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The Kangaroo. Storm-Chaser. Symbol of the Unknown.

The Kangaroo in Our World. Legends surround this Ancient Creature on an Olden Continent. Australia. That is. Is that Land Down Under with the many Wonders. So and so forth. Sally forth with i, Shiro as He jumps from Times and Places back to that First. First Times the Kanga did so Land. Here. Back then… In THAT Stormy Weather…


The Kangaroo is both Symbol and Emblem in Our World. Legends

of an Australian Icon, on Our Coat of Arms. Of Australia. That is. Is that

Place, so of the Birth Place of i, Shiro. As well. Well as being

a Mammal, the Female Kangaroo comes equipped with an in-built

Infant Carry-Bag. The Pouch. For Joey…

All and Sexed Young, both named same. Those

lil’ Ones, so called that is. The Joey’s.


Which Btw’s… Joey’s Mum can so tweak Her Carry-Bag.

Therein. A lil’.

To suit. Her. Needs, Moods, Prevailing Environ Conditions.


The Big Red.

Oft called.

The Largest Marsupial known hereof. Our World.

Legends attribute such too. To

The Red Kangaroo Btw’s… which, Sciences has so nomened:


MACROPUS RUFUS… of The Macropodidae Family.

Image. As Belows.



Has alongs with Other similar Types,

long stormed and spread itself arounds the Aussie Continent, far

and wide. That it is.


At speed, an Adult can vault some 9-10 mtrs lengthwise each

bound. Step. Hop etc…


Also some 3 mtrs High. As well. Well as such incredible



(Music Link)


Far and Wides feats they Hop, Jumps and so on, sally forth

with their large Feets. Forthrightly really and well. Thus and so.


The Rear Feet are powerful in deed, with the Kangaroo able

to fight, kick and even disembowel.


Living in, inhabiting a Large Place and Landscape with many facets of

Nature. A Nature that

oft Show cases, epitomises the Seasons. Extremes.


A Continent, a Country…

…Of approx. the same Large-ness as…


Size of Continental (Nth) America.

As Belows. Imaged. Herein.




Australia… Sized Ups…



A Creature synonymous with Our Land Down Under.



Yet and still

The Kangaroo.


Symbol of the Unknown…

is what Our World Legends do so and say. As Belows. Herein.


The meaning of the Aboriginal Term… KANGAROO… is…

I don’t Know… Literally. Unknown… is this Creatures Name.

The Main Issue is that THERE ARE also literally several

Hundreds of Aboriginal

Type Languages and Dialects. Never and




as many who so Politicise, Monetise and Massage the Subject try to

pretend. Others-wise.


Saying… Kangaroo… simply means… i, Shiro have no idea. About that.

Name. Which means… this and thus, the same. Don’t Know. That.



Somewhere and somewhen. It seems.


Various Aboriginal Tribes developed a Range of Weaponry to suit

their Olden Hunting Style. Including this valuable Food Source. Tracking

spoor/prints and at Waterholes, the Hunting Techniques refined to suit.

Cooked over a Fire, supplying Survival/Nutrients.


Main Weaponry: Spear, Woomera, Club.


There are 4 Types/Species:

Red, Eastern Grey, Western Grey and Antilopine.

A Community Creature, living in Groups.


An Island off the Coast of South Australia…

where i, Shiro does so live. Now.

Has been named in dedication.

Kangaroo Island.


This via British Explorer Matthew Flinders on His Ship

The Investigator on account of the large numbers

of Western Grays on the Island. The French Explorer

Nicholas Baudin

soon thereafter mapped much of the Island.


For those with an interest;

The Aboriginal Tribes associated referred to this place

as the Island of the Dead. Karta so nomened.



The most likely Modern meaning/usage appears… GANGURRU

derived vis The Botanist, Sir Joseph Banks scribings of the

GUUGU YIMIDHIRR Tribal Language who used this Word/Term

when referring

to the Grey Kangaroo circa 1770 ish.


The Female Red has some unique Inner Buttons. Feminine wiles

and Ways. That can be so pressed. Pressing

needs for Water, Survival at-large Conditions in- and un-favourable.

Pressed Off. The Reproductive Cycle.


Has a Double Egg Type Capacity also. Also Inner Conditions

prevail so that

One can Grow, Mature.


Whilst The Other pressed Off, put on Hold. Embryo-ed, on ice,

per se. For a while. Till

the Other Elder One grows Ups. Mores. To

and on, then

follow Ups with…

A Pouch… of Goodness…

Tea for Two…too.

That is. Then Pressed On again. When That One. All

Done as well. Well as



ensuring Species Continuation by allowing Birth every Month or so

for those so

favoured Seasons. Seasons progressions means TWO too. Two


Joey’s… at differing Development Stages can still and so feed. Off

the One and same, Mum. Mum, in cases of this and that

Siblings only lil’ aparts… can change Her Feeding Recipes. To

suit TWO too. As required, needed. Pressed.


One Teat supplies heavy, rich, nutrient dense for the Elder…

Other adjacent will supply the Basic Baby Formula.

Teats… of a different Kind. Two.


Teats and Treats. For two. Joey’s. At Once. From One.


Joey’s do and so Feed off Mum for quite some

Times and Places, oft outgrowing the

Pouch First. One



of Our World Legends. An Early One from an Ancient Peoples,

tells Tales of long ago Ages, of a World recovering from those


epoch making Times and Events. Of Yore that is. Is that

What Was…


Storming In… along with that.?. So


Stormy Weathery Winds.?. Here goes…




Ancient Aboriginal Legends from the Dreamtimes and Places

retell Tales of this bounding Beast. The First. As Belows and

Herein. The Ode of, on and in Australia:


 The Arrival. The First Kangaroo.


At a Time Long Ago.

When an Age Was Done.

Times and Places. Of Yore.

A Dream-Time Was Run.


As The World Turned. Anew.


Even More.

Our World. Our New Sun.


When Lands Did So Break,

Reform. So Grow.

A New Creature, Did Man,

So Begins To Know.


When Mother Earth. Her Natures

Did So Then Cry.

Winds, Storms, Earthquake.

Mountains, Thrust High.


A Hunting Party, Seeking Refuge.

In a Sheltering Cave.

Watching On By, This Spectacle.

Mother Earth, So Gave.


Watching On By,

As The Wind Uproots Trees.

Blasts From The Wind.

Bringing In Such a Breeze.


As If On Wings,

These New and Hopping Creatures, So Flew.

The First. Hopping Creature, Small Head,

Large Tailed,.. The Kangaroo.


On Lands, Waters,

Long Far and Wide.

Mother Nature, Mother Earth.

All Creatures to Thrive.


The Kangaroo. The First.

Has… Arrived.



(…Above… The Arrival. The First Kangaroo.

Adapted by i, Shiro + co. from that collected/compiled by

Ainslie Roberts/Charles P. Mountford

in their Book… ” The Dreamtime…” Pgs18/19…

and Tales Told over a Camp-Fire.)


Slide-Show: Kanga Kapers.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Plate Hopping…


Putting aside National Symbolism, Identity, Veganism…

Kangaroo Meat is top quality with many Nutrients therein.


Nutrient dense, lightly fatted, rich, slightly dark Meat.

Salami a favored mix and combines well with such Herbs, Spices.

Cooks well, easy.


Over use not recommended,

a Balanced Diet. Best Approach.


Ship Wrecking…


The aforementioned Kangaroo Island in Our World.


Legends of Maritime Exploration and Disasters too.

Numerous Ships have been wrecked in their approaches

to this Place. Modern Records do so… record. Such as:


Apr 1899;.. The Loch Sloy off Maupertuis Bay.

Sept 1905;.. The Loch Vennachar off West Bay.

Mar 1935;.. The Portland Maru off Cape Torrens.



The First Lighthouse of South Australia was on

Kangaroo Islands Cape Willoughby in 1852.

A Population of some 4-5,000 still reside. There.


A mainly Agricultural Economy though both Sheep and Cattle

also roam. Tourism, Fishing, a Distillery for the

renowned Eucalyptus Oil, Wines and Honey

the main forms. Thereon.


Several Wilderness, Conservation Park Areas, Walking Trails,

Caves, Hills, all with associated scenery

and Wild-life. A balance of wild beauty.

Land and Seas.


Including Sea-Lions, Penguins, Aquatic and Bird-Life,

Bats, Frogs, Wallabies, Possums, Platypus,

Koalas, Reptiles and


The Kangaroos.



Feel more than free to freely balance those Tales. Tall and True.

When and Wheres You so crossed Paths with Nature’s.?.

or Natures… got cross with Your uppity Waysward Path.?.

Wheres and by;..


…Creatures so Wild, Hoppy. Happy were You to be.?.

Or not… as that case so states.?.


Please so do and Share. Those Tales. Herein. Of Tails and Toil.

Of those Wild and Free. Beasties. That spoil.?.

Your Call.?.


Your Ways, Your Days,

in deed. Herein.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Hop to it.

Well and Done.



Next… Time For;.. A

HolyDay Themed:

Wise Up. Ways of The 3 Magi. Men Frank, Golden Mirth.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…



Chariots of The Gods.?. Rock n Roll Juggernaut.

In Days, Times, Places. Of Yore. In Our World. Legends do tell Tales. Tales told Tall and some so True. True believers of Machines Powered by Man. That should not only look cool but be fricken Huge. Juggernauts… A Titan of a Title to match. The Original. A Chariot of the Gods, well… Anyways, God’s Taxi has been called. Named The Juggernaut. Herein.


The shock and awe of that which so Towers above us. A Giant, Titan, a Juggernaut.

So too the Gods. Gods like Krishna. Krishna’s taxiJUGGERNAUT CHARIOT.

That is. That and those Chariots of the Gods.

Are this and that pushy Giant Multi-Level Machine Chariot Thingy

which is so free wheelingly rocked n rolled outs. Out- and Country-sided.


Then and so. To be so. Celebrated during the


of the Festival RATHAYATRA of the Hindu’s Peoples, Places and Times.

Thereof. Therein

Krishna’s Gargantuan Sets of Wheels.?.


A JAGANNATH Of The 1800’s.


16 SETS OF WHEELS… Actually. In


most Paintings and Drawings thereof, therein that

and those of Our

World. Legends that do so and tell this Tall Tale of a Tall

Topped Tower on Wheels. Basically. Divine.


KRISHNA; One of those Warring on-off again

Type of Gods. When



desperately desiring of Power. The Power to get from A to B.

To visit those Relatives… actually and well. That was.


Well, Eastern Coastline/Frontal Areas. Of India. Of Yore. Back

Then. This Pushy Power was totally so fully and

manned. By Powers of pushy Men and Women. Per se

and for in the Real. Also. Also and as well as the




TOWER HOUSE, Krishna + co.


of The Gods.?.

Rock n Roll Juggernaut



Heading Your Ways…

was also hopefully used as a shouted Sounding and Warning Device. As

in Our World. Legends, ‘cos therein

actually concerned, make NO mention of a Horn or Beeping

capability. Therein. God’s Taxi. A Taxi in which Gods Sat. Still. Still


this All bulked up package was and so pulled along with Ropes. With

lotsa MANS power

as well. Well as

the Ropes being pulled along a long Ways. For many Days on end.


Was also mainly Hemp. Which

has other uses, forms as well. Manly or Otherswise. Well as

that and those, is there


are quite many a number of Deaths. Rather un-Festive

it seems in deed indeed. Thereof. Of Krishna Devotees

who got excitedly or




As The Wheels Turns…


not. Somehows.?.




Under One of those fricken sky scraping Rounded

Wheely Things on the God’s Chariots. Image. Aboves. Bearing

down, that and those burdens of the Gods, Chariot, Gargantuan sized


towering so toppily above. Thems. Below. As below this Temporary House

of Gods is a Temple Wagon


Wheeled. With an inbuilt Recycle Process. Sorta’. Each Year.


Once the Epic Journeying. All Done. That is. That is

when. Parts of the Jugger Chariot chuck Krishna Wagons are sold off to

Devotees. Those

Souls. Still

Living. The

Temple and sold-off bits are soon replaced, ready and then readied

for reuse. Next


Festive Times and Places and so forth. Forthrightly Recycling.



So Too, The Pics…


moving in Motion Movies of Modern Times and Places.

With that and this motion capability of Film Spooling and Turning.


Modern Movies have and also has done. Done and well

ensnared, entrapped within the usage of this Gigantism

of a large Term. For a Movie

Mutant. Human. Machine like. But Mutant. Thingy. Mountain


of a Man. GIANT. There. That is. Juggernaut. Also




precision and such accolades for this and that SuperHero

called thus and so Juggernaut. Rounds of Applause. Also. Also


He is BIG. Also. Bigger than i, Shiro as well. Well as He now.


Punches like a titanic freight train and rough n tumbles real well. As well. He

does. That. Also quite. Is.

Big of Him in deed.

‘Cos He is. BIG. As well filled well. Out.


With Power, Momentum, Timing and then Targeting those soft spots. On

ALL those and these Other SuperHeroes jaw-lines. Other random Body

Parts may and could hurt so

be. Too. Targeted. To be so vanquished by Motion of a Mountain

Man of Mass. With manly Momentum. Also. Also


Very BIG. Strong as well. Well as this and that is this. That now



and from The Title of Krishna/Vishnu then incarnating:



Be His Nomen. Named with an oversized





JAGAT… “…The World, Man, Beasts in motion/movement Style…”

NATHA …”…Lord, Master, Protector, Helper,..”

NATHATE …”…He that Helps, Aids…”




So… Is a Giant. Machine, Man Powered. For the Gods. Aid. Of

course. Power Aid.?. Anyways that so be. Be and



Btw’s… Still trying to figure from Our World Legends what Business

and Works Ethics and/or Guidelines these and those GOD.?.

Things/Man/Woman/Creatures work under.?. What Wages, Conditions,

Hourly Rate they are worth.?.


Full-time, Part-Time, Retirement Benefits, Allowances.?. Taxes.?.

etc but the Data seems to be ghost writ. For Real. ‘Cos couldn’t Find Any.


Wage, Employment Records with their Nomens. On Thems. That is NONE.

Found. None. So much for their Book-keepings. And their Accountant.


Anywheres. NONE. Anyways… So, seek and search some. Mores. As Belows. Herein.



Is Machine Tech. Of Yore.

That goes arounds being pushy. And BIG.


Around on Wheels. 16. Also. BIG.


Where and within this Festival Big Wheels so turn. To so become

powered Ups heavenly, that is a


“…Massive inexorable force,

an unstoppable public campaign that crushes whatever is in its path…”


A Path and Ways. To Heaven it seems in deed. Indeed

The Juggernaut is



The Wheely Writings…so Writ.

a BIG LUG WHO LORDS HIS MIGHT, sometimes Helping. With Recycling.

And the UnderTaker’s Business, wheeling and dealing Merchants as well. Well as,

Basically, getting pushed arounds the Coast by Hundreds of Hands. Hands also

attached. To Followers and God-pushers. Therein. Thereof.


Seeking and searching Our World. Legends indicate that One, possibly robust,

big-hearted, yet genial giant of a Man, Monk, FRIAR tuckODORIC,

Ancient Ancestor, Scribe, Monking arounds and so on. Did so go on

and Writ. That first.?. Note Writ in the

Western kept Annals and Chronicles. Chronicled in Europe. By ODORIC.

  1. Ish. So Writ. Then He so


recorded an Early Description of the festivities at this and that Festival. Of

BIGNESS. The stylish and festive, oversized approach

to that and this Krishna divinity taxi and company of Devotees. Who, to a Tee


then buy back Holy hard and woodenly bits of The Gods Chariot

to look at with their Tea. Later. At Home. Theirs. Then



for some 9 Days the Juggernaut is wheeled Festively Celebrating the Journey

of this and that Lord to the Temple. GUNDICHA. To visit His Aunt. Though and

yet. Not Alone it seems in deed. Alone, Krishna is not. For


travelling with and yet not. Not in together… ‘Cos they have separate

Chariots. That is. Is that of Companions and Siblings;

Sister SUBHADRA and Brother, Lord BALABHADRA.


The Jagannath Chariot Festival is usually held on the Second (…Dwitiya…)

Day of Shukla Pakshya (…Waxing Moon…) of Ashadh Maas

(3rd Month of Lunar Calendar).


A Trio of Juggernauts taking over the Road and Path Ways all Ways arounds.

These Juggernauts All have their Own Name as well. Well as being BIG. The


BALABHADRA of the TALADHWAJA whilst the main Lord,



All described and writ of. Back Then.

Of Yore. Writ approx. 1321 ish. Odoric thy scribal nomen

thereof. There. Back Then. Then


there is this. When, Where’s and How.?.



Did You or someone anew that You so know or knew. Did

and were. Last.

Shock and Awed.?.

So Towered over.

Epic and Big-hearted Too.?. To so and then.


Have Bit Off… More Than YOU Can so Chew.?.?.?. Over.

That shattered so apart. To thus, so reveal.

A True Heart.


Big Enough. To and for You.


Do so Tell. Tall and True. Those Tales. Herein.

For Me, i, Shiro. From You.





Heracles. Legendary Lost City. BYO Snorkel.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


The Wonders of Happy Exploding Mind. Mind Blown.

Inspiration comes in many Forms. Truths as well. Well as ’tis said… Out of the Mouths of Babes. Jaded, i, Shiro attends a Local Gem + Mineral Show. Shown too therein. The shiny and fresh Wonders of Awe. For and far too oft. We take things lightly, for granted. Granted earthy Life from Mother Nature of Our World. Legends from Inner and Age-less innocent Wisdom from a Child’s Mind. Herein. Charlie.



“…My Mind is Exploding with Happiness…”


Out of the mouths of Babes. Charlie’s. Surname.

Kept silent to innocently protect. Thus and so.

Unknown and lost to Times, Places and i, Shiro. Now.



a Young Male Child to be so precise. That is.

Charlie so named. He was and is.


This morn, Saturday began as per norm. The norm of

Chores, Shopping, arranging friendly Meets and so on. On

and to. To a near and by Local Community Gathering. A

Display, Sharing and Showing


of Work and Finds of Experts, Novices and Interested Parties.

Of the Works of Mother Nature.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Where Heaven and Earth combine and mix in Form.

Elements, Gems and Minerals that twinkle just. So.

Where Innocence and Truth do meet. Mix.


To combine into Awe and Wonder. Meant.


Of that moment. Now. IN THE NOW.



(Music Link)


Indeed, THAT moment. That moment

when a Young One. Realises a Dream. When

The Wonders of

Happy Exploding Mind.

Mind Blown

by simply Being. Being

at a Gem + Mineral Show. In deed. His First.


With this and that Wonder and Awe. Of Youth. Charlie’s

in particular.

That is. Also. In Mind. His. Then.



“… My Mind is Exploding With Happiness…”


ajoined with that so wide open stare, gaping mouth

and that enigmatic breathless whisper. Of Awe.


Having arrived early (…compared to that is Charlie…)

at the Gem + Mineral Showing. Once done.

Several Laps thereof.


I decided to take a Seat from a row set along the entrance Hallway.

A magnificent scene, Formational Crystalline Inner Earth in colors

and hues divine. In

a cutaways Fashion with movements and Sounds

of Liquids, so forth


and styled and Cabinet Displayed very artily. Also. Was

up. There.

To keep Mind. Serene.


Awaiting Companions… all Adults…

to finish up their Ways. Around. The Show




This meant that new arrivals would pass and go past. My


Several did. Young and Old. Both.

Most rushing by


eager to get in amongst the Stalls and Tables laid out

within. The Show.



Not Charlie.


Relishing his chance he strung out, wrung out those and these

feelings of goodness, emotions. That so arose. Within.

He stopped. Stand-still. Statue. Mouth open…

soaking it All. In. Within.


The Show. Scene.


Till Words did so then arrange those filled so Emotions. That


Within. Him.

Till Mind had seen, so absorbed this scene. To be seen. Ahead.

Of Charlie. Then.


Till voice so filled could no longer. Contain. That and

those so so whirling, precious Emotions, that so. Arose. Did.

Within. Charlie.


Till bursting free pressure pulsed from within. Giving such and so

that Voice. To Emotion.

A cry so heartfelt i compelled and turned to join. Emotionally

infected. As i, Shiro


turned and just so smiled in turn. Turning

Mind back and over such to Other Times


and Places. Where. Where



that Feeling. Did and had uplifted so. So

in tune with Wonder and Awe.



i joined in too. To feel


“…My Mind is Exploding with Happiness…” as well. Well as


The more i, Shiro look. The more. I did see. Within.


Of the many and Real things. That so please.

Of how too. To realise that Youth when left to be right

IN the Real. When left to rightly describe. What they Feel.

Reveal Truths of what Our World in deed do


and does. Reveal.


Even to an ol’ so n so. Like me i, Shiro. Youth


can teach Elders too,

by sharing so well and so refreshingly clear. Their

naivety, innocence, that drive and freshness of view. Their

Love and Care. For


that and this Our World. Our Home. That which We share.

The Awe



of those things that really Matter. Within. To Mind. Also.

When Living in this Moment. This here. This Now.

This moment of Real Emotion that so tugs and tears.

That’s… Real.


That’s Life.

Take a deep breath. Of That. Just Feel.

What. They feel.


Not the chase for goods and accumulation.

‘Tis feelings, emotions, experiences, sharing.

That count. For Real. Within.



In the Now.


Be like Charlie.

Our least. With the Most.


Share the Experience of Feeling, yet and not those

ravages of Time.

Share the Experience but keep it age-less,

time-less. Now. Just Now.


To relate to young or old. Be young or old. Just

Share. That. What’s Real.

Your emotions, actions, carry forward, all with

that inherent due care.


Be not afraid to step back and down into those

shoes. Smaller

though they may. Be. Flexible.

No quashing of Dreams.


Go back or others Ways to get a sense of their

fit. Size…

doesn’t matter with this and that. Just Feel. Now. Then



What’s Real. Within.

Show You Care.



Authors Notes:

Just for the Record.

Whilst chatting to Charlie + Fam. after myOur

Minds Explodeds.


I mentioned to and asked Charlie His Opinion

on the Display Cabinet Back-drop scene.


He said… ” …The Earth is very pretty

I like the bits that Shine…”.


Then. To that and this and His.

I demur, concur. Agree.



An Exploding Mind.?.

When was the Last or First Times and Places.?.

Yours did.?.




Feel pleased and more than free to Share that

still and so

Moment of Awe… which

filled Thy Mind. Then.


Set it Free. Herein.




Our World Legends.

Be One.


No matter Your Age.

You are Time-less.


Be like Charlie.

Shine On.


Simply and so.

Live Your Dreams.



You are Now.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #9

A Need For A LiL’ Speed. The Pin-Ups.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…