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King of Persia. Declares War On Water. LowLights.

War is Not Unknown in Our World. Legends do so, Say. There have been a Few. Or More. Mainly We War with Each Other YET Great King Xerxes of Persia… had Others Ideas. 3 Simple Steps. To War. Join i, Shiro in a seek and search of His War On Water.?. Herein. A Legendary Battle that liquidated Great Dreams and branded Xerxes… deep inside. That Waterworks. Mysterious Ways. Pt. 1 First Sip.


In 480 B.C. Ancient Greece had much to offer Xerxes 1, then

Dynastically The, King of Persia. Then and so.


In 480 B.C… He went to have a Look. To take it All. Back

To Persia. Not that He was Alone. A Great Army.

Followed Hims. Close. To Help. Carry

Alls that Stuff. Back. From Greece To Persia. Of Yore. Persia


itself had and was gathering Territory. Mores Territory

that is. From and Of… Others. Is that so called, nomened

vamEmpiric Expansionism… ψ ⊕

of it’s Borders per se. By the Ways Of Military Expressionism

that is. Then. Calls For



Alongs The Ways.


War. Push n Shove. Poke. Move Forward…


Xerxes 1, His One Great Army, headed Greeceward. All expressed

well, went, was going rather swimmingly. Till. Till

they ventured near. Water.


The Hellespont

(…Mod Nomen/Term: Dardanelles…).


Xerxes 1. With A Great One Army

standing still. Alongside


The Water. There.



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Tis here in Our World. Legends so and say. Recall,

then. That this Great Army One and Alls.

So driven to those murky depths despairing that. That


King of Persia.

Declares War on

Water. LowLights

From and Of. Yore. Herein.

The War On Water.



With Those Waters of the HELLESPONT STRAIT that is. That is

to get Across. It. In 480 B.C.



On Water.


Watery WaterColor Of… Water. There. Light as well. Well as a Swimminger. In. For Those With No Real Interest Than Where In Frick This Scene. Was Done.?. Brixham.



Enroute to Greece. Of Yore.

To War.


Firstly… On Water.


On THE Water.

Water… itself.



At Wars with Xerxes 1 of Persia. Of Yore. War.

A One Great Fricken Army as well. Well as


Warrior Of The Water… Wars… Dropped His Rubber Ducky Methinks…


against Water in this and that Days, Times, Places…

480 B.C… ish,..

and Mind of Xerxes 1;.. War

Went Like This:..


The Kingly War on h2o: 3

Articles Of War.

In Our World. Legends of Articles so Writ. Herein. Begins.

Where and wherebys that and these:

Noble Lore of ignoble effects and cause. ‘Cos

The King Simply and So… Sayeth. So. Then.


‘Twas. War.

In 3 Simple Steps.


These and those 3 Articles. Of War.

Thereof. Belows. The Image of God.


Poseidon that is. That is


A Typical God of The Waters. Poseidon This Be.


  • Firstly; Get the Egyptian and Phoenician Engineers to Build,

Set-Ups and Lay. Across the Waters. Two Pontoony Bridges

Paired and Ups. For Your One Frick of A

Great Army to Step across. Waters. There. Hellespont Straits.


  • Secondly; Wait Overnight after the Aboves Build. The Winds

and Tidal Waters… Of AND OFF The Strait… Go straight… Then,.. Go

Sink The Pontoonys. Both. Deep. Davy Jones Deep.


  • Lastly. Thirdly; Simply. Declare War. On Water.

Kings Decree. Work Done.


Sparta. War. Calls.




Xerxes First Move and Counter-Attack… After the insolent,

insolvent, insoluble woes splashed rounds and abouts. About

The Powers Of Waters to wetly go where no Waters had been. Before

thereby due to Theft thereof. His Two Sunken Pontoony. Went a Lotsa’

… Loony. ‘Cos… Firstly:


Water Heeded Him. Not. In this Watery War, Water was to

thus and so be treated ungreatly, ungratefully.

As an ENEMY.


So… Greatly, generally, less than that admirably, He so. Then

whet His Hunger. For War. Thus and so


A Great Wave. Kanagawa, Japan. Of Yore.


First Phase:

Sends in the Troops. Generals, Admirals.

To generally just whip arounds.

Admirably Administering a Whipping. Whilst

trooping Abouts in the Drink. Water.


  • Over 300 Lashes of Their Whips. Soon followed. That Order.

Made to Order. Xerxes. 1. King. Of loonsPersia… and Now.

Patron Saint. Of The S&M Crowd/Herd/Groupies/Peeps. WhipPets.?.


Water whipped into a Frenzy. By The 300. General

Admirations admirably trooped out as Whalloping Whips

and Lashings. Lashed Outs. Out and Aways ON the Water

amid that brutal oppressive onslaught. Thereupon.

Xerxes seemingly rather peevishly and


Kingishly, was wildly, wetly damping the rising Moods. Of

One Great Frick Army… wanted Mores.

All out. War.


On Water.

Now. Then


Whipped Ups. 7 Smoothies. Clicks Aways.


Poseidon. Trident. On Urn. Of Yore. Grecian.


With the Concept of Slavery also. All and So fresh, not uncommon in those

Times and Places. Of Yore. Xerxes Had another Plan. For His War.

On Water. Submission.


Phases 2… + 3.

Send the Troops wading out again. In The Wild.

In and To this Depths of Battle. Thereupon The Waters

  •   With a Pair of Shackling Handcuffs.

Trapping that Water. Good. Enough,


this however was not. The Water. Rebelled. Still. Moving

aways at Wills not Xerxes. Therein. Well this did will. Not.

For the Water… Well


This pithed and put out Xerxes 1. One, A Lot in deed. Indeed

next. Was Soon well enough. After. That. Put into the thick

of then Watery Combat Actions. Sizzling.

  • The Hot Irons. Applied.


Steam Clouds burst anew,

arose as Xerxes Great Army Ones battled on.

Bubbling, boiling.

Whistling, toiling;..

Steaming aways… The Water. That Enemy. Of Xerxes 1. King


Of Pontoonys.

Of Yore.


Persia also. Loony. Also


Water. Drop. There and Of. OFF as well… just. Now. So Beat… Those Drums Of… War.?.


At War


This Battlefields of WateryFields was Steamy. As Heck,

Hell, Saunas, Caves and others damped moistingly sweaty

such-like Places, Times. Bath-Rooms. So Ons. On Xerxes 1


Did this Battle switch. Switching Tactics to tacitly

show. The Water. Who Was Boss. This. Did not thus


Flow. Ons. Now



Feel Freely, Moistly Mature.

To Share.

Your Flow.

In Our World. Legends of and


To War. On Water.?.


Your Reasons. For.

Therefore… and WAR… Hows.?.


Those Wet n Wild

...Calls.?. in Deed. Indeed


In Our World. Legends.

Be One.



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Next... too, So is. Pt. 2. Then: That To,

The Next Phase… Others Bits As well. Well as

King of Persia. War On Water. Hi Lights.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



The Mother Of All. Our World Legends. Hallowed.

Whilst some may naysay. Say nay to Her Mysterious Ways. Ways within Our World Legends are clear. Clearly Mother Nature Nurtures. A Planet pulsing with Her Powers. Of Life. Is… also Alive.?. The Mother of All Our World. Legends brimming with the Waters of Life. Pulsing… too. Pt.1. Hallowed. A Pulse you can see as well. Well as much as i can show you. With Words. Couple pics also. Herein.


The approaching Holidays aka HolyDays of Halloween carry an Ancient

Ancestors message. Of

Change. Change out of Chaos. That is. Is that series of Changes that Mother Nature

undergoes to change Our World Seasons. Whilst Mother Nature,


the Mother of All can AND will Balance

that We such and so call Life and Death. Her Ways. Her

very nomen describes more aptly the Greatest Elemental

Power. Creativity.



(Music Link)


A Mother.

A Life-Giver.

The Mother Of All.

Our World Legends


show Nature as a Primal Power that naturally so Nurtures. Life


in a myriad of Forms.

Such and this Diversity ebbs and flows with the capacity of Our World,


Our Planet. Our Earth.



Our Home.


Her Ways are indeed full of chaotic and ordered

Mystery. In deed. Times and Places

to check for a…



For indeed within Nature.

Truly lies there that ol’ Mystery. Is

One who gives Life…


also not Alive.?.


Thus and so.

Finding… a Pulse.?.

May help explain. This. And that. Our World Legends.

As well. Well as



this look. This seek and search. Now. Begins. Herein. Within


Our Earth is a lot of earth. Dirt, rocks, stones and so on. On

and in Inner Earth is also Pressure. Pressure

released releases a lot of that.

Usually in Volcanic Forms.


Due in main to its very possible momentarily

Destructive Ways and effects.

The Powers of Fire.


From Our POV at least… we see. It not. This act IS a Pulse. Is

Creative. Does and so Brings Life. Anew… POV.

Herein. i, Shiro. That is.


Take that Step. Get an Over View.

For back on Our World, Our Earth


Cycles so too. To Pulse is such and so. A



fresh start. Anew.


Fresh and rich organic Soils will result.

From the Fire Powers. Within.

The Powers of Earth.

On. Then.


Thus and so form. Join IN.


Fresh, revitalised, rich, organic. Earth.

The uses thereof obvious. Eventually.


In Time.



A Pulse.


Such Natural Pulses do not in any Ways Create Life

in an Instant. Coffee

Machinery ’tis not. Our Natural Mother is. Not like that. That

approach also is. NOT how We bring Life. 9 Months… at least for

that which starts least. Which then ends up being… Our Most.


The Elements must mix and complement. Alchemical. That

Approach and Ways is. More like.


Being Creative… thus and so… Our Mother Nature

Times and Places takes. Life… grows as We All so.



With care, time to Experience and with that so and such

property that oft innately Mothers so do carry. Within.


That which so Aids Life. Growth. In Ways even i, Shiro call



Mysterious. Herein. Just then i did. That. That


is this.

The Ability to Nurture.

How Mother Nature.

carrying along her Forms myriad. Fresh Soils

carried through.


The Powers of Wind

soon dust

and so cover. Top-Soil. That be. Be mixed in and up next. Around

and down as well. Well as


for Now ’tis. Unseen in the main yet and still. Still. Another

Pulse so Begins. Begins…


For this One. Is


a slow, steady

Mix of Powers.

That be. Slow. In

deed indeed.



For now. We wait. Till and still. Till still

no longer

The Powers of Water

so churn. Turn


Our Ways anyways. Our Earth Ways. That be.


The quick and heavy influx of Rains akin to a Trigger. Triggering

Plants in a number many of Ways. The Water-Ways fill. Trees around thirst

so quenched. Soil cover, Leaf Litter and the accrual of Minerals and Salts

over those so Hotter Periods in the dry and dusty Soils are washed, leached,


dispersed. Freshens soil top to toes per se. If Wet enough that is. Winds too

carry Seed, Pollens, Smells and the fresh Volcanic Soils or Others around. In

Wet turn the Riverbank, Flood-Plains, Wetlands, Marshes and so forth fill


brimming with the INFLUX of Water AND fresh soils and such mixes carried along.



This reconnecting then of Lands via Water allows such as the semi-amphibs;.. Frogs,

Insects, Fish and their Cycles and cohabitants to then enjoy a fresh and improved

food source. Eventually too… Food Source then… They Become. Cycles.

So On. Nurtured.


With Larger Creatures too. Such things SLOWLY BUILD then and so ongoing

nurtured MAINTENANCE and Tweaks along Ways…

on and onto also with Marine/Land Life…


Larger fish, Turtles, Yabbies, Crabs and on…

Cycles. All Pulsed. Then Nurtured. Alongs


these Water Ways too a Symbiosis thus and so forms.

Plants and Creatures All Work together. Together in Life. A Myriad


of Approaches and Ways. For Growth.



Systematic, Systemic Systems…

For this is Vis the Roots

Feding and intertwining thereof and therein. In Inner Earth. That is.

Up and On Top too. So to. Do so some Plants can Attract and so

Others do in deed Repel. Some entice indeed even so


and excite. Whilst so and yet. Yet do Others that exile Work. Work

(…Two-gather…)… 4 Life.

To-Get-Her (Nature Power). To gather 2Together. That is.


A Pulse of AND for Life.

That Togetherness so

is then in deed, indeed. Symbiotic. Life. Results… Multipliesss…


This and so improvements in these Soils surely attracting

improvements in Others


Ways and Life Forms. Quantity mainly. Size

lil’ slower in rate per se. Therein. As and so



the Season progresses then and so on. On

and into the next. The Waters Level


will accordingly drop and lower. Lower and Inner Earth thirst first.

Then far peripheral and outlying Areas will next and soon so dry out. Extends

usually back aways and into. To that Riverbank. There. To varying degrees. Soil Retention

Rates. Initial Water Levels etc. Structure, Wild-Lifes. Our Earth


drying out along the Ways. Slowly. Slowly

enough to and yet still. Still and so. Give Life



(Music Link)


and encourage new Plant Growth

that tolerates so

then the lesser Waters. To set up and try a Stays. Around

these Ways. Perhaps Live. Here. Which is there. That there

River and Banks. Banks

of Waters of Life that is. Thus and then.


The Water-based rich Plants usually if in over-abundance. So dry out easily. Decompose,

forming Litter and then thus and gradually degrade into this. Natural

Compost. Compost this and such that so


attracts Insects, Bugs,

Worms and so on. Birds, Bees attracted to this now.

Birds Preying Creatures…



attracted to that then now too.

Bees still doing the Bee-ing. Thing. Sweet.


Pulses. Cycles. On.

A Life-Support System. Now. Out of Chaos per se.


On the Go. Go

too i, Shiro. To Pt.2


The Mother of All. Hallowed. Natures.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


Our World Legends.

Be One. Naturally.



Live those Dreams. Also.



Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #3

In Our World. Legends from such as Science do still say and so tell. Still. We still ALL are… mostly Water. Mixed in with a lil’ Earthy Matter. Still or not. Water carries along many and much such. Dirt, Fish, Surfers, Enigmas. Herein a few. More. Temperature, Type, Crystalline, Motion. Less is more. More and galore. Intel Bytes #3 Water’s Implosion Explosion. Explained.


Water freezes… before it’s frozen.

At and around 4º. Water preps. To be stilled. Snap.


Crystals form. Then stay. Then

Expands. Yet and so Lightens. In weight. In deed. Indeed

Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #3

show Waters Properties. Water



can be thus and so Heavy, Double, Triple Bonded, Multi-faceted,

fascinating also. Also

goes well with Juice and Cordial, Coffee and more too. To


dependent on how We chop it so… 10 Types and more can be watered down from it’s aspects,

features and ability. Etc too. To fractally fracturing as it forms Tubular Displays that wave. Waves

for those who do so and Surf, Boat, Spray n Play. On thereof. In as well. Well as

Water’s Implosion

Explosion. Explained.




Huge masses of surging Tides and Waters that contain large enough Energy smash

thru Shore, Rock, Our World

Structures and more drip by drip too. Can they erode.

Given impetus and force. Water can be forced to penetrate. Most things. In or Thru’.


Enigmatic. Yet We are. That. Mostly

that is. 70%. Too.


To view those. Those Images of Water Crystals that form with those high

Emotions attached do so shine. Highly polished too. To them o so watery. Water



Tubes, Cycles, Cyclones, Bends, Spirals, Fills, Spills, Toroids, Implodes and Explodes.

So many Powers, Aspects. To it and yet to Life. Life…

we have not yet even begun to wet that Topic. There. Yet. Yet


with All this and more still there is. To this. Waters of Life.



The Motions it goes thru’ gives us so a peek into. That of Our World. Legends


Can exist in each of the States: Solid, Liquid, Gas.

Solid Form unusual, as is less dense, thus so and whys Ice Floats.

On Water. Alcohol as well. Well as


Loses Heat rapidly.


Natural ph: app. 7

Our Natural ph: app. 7.4



The Oxygen a -ve Charge.

The Hydrogens +ve.


Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. Woodblock Print.


Through Osmosis and Plant Capillary Actions. Water can be so lifted up to Life. Aid.

Can be flung up and fallen then down. When it Rains so.

Water Molecules form Bridges of Hydrogen Bonds with Others.


Can Dissolve. Form Colloids.

Purify. Oxygenate.

Universal Solvent.


Unique Dipolar, Dielectric Nature.

High specific Heat… ‘cept when Frozen.

High Evaporation Rate… to endure, sustain Life.


Carries Carbon Dioxide to then release Bicarbonates, essentials of Life.

Carries Sounds quicker. Marine Life communication. Aid and more.


Light sends Electro-Magnetic properties thru’. It.



Properties of Waters Power can include adhesion, capillary actions, cohesion, compressibility,

condensation, electricalconductivity, heat of vaporization,

high heat capacity, high surface temperature,

varying density. Miscibility mixes

as well. Well as do


Sound of Waters so soothe. Sleep. Aid.

Entice and Awe. The Beach. Shore Sounds and Sights. Mesmerise.



Brings on that Urinary dispensation. Also. Times and Places. To go. Therein. Room

of Bath. That is. There. In. Aaah relief well as.

As well


Water attracts. Attracts itself in Clouds with uncounted yet Billions of Watt Energy. Energy

and Waters. Raining down.

Tasteless, Colorless, Odorless, Transparent in it’s Natures. Natural.

Molecules pass along and transfer. Carry alongs, cleans many things in deed.


Versatile and more. So much more. For.



We. All of Us. Are 70% water.

Waters of Life. Indeed.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #4

Black-Smiths of Legends. In Triplicate. Plus One.




Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…