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Gods and Lovers. Loved to Berry Death. The Red.

In Our World. Legends too. Pt. 2. The Red. After the White. One. Of Pt. 1 that is. Was. Is that, this One too. Two thereof. With a Love of Nature and Natural Love ‘tween Babylon’s Thisbe and Pyramus. To get to The Well, That Mulberry Tree as well. Well as confronting the Night Tiger, not Each Others. Into the Night, The White then Red. Berry Love, Others Bruises this be. Thisbe, Pyramus also. Also. Herein.


In Our World, Legends of that enigmatic Silkworm know well The

Mulberry. Tree. Leaves. A Fav. Foodstuff it seems in deed. Indeed,

The Bark as Legendary. Chinese First Paper Thereof as well. Well as

this Deciduous Tree of some Seven Species can be found. Found


in Our World Places and Times of the Africas, Americas, Asia

and select other SubTropical Regions and Areas.

Chinese Chronicles for example;…

chronicle uses and details

from afore the 7th Century. Medicinal in the Main. Therein.


Scientifically nomened The MORUS from the Olden Latin.

A Nod to One of it’s Capabilities of forming Buds, New Growth.

Only and whence by. Long after those chilly Late Frosts. Go Bys.


DEMORARI… This “...delaying…” action. Thereof. Latin.




(Music Link)


In Our World Legends also. Also somewhat Legendary

and of Agriculture;.. note

this. That Tree

Bleeds... when Cut. ‘Cept in Winter that is. That is


as well these Trees. Usually possess a gnarled, twisted,

yet attractive,

aged appearance. Some with that Weeping Willow Look.

The PENDULA nomened most notable. There. As


Belows. Image also. Also



Over Times and Places in Our World. Legends so grow.

As with The Mulberry. That Tree. Berries.

Symbols of Sacred Innocence. The White.

ThisbePyramus. Love Be.


Symbols of Sacred Sacrifice. The Red. Herein.

Fates. Destinies Theirs thus be. Too.

As With Thems

Gods and Lovers.

Loved to Berry

Death. The Red

soon follows. That White. In Our World. Legends


of Pt.2. Belows Begins after parting with Pt. 1. Where

Thisbe did ran, Tiger so followed, Cloak thus flung, Pyramus…

now confounded… Arrives, bides only lil’ at Well, Tree then

and Bys,.. By being at the right spot... at the wrong time…

He… Finds. He


is Lost. So



Moving on, letting Senses prevail and direct.

Back and Towards. The Tiger. That Cloak. So wrecked. Wracked

now with frustration, hunger and mores. The Tiger so growled

as Pyramus. Approached. So close.


Ways behind could still be seen. A Lump. A Pile

on that Path. So wrecked. That Cloak.

Thisbes. Still. There. So and Torn.


Thinking rash with Blood already heated through. Pyramus

attacked rashly. And Again. Close too. To that Cat. So Wild.


Surprised and taken aback. At the Lack. Of Fear

from Pyramus. So close. Those wild rash Swingings

of Steel. As well



The Tiger. Backed Off. Aways. Well and well

aways, a Forest return as well. Well as now. Now


Feeling Heroic. Pyramus mores and so deflated. That

…Cloak. He knew…

Thought He knew... So His Mind twists Truth… Till. He

KNOWS the meaning thereof. Gone. He KNEW.


Thisbe. Thus Be. Gone. Tigered Ups n

Outs. Of Life. So Gone. Now


Returning Back. The Well, That Tree.


A Mulberry. Tree.


Standing still. Under Tree so and laden with White

Berrys. The


Thisbe was gone, far gone. He Knew. That

Tiger, Torn Cloak were All

He could see. Had seen, enough. To Know.


Con vinced HimSelf. Love too was flung far this Time. Con

vinced HimSelf… Love Had Flown. In Tigerish Ways. Thisbe

was gone. Thinking thus, Pyramus knew. To do what


Must. Be Done. So...

Fell on His Sword through n thru’-



So Done. Was Pyramus. With Love and Life. Liquid

Life so splashed Alls arounds… turning Berry Whites

to Reds. Shades Deep, Bright. As Life slowly ebbed. Aways.


Thisbe stopped running. Now,

Regaining Her Senses... and sense of Direction.

On the right Path. She so left, went. Wrong or not.


Back to The Well. That Tree.

She went. So



Back into the Night.

Simply. looking for Love.

Hers. Pyramus.


The Well, That Tree.

The Whites now Red so be. There.


Approaching the Well, nearbys, The Tree dark and unusual.

The whole place,..

A dark sheen covered it so. So and well.

The usual gleaming White spots so subdued. Now.

No longer pale. Pale though was Her Love. Still. For Now.


Thisbe moved closer as Her World stopped. Still.

Pyramus, Sword and Cloak. Now,..

to be seen. The deep and bright


of Life so scattered abouts, all arounds.

Whites into Reds became this scene.


Shuddering, shivering with that Ache that Love

so brings.


That ache that only Love so fills.



Thisbe knew too. To be in Love Alone...

Now. Here.

Just Wouldn’t, Won’t Do.


Death, a Friend and Lover. To Be.

Thisbe and Pyramus. To Be.

In Death and Life. To Be. Now


His Sword in Her Hand,

His Sword, Her Heart.


Till thru’.

Till still.

Reds over White.

All Arounds.


That Tree.




Her Love Stopped Not by Death. At Alls.

For and Now. Lovers till Death and then...

Forever Mores. Then. Now.


Thisbe and Pyramus.

To Be.


Never apart. Again. So be. That.


As Berrys so deepened, Reds over White.

Thisbe. Pyramus. That Tree. That Night.

A White so ended,


in that so Red. Of those Dark Overs Light. That



As Our Lovers Dreams, Life, ended. This and

That fitful, fateful Night.


Of Yore. Babylon. A

Night of Lost Dreams. In Our World. Legends of


The Gods. That did mourn, that a Love so Pure. So Right.

Forever more, so then. To Be.

So was Then. Decreed. Dark over Light. To Be. Now.

From that Night.


ForeverMore. Now. Thus and so. So

Berries so deepen, mature,..

grow Wise and Age too. To and within.

With Reds to and over White. So True.


The White. The Red.

Those Legendary Colors. For Heroes

and Lovers


who Dare. Tonight.


To Love, To


On, in Love.


Forever Mores. So it seems.




(Music Link)


The Times of The Vermilion.


Seemingly too…

As Our World Legends of the Sciences delve further into

the Nutrients Levels of the Berries,.. More is found. More

All round Goodness. Lots.

Appreciation of the Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants. So within.

The Berry.


Though predominantly Alkaline in Natures…

‘cepting Cranberries;


All have become valuable additions to Our Diets.

The interplay of Hormones, Enzymes and associated Body

Systems supported well by the Berry Family.

Most have a Fav.


Berry Type, Allergies and Fertiliser Types can vary absorption,

quantity and quality of Nutrients. Well suited to Juicing. Berries

come in several Colors, with this

Variety also influencing the Health Properties. Berry

nice in deed.


Mulling over



Medicinally, Many Parts of The Mulberry may be of Use.

Female and Male Flowers propagate in separate sections

of the same Plant.


Leaves, Roots, Barks,

Branches, Fruits and Sap

All find Applications towards benefiting Health. Health

Boosts. From Aboves. As Belows.


Inflammations, Coughs/Asthma, Diuretic,

Rheumatic, Culinary/Constipation and Tetanus.


As afore mentioned, The Leaves fed to Silkworms.

China’s History in Our World. Legends tell Tales of

The Empress Si-Ling (…app. 2960 B.C...) being given

Credit. Thereof Idea and Promotion. Since.





Culinary Ways and Uses include;..

Jams, Jellies, Syrups, Yogurts and Wines.

Fruit fresh and Yum. Follow.


Economic spin-offs apply to the Tree Wood.

Mainly in Sporting Bats and Racket Types.


That Tree.

The Mulberry is quite Hardy preferring deep and rich,

well drained Soils. Can be Seed propagated as well. Well as

by Cuttings. Roots though are fragile, requiring support

during TransPlant.


Cultivated widely in Our World.

The Berry.

Legends so Tell. That. Then



Feel free and berry good too. To

Share. Herein.


Any and Alls maturing thoughts on




Ways To Use In Our World. Legends

of Each and Any. Any You would...






King of Persia. Declares War On Water. LowLights.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Mulberry Street,.. New York… U.S. of A. Of Yore. A Lil’.


Gods and Lovers. Loved to Berry Death. The White.

In Our World. Legends Tell Tales of Yore, of Mystery. Love, Other Bruises as well. Well as Within. Hows, Whys, What They Did. By Seek+Search to Find, Seeded within One. One unrequited Love, an oft Forgotten Ode. That, those Berry Time and Places… and i, Shiro too. To Forget Not. Herein. How To Read These Legends Ripe. Berries. The White. Pt 1.


In Our World. Now. Berries of The Mulberry Tree flush Deep Reds,

Purples, Vermilions as Maturing progresses. Covering over,

paler Pinks of Younger Fruit. Fruit that so stays still White per se,

Unripe; then so carries alongs within.

Another Legend or Tradition in Our World. Legends olden,


akin to that + those;.. Cupid + Psyche. The Tales of Legendary

Eros as well. Well as Tales that so linger,

of the oft unseen, yet discerned, felt;..



Sadness, Tenderness, Meaningfulness that Love,

Nature, so brings. For

Gods and Lovers.


to Berry Death.

The White

Berry was oft,.. quite oft. Too. Legendary. In Deed. Of Yore.


In The Real. Naturally.

Berry… often. In deed. Indeed


The Legend of the White and Dark Sacred Berry reflects a Natured

Truth. A Truth in Our World. Legends decree that Our

Love Works… in Mystery and Ways. Ways,..

Pure, yet;..

oft hard to Understand, Accept, Integrate.

Light AND Dark (…Thus and so, in


…The White… The Red…).


Musingly. Bewildering. ly.

Messages and Thoughts sent so and perhaps

Misinterpreted, Misunderstood. Truths Within.


Love… is a Mystery. Of Ways. Therein.

With none the Master nor Mistress be;..

thereof. Of and by


Using Nature and Symbols thereof and therein. In

Our World. Legends from the Ancient Ancestors

combine those, this and that

Tales Tall and True. To Tell of


A Love so unripened… a Fruit still inedible. Metaphors.

The Fruit… Of Knowledge. Partaken Not. Yet,.. unlearnt,


that is. That is also



The enduring Epic of Thisbe and Pyramus. That Be.

Herein. As Belows. Themed

Of A Love…

So Not To Be. At Alls.

The White. Then… Red.


For: ‘Tis so and Goes.

With Some Music. Background, Foreground,


ALL arounds. In Our World. Legends

so say and Tell: Of Yore. This be


The White. In the Begins… it Begins:



(Music Link)



As the Dawn took back, hid the Stars,

such Rays turned the long, moist Grass, aglisten.


As early Breezes cool, swept across pleasant Lands.

As Dawn crept back. To Babylon. Of Yore. Back Then. When


Dew from Nights Cool Frost,

so then turned,

to meet and greet-

Our returning Sun. The


Morning’s Haze that hid, like Smoke or Wraiths. In ‘tween and

rising fast in, around, above Houses, Towers, Trees. Trees



so laden with ripening Fruits and Berries they too, now

glistened so brightly in this early morning cool and damp.

A Rising Dawn. As

Babylon Awakes.


In Babylon, Queen Semiramis ruled this, Land Of Plenty.

Babylon whose name resounds with Age. Rhymes

with long-gone as well. A Land Plenty,

Raining down Bounty from Nature and Citizenry Hands,


that Worked Their Ways as well. Well as Houses, Trees.

There. Towers also. Also


The Girl Next Door had IT. All.

Thisbe, as hot as the Angels of Hell, whose walk and talk

moved so in mysterious Ways to endear. Instantly.

A Maiden of Mores. More than amor.

She had it all. ALL.

A Fantasy. So Real.


Boys, Men,.. some Women too.

Gathered arounds like flies on those remains.

Basking in, revelling in, Her Glory.



She had it All. Wanted

None. Of That. Then. Then



as afore. She knew only One Love.


The Boy… next Door.



Too Bad…No Ways.


Said… By just about Everyone. Else.


Their Family, Parents, Friends, Community, Society,..


The Gods + co. Alls. Heavens and Hells. All

The WORLD. All

Our World… Disagreed. With That Love. Of Theirs. Yet…


and so… Legendary Love… Bloomed. Therein. Still.

Thisbe, Pyramus.

Of Yore.



The Mystery Of Love. Therein. Dwelled. Also



This in Our World. Legends of this Tale carry on in many

Others. Since. .?. Firstly seemingly scribed in Fullness and round-

abouts-ness, that ’twas done;..

by Ovid



(Book…IV:61…);.. Others nomened of notableness. Soon

Followed. That. Dose of Metamorphors…


Though somewhat inspired by Gods of Sumer and Antiquity,

with Alls that Romance meant. Ways Back. Then. Basically GeoPolitics,

so forth. Forthrightly or not, Ovid adds… Family:

Entertainment, Intrigue, Hope then Tragedy. A Twist

into that and these Tale. Anewed. Modded per se.


ReWrits, Rewrites.

With Add-Ons. To




further on and inspire in

Giovanni Boccaccio’s On Famous Women and His Decameron. In

the 1380s, Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Legend of Good Women whilst

John Gower too in His Confessio Amantis. Kept such flaming,


Eternal Themes. Alight.

Simmering in the back- and -ground, -light of Tales Tall

and True as well. Well as


Then that illustrious and o so troubled;..

…Tragedy of Hope, Shakespearan Epic-

of Juliet, Romeo. Alls same.


Themed. That is. That is



This and that. THE

Eternal Flame.

So Themed. As and for, Back and To… That Tale. The

Places and

The Times of The White Berry,..



Thisbe ran. Like the Wind. Away

from The Well

and nearbys Tree. Mulberry.


Behind Her. The Tiger followed.


Inadvertently Thisbe had interrupted a Kill.

The Tiger fresh and so. With Bloodlust. Now

Pursued that interruption.





Having arranged a Tryst. To Meet Pyramus

at The Communal Well. Well in deed. This. Had

changed All. That. Now Thisbe ran

well aways. From The Well. That Tree.

The Tiger also. Followed. Close.


As The Tiger closed quick. Quicker

did Thisbe respond. To That. This,

thus and so

done. With a flung. A Fling. Of Her Cloak.


Timed well as. Well as so flung.

That Cloak. Thisbe did fling. Well.


Good Timings and Direction flinging

Cloak that so blinded, distracted.

Tripping Ups that and this Tiger. That


Followed. So Close. Till Then.



Thisbe ran on. Somewhat Lost.

Into the Night. Aways. Not close.

Yet and so. Safe. Then


The Tiger too. To and back though. To

the earlier Kill. Near The Well. Well did it go…

after ripping that Cloak. To Bits. Pieces also. Also


by then. Now, Pyramus. Approached The Well. Well

was He close. Now too. To Well, Tree and well ready. To

meet Thisbe. That Tryst. The Well. Loves…

Plans and Dreams so seems. So close. For Now. Yet;..


Senses alert, Sword drawn. Pyramus scanned Alls arounds.

Ups and Downs, rounds, abouts.


Now. Feeling not right, things in the Atmosphere so strange.

What had just gone down.?. Here.?.

Looking arounds, puzzlements, wonderments.  Soon


enough became dark. In deed. Indeed



Berries dark, light, colored and mores.

Have become a large part of many Diets, Foodstuffs.

Swords… not so much. Tigers. Same. Not. Yet


Berries, ripened, add Sweetness, Tartness, Fresh and Wild Flavors.

Simple to Use. Simply Clean.

Yums in deed.

So cool, to add Chilled/Cooled to and for SMOOTHIES + co.

Fruit Dishes, Platters, Desserts.


Piles on Ice-Creamery, Custards, Yoghurts, Bowls.

Sprinkle with Honeys, Stevia, Bitters, Flower Cordials,

Juices, Lemonades or…

Smashed Nuts, Spiced Sugar Mixes,

Carob Choc Chips chipped Ups… + so ons. On Cereal.


Woteva You Got… or so Fancy. Mores. More

than simple Vitamins, Minerals all wrapped within.

Hot or Cold Dishes.

Full of IT. Goodness.

Alls Year Rounds… if Avail.


Berry Goods in deed.

Simply Enjoy. Also



Feel More Than Free. To and So Share.

This be



Thus that and those; Be Thems

Tales of Love. Of Woe, Unrequited.

Of Friendship. Of… Berry Closeness.

Of Dreams.

Of Care.


Tales Tall, True of

Love from Berry Afar… of SomeOnes So…

Close. To You.


Who… Never So Knew. Till… Herein. Till






Pt. 2. In and To. The Red. Much, Berry Mores

From Thisbe, Pyramus.

In and From Our World. Legends ripe from

Gods and Lovers. Loved to Berry Death. The Red.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…



The Kangaroo. Storm-Chaser. Symbol of the Unknown.

The Kangaroo in Our World. Legends surround this Ancient Creature on an Olden Continent. Australia. That is. Is that Land Down Under with the many Wonders. So and so forth. Sally forth with i, Shiro as He jumps from Times and Places back to that First. First Times the Kanga did so Land. Here. Back then… In THAT Stormy Weather…


The Kangaroo is both Symbol and Emblem in Our World. Legends

of an Australian Icon, on Our Coat of Arms. Of Australia. That is. Is that

Place, so of the Birth Place of i, Shiro. As well. Well as being

a Mammal, the Female Kangaroo comes equipped with an in-built

Infant Carry-Bag. The Pouch. For Joey…

All and Sexed Young, both named same. Those

lil’ Ones, so called that is. The Joey’s.


Which Btw’s… Joey’s Mum can so tweak Her Carry-Bag.

Therein. A lil’.

To suit. Her. Needs, Moods, Prevailing Environ Conditions.


The Big Red.

Oft called.

The Largest Marsupial known hereof. Our World.

Legends attribute such too. To

The Red Kangaroo Btw’s… which, Sciences has so nomened:


MACROPUS RUFUS… of The Macropodidae Family.

Image. As Belows.



Has alongs with Other similar Types,

long stormed and spread itself arounds the Aussie Continent, far

and wide. That it is.


At speed, an Adult can vault some 9-10 mtrs lengthwise each

bound. Step. Hop etc…


Also some 3 mtrs High. As well. Well as such incredible



(Music Link)


Far and Wides feats they Hop, Jumps and so on, sally forth

with their large Feets. Forthrightly really and well. Thus and so.


The Rear Feet are powerful in deed, with the Kangaroo able

to fight, kick and even disembowel.


Living in, inhabiting a Large Place and Landscape with many facets of

Nature. A Nature that

oft Show cases, epitomises the Seasons. Extremes.


A Continent, a Country…

…Of approx. the same Large-ness as…


Size of Continental (Nth) America.

As Belows. Imaged. Herein.




Australia… Sized Ups…



A Creature synonymous with Our Land Down Under.



Yet and still

The Kangaroo.


Symbol of the Unknown…

is what Our World Legends do so and say. As Belows. Herein.


The meaning of the Aboriginal Term… KANGAROO… is…

I don’t Know… Literally. Unknown… is this Creatures Name.

The Main Issue is that THERE ARE also literally several

Hundreds of Aboriginal

Type Languages and Dialects. Never and




as many who so Politicise, Monetise and Massage the Subject try to

pretend. Others-wise.


Saying… Kangaroo… simply means… i, Shiro have no idea. About that.

Name. Which means… this and thus, the same. Don’t Know. That.



Somewhere and somewhen. It seems.


Various Aboriginal Tribes developed a Range of Weaponry to suit

their Olden Hunting Style. Including this valuable Food Source. Tracking

spoor/prints and at Waterholes, the Hunting Techniques refined to suit.

Cooked over a Fire, supplying Survival/Nutrients.


Main Weaponry: Spear, Woomera, Club.


There are 4 Types/Species:

Red, Eastern Grey, Western Grey and Antilopine.

A Community Creature, living in Groups.


An Island off the Coast of South Australia…

where i, Shiro does so live. Now.

Has been named in dedication.

Kangaroo Island.


This via British Explorer Matthew Flinders on His Ship

The Investigator on account of the large numbers

of Western Grays on the Island. The French Explorer

Nicholas Baudin

soon thereafter mapped much of the Island.


For those with an interest;

The Aboriginal Tribes associated referred to this place

as the Island of the Dead. Karta so nomened.



The most likely Modern meaning/usage appears… GANGURRU

derived vis The Botanist, Sir Joseph Banks scribings of the

GUUGU YIMIDHIRR Tribal Language who used this Word/Term

when referring

to the Grey Kangaroo circa 1770 ish.


The Female Red has some unique Inner Buttons. Feminine wiles

and Ways. That can be so pressed. Pressing

needs for Water, Survival at-large Conditions in- and un-favourable.

Pressed Off. The Reproductive Cycle.


Has a Double Egg Type Capacity also. Also Inner Conditions

prevail so that

One can Grow, Mature.


Whilst The Other pressed Off, put on Hold. Embryo-ed, on ice,

per se. For a while. Till

the Other Elder One grows Ups. Mores. To

and on, then

follow Ups with…

A Pouch… of Goodness…

Tea for Two…too.

That is. Then Pressed On again. When That One. All

Done as well. Well as



ensuring Species Continuation by allowing Birth every Month or so

for those so

favoured Seasons. Seasons progressions means TWO too. Two


Joey’s… at differing Development Stages can still and so feed. Off

the One and same, Mum. Mum, in cases of this and that

Siblings only lil’ aparts… can change Her Feeding Recipes. To

suit TWO too. As required, needed. Pressed.


One Teat supplies heavy, rich, nutrient dense for the Elder…

Other adjacent will supply the Basic Baby Formula.

Teats… of a different Kind. Two.


Teats and Treats. For two. Joey’s. At Once. From One.


Joey’s do and so Feed off Mum for quite some

Times and Places, oft outgrowing the

Pouch First. One



of Our World Legends. An Early One from an Ancient Peoples,

tells Tales of long ago Ages, of a World recovering from those


epoch making Times and Events. Of Yore that is. Is that

What Was…


Storming In… along with that.?. So


Stormy Weathery Winds.?. Here goes…




Ancient Aboriginal Legends from the Dreamtimes and Places

retell Tales of this bounding Beast. The First. As Belows and

Herein. The Ode of, on and in Australia:


 The Arrival. The First Kangaroo.


At a Time Long Ago.

When an Age Was Done.

Times and Places. Of Yore.

A Dream-Time Was Run.


As The World Turned. Anew.


Even More.

Our World. Our New Sun.


When Lands Did So Break,

Reform. So Grow.

A New Creature, Did Man,

So Begins To Know.


When Mother Earth. Her Natures

Did So Then Cry.

Winds, Storms, Earthquake.

Mountains, Thrust High.


A Hunting Party, Seeking Refuge.

In a Sheltering Cave.

Watching On By, This Spectacle.

Mother Earth, So Gave.


Watching On By,

As The Wind Uproots Trees.

Blasts From The Wind.

Bringing In Such a Breeze.


As If On Wings,

These New and Hopping Creatures, So Flew.

The First. Hopping Creature, Small Head,

Large Tailed,.. The Kangaroo.


On Lands, Waters,

Long Far and Wide.

Mother Nature, Mother Earth.

All Creatures to Thrive.


The Kangaroo. The First.

Has… Arrived.



(…Above… The Arrival. The First Kangaroo.

Adapted by i, Shiro + co. from that collected/compiled by

Ainslie Roberts/Charles P. Mountford

in their Book… ” The Dreamtime…” Pgs18/19…

and Tales Told over a Camp-Fire.)


Slide-Show: Kanga Kapers.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Plate Hopping…


Putting aside National Symbolism, Identity, Veganism…

Kangaroo Meat is top quality with many Nutrients therein.


Nutrient dense, lightly fatted, rich, slightly dark Meat.

Salami a favored mix and combines well with such Herbs, Spices.

Cooks well, easy.


Over use not recommended,

a Balanced Diet. Best Approach.


Ship Wrecking…


The aforementioned Kangaroo Island in Our World.


Legends of Maritime Exploration and Disasters too.

Numerous Ships have been wrecked in their approaches

to this Place. Modern Records do so… record. Such as:


Apr 1899;.. The Loch Sloy off Maupertuis Bay.

Sept 1905;.. The Loch Vennachar off West Bay.

Mar 1935;.. The Portland Maru off Cape Torrens.



The First Lighthouse of South Australia was on

Kangaroo Islands Cape Willoughby in 1852.

A Population of some 4-5,000 still reside. There.


A mainly Agricultural Economy though both Sheep and Cattle

also roam. Tourism, Fishing, a Distillery for the

renowned Eucalyptus Oil, Wines and Honey

the main forms. Thereon.


Several Wilderness, Conservation Park Areas, Walking Trails,

Caves, Hills, all with associated scenery

and Wild-life. A balance of wild beauty.

Land and Seas.


Including Sea-Lions, Penguins, Aquatic and Bird-Life,

Bats, Frogs, Wallabies, Possums, Platypus,

Koalas, Reptiles and


The Kangaroos.



Feel more than free to freely balance those Tales. Tall and True.

When and Wheres You so crossed Paths with Nature’s.?.

or Natures… got cross with Your uppity Waysward Path.?.

Wheres and by;..


…Creatures so Wild, Hoppy. Happy were You to be.?.

Or not… as that case so states.?.


Please so do and Share. Those Tales. Herein. Of Tails and Toil.

Of those Wild and Free. Beasties. That spoil.?.

Your Call.?.


Your Ways, Your Days,

in deed. Herein.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Hop to it.

Well and Done.



Next… Time For;.. A

HolyDay Themed:

Wise Up. Ways of The 3 Magi. Men Frank, Golden Mirth.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…