


If You know of this also. Also



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Within those epic Tales is an Incident of the Meeting of Robin H.

and the Giant-sized Man.


With the small Title… Lil’ John.


Arrow. Straight Up. Straight As. Well,.. not really. See,.. the Arrow actually flexes on it’s real flight path to target… anyways… Herein. Intel and more pointy stuff. Legends… also.


Such endearing…

and enduring Human Themes relate facets of the…

Human Experience.


Firstly,.. there’s… FEAR………


as you hear that gruff and deep, deep and growl-like…

VOICE… Boom;..

Get Off My Bridge.

Give Me Your Sword.

Giant Commands.

That Echo simply of loudness. For.


A Giant Tale…

… is about… to be

re-Told. Herein. Indeed. As well.


Thus and so. So

i, Shiro do commandsay. So


A Modern View of… The Bridge. photocredit/thanks:tripadvisor


Herein. Whereby;..

Benkei…The Giant,..

Please meet… Yoshitsune…

The Younger.

…is WHAT SHOULD have been said. ‘Twas not…


Not at All.


In any. Ways.


So Our World Legends…

do so and say. Herein.


Benkei the Giant as well. As well

he Boomed Gruff. Therein. Then. At One.


So and Smaller than he. He as in,..

In size that is indeed. In deed that is. Also. For


Flex of the Arrow. Herein. The Slide-show. Overview of Legends of Japan and the Archers Way of the Bow therein and thereof. gifcredit/thanks:gifsoup


Benkei and Yoshitsune… doing some… Bridge Work. Woodcut Print of Hiroshige app. 1830’s. photocredit/thanks:historyoffighting


(…Saito Musashibō Benkei武蔵坊弁慶, app.1155 – Jun 15, 1189.)


Giant Benkei was on a mission. Not… from God. Not He. He

was Sōhei

a Warrior Monk and All then, that,..

that entailed. Therein.


Though under Temple Vows…

no longer. At All. Thereof.



Focus and intent therein and thereof.



A Giant of a man. Literally. Physically. Totally

and so on. On for years.

Maturing… for several Years. That is.


Large and heavily muscled also from years of Weapons and related Training. Real

Life events related as well. Martial… mostly that is. Is also…

his Vow. To Himself…to consider.


And any Others in hearing shot of his deep challenging tones.


A Mountain of a Man… who oft…

lived far from them. Mountains that is. Therein…

and thereof it seems, were not his scene. It seems.


Unable to challenge the Gods…’cos he couldn’t find any.

He… first challenged Himself… won that Duel apparently.


Then Lotsa. Others as well. 1,000

actually. Almost.


A Small Portion of the Many Swords confiscated after WW2… Mainly by so called U.S. Occupational Forces… who showed no Patience… nor Respect of such as these of Our World Legends. photocredit/thanks:forumsgunboards


1,000 Swords… He Vowed to

Con fiscateCollect. Whether the current Owners objected.

Objected Or Not. Not that he needed that many. Many

less He preferred,..

as many Samurai did-then.


Just One. One Thing,.. Thus and just. One thing more… was on and in…

his Mind. Benkei’s that is. Whistling helped. Whilst he waited…


for that One Thing. More.


Which was… 999 Things actually indeed,.. in deed

and in fact also.


Woodcut Print of The Bridge. Benkei… as well. By Utagawa Kuniyoshi… app. late 1830’s. photocredit/thanks:japanesefinearts


Whose Bridge…

can be bridged.?.


Benkei the GIANT whistled as he worked. Well,..

not working really. Walking. Giant steps… per se.


Walking. Along and back.

The Bridge. His Bridge that is. That is…


he called it so anyways. Anyways the nomen GOJO Bridge was ways…

too small and plain for his grandiose…

Plan for… greatness… in his Own Way that is.


He had just One to go. One more…



999 were already marked… gone and done.

999… so and thus,..1… to go.


Just… One Thing. More.




For one thing,..

Benkei’s Decade+Years of intense Training in the

Samurai Martial Arts was going great guns. Thus and so Swords

had accrued at a consistent and persistent pace. Pausing


to pace this Bridge he stared.


Someone… something… was approaching. Thus and so. His voice thus and so.

Boomed Gruff as if in reflex and done 1,000 Times before. Well,..



Anyways. Thus far. Far off this stranger still was. Was…

still approaching… too. Too small… thus and so it seemed.


No real Challenge therein it seemed. Surely.?.

A child.?.


Did they even have…

a Sword.?. Thus and so he say. To Himself.

At first that is.


I Benkei the GIANT ask for just

One. More. Sword.


Boomed Gruff.



Trained by… Tengu.?.

Was Giant Benkei’s first and immature rising thoughts. So…


literally correct… even p.c. esp. for those Times and Places.

Correct and right. Left-field bound though

and so thus and so ,..


wrong in so many. So Legendary Ways. Our World Legends

do so and say. Herein.


For this diminutive figure soon grew. Close. Lil’ larger also. Only

a lil’ though. Though and well.


A figure prepped for War.

Whilst young. Still.

A figure whose Body was a Weapon as well. As well


a figure,.. who had been trained to Defend… rightly


against such

DogsSoldiers of War. Therein. Japan…

Ancient… and also,..


of Yore.

For 6 Years it seems. In deed indeed.


6 Years. Ninja Trained. That is.




‘Tis Not the Size OF the Dog in a Fight that Matters;..
’tis the Size of the Fight IN Each.
Of the Dogs of War.


(…Minamoto no Yoshitsune源 義経, 1159 – June 15, 1189.)


Yoshitsune grunted. The War-Fan + co.

gave vent to the Fury of a Man-Giant. Vented


it off. Off The Bridge. Aways

as well. As well




as Brushing it aside. Balance restored. Done

flapping. Yoshi. Won. Simply. Divinely too. To

and for Benkei.


Benkei… No Sword for. Therein. Still had 999

but. Did not. Win. That is. That One. Just

done then. In Yore. Of as well.


(…As well;.. That is a Giant Friend and fan. Of Yoshi. Became He. He

and Friendship lasted. Lasted well. Till parted. Death

was at least and last due for that. Parting. Then that is. Which was yet later.

After this. Herein.

They parted the same deathly days. Btw… Fighting still. Others though. Then…)


Now a very young Child of the Heiji Rebellion

in which Yoshitsune’s Father and Two Elder Brothers gave their All. All

Family Members of his and this Family. Those still living that is.


Were then Exiled and Escaped therein and thereof.

Soon thereafter. Rebelling that is. Mountains beckoned.


Yoshitsune was just only 9. Then. Then

and for the next 6 years

Weapons + co. rarely left his Hands. Hands, Body and Mind

toughened also. A Lot. Hard Works and

Training. Therein. Thereof. In deed. Indeed


this sorry state of this Family’s State of Affairs

had more than a Personal Safety and bright side. To it. Sharp though

double-edged as well. As well,..

for Those,


who now studied Combat with Yoshi for those and these

last 6 years.


Were THEM.






The Rebel Angels.


Tengu nomen Ancient Japan therein. Ancient

Japanese Martial Mentors

and Training Partners. As well.


Of Ninja, Kunoichi. Shinobi All. Samurai, Priests,..

Wandering Men and Women. Old or young.

Young Yoshitsune,.. too. To


the Mountains this Fam. had fled.


The Mountains.

Their Home for some 6 Years. Now.


Where still now,.. which was…

actually… then.

A Race of Legendary Warriors did still so and Live…


and die as well. As well some of them anyways,..

indeed. In deed too,.. did they teach new and unique

Ways to defend Oneself and Others also.


New Methods of Self-Defence.


Benkei the Giant soon enough was cut down to size.

1000 Swords were not attained. One short. One short




smaller and lesser experienced Yoshitsune,..

He of Training Tengu. Soon.


Soonish did and so,.. prevailed. Against



Giant Benkei odds. 999/1. Prevailed

in deed.



(Music Link)




Tengu Training


actually that is. Now. Back then.


Using Unique Weapons and Approaches The Tengu

taught Self-Defense against many of the Ways

Martial then prevailing.


Rebels indeed.


The Legacy of the Ninja and Kunoichi is that of theirs.


The Rebel Angels are an enigmatic Race…

World-wide. Recorded in many of Our World Legends.


A Mutant Type Race of… Giants and Gods. Their nomen

within the Legends that is.


The Olden Kutha Tablets have a “ LEGEND OF CREATION

which was originally recorded in that Chaldean/Babylonian

city of Kutha within the Temple of Sitlam of the

Sanctuary for the God Nergal:


which does so and tell of a Race of Warrior Demons; of –


“…Men with the bodies of birds of the desert, human beings with the faces of ravens,

these the great gods created, and in the earth the gods created for them a dwelling.

Tiamat gave unto them strength, their life, the mistress of the gods raised.

In the midst of the earth they grew up and became great and increased their number.

Seven kings, brothers of the same family, six thousand were there people…”


Origin details are surprisingly… sparse. An eerie similarity

known of is that;..

of Dinosaurs and Pterodactyls.

Of Giants and Mutant Bird-Men… too.?.


Of Giant and Legendary Creatures.?.

Our Ancestors.?.


Mutants… All.?.

are we.?.

Cause and effect thereof. Therein



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Does this Race… presumably now extinct.?.

Account for much we find a Mystery now.?.


Huge Monuments and Structures.

Unknown Builders in the main. Ancient Tech.



(Music Link)


Their Graves are known. In Our World. Legends

do so and say. Too. To Their Home as well. As well

Tales thereof


told now. Herein. Above. Below.


The Rebels.

The Fallen.


Angels All.




Till next...


Our World Legends. Be One.


Walk Lightly in All Ways. Giant steps

or small.

Yield Truth as Your Weapon.


Defend Greatly against All odds.

Be One… to Step Up, when the need.


Live Your Dreams…

as well. As well


you can. In deed.



Shake Spotting. Earthquake Effective Detective Machines. New and Old. Ways.

Earthquakes devastate Populated Areas and cause devastation elsewhere too. As ongoing Science, Public and Tech Applications… are applied by interested Researchers, Scientists and other interested Observers of Our World Legends also. We are gaining Knowledge. A look at several interesting New Ways of looking for Quakes. An Olden Way also. Ancient Tech. Modern Tech. Earthquake Detectors… detected. Herein.




Earthquakes are one of the Natural Processes that so endangers Life.

World Waters so affected,..

effect Tsunamis at Times and Places.

Many Times within Our World Legends has such desolation unfolded.



(Music Link)


Whilst the release of such mounting Inner pressure may relieve the Earth…

of such pressure. The pressure

released, impacts on the Earth’s Outer. ‘Tis where…


we tend to Live.



Historically and in the Modern Earthquake detection has been

an ongoing priority for those of Science, Invention and Public Safety.


Much of Our Lands Coastal are oft subject to the oft devastating effects. Effects

which have ultimately led to the Invention of Earthquake Detecting Machines.


Historically and in the Modern as well. Vis Our World Legends…

or other-ways and -wise.

A need does arise indeed. For;..

Shake Spotting. Earthquake


Detective Machines.

New and Old. Ways.

Have. Found Ways in deed

and in fact also. To Detect that is. Effectively.


As herein. Below.



Modern Mobile Phone Apps for example of recent

have also been so tweaked to Detect.



Devised by the clever Inventors at UC Berkeley U.S.A. passively monitors

and detects Quakes both large and small. App users… use


it within many different Countries and Regions…

yet can such Tech. can easily

correlate, compare and coordinate.

The Data being received therein and thereof.


As the number of App subscribers grow…

and/or Travel too. So too then,..

does the Database of Knowledge within… grow

as well. As well then,..


this innovative App can also provide a

Summary of Quakes for the Location You

are in or at and on. Elsewhere also.



the effecting Earthquake forthrightly displayed.



Btw the MyShake App is FREE on Android. Forthwith. Also.


Can as well. Be found therein and so forth and so on. On

Subscribing and Usage… will add Your Detective Data…

and anything thus Detected for the building up

of Knowledge of these oft Earth shattering Events.

Databse Style therein. Thereof also. Also


there is in deed and in fact quite,..

more than a few. Inventors, Research Scientists

and Other Interested Parties from All over Our World. Who.


Are also working on several Systems and approaches

to Early Earthquake Detection and Warning.


Detectives All. Therein.



New Ways…


From Countries and Regions such as China,



Europe many such Systems are being utilised. With effect.

Their sensitivity is oft being Updated as Tech. further applied. Also.


Online as well. As well by.

Using Unique approaches… it seems;..

many such and so sensors could even turn the entire IOT ONto

this Task.


The IOT Network Globally that is. Turned On.

Per se. By Tech. that is indeed.


As shown on this Map. Herein. Below. Underwater

Cabling links Us All too. To and from,..

in Ways IOT. All over Our World.


Legends of Data can be thus and so… attained.

Combining and correlating readings off such Cabling:..

the next step and so on. A Cabled Cooperative


of Detecting Ways in deed and in fact also.

Group Detectives. At Works and Ways.





One such cooperative Online Co-op

has cooperating INput from several of the Sciences and interested.

Observers too… i, Shiro as well. As well as being interesting thereby;..


using Detective collected and collective

Data from Solar Activity, Astrophysics, Meteorology, Seismic Geology

and so forth. On to. A forthright and bold Unique Compilation of Science Reports

correlated therein. Within. IOT.


This widens the Viewpoint of Research to encompass more

than many before. Applications beyond even Earthquake

can be used in similar fashion to bring together

various research and findings. Findings


within such Fields as Earth GeoMagnetic Patterns and Behaviours.

Pole Shifts. Earths Magnetic Field Studies and suchlike and

so forth. Go forth…

and detect too were also Ideals pursued long ago. Long Ago


in Times and Places…

of Yore that is.


Modern Reproduction of an Ancient Our World Legends Tech. The Earthquake Detector. photocredit/thanks:houfengdidong


An Olden Ways…


The above Image is a Modern Replica of Ancient Tech.

described within Our World Legends,..

in deed and in fact.


An Earthquake Detective Machine.


Inventor nomen: Zhang Heng.

Times and Places: 132 A.D. China

…of Yore,..

that is indeed. In deed and in fact. Also.


A Man of many interests was he. He was

a very early Researcher it seems. Of many interesting interests

inherent him.

Astronomy, Mathematics, Sciences, Engineering and Invention all captured…


piquing his interest. Therein and thereof. As well.




The Ways of Zhang Heng…

Whilst mainly recorded as a Philosopher Type he dabbled experimentally

it so and seems. In deed.


Elementally using Tech that is. Elemental Tech. That is that,

similar in essence to much Others at use then and thereof of Yore.

Using Powers of Gravity, Water, Fire, Earth Mineral Element mixes


so on and so forth. Elemental,.. the Tech therein. Early Alchemy perhaps.?.


Elementary too in Ways,.. is when Our Cultural Memories…

forget such as these.

Many oft forgot and lost it seems, some yet still trapped…

within such as Lore.


Our World Legends also have Others. Therein. Herein

as well. As well, for example:


Other Elemental Inventions of Zhang Heng;..

include a Water Powered Wheel and Clock Mechanism


Applying Force and Motion to a Sphere.




His very working example was used to portray the circling

(… and en-circling…) Heavens.

That is… Our Skies Stars

at Night. Catalogued some 2,500+ of these did He.


Though uses others for this Tech. are noted. Noted also;..

he,.. Heng., who


came thus and so close to that Iconic Maths and Physics Pi… Pi

in the Sky above He also discerned via Studies.

736/232 was Heng’s Ways of getting that.

Whole picture and rounded view


therein and thereof. Indeed. In deed. Done.



Other Ancient Tech.,.. for the intrepid Our World Explorers.

Designed a Grid Type Reference for Maps and such Cartography.

A Permanently Pointing South Compass Type Device was another.


Other and these Devices such,.. from and within such a Career.

Contrived a due promotion therein. Thereof

sometime in 112 A.D. that is and was.


Chief Court Astronomer for the Han Emperors…

become he. Heng Zhang

that is. Indeed. In deed and in fact too. Therein.





Written before and after this particular Times… as well. As well,

his Elemental Inventions did work as well. So and well,


in deed. In China Ancient

and of Yore.


Very well it seems.



Mixing Ways Mod…

Zhang’s Seismoscope involved several Forces or…

Powers. Elementary that is.


The Earthquake set off a… rather moving Display.

A Chain-reaction of these moving within his Device. Gravity,




Inertia overcome, Weight, Pendulum, Cranks and Levers,

Swing Arms and so on. All to detect and thus and so do.


To display Intensity and Direction of Quake Peak Event. Via Balls

dropped through that and the… Dragon’s Mouth.

Then on…

and into the and that Frog’s. Mouth, that is thereon

Machina. As well.


A mix…

of Tech. Ancient thereof and therein.


Applying such a Mix, matches in Our Modern

with such as the usage of Hydraulics, Dampeners and Shock Absorbers

per se also. On Lands…


and Waters. Also.


An example of Mod. Tech. usage to show and thus effect Earthquake Proof Buildings… being built with minimal affects thereof and therein.


Moving Tech. to equalise Earthquake effects. Effects

that tuned and sensitised

devices such as Gyroscopes/Sensors register

displacement. Replacement back


to normal Position is quite immediate and…

effectively effected by the compensating actions of the aforementioned

machinery affected… of Tech. Earthquake effects.


Emerge empty-handed therein

and thereof, on and in deed. Gravity and Displacements Forces…

equalised… displaced, neutralised… such Powers be.


Hopefully. Hope Machina on turns. Fully

as well. As well do Our,..

Seismic Ships do Float.



An Earthquake Ship. Indeed in deed. A


Fact. Herein. Below.




Usually referred to as Seismic Testing Ships some of these Project Sound

in addition to Detection. For more than just Science. Science


Applications that are thus and so used to promote Profit over People.

With effects on much Wild-Life probable therein.

Military Industrial Complexes looking for more Ways to extract

and profit from Exploration. Maritime Mining per se thereof.


Whilst Research into Earthquakes more than laudatory the misuse

of Sound can also be devastating. If misused that is.


Disorient effects aside,..

Sound indeed can Kill.


Effects on The Earth itself.?.

are largely still unknown. Or an added… effect.?.


Strange Science in deed. Therein.




Whilst the above senseless Science + Industry

approach of Seismic Blast Testing and Sound Blasting

has very questionable profits to and for Our World. Legends


of Maritime Life should not be Subjects of. Nor Subjected to

such subjective nor irresponsible Experiments. Sound or not. However;


Earthquake Detection and Detectives such as

MyShake + co. makes…

a large pack of sense. Sensing


and acting quickly

therein and thereof a necessity. Vital. Vital

Communications and Disaster Relief can hopefully be

maintained and acted upon. Therein.


With the mixing of basic, simple Sensory Tech and new approaches

to the Collective capturing of Device Data.

Our World knowledge of these Events is growing. Whilst

each Earthquake may harm Us so.


From each,..


we learn more. As well.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be Inventive.

Shake the World.


In deed. Not

the literal. One.


Till next…

Live Your Dreams. Also.



Learning to Fly with Jetman. Avoiding Pterodactyl Poop. Also.

Our World Legends of Places and Times of Yore place Dinosaurs and Dragons… before Our Time. Time indeed to look up and relook at such… attitudes. Altitudes reached by Modern Tech. bring us close to the the edge of Space. Herein. A something Olden yet Civil and someone Expert. New approach to those fanciful Flights. Tales of Ptero Tails and Jet Wings. JetMan as well. Indeed and in fact it seems. Gotta go.?. go Fly. High.




Do i, Shiro,.. believe in the Dinosaurs.?.

Giant Mutant Creatures of Our Past Times and Places.



Our World History.?. Our World Legends.?.


(Music Link)


Tbh… never a Living Specimen seen have i, Shiro.

Models, Pics and Modern Reproduction Skeletons

therein and thereof. Therefore. Not so in the Real that is.


As for example with the Plants of Summer fed

Woolly Mammoths somehow snap frozen

and the Pterodactyl/Pteradon. Ways Below. Herein. A Photo.


The closest i’ve been. Seen

as well. As well


and same too with those Giant Skeletons of

Our World’s distant Ancestors.


So and thus. To begin civilly. Herein.

Learning to Fly

With Jetman.


Pterodactyl Poop.


may be Skill-sets, i thus so and need-

to so and thus…


acquire. Herein.



Herein… and elsewheres as well. Rocket Science

is oft…

above me. Literally and the other one…



Physical and Mind that is.

Times indeed to question capabilities. Thus and so;..

Will a REAL High Flier.?.


Fly Straight up.

Straight Up… in the Real that is. Up indeed. In deed

and in fact also. Straight Up. Tis been done. Done. In deed.

As and by.



Nomen: Yves Rossy.

Occupations: Air Force Pilot; Airbus Captain.

Nick-nomen: aka The JETMAN.


Below: Here’s the Why, How and so forth. Forth

and rightly or not.

In the Real. Man


does Fly. In deed indeed. As Below.

Straight Up. Fly more


and other directions and Ways as well.

As well




the Tech. and thus… Specs of the above Jet-Wing-

is constantly being Up dated.

Some 20+ Years of innovative Experimentation.

Including a range of Aerodynamic Studies and so on.


Lightweight Alloy mixes for the Thruster Engines. 4 usually.

Carbon Fiber and Fiber-glass in the Wings.

Bullet-proof Engine Covers. Kevlar therein and thereof.


Powered with a Fuel Mix of Turbine Oils and Kerosene.


All steered by… Body Movements.

For as Capt. Yves Rossy so sayeth therein:



” …the machine is on your low back and we don’t pilot it or steer it — we are the fuselage, we are the steering.

That means it’s completely intuitive…

When you turn your body a little, it follows your moves. It’s really different because it’s the machine that follows us, it’s not that we are following the machine. Birds are not piloting their wings, they are the wings.

We are the fuselage with the wings we’ve built

I wanted to fly like a bird, and that’s a big difference between gliding or sustained flight…”


“…fly Like a Bird…” or Pterodactyl perhaps Dragon like.?.

Flying High it seems indeed,..

indeed and in fact… flights of fancy


also. Also




becoming known as The Jetman. The Jetman can go as high as some 12,000 feet

at the moment reaching almost 200mph.

Staging stunts with other Craft as well in Skies above…

above imaged herein. Up.


The Legends hint too that HE Himself… is… an Aeroplane.

Well… Registered as such…


When in Britain that is. The English… Fly high

ways it seems. Therein.


Rules and Regs there indicate he had to Register HIMSELF…


his Self… his Body… IS THE PLANE.


Bureaucrats and Red Tape syndrome theirs Ways it seems, flying

ways high. Above…

grounded and common sense that is indeed. Those Ways.


Though the Seat-Belt Rule… was waived. Goodbye as well.

Indeed. In deed those Brits did… done. That. Also.


To that. Adieu. Farewell and now.


grounded thus no more and … Fareyewell


also. To Yves.

Rossy. One and same. Fly well


in deed. As well.


(Video Link)



As well as falling. Even in Times and Places of War.

Civil as such…

can such be found as;..

The Selfie and the Ptero.

Herein. Below. Still a lil’ ways. To go


Learning to Fly with… my Wings thus clipped.

An Angel i am…


not. Thus and so.


Fallen. Oft. Somewhat indeed,..

in deed and in fact as well. Well

tired of falling…


even with grace and verve. Will not allow i, Shiro

to soar. Saw indeed during Times of War. Civil that is. Herein.


‘Tis War.


Of Man… and… Dinosaur.?.


(Music Link)



That Event of turbulent Times and Places known as the American Civil War…

was not that… civil really. People of the same Family…

could end up. Being less civil that is. Anyways. War…

is oft like that.


Bullets too flew in those days. Other things with Wings.?. as well.


Like Below.


Pterodactyl… or Dragon.?. Depends on the saintly questions so gorgeously posed. Our World Legends too.


No Time-Warp required either. Just a Photo.

A Legendary Ways was done. Undone

actually it seems.?.

As what crashed around their Booten feet.?.

A Dragon of no simple Nightmares and Dreams.?.


A Selfie by a group of Civil War Soldiers. Their…

Bird of Prey also.?. Does now show.?.


As and like herein. Below.





In 1864, near the City of Vicksburg in the State of Mississippi during Events of the U.S. Civil War. Bird shot.

By bullets. Which were used to down this Altitude Creature.?. In…



Very akin to a Pterodactyl. Pteranodon,..

the Larger Varietal nomen therein. Civilly that is. Indeed.


Akin also to the feelings that flow.

Of  Our World Legends that do and thus distinctly show.


Of Dinosaurs. On Land. In Air and more.


Whence apart from such as Elemental Fired Breathe. Dragons are Ptero look-a-likes it seems. Act a lil’ alike as well.


Though some in Science may decry foul. Extinction has done Dino.

Long afore such Yore.

They say. Say and ask yet i, Shiro.


Did such Species… at least for a while…


Our World Legends;..

find Living a Ways.?.


So these of Our World Legends.

Do seem so and say. Herein.


Dragons Fly All over Our World. Legends of such as the Sciences say Pterosaurs Flew pretty much… the same Ways.



(Music Link)


Is the Core of Our World Legends… based on and in the Real. Did Dragons drag their Feet in Ptero padded claws per se in All those Times and Places Knightly known.?.


In such other afore Places and Times. Of



Did Live and die… amongst Us All.?.

Were there.?. Are there…

Times and Places… when Dino met…

Humans.?. Dragons there be.?.



no guns. Civil or… otherwise.?.

Spears and Swords. Shields too. To

be chivalrous in deed. Indeed. Of


Yore that is…

pre-gunnery Times and Places in deed.?.


Armored up. Dragon Claws are known to render flesh… asunder and aside that is.


Were the Dragon Knights of Yore… simply and in the Real… Pterosaur Paladins.?.


East and West, North and South… All over Our World. Legends there Dragons be. Be flying around as with Pterosaurs. In and of that pre-History of Dinosaur Lore. Can it mean.?.


Of interactions with a supposedly extinct species.

Were these the fading remnants.?.

Do these of Our World Legends. Tell


such a Tale. Tailed and Winged Creatures.

Who menaced from the Heavens…

Our World Skies that is. Wreaking havoc below.


Making Heroes, Knights and Saints

out of those with the Skills to Defend. Dragon Slayers

therein and thereof that be.


The last Tale told thereof.?. Till.?.


Dragon Disposal Unit… at Work. Of Yore.



(Music Link)




1864 War of Civil that was not… civil. Therein.


Are the Our World Legends of Dragons. Legendary

Creatures and Mythical Beasts and so forth just variants


on this Theme.?.


Dragons may be dismissed as Myth. Simply… close the Mind You have. Our World Legends. The Letters from Our Ancestors… say otherwise,.. ’tis plain to See. Dragons… there be. Call them Pterosaurs if thou please. To do so that is. In the Real. And or as well …In Your Dreams.





(Video Link)


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Dream Big… Fly High.


Don’t just drag Your stuff around.

Live Your Dreams.


In All that You…

so do.



Till next…



Unicorn and Pterodactyl. Priestess and Knight. Goodnight.



For The Swift. One.

Behind the Pages and Lines of a Writer lay many inspirations. Using Experience and Mind i, Shiro do Share. Thoughts, Tales, Hopes and Dreams. Beyond that… i give Thanks. To One who inspires in many such Ways. In Prose. Swift Thanks in deed indeed. Herein.


(Music Link)


For The Swift.


Thank You.


For and to the One that oft so Reads. Reads

Swift and sure

‘tween Pages and Lines. Such as so. Herein.


Of Our World Legends. Their Lives. Their Hopes.

Their Mysteries. As well.


Their Dreams.


‘Tween Pages and Lines of so and such Tales.

Tall… and these o so running so True. Herein.


‘Tween Pages and Lines of these Tales Martial.

Much more therein. More than War just in deed.



It is said and so… does seem.


For One.

Towards so and on such.

Do such thoughts just stay and say

and then in Ways do so… too drift. Aways.


Thoughts such that so… i, Shiro. Herein.

Do say and so… now do Share.


Of Legendary Lives. Loves. Dreams. Inspiration.

Hopes and Heartaches. Too. To All.


Written with due care.


Thanks. To and For the One. The


Natalie of Swift.



Thank You.



Live Your Dreams. As well.




Till next...


We so and may

meet again. Herein.



Holy Crap. Search For The Philosophers Stone. No More.

The search for the Philosophers Stone… is over. Shiro has the Stone… several in fact and in deed… indeed. Researching Our World Legends using adapted NINJA methods one can find the seed inside the… fruity bits. Ancient Philosophy and writings are not all myth and fantasy. ALL such Legends are not written on a whim. The Ph. Stone… can be known… and yours if you dare to dance with Nature indeed herein. Seek… and find. photocredit/thanks:knowyourmeme



With Intel from previous Our World Legends research into ALCHEMY and HISTORY of,..

including the recent releases of SIR ISAAC NEWTON’s ALCHEMICAL NOTES,

thanks to the Crew at THE ROYAL SOCIETY (click) : …and…


after reading dozens… well,.. lots,.. of the hopefully,…

more ORIGINAL ALCHEMICAL Writings therein and thereof… (click) (click)


(Video Link)


Shiro noticed and got the impression that the mention of this asset

and nature from the STONE… is,..

for want of a better term.





Whenever these writings speak of such it’s always after or around

such ” SPIRIT ” themes being explored etc by the concerned writer.


The writings are NOT about Physical Experiences per se.

The SPIRIT…? or…MIND… is being experienced.?.




Thus and so. We can…

Holy Crap.!.

Search For The

Philosophers Stone.

No More.?.


( Shiro here says… Whilst many of our Historical ALCHEMICAL type writings seem based on a straight-forward semi-rational, somewhat SCIENTIFIC approach and content per se;

this TOPIC naturally lends and avails itself of some of LIFE’s MYSTERY.


These researchers and commentators oft find the right words to describe their experiences, hard work indeed. We ALL know death follows life in this world of NATURE… yet still,..

certain strange LEGENDS however- seem to hint IMMORTALITY…

possible.?. or is that just…




…MEDITATION… …JOIN Shiro in this exploration of a EYES OF A GOD Meditative Technique… MINDFUL… OR Mind of MADNESS.?.


Once understood… with now MIND physically at ease…

back to the intel Shiro.





in fact. In deed as well.


The INTEL and LEGENDS sorted above and below;

oft use Nature’s Imagery to get their message across:

Which put into Terms Modern will.

Go thus and so. As below.


GENTLY… Tap the Stone.

Stone SEEDS… are thus,..

Set Free..


Though such Seeds of Our Stone…

Are NEVER Ever Seen.



is INVISIBLE indeed.


Prior to obtaining his HANDFUL OF STONES THAT SPEAK…


Shiro tapped them ALL On The Head.

A Tap On Top Indeed. In deed and in fact.


This is how…

”  …she“… continues … TO BE.








may go like this:

“…the Secret of our Stone… shall shew itself forth… bloomed sweetly upon the  dunghill…

if you shall ask me what it resembles-I shall say to you that it lives…

found in the likeness and form of many things in Nature… it can be as the Moon…

If they say the Moon is blue, we must believe that it is true…

But this only if molested, for the colour of the Moon is white in its naturalistic State… “


More Clues.!.



is White and also… Blue.?.



A Paradox… that’s true… sort of indeed.


For as we speak… with the STONES in i,  Shiro’s Hands.

After a lil mishandled…



a lil ” molested “, pinched + pulled-

…tis true…


they… went true “ blue ”  indeed,..

and in fact…  Golden  ” blue ” too it seems.





…except… we repeat…

This STONE is… “not of stone“,..

it lives… “.


A child of Nature.

No matter what you think of her when you eat her.





As mentioned earlier there is much to connect Our MIND with The STONE.

Stone cold Philosophical Mind Work that is.


You Must ” MEDITATE ” On The STONE…

SHAMAN Style per se… (click) with a long history;

To then and thus,.. PHILOSOPHISE .


Swallowing The STONE is approaching the ineffable,.. the indescribable indeed and in fact too. (click)

Our World LEGENDS and The Shamanic Traditions stress the need for RESPECT.

sword STONE swallowers follow that creed.



MIND at rest,.. centred on The MYSTERY of LIFE,..

sit… at peace,


philosophise, meditate.

Let thus,.. The Mysteries Revealed.


Inner Spaces of Outer Spaces.

Of Mind.



of ALL Times. Places too.





For those few too,.. who have read The BIBLE thru,

EZEKIEL 4:15… (click) it seems;

now is and can be,.. blessedly…

and biblically,..understood.



Njoy. Indeed.




(Music Link)



So now,.. Shiro can reveal the current name of this o so

secret and mysterious-



Shiro sitting stone-faced,… summing up simply:



tis… it seems:

not of stone…  “,.. ” it lives… “.


” …she is

not of stone, not of bone, not of metal “;


” …she is

“…white in its naturalistic State… “;


” …she is

“…blue… ”  “…only if molested… ”


AND ” …the Secret of our Stone… ” IS

 “…she.. ” ” …bloomed sweetly upon the dunghill… “:


” …she is “,.. INDEED- thus and then;..




Indeed. In deed and in fact too.

” …she is“…simply.

The Golden Top Shroom.




Science nomen thereof.


Our World Legends indeed.






THE Golden Stone of NATURE,.. PSILOCYBE,.. that is also…


…Shroom Divine Gold. Moon White that goes Blue Moon,..

White Stone Seeds of Choco Night Brown.


A Triple and White Stone.

A Stone of 4 Colors. 4 Little Ones…

so too.



So these of  Our World LEGENDS do so and say. Herein.



to You.









Inner World of Nature’s Stone.

Philosophy Indeed.(click)


MEDICINAL as well… (click)

with a long, long History (click) (click).

STONE AGE In deed… May well have been.


In addition to such SOCIAL USES; many PLANTS have long been used as MEDICINES, CURES and TREATMENTS per se, as many of these have effects on, or can affect our bodies… and MIND.

Obviously someone tried these first, to see what NATURAL PHILOSOPHY refers to as NATURE’s secrets and such… by that, they simply mean the INNER effect/nature of a PLANT’s components and make-up…






A STONE of NATURE That Science and Society finds…

and uses…

in many many Forms.




The Earlier Image showing the Elements… SIMPLY… turned on it’s… stem… Mush Mush Loookalike… photocredit/thanks:thoulsparadise



that is.


That is NOT a Stone. (click)



Though You may indeed be. Be in deed…

if You Join In (click).


So… If YOU Search, Seek

and Swallow The STONE.


Become a Natural Philosopher. In deed as well.


o so

MUSH… MYSTERY Revealed in this and thus.





This slideshow requires JavaScript.


In and On the Lone Hermetic Image showcased above:

Distinguish the Alchemy of the Lab… from that of the Natural.

Distinguish The Practical… from the Philosophical.


e.g. Check the Nature scenes within the Circles.

Just what the Mush ordered… which is in the Top Right Circle indeed,.. in deed and in fact… as well.


Stone Search… DONE.

Philosophise. Therein.

Our World Legends.




And YOUR NATURAL Tastes,..


May Be.


When It’s Time and Places… Our World Legends. photocredit/thanks:motherjones



Is Where Your DREAMS Run FREE.


I Dream of Ninja.

Do YOU Have a Dream.?.



(Video Link)



NJOY the STONE SEARCH… CLICK PHOTO to See… And FIND. Our World Legends. Scientist, CIA Mistruster and Dolphin Whisperer. photocredit/thanks:youtube


(Video Link)




Tis indeed a NATURAL inclination,..

for Creatures both great and small;

to hunt and harvest those precious few gifts from…

herein… Our Natural World.


That let… you.

By taking them in…

get out of it indeed.



Our World Legends.


Click (herein) to see what Shiro thus means.

and… Sweet Dreams.



Till next…