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A Need For A LiL’ Speed. The Pin-Ups.

Though i, Shiro prefer the Two Wheeling Kawasaki Kunoichi ZX-7… These TWO of Our World. Legends have become greatly known of. Of the 4-Wheeled kind that is. Is that of the incomparable Lamborghini Countach and then renowned Jensen Interceptor MK3. Two of the free-wheeling SuperCars that are not. Free. But Super in deed. Indeed and Revved Ups. A LiL’. Intel Bytes #9 A Need For A LiL’ Speed. The Pin-Ups.


Many Cars designed, manufactured. Elite, Specials and the very Fast

of those built, in a Class All their Own. The SUPERCARS. In Our World,

Legends do so and tell of Men, Women, Machine, striving and speeding

on and in to History. History


Books that is. History making Cars are unique as

A Need

For A Lil’ Speed. The


shows o so clean and clear. Ly. Herein. To begins

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #9

do so and include. Therein. The pinnacle of Car Manufacturing

and Automotive Tech.

Of a certain Times and Places. Back then and when.


Representative of a Ways and Traditions that combines looks, speed,

quality and stylish performance.

The Super-Car.


Not All are Racing based though such Tech. and Equip. oft

supplied. Therein.

Trade Nomens of repute, many longstanding, freewheeling,

dealing their Ways into those Books. Of History. Include


Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren,

Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bugatti, BMW


and so on. Lamborghini has an ongoing and high standard with

a solid background in both

Production and Racing. Such as with the






Spicks of The Specs. Therein. As Well.

Well as being so given the

Nomen/Type : Countach LP400.


Production Years : April 1974 – 1978.

Designer : Marcello Gandini for Bertone

Production Build : Automobili Lamborghini SpA


Structure :

All-Round Steel Tubular SpaceFrame by Marchesi (40 mm tube).

Body : All Aluminum Panels.


Suspension : All-wheel Independent, Fully Adjustable.

Front : Unequal length A-arms, Coil Springs, Tube Shocks

and Anti-roll Bar

Rear : Upper Lateral Links, Lower Reversed A-arms,

Upper & Lower Trailing Arms,

Dual Coil Springs, Dual Shock Absorbers and Anti-roll Bar.


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Brakes : All-wheel Girling Disc Brakes, Vacuum assisted, Single Servo,

Twin Circuit Split Front and Rear.


Steering Type : Unassisted Rack and Pinion, 3.1 turns lock to lock

Turning Circle : 13 m / 43 ft

Front Tire Size : 205/70 VR 14

Rear Tire Size : 205/70 VR 14

Type of Tire : Michelin XWX

Type of Wheel : Campagnolo cast Magnesium.

V-12 60 degree, Light-alloy Block with pressed-in liners mid mounted

(longitudinal), Rear Wheel Drive.

Dual Overhead Camshafts, chain drive, two valves/cylinder.

Dual Electric Bendix Fuel Pumps, 6 twin-choke Weber 45 DCOE 96/97

side draught Carburetors.

Clutch : Fichtel & Sachs dry-single plate, hydraulically operated.


Type :

Lamborghini five-speed +

reverse manual All-synchromesh driving

to a Lamborghini Limited-slip Differential. Differing


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in some and many Ways. Is that of the another of the

Super Cars. That

is the

JENSEN INTERCEPTOR MK3. That is in deed.


Hand-made ’twas for the most part. Parts and components too. To

and when required. Back then. Back then in and from the 1950’s.

Interceptors were made at and under the Hands of those. At The

Carters Green and Kelvin Way Factories.

England. Thereof. Therein. They were so made. Even handedly. Back Then.


Originally envisaged to enable Production in Italy of Vignale the Interceptors

Imported had to be rather extensively modded. Modifications

to suit English Conditions and Requirements that soon and enough. Then.


Become rather costly and not to mention Time consuming…



but mentioned THAT i, Shiro just did. AnyWays. Just Then. Back then,


with the Interceptor they became. Then. Thus solely West Bromwich Built. A Full

Leathers Interior with perhaps three

main Phases to it’s ongoing then so onto Development. Mode.


  • 1966: Interceptor Series Production ensues, powered by The

6276cc Chrysler V8. TorqueFlite Transmission System.

23 were built with Four-speed Manual ’box.

A Model FF was introduced, 4WD and ABS.

  • 1969: Mk2 released with slightly altered Front End,

improved Interior, uprated Brakes.

  • 1971: Mk3 release, with The 385bhp 7.2-litre SP.


In the main the Chassis was heavily modded with differing arrangements to suit the

changing Drive Systems utilised. Wheels and such were updated on and at each

Production Release as usually was Front Suspension now mainly

using independent Coil-spring Ball-jointed Wishbones, Damper


Levers telescoped, updated Girling Triple Pistons, Power Steering,

Brakes and Tyres similar updated as well. Well as



so and thus to Figures Why. These Be

Our World. Legends Be.?.


These are, was and so used to be. Be the so and thus First

Car Posters.

Cars i, Shiro had. As a wee Lad.

The First on My Wall.


Well… Last as well. Well as this.


Feel the Wind well in thy Hair. Thus and so feel Free

to Share. Your

First Pin-up. On the Wall.


Your Room. Your Home.

‘Twas.?. To be.?.




What in deed.?. Filled This Space… Wall-Space that is.?. Of Yours.?. Of Yore.?.



World Over and Turnings. Turnings

Words To Play. Balls, Chains.



Our World Legends. Be One.


Super as can be.

Your Ways in deed.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



The Wonders of Happy Exploding Mind. Mind Blown.

Inspiration comes in many Forms. Truths as well. Well as ’tis said… Out of the Mouths of Babes. Jaded, i, Shiro attends a Local Gem + Mineral Show. Shown too therein. The shiny and fresh Wonders of Awe. For and far too oft. We take things lightly, for granted. Granted earthy Life from Mother Nature of Our World. Legends from Inner and Age-less innocent Wisdom from a Child’s Mind. Herein. Charlie.



“…My Mind is Exploding with Happiness…”


Out of the mouths of Babes. Charlie’s. Surname.

Kept silent to innocently protect. Thus and so.

Unknown and lost to Times, Places and i, Shiro. Now.



a Young Male Child to be so precise. That is.

Charlie so named. He was and is.


This morn, Saturday began as per norm. The norm of

Chores, Shopping, arranging friendly Meets and so on. On

and to. To a near and by Local Community Gathering. A

Display, Sharing and Showing


of Work and Finds of Experts, Novices and Interested Parties.

Of the Works of Mother Nature.



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Where Heaven and Earth combine and mix in Form.

Elements, Gems and Minerals that twinkle just. So.

Where Innocence and Truth do meet. Mix.


To combine into Awe and Wonder. Meant.


Of that moment. Now. IN THE NOW.



(Music Link)


Indeed, THAT moment. That moment

when a Young One. Realises a Dream. When

The Wonders of

Happy Exploding Mind.

Mind Blown

by simply Being. Being

at a Gem + Mineral Show. In deed. His First.


With this and that Wonder and Awe. Of Youth. Charlie’s

in particular.

That is. Also. In Mind. His. Then.



“… My Mind is Exploding With Happiness…”


ajoined with that so wide open stare, gaping mouth

and that enigmatic breathless whisper. Of Awe.


Having arrived early (…compared to that is Charlie…)

at the Gem + Mineral Showing. Once done.

Several Laps thereof.


I decided to take a Seat from a row set along the entrance Hallway.

A magnificent scene, Formational Crystalline Inner Earth in colors

and hues divine. In

a cutaways Fashion with movements and Sounds

of Liquids, so forth


and styled and Cabinet Displayed very artily. Also. Was

up. There.

To keep Mind. Serene.


Awaiting Companions… all Adults…

to finish up their Ways. Around. The Show




This meant that new arrivals would pass and go past. My


Several did. Young and Old. Both.

Most rushing by


eager to get in amongst the Stalls and Tables laid out

within. The Show.



Not Charlie.


Relishing his chance he strung out, wrung out those and these

feelings of goodness, emotions. That so arose. Within.

He stopped. Stand-still. Statue. Mouth open…

soaking it All. In. Within.


The Show. Scene.


Till Words did so then arrange those filled so Emotions. That


Within. Him.

Till Mind had seen, so absorbed this scene. To be seen. Ahead.

Of Charlie. Then.


Till voice so filled could no longer. Contain. That and

those so so whirling, precious Emotions, that so. Arose. Did.

Within. Charlie.


Till bursting free pressure pulsed from within. Giving such and so

that Voice. To Emotion.

A cry so heartfelt i compelled and turned to join. Emotionally

infected. As i, Shiro


turned and just so smiled in turn. Turning

Mind back and over such to Other Times


and Places. Where. Where



that Feeling. Did and had uplifted so. So

in tune with Wonder and Awe.



i joined in too. To feel


“…My Mind is Exploding with Happiness…” as well. Well as


The more i, Shiro look. The more. I did see. Within.


Of the many and Real things. That so please.

Of how too. To realise that Youth when left to be right

IN the Real. When left to rightly describe. What they Feel.

Reveal Truths of what Our World in deed do


and does. Reveal.


Even to an ol’ so n so. Like me i, Shiro. Youth


can teach Elders too,

by sharing so well and so refreshingly clear. Their

naivety, innocence, that drive and freshness of view. Their

Love and Care. For


that and this Our World. Our Home. That which We share.

The Awe



of those things that really Matter. Within. To Mind. Also.

When Living in this Moment. This here. This Now.

This moment of Real Emotion that so tugs and tears.

That’s… Real.


That’s Life.

Take a deep breath. Of That. Just Feel.

What. They feel.


Not the chase for goods and accumulation.

‘Tis feelings, emotions, experiences, sharing.

That count. For Real. Within.



In the Now.


Be like Charlie.

Our least. With the Most.


Share the Experience of Feeling, yet and not those

ravages of Time.

Share the Experience but keep it age-less,

time-less. Now. Just Now.


To relate to young or old. Be young or old. Just

Share. That. What’s Real.

Your emotions, actions, carry forward, all with

that inherent due care.


Be not afraid to step back and down into those

shoes. Smaller

though they may. Be. Flexible.

No quashing of Dreams.


Go back or others Ways to get a sense of their

fit. Size…

doesn’t matter with this and that. Just Feel. Now. Then



What’s Real. Within.

Show You Care.



Authors Notes:

Just for the Record.

Whilst chatting to Charlie + Fam. after myOur

Minds Explodeds.


I mentioned to and asked Charlie His Opinion

on the Display Cabinet Back-drop scene.


He said… ” …The Earth is very pretty

I like the bits that Shine…”.


Then. To that and this and His.

I demur, concur. Agree.



An Exploding Mind.?.

When was the Last or First Times and Places.?.

Yours did.?.




Feel pleased and more than free to Share that

still and so

Moment of Awe… which

filled Thy Mind. Then.


Set it Free. Herein.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


No matter Your Age.

You are Time-less.


Be like Charlie.

Shine On.


Simply and so.

Live Your Dreams.



You are Now.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #9

A Need For A LiL’ Speed. The Pin-Ups.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Going Japanese. Gaming Japanese. 7 Ways.

Whilst Training a Mainstay in Japan of Our World Legends… there are Other Ways. Of using up Your Times and Places therein and thereof. 7 Pastimes. Herein. Games. Some on Tables. Some in the Real. Those that Shiro found whilst Training with Ninja. Those… i even Played. At least Once. Some… even Taught a Lesson. Others not so much. Still,.. Ways fun to be had. The 7 Ways.


Training and Living in Japan whilst Studying the Ways

Martial thereof and therein. Means such Times and Places at hand is

spent… therein and thereof also. Also such


Pastimes and such Games in a different Country… are different

Ways as well. Well as some things, stay the same. By

Going Japanese.

Gaming Japanese…

becomes a necessity for Students of Other Lands. Herein. What

to do. When

Times and Places require no rush. In Japan that is.


That i, Shiro did Play. At least Once. Learn also. Also

quite some fun in deed indeed. Therein and thereof as well.


(Music Link)




Herein. Now. The

7 Ways.

In no particular Ways of Order. ‘Cept

Alphabetical therein. As Below.


  • Abacus.
  • Anime/Cosplay.
  • Ball and Racket.
  • Checkers/Dice.
  • Final Fantasy.
  • Hanafuda.
  • Origami.


Game Time…



To wit. To Count that is.

In a different Ways. The Number Ways.


Herein. To start off as well. Well as

known ’tis not technically a Game. Still and lots

though was Maths Fun. Learning this Device and associated Skills. Therein.

Many Online Refs have Videos explaining. The How ’tis done.


The Abacus counts back longways into Our World. Legends

from Greece. Of Yore. Abax the nomen thereof derived. Derived

from the Counting Board Abax so called. In Yore that is. Afore.


Such Styluses, Counting Boards, Tables and Line Devices are found in

many of the Early Civilisations. Functions obvious

when dealing especially with those large numbers.


A Fun yet Learning Device. Counting

the Ways.


In deed indeed.




Dressing Up, Acting, Theater, Role-Play.

Portrayal of Images and Emotions that enthrall.

Ways of Playing. Other Peoples Ways. To


Entertain. Many. Many

as such. Herein. Images that speak such Words

and Ways. Games of Legend and Yore. That is in deed.


Below. A Slide-show. Will explain. Those Ways.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Martial Methods and Other Ways Japanese such as Ninpo, Kabuki

and Noh Theater stress the importance and Historicity of such

and these Skills. Skills

that behind the scenes per se enhance Our Imagination and even


round out Our Personality. In Japan i, Shiro was exposed to. Two

such Ways. That of the Ninja and that too. The Harajuku Road Ways.

Of Yoyogi Park that is. Japan. Still. On the Weekends.


Every Sunday. Entertainment. Games Galore in

Our World. Legends. Therein. As well. Below.


(Video Link)



Ball and Racket 

Games of Skill with Ball, Racket, Juggling Type Sports go back. Back

in Times and Places. Of Yore. All

over Our World. Legends

tell of such in Times and Places afore. Now,.. such nomens as. Belows.


Badminton/Table Tennis/Juggling/FootVolley… So named and so

on. So forth. Forth to


which was then;

in such as Olden

China, Greece, Europe, India, Japan and even more. More


than just a Children’s Game… though many indeed



enjoy such in deed. Adults, Adepts, Experts and Pro’s. All

can enjoy this and these game of hits around it seems.

Variations also include Squash, Hand-Ball, Volley-Ball and more.

Adaptations easy for Beach, Parks, Back-yards.


Equipment usually cheap and readily available.

Ways fun with Friends and Crowds.

Mix n Match Rules to suit Place or Peoples Skill sets.


Ways fun in deed. Indeed


aiding Fitness, Coordination and Timing whilst channeling Sports

Strategies shows such Games are great Add-ons. Adding

to One’s Skills. Sport, Social and so forth and so on.


‘Cept when… Nature calls. Herein.

As Below.


Your… serve.

‘Tis so and seems.?.




Board or Table Games of Skill, Strategy, Tactics… and Chance

as well. Well as



some may even outcome Gamble thereof. There on Board

or Tabled checked thereupon it seems. As above. Just Go.


In many Ways… is War. Replayed. With lil’ Buttons. Buttons

that resemble Lollies or Lozenges. Look-a-likes

perhaps and perchance as well. As well,


but Buttons they be. Unflavored. Take

it from me, I, Shiro. Who knows.


Of such Ways and things. Mints…

they be NOT. Indeed. In deed. Been

there. Tried. Done that deed indeed.


No fresh breathe flavour therein. Thereof either.


Just Strategies, Plans and those o so rolling

Dreams. All


ready to… GO. As below.



The above Images Two are of a Game Version in and of Japan.


As with such as Checkers and Chess. The Aim is to Control

the Board Territory. Black has the First Move. Therein.


Then alternate thereof. Stones sit then and thus still.

On Board that is.

Are set in Place ’till captured and removed.


Some 361 Buttons can take their part. And Place thereupon.

Strategies can involve many linked moves to effect. Victory

achieved by larger Territorial Control at this Games End.


Dice and Board Games are notable Pastimes. With many Our World

variations. Local as well. Get Your Game on indeed. In deed. Just…




Play. Games On. Get Game.




Final Fantasy 

Computer Gaming.


Computer Gaming is Modern Tech’s contribution to this gamey Genre.

One can spend…

much Times and Places Gaming so. Also much Cash.


A huge variety of choices of Game Types as well. Well as

Instructional, Musical, Learning and combinations of Themes.


Gaming Experts mold their Computers to screen

only this One Thing. Games

that is. Cash spent…

can be High in deed indeed therein it seems.


The Title herein is an i, Shiro… Game of choice.

The Final Fantasy Series that is in deed.


An epic and wide faring RPG styled event.



Characters and Gameplay evolve and adapt as one

enters this Game and Series depths. Epic

and far-reaching Tales.


Accompany and help the immersion of Imagination. Images

and additional Gameplay oft included in several Ways. Extra Quests,

Dungeons and Powers to be had and got. Visuals


are usually stunning and melodramatic.

Some of the Higher Levels/Challenges…

are very challenging to Ones Skills therein. A particular fav.

of Our World Legends and Figures usage therein as well. Well as many


a Hero, Goddess and God are thereof and therein presented for use…

once defeated that is. In Games of Battle epic thus fought. And

Won. Against All Odds. Against even…


The Gods. Game. Set and Match…

can be hard fought and won. Well gamed.


Therein. The Final Fantasy. Indeed.


(Video Link)




Card Gaming and Nature combine. Therein.

Natural Scenery depictions background these Cards. Images.

Above, Belows.




Nomen Translates: Flower Cards.


History within Our World Legends indicate too. That

a current Multi-national Gaming and Electronics Giant.



Began Life. With a pack of Hanafuda. Cards.

In 1889. Of Yore.

Big… deal in deed.


48 Cards.

12 Suits (Months).

1 Flower Type per Month/Suit.


Thick, cardboardy construct.

Approx. 1/3 Size of Western Playing Cards.


A Set of 4. For Each Month.


Of Yore, in the mid 1500’s Portuguese Missionaries

such as Francis Xavier visited. Japan. Crew Members

of such were avid somewhat voracious Card Players. Players

too, soon enough the Japanese of then. Became. Just as. Avid.


Many Packs/Styles were banned by such and the then Govt. all

due to Gambling effects and so affected. Therein.


Over such Times and Places the Game has become more. Social.

Several Game Variants and Ways. Ways of the Flowers


therein. To begin. With January… and on. Pine Cone, Plum Blossom, Cherry Blossom,

Wisteria, Iris, Peony, Bush Clover, Silver Grass, Chrysanthemum, Maple Leaf,

Willow and Paulownia then in December.


A detailed Flowery History and sweet accounts. Therein.

Get Your. Game On.


Well Play and Good Luck. With that. That Done. Now

to fold on and into.




Paper Folding Arts.


Personally, i, Shiro is. Not an easy Folder.


Not goods. At All. No gold Star therein.



(Video Link)


Though this may seem the easiest in Physical Terms. Physically

getting good results take a lil’ Times. Tries as well. Well as

promoting Dexterity, Paper Sales, Patience. Not the Card Games Ones. That is.


After the Invention of Paper. Someone started folding. That

unfolded early on in Our World. Legends record these arty acts as

Orikata. The… Folding of Shapes.


Origami. The… Folding of Paper.

New name. Olden Art.


Mod. and Real nomen now: Origami.


Origami Tsuki: Certificate Type.

Origami Noshi: Good Fortune Type.


Many Early Folders were of the Priestly, Noble, Upper type

and Technical Classes in Society. ‘Cos basically. They could afford to. To

over Times and Places to be come to be used as

Decorative, Artistic, Architectural Public Display Pieces.



(Video Link)


Easily adapted to enhance Teachings and Education. Within

such Fields of Study as Mathematics, Geometry and Other

Ways of using Numbers and Shapes to Teach. Concepts. Thereof.


Searching and laying out the History in Japan. A first

Literary mention appears the 1797 Thousand Crane Folding :

Sembazuru Orikata of Akisato Rito.


Much so writ on Traditional Significance, Cultural Aspects as well

as the Traditional Folding Ways and Methods. Discussed. Therein.



A later combo effort by Japanese Master Yoshizawa Akira and American

Sam Randlett developed and promoted a Defined Or Standard of Use

for the Current Origami Diagram/Drawing/Symbols.


Several Artistic Methods include enhancement by Back-Coating,

Laminating and Wet Folding which so enable production of Pieces

for other Arts and Ways such as Puppetry, Diorama Displays

and Sculpted almost 3-D Types. These additions over Times and Places


ensure a Living Art that continues to Grow and Explore Tech., Methods

other Ways of Artistic Expression. To join.


The fold.




Feel Free to Share Your Gaming Love with a Comment or Two.

A Favored or a Unique One You May Know.


Game on…



Our World Legends. Be One.

Stay Game.

Do the Works.


Live those Dreams.

Let Them unfold.


Simply Play.


A Cat’s Tale running out. A Samurai Saver. Herein.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #8

Elephantine Arts of Self-Defence. Martial. Of Yore.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…