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Chariots of The Gods.?. Rock n Roll Juggernaut.

In Days, Times, Places. Of Yore. In Our World. Legends do tell Tales. Tales told Tall and some so True. True believers of Machines Powered by Man. That should not only look cool but be fricken Huge. Juggernauts… A Titan of a Title to match. The Original. A Chariot of the Gods, well… Anyways, God’s Taxi has been called. Named The Juggernaut. Herein.


The shock and awe of that which so Towers above us. A Giant, Titan, a Juggernaut.

So too the Gods. Gods like Krishna. Krishna’s taxiJUGGERNAUT CHARIOT.

That is. That and those Chariots of the Gods.

Are this and that pushy Giant Multi-Level Machine Chariot Thingy

which is so free wheelingly rocked n rolled outs. Out- and Country-sided.


Then and so. To be so. Celebrated during the


of the Festival RATHAYATRA of the Hindu’s Peoples, Places and Times.

Thereof. Therein

Krishna’s Gargantuan Sets of Wheels.?.


A JAGANNATH Of The 1800’s.


16 SETS OF WHEELS… Actually. In


most Paintings and Drawings thereof, therein that

and those of Our

World. Legends that do so and tell this Tall Tale of a Tall

Topped Tower on Wheels. Basically. Divine.


KRISHNA; One of those Warring on-off again

Type of Gods. When



desperately desiring of Power. The Power to get from A to B.

To visit those Relatives… actually and well. That was.


Well, Eastern Coastline/Frontal Areas. Of India. Of Yore. Back

Then. This Pushy Power was totally so fully and

manned. By Powers of pushy Men and Women. Per se

and for in the Real. Also. Also and as well as the




TOWER HOUSE, Krishna + co.


of The Gods.?.

Rock n Roll Juggernaut



Heading Your Ways…

was also hopefully used as a shouted Sounding and Warning Device. As

in Our World. Legends, ‘cos therein

actually concerned, make NO mention of a Horn or Beeping

capability. Therein. God’s Taxi. A Taxi in which Gods Sat. Still. Still


this All bulked up package was and so pulled along with Ropes. With

lotsa MANS power

as well. Well as

the Ropes being pulled along a long Ways. For many Days on end.


Was also mainly Hemp. Which

has other uses, forms as well. Manly or Otherswise. Well as

that and those, is there


are quite many a number of Deaths. Rather un-Festive

it seems in deed indeed. Thereof. Of Krishna Devotees

who got excitedly or




As The Wheels Turns…


not. Somehows.?.




Under One of those fricken sky scraping Rounded

Wheely Things on the God’s Chariots. Image. Aboves. Bearing

down, that and those burdens of the Gods, Chariot, Gargantuan sized


towering so toppily above. Thems. Below. As below this Temporary House

of Gods is a Temple Wagon


Wheeled. With an inbuilt Recycle Process. Sorta’. Each Year.


Once the Epic Journeying. All Done. That is. That is

when. Parts of the Jugger Chariot chuck Krishna Wagons are sold off to

Devotees. Those

Souls. Still

Living. The

Temple and sold-off bits are soon replaced, ready and then readied

for reuse. Next


Festive Times and Places and so forth. Forthrightly Recycling. Sorta’, for

keeping Ups the Faith anyways.



So Too, The Pics…

Whoever and however BIG Her Wallet may so Faith fully be. Or not. Those

moving in Motion Movies of Modern Times and Places.

With that and this motion capability of Film Spooling and Turning.


Modern Movies have and also has done. Done and well

ensnared, entrapped within the usage of this Gigantism

of a large Term. For a Movie

Mutant. Human. Machine like. But Mutant. Thingy. Mountain


of a Man. GIANT. There. That is. Juggernaut. Also




precision and such accolades for this and that SuperHero

called thus and so Juggernaut. Rounds of Applause. Also. Also


He is BIG. Also. Bigger than i, Shiro as well. Well as He now.


Punches like a titanic freight train and rough n tumbles real well. As well. He

does. That. Also quite. Is.

Big of Him in deed.

‘Cos He is. BIG. As well filled well. Out.


With Power, Momentum, Timing and then Targeting those soft spots. On

ALL those and these Other SuperHeroes jaw-lines. Other random Body

Parts may and could hurt so

be. Too. Targeted. To be so vanquished by Motion of a Mountain

Man of Mass. With manly Momentum. Also. Also


Very BIG. Strong as well. Well as this and that is this. That now



and from The Title of Krishna/Vishnu then incarnating:



Be His Nomen. Named with an oversized





JAGAT… “…The World, Man, Beasts in motion/movement Style…”

NATHA …”…Lord, Master, Protector, Helper,..”

NATHATE …”…He that Helps, Aids…”




So… Is a Giant. Machine, Man Powered. For the Gods. Aid. Of

course. Power Aid.?. Anyways that so be. Be and



Btw’s… Still trying to figure from Our World Legends what Business

and Works Ethics and/or Guidelines these and those GOD.?.

Things/Man/Woman/Creatures work under.?. What Wages, Conditions,

Hourly Rate they are worth.?.


Full-time, Part-Time, Retirement Benefits, Allowances.?. Taxes.?.

etc but the Data seems to be ghost writ. For Real. ‘Cos couldn’t Find Any.


Wage, Employment Records with their Nomens. On Thems. That is NONE.

Found. None. So much for their Book-keepings. And their Accountant.


Anywheres. NONE. Anyways… So, seek and search some. Mores. As Belows. Herein.



Is Machine Tech. Of Yore.

That goes arounds being pushy. And BIG.


Around on Wheels. 16. Also. BIG.


Where and within this Festival Big Wheels so turn. To so become

powered Ups heavenly, that is a


“…Massive inexorable force,

an unstoppable public campaign that crushes whatever is in its path…”


A Path and Ways. To Heaven it seems in deed. Indeed

The Juggernaut is



The Wheely Writings…so Writ.

a BIG LUG WHO LORDS HIS MIGHT, sometimes Helping. With Recycling.

And the UnderTaker’s Business, wheeling and dealing Merchants as well. Well as,

Basically, getting pushed arounds the Coast by Hundreds of Hands. Hands also

attached. To Followers and God-pushers. Therein. Thereof.


Seeking and searching Our World. Legends indicate that One, possibly robust,

big-hearted, yet genial giant of a Man, Monk, FRIAR tuckODORIC,

Ancient Ancestor, Scribe, Monking arounds and so on. Did so go on

and Writ. That first.?. Note Writ in the

Western kept Annals and Chronicles. Chronicled in Europe. By ODORIC.

  1. Ish. So Writ. Then He so


recorded an Early Description of the festivities at this and that Festival. Of

BIGNESS. The stylish and festive, oversized approach

to that and this Krishna divinity taxi and company of Devotees. Who, to a Tee


then buy back Holy hard and woodenly bits of The Gods Chariot

to look at with their Tea. Later. At Home. Theirs. Then



for some 9 Days the Juggernaut is wheeled Festively Celebrating the Journey

of this and that Lord to the Temple. GUNDICHA. To visit His Aunt. Though and

yet. Not Alone it seems in deed. Alone, Krishna is not. For


travelling with and yet not. Not in together… ‘Cos they have separate

Chariots. That is. Is that of Companions and Siblings;

Sister SUBHADRA and Brother, Lord BALABHADRA.


The Jagannath Chariot Festival is usually held on the Second (…Dwitiya…)

Day of Shukla Pakshya (…Waxing Moon…) of Ashadh Maas

(3rd Month of Lunar Calendar).


A Trio of Juggernauts taking over the Road and Path Ways all Ways arounds.

These Juggernauts All have their Own Name as well. Well as being BIG. The


BALABHADRA of the TALADHWAJA whilst the main Lord,



All described and writ of. Back Then.

Of Yore. Writ approx. 1321 ish. Odoric thy scribal nomen

thereof. There. Back Then. Then


there is this. When, Where’s and How.?.



Did You or someone anew that You so know or knew. Did

and were. Last.

Shock and Awed.?.

So Towered over.

Epic and Big-hearted Too.?. To so and then.


Have Bit Off… More Than YOU Can so Chew.?.?.?. Over.

That shattered so apart. To thus, so reveal.

A True Heart.


Big Enough. To and for You.


Do so Tell. Tall and True. Those Tales. Herein.

For Me, i, Shiro. From You.





Heracles. Legendary Lost City. BYO Snorkel.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


World Over and Turnings. Turnings Words To Play. Chains, Balls.

One. Other Side to Our World. Legends in prose and praise of looking Both Ways. Two Sides, Every Tales. Mix n Match mismatched. Sides of a View of Dreams and Plans, Thoughts and Dreams. Too. There that is. Both Sides. One. The Other. Pt2. Another Ditty Dozen Dishing Dirt.


In Our World. Legends do so and say that there are many

Words. Therein. Herein a few. Mores. Twisted, warp sped through

the Mind. Of i, Shiro. That is. Is that which is now. Upon Us. Yes…

You. too. To Word Play… or not.?.

In such Ways. In such a

World Over and

Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Chains,


That and so thus say too; That. Pt.2. Herein.

One Other Side.

So and thus.



Another Ditty Dozen Dishing Dirt.

As so and thus. Herein. Belows

and. Aways. Whereby and



(Music Link)



Once. You and i were a Pair, so matched.

Now. More a Quilt with that, so patched.


Once. I dreamed You would never change. Live a Dream.

Now. You say i never changed. Into that same Dream.


Once. We had Love, Just Life. So precious.

Now. Life and Love. Just, So pressured.


Once. For Me. You said Mountains, so climbed.

Now. Every mole-hill so, is a Mountain made.


Once. Accepting the Others All, least and most.

Now. Mostly caring of the Other in the least. Of All.


Once. We fell for that perfect marriage pitch.

Now. We stand yearning of that so 7 Year itch.



Once. Love Supreme.

Now. Simple. Simply. Broken Dreams.


Once. Every door open, before us. The World, Our Oyster.

Now. Locked doors. Balls. Chains.


Once. Every door You opened for Me.

Now. Every Door You slam.


Once. We sat watching Waves, Seas and Sky.

Now. We sit alone. Just. Watching them Fall. By.


Once. Wherefore Cupid Arrows, did so burst.

Now. Only that so cold, Knife, back-thrust alert.


Once. You so Smiled at My every joke.

Now. You so joke,


You no longer ever Smile.



Words, Lives so strung, every and which.

In other ways. In the ends. Begins


We Walk. Play. So and do,



In this and those.

Chilly Breezings that so. So

sweep Your Soul. So


Ever been so.?.

Lost For Words… Till Long Afters.?.

Long. Long… Afters needed.?.


Feel free to place and put. Herein.

Those mashed Ups Misquotes and

Misspokens as well. Well as


those. With Bite. Or Bark.!.



Our World Legends. Be One.

Wheres, Whens. Whence, Ever and


So, You So.

Do Walk.



Next… Our World Legends return. The

Research. Continues To Seek and Search: Featuring;

Chariots Of The Gods.?. Rock n Roll Juggernaut.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


World Over and Turnings. Turnings Words To Play. Balls, Chains.

Prose and Satire combine, mix. Herein. A mix, a combo of Thoughts and Dream Wishes. Wishes that come and those That Turn. All overs. Turns. In All sorts of Ways. Ways that Our World Legends do so and say have. Have and with, least, Two sides to every Tale. Taking sides. Your Choices. Therein. Tales of go… then woe. Pt.1. One Side. 12 Plays. A Ditty of Dirty Dozen. Now. Go.


Working with Words as a Researcher into Our World Legends exposes One

to many. POV’s.

Even as the Mind of i, Shiro works through the Data, it plays. Wordplay,

twisting, manipulating and moving Thems arounds. The Data goes into Others

already there, checking to see the Light of connection. Connecting they stay,

if not… They Play.


As Belows. Herein.

A fun Way of Words overturning.

Simply Enjoy.


In a

World Over and

Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Balls,


That thus and so say; That. Pt.1. Herein.

One Side.


A Ditty of Dirty Dozen.

Now go. Like so and thus; Wherebys,




(Music Link)


Once. ‘Tween Us. No Words needed to be said.

Now. ‘Tween us. Words. Everything, better left unsaid.


Once. You only. Had Eyes for Me.

Now. Your Eyes cannot even meet. Mine.


Once. You asked Would i be gone long.?.

Now. Only wishing, would be. Long gone.


Once. We had not a care in the World.

Now. We sit Alone. Our World uncaring.


Once. Wild Horses could not separate us.

Now. We ride alone.


Once. We made Vows on Rainbows, Colors of light.

Now. Silently We vow. Everything just black, white.



Once. You gave me Butterflies in the stomach.

Now. All. Just. Lumps in the throat.


Once. You vowed to carry Me over every threshold.

Now. On the threshold of carrying every burden.


Once. You used to kiss me quick.

Now. We so quickly kiss.


Once. We took on the World. Battling ups n downs.

Now. Smoothly evading. Giving runarounds.


Once. Our Plans and Dreams were the same.

Now. Planning and Dreaming. Of any change. At all.


Once. You said you would Love me Forever.

Now. You ask-


Loved Me.?.

Have You so Ever.?.



Words, Lives so strung, every and which.

In other ways. In the ends. Begins,


We Walk. Play.




In those.

Chilly breezes that so. So sweep Thy Soul.


Feel free enough to let loose those Quotes

You mish and mash Ups. Herein. Misquotes.


Laugh in or cry on.

Strung Ups or Tied Downs.


Share Any and All You so wish. To. Herein.

Chains, Balls. Balls, Chains.





Pt. 2-

World Over and Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Chains, Balls.

Another Ditty Dozen Dishing Dirt.


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Turn Your World. Over.

Live Your Dreams.


Just Play.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…