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How To Enjoy. Topsy Turvy Stress Relief.

Being Busy In Our World. Legends So Say There Is Oft Lil’ Time. Multi-Tasking Some-Times, -Places, So Required. Meditative Exercising Can Fit In. There. Herein. Tips, Hints. Variations. Turn Your Body… and Mind. Arounds.


Stress is an oft silent long-term Health Risk. Of

Self mainly that is. Gradual or sudden. The

dangers and effects can escalate

as the stress pain is so held within. Within


Our World, Legends from the General Sciences

Studies indications are;..

as many as 3 out of 4 Patients

being seen. Stress Sufferers are thus and so. Seen.



and thereof it seems. Clinically.





(Music Link)


Is. Everywhere. Seen. Felt



In some Form or Ways indeed. In deed

as well. Well as

How To Enjoy

Topsy Turvy

Stress Relief

must then, also be Healthy. For You.


Sleep Right.?. Herein.
A Good Long Read. Herein. The Full Health Tips Explained. Fully.


Stress being a basic, sometimes reflexive reaction to

change. Changes

in the Environ… or Self. Self reactions can vary


through mixes. Mixing of Physical,

Mental and Emotional Responses are the Norm


on Level, Length and Character thereof. Therein too. To


further complicate this complicated Issue. Certain

Stresses are Good. For Self that is. That is those Stresses

usually stressed as being Eustress (EUphoric …Stress).


These are generally for the Positive per se.

During Times and Places of Uplifts

in Your Life and Ways.


A New Career, Partner or Motivating Idea

may soon trigger those Stresses Positive per se.



The Negative Stress of such changes easily outweighed

by the New Approach and Result.

The Positives are so positively… Euphoric. Overwhelming

Almost sometimes.

Such Stress is easier channelled. Excitement.


Pleasure. Energy Boosting. Overrides

any smaller displeasures that may so arise. Arise

earlier, for example you may have to for that new Job. A Sacrifice

more than outweighed by the simple pleasure of an exciting Career

that will challenge and grow.


As with many of the Other Societal, Cultural, Traditional practices.

The sense of Community… simply outweighs the Expense.


Stress can be… good.



Still. One keeps in Mind. Such new

Ways can stress out an unprepared


Mind, Spirit. As well. Well as


Together… In Body

+ Mind.

A Concept taught by Ninja and Other

Health Oriented Persons/Groups

is that of Multi-Tasking Exercises.


Whilst a Punching Bag Workout and/or

Stretching Routine may well Exercise

and alleviate Stress…

With and when Times, Places in a rush…


When You Exercise… De-Stress. Too. To

involve not just Body. Mind and release

of Emotional Tension as well. Well as

this and that Prime Example of flowing



The Meditational/Nature Walking.



Fitness of the Walk +

Could involve Other Movement and/or Breathing Exercises,

Arm Swingings, Limbering Ups, Rotatings.

Various Stretching, Conditioning

within this also. Multi-Tasking. By Combining/Adding Ins.

Along The Ways Walked.


Then. When and With Mind thus freed;..

with Body absorbed in Actions…

…usually repetitious… and with

the influx of Feel-Good Endorphins associated…


Add Meditation/Contemplation. Of

Mind. Nature Surrounds. Self.


Meditational Exercises. Done. Done



at Home when and if so required.?. A Variation. On That.

As Belows.

Topsy Turvy… Go


Upside-Down. Hang.


Firstly, Simply Hanging Off A suitably Heighted and sturdy

Tree Branch can Stretch You outs. Just Hang, Monkey Style.






Grab Hanging as well as Head-Standing, Yoga Positions,

Bare-Footed on Earth/Beach, MoonLight Exercises,

Swimming, Music, Tai Chi…


are some Others to mull abouts  and mix

into Your De-Stress Routines also. Also Btw’s




Then, For those able and adventurous enough…

Hanging Upside Downs… is sorta Fun.

‘Cept for the Blood flood. Flooding and rushing. Ins.


Your Head.



The onrushing are obvious Benefits for those with low or poor

Circulation and associated Systems. Systems of the Body, including

The Brain receive extra Bloodflows, Nutrients acquisition.

The Body’s Muscles and Tissues can be fully stretched yet

with full BloodFlow minimising damage.



Whilst the inversion of The Body is generally All rounds

Safe… Those with certain Physical Conditions should ALWAYS PRIOR



This includes those with already High Blood Pressure, Glaucoma,

Weak Bones, Heart or Circulatory Conditions.

Pregnancy, Obesity…)



For those with no Places. To Hang… Mod.

Tech to the Rescue. There. For

The Topsy Turvy


May straighten Your… Issues. In deed.


An Inversion Table.



A Table to Stretch Outs On…



Turn Your World, Topsy-Turvy.



Stretch Outs and Feel Free.

Free to Share.

Mores. Herein.


Tips, Hints and Ideas.


You Use To Stay Active.

Stress Relief, Stress Free


Mind and Body as well. Well as



Next… Learnings from…

Hawaii’s Children. Language Lessons. Sugary Prose in Play.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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The Patchwork Quill. Trivial Legendary Trivia.

At Times and Places in Our World. Legends spilleth, runneth over. Over and over with Info. Information that may Help… SomeOne. SomeWheres, SomeHows and so on and on. On and to these Tips, Hints and sayings of dubious Wisdoms. The Legendary Trivial Trivia. The Leftovers. Herein. The First Serve of 9. For You.?.


Whilst Researching Our World. Legends and All, there are Issues,

Qualms, Concerns. Concerning i, Shiro that is. That is the bane of

that and the Editor. Editing Outs. Stuff. This stuff Left-Overs. Herein

is oft

practical and common-sensical… yet and so. So


yet does sticks out like Awith sore thumb in the

Main Text/Theme being addressed. To and so

for that. Is this.



Tips, Hints, Wisdoms, Warnings, Glints n Gleams.

The Left-overs.


For You. To stew Overs.



(Music Link)


Those Patchy bits so Writ… that not do. Fit



Patchwork Quill.

Trivial Legendary


of Legendary LeftOvers.

A First One Serve of 9. Belows. Herein.



The Aim per se of The Quill so Patched is simply to

Enjoy. Enjoin and Supply …”…Advice…” Of Some.?.



The LeftOvers so grubby, Shine Best… Alone.

With Lotsa’ rubbing lovin. Therein. Thereof.


Their Place in the Particulars Legend Researched

was and is

oft minor. Major

Theme/Tale; hogging that and those


Limeylights. Therein.

Yet and so, the wishy-washy Wisdom remains…



You can Use it too… SomeHows etc etc;..

and pass it On.


Esp. if You enjoy Trivial Pursuit or such.



Writ Ups, Quilled

of the Patch…


1. Vis The Legendary Elephantine Style.

Martial Arts of Bokator : Therein.


  • A Mature Blue Whale’s Tongue...

...Weighs More Than a Mature Elephant.


2. Vis Their Survival Village Legend : Therein.


  • Seemingly... The Most simplest and effective Way

to provide Personal ( and Collective…) Security and Safety,

is to have Dogs.


(...Dogs,.. pref. Trained Dogs

not fluffball Creatures that fit into matchboxes.

The Dogs. Medium-Big. Lots…


or a Clan of Ninja or Kung Fu Adepts... You Choose.).



3. Vis Those Motions/Movements Toroid of Water/Fluid

and it’s Qualities : Therein.


  • Certain Regions of China served a so called White Tea.

(... Water, boiled… straight Ups...)




  • When You are in Quicksand ’tis said to get onto Your Back,

Arms and Legs wide etc, Stay Calm as can in such, Breathe in

largeHUGE amounts of Air… for buoyancy… Then... slowly,


Each Time and As Soon as one or more Your Limb/s come free…

use it/them to Swing Roll Your Body ... ROLL…… ROLL… as req’d.

ROLL/SWIM/SKIM towards the safe ground.


You’ll Have a minute or more… extra… TO GET OUT. That’s Yours

To Do. There. You’ll be muddy as... but Outs. Tired as well.



5. Vis That Ice-Cream Van Chase Legendaire : Therein.


  • The International Phone Code for cool spot Antarctica is 672.



  •   U.S. Patent No : 5971829 =

A Motorised Ice-Cream Cone Spinner. You Supply the Tongue.



(Music Link)



7. Vis The Missing ol’ Eternal Flame. Thingy. Therein.


  • Dubai has Solar Powered Pay Phones...

On a Cycling Track. In the Desert.



8. Vis Mountain High... D.U.M.Base Low, Under, In.


  •   Australia is The Only Country That is too. A Continent.



9. Vis Pod Power Pink. Dolphin Delights.Cia+Lsd.


  • Approx. 1/3 Of Our World Legends Water... gets Flushed. Aways



Feel in aways,


more than Free,.. To Flush This Ways,..

to Add Your Own Patch Ups so

Quilled to this Work. Those Lil’ and Largeish

Bits n Pieces

that Match not.


Anywheres Else.

That You so Know.


Hints, Tips, Warnings, Quotes, Mis-Quotes...

Any, All You so want Others to Know not. Either. Or


Those to be Passed Ons and Overs, Ups n Downs.

All considered. To be Shared. Herein.


Trivial or nots...

Just Writ. Them Ups. To

i, Shiro, a Comment. Or Three.

Send ’em. On. In. In




i, Shiro DIY Weaponry. These btw are NOT TOYS AT ALL.
Firstly… These Are NOT TOYS. ‘Tis a part of Ninpo Lore, Tradition and Custom for ALL Students to make Their Own Weaponry when possible. These are part of the i, Shiro Collection of such. The Basic Construction Method. Click Aways.


Next... Ups. Is... That freed ‘ol Mystery, cupped

to and for,

The Anniversary; Where and Bys

Boston Tea. Party Spills. Monumental Lost Causes.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


The Ultimate Buzz Guide. Off, Bees Knees. Skinned.

Having left Napoleon and Josephine, His Honey to BEE… in Our World. Legends buzz on to Other Ways too. Pt2. To those Ways of Science that the BEE so overturns. Turns around and over. When it Flies. Flight capabilities all Topsy-Turvy. Yet Fly this Bee does. Be so and amazed by Queen antics as well. Well as Mead Making, Viking Style. Herein. That Buzz.


The Angels of Agriculture. So and called within Our World. Legends

so Writ. Of Yore. Tell Tales so Sweetly. True deeds in and of Honey’s

Place. In Our World and History. The Exploitation and later


of Bees has BEEn going on almost as long as We have. BEEn

Here. Here,


as rather inventive Inventions were brought into Our

World. Legends so and say

Bee-Keeping too, became an Industry, a Concern. To

Many. Manufacturing Aids such as. Belows. Herein.


The Smoker and Honey Extractor.

The Transportable/Moveable Hive/Frame.

The Comb Foundation Maker, The Queen’s Grafting Tool.



(Music Link)


These and those Above Tools enabled Mass Production.

Bees and Honey were and are featured in several Olden

Cave Paintings and on very Early and Ancient Texts. Sumer,

Egypt, India and so on. On

The Ultimate Buzz

Guide. Off,

Bees Knees.


is a preferred Option to All those lil’ Stingers. Stinging. You.



The Symbol of the Bee…

has and is been divinely long Symbolically

within History in Our World. Legends

indeed show several Other Insects with such. The Scarab

Beetle of Egypt, The

Grass-Hopper of the Shaolin,.. The Praying Mantis,.. Atom

Ant of the Cartoon Fame and so forth. Touching in and onto


many aspects of many Cultures and Societies.


Tribes, Communities, Cities, Manufacturers have adopted

The Bee

as their Symbol over Times and Places in Our

World. Legends



from Africa, Europe. Breweries as well. Well as

epitomising the Busy Worker and the Bounties

of Nature that is so representative with this Creature

and it’s Habits in regards to Plant-Life and Community.


The City of Manchester for example; in it’s fanciful and full

Coat of Arms. Imaged. Aboves.

Has a Cloud Cluster atop the Knight’s Top Head


Piece. Helmet aka.

7 Patterned. All Overs Our World. Legends

with a sting,


so say, tell this buzzed out News of Glory

deeds. Done. Sweetly. Sweet


too. To those and these stunning Tribes. Tribal Traditions

from Uganda, The Sahara focus on deeds done by or

BEcoming One… Yourself. Get that Buzzing in deed.


Bottled Bees… That is. Is that Symbol Thereof. Of and from

Boddingtons. Brewers. Bee Lovers. Also. Also,




Special Varieties/Types of Honey include The Manuka,

Royal Jelly and Propolis.

These concentrate a small number of Ingredients,

tweaking the Recipe.

Their Applications slightly enhanced. Particularly it

seems in Health Add-Ons and associated Properties.



per se… Applies.



MANUKA has atypical Enhanced Anti-Bacterial,

-Inflammatory, -Pain.

Hydrogen Peroxides doing the Hard Works. Therein also.


Useful and Applicable to several Conditions/Dis-Ease.

A Medicinal Grade for Wound/Burns Repair Recommended.

(…Burns usually Apply with Combo of Silver Colloids…)



A very likely and possible Answer to the over use of Anti-Biotics.


Propolis provides enhanced Immune Properties

and Strengtheners.

Royal Jelly has shown an affinity with Our Brain’s

MakeUps and Structure.


Asthma Relief, Bone Development and mores. Therein. Btw’s



whilst there Be some 20,000 Types of Bees…




not naturally Aerodynamic. Cute,.. not sleek.

How it actually Flies can be and is a Natural Mystery. No more.


Combos of Actions are how ’tis done. By being


harmonious unconventionally. The Flight mechanisms are

All tweaked

simultaneously as req’d… as per… Our World Aircraft…

per se. NOT. At Alls.


The Winged Honey Handlers give;

Short and chopped short Arcing Wing Strokes,

rapidly Rotating,


Flopping, Flipping over, Body Directional Reversals

and a Super Fast



The Honeyed Components of and when Hallucinogen.


Wing Beat Frequency do so All combine to keep it Ups. Flying

as well. Well

as exploiting exotic Flight Ways, when extra Speed

is required The Bees


do not simply flap faster but do so too by increasing

the angle/arc/tilt of the Wing instead. To suit. That need…

for Speed. Speed

of a different kind in deed. Indeed


can so be found in Hills and Mounts that abound. Arounds and

within and in

Your Heads can this so Honey sweetly, divinely Approach. That.


Honeyed Mountain Style. Styled


though somewhat unscientific in Approach. Approaches

like this. Nature

does. Quite Well and Life-like. Also.

Using Combos of what is and there available. Motherly

Advice it seems. Her


Ways as well. Well as



Yes. For the macabre and Balance that is in Our World.

Legends of Death. Death

Honey. Yes. Honey

derived from several Flowery Power Shrubbery Sources

such as the POISONOUS;..

Rhododendron, Azalea and mores have. Will

have. That effect. Death


that is. That is

D E A T H. Go… Sweetly Go. Going Ons



(Video Link)


and further seeking those honored,

Honeyed Tales. Of Yore. To

Times and Places of

that Magical and Godly Nectar. MEAD. That


is. Is that

so and made by the Fermentation of Honeyed

Waters. The


Beard of Odin. Has remains and traces thereof,

therein also. Also


’tis the BUMBLE BEE, MALE DRONES as well, that

carry no Barb to sting. Sting


symbolically as well. Well as being linked to

Creativity, Abundance, Bounty


within Natures and more. More too links to

Motion, Movement. Of



Dances, Flights and such

actions. Therein

within Our World. Legends that so seduce, of Fantasy and

panorama of Fields. Fields of

Nature, Mind, Dreams. Symbols over Times

and Places of Our


History. History making Flights of The Queen

are few. Few and Far

‘tween also. Also

She only takes to Our World Skies to thus and so

collect a Selection of

Sperm for Her approx. 600,000 Eggs. Or in Times and


Places of extreme

Dangers or

when Moving House. Houses next are usually Ruled

by One

of Her Daughters.


Fertilised Eggs produce Females.

Unfertilised the Males.


Proportions in the Total Population are

Alls and Always…

Ups to Her in deed. Indeed


The Queen will only use Her Stinger on

another. Queen


as well. Well as imminent. Death. Yet and so,



Symbolically; Abundance, Prosperity, Community-

Hearted, sorta’ Shaped with a Hive;..

Heart Shaped. Sorta’. Also,


Hexagonally. 6 Sides and Sided. Mainly thereof. Therein

as well. Well as, BeHind These Scenes:


A kindred Symbol Of Sympathy, Support

and/or that Attraction, Desires, Blooms then. Those

Blossoms. Flowers

of Thereof. Therein,


even LOVE. Of, that is. From Your… Honeys.

Of… several Kinds so Writ.

So Our World Legends so Sayeth. Also,


Honey naturally, as with such as The Oils and Vinegars

can be subtly added

to. To and By Adding

appropriate Herbs, Spices and so on. Letting Thems


Steep, Decoct,

Combine. Flavors can be so enhanced or altered to

suit. Yours and those


Tastes. Health Benefits too. To

become an Add-on, can be added in with

additional Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals

so obtained by such


tweakings. Thereupon.



A versatile and Multi-Use Ingredient that will

mellow and sweeten with

those subtle and Flowery whiffs. Very Long-Lifed. Super


in deed indeed. Indeed


dependent on How You Classify. Things.

Some 17/22+ Types/varieties of Honey. There are.


Speciality, Medicinal, Long-Lasting.

No Sweeteners required. At All. Btw’s All

the Workings of Eight Bees it takes to Fill. Fill


a Honeyed Teaspoon that is. Is that




(Music Link)


In Our World Legends some not so sweet

also. People. People

doing the misguiding, misinforming by actions of

Honey Launder, adultering/recombining

Honey with Others


Sweet Liquidy Stuffs to cheapen

and mislead… Not ALLs Honey Be from… Bees, Alone

that is. That is


also Whys,.. Check The Label and Company etc. When

Purchase. Thereof In Deed. Indeed


Let the Mystery Bee… Be.

Queen Bee… Be. As Well.

Well as a Mysterious and Mystical attachment to some

of the Wonders Motherly

of Nature. That

Bees… be. In deed. Provoking,.. ’tis not be

a recommendation. Therein, ThereUpon, ThereAbouts.

At Alls. For and with lil’ Sooth;


The Bees Sting Can BE Life threatening if

accompanied by Allergy and Quantity.

(… A Check-list here…).


Thus the Protective Bee-Keeper

Gear. Geared



The Queen is well Guarded, Protected. Any

Threat… Soon dealt with.

Usually a Warning of sorts, if and when You

get too close. Close to Her Ways that is.


Nature’s Ways as well. Well as

a Bunch of Bees… dining Outs on M&M  scraps, leftovers…

soon enough Colored their AND Our World. Legends Tell

of Honey… in Hues, Blues and Greens. Therein. M&M


Filtered in deed. Indeed in The Real.

Splash Out Ons. Nature’s Nectar.


Simply. Unreal.

Yum. As Well



Feel free to Honey Your Words so Writ. Herein. Do

so gather, collect. Those

Thoughts. You Know. To Share and So Tell. Of those Tales

so Sweet or Sour. Of

Trips and Travails with Nature’s sugary and


buzzing Bees. Being


arounds. You.

Or Those Of Others. As well. Well as Others. Of.

Of That and those


Insects and Critters that stampede Your Surrounds. As

well. Well as Yours,


those Ideas of Honey’s uses. Yes

Please. Sweet As. In deed.

Do Tell. Herein. Indeed.


(…Napoleonoon’s Belt Designs… accepted also…) Also





Next… Be… As Belows. Be… A

Times and Places for

The Patchwork Quill. Legendary Trivial Trivia.

Soon. Be. Herein.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Just Be.