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Revolution Of Love. Book Reviewed: Russell Brand.

Many Our World Legends. Many Books. To Read. Too. To Review as well. Well as this One. One Russell Brand has an Idea. Innovative. Interesting also. Also along with his unique and refreshing Branded Style Humor and Approach. Approaching Truth with. A Revolution. Of Love. That is. The Book nomen. Herein. The Review. photocredit/thanks:likesuccess



Iconic Themes of Tragedy. Hope as well. Well as

that so locked within Hearts and Minds. Minds

branded with that inner flame that enables and ennobles



Societal Changers.



Of Knowledge.

Of Others Ways.

Of Learning.


Of Growth.



(Music Link)


Of Revolt. To such and so this. This

Status quo.


In the Real.


A Revolution. Of Love. Of an Approach

That is. Love. Of Truth. Also of

an Approach to be so found. Within the

Revolution Of Love.

Book Reviewed:

Russell Brand

Style Humor within, therein, thereof as well. Well as



Russell Brands approach to these Matters

which binds so well and so difficult

Subjects and Topics

that such do lie and hide so behind, many Societal Doors. Doors


when and which peeked thorough and through too. To lead One

to Major Forces further thus and behind many of Our World Issues. Issues

that so affect. Effects that change Destiny, Dreams, Futures. All Over

Our World. Legends of Greed, Control. Of


Profit Over People.


Major Movers and Shakers.

The System.


In the Real.



The System. Which is. Theirs.

Built by Them. For Them.

Which over-rides.


Ours. Yours.


Geo-Politics in All it’s Facets and Aspects. Revealed. Therein.

Done All. With Branded Humor, Insight and Respect. Too. To

and within a Major Theme. Running therein.


Of Major Economic Inequality

with no Peoples Love. Therein.


Of Propaganda, Mis-Truths, Deceptions.

Legendary Lies.


Such as that and those. These that so affect Our World.


Legends within that cut across the entire gamut of Social,

Political, Economic Regimes.




Branding for a change.

A set of New Ways.





A Revolution. Of Love.


Witty, well thought. Well Researched as well. Well as

bringing a unique, noble Social Conscience. To His Works. Of



A Revolution of Branded Style. Brought to the fore


as he examines such as the woes of injustice,

inequality, slavery, poverty and other Social

Issues and Concerns.





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One of Our World Legends of Comedy

and by. Using events mainly attached to and in his own life. He

explains and unveils those such and so real puppet masters-

exposing misdeeds and crimes against Humanity.

On many Levels.


One that has left the bulk of Humanity. Out of it.

As these Controllers roll out their



often under our very noses so to speak.


This is achieved with major and systematic censoring of the very particular

and Controlled focus topics which otherwise would reveal

such and so plans. His nickname for them is thus and so

One that many are Familiar. With.


“…The System…”



which as the PUBLIC  “…THINK WE CONTROL…” but as well

Russell patiently and humorously explains

alas, alack ado.


“…We Do Not…”



… and Control This System of Approaches.



LISTENING TO THE MAJORITY. The WE. Therein.Thereof also. Also




That is in deed. Indeed.


Russell reminds of this History. Behind the Scenes.

WE THE PEEPS seem to have forgotten THE Govt./Rulers etc


are made up of… peeps… just like Us…

so if WE do not like. Their Ways and Actions. Approaches


and Ideals.



Their results and Lives thus lived, then…

lets get someone who can do this and that job with some basic

Humanities who will LISTEN TO THE PEEPS. Done. That

job then. Then

and to


Russell goes into some details and examples. Overviewing

the Steps He has taken to reclaim. Control. Self-

Empowerment. To effect Change. That

is. Within. The System. Is and should be


real i sed.


In the Real.


Whilst Politics and such machinations may in deed require a more concerted and collective

approach Russell enlivens Individualism to act at the Local level. In facing the Reality… and

the difficulties that with such as Global Inequality, Rigged Markets and Systems,

Minority Rule, Corporate Dominance and so forth. Ones vote is oft pointless.

Action if desired, seldom comes that Ways.


Highlighting these Issues within via direct examples from his at Times and Places…

rather turbulent Career, Life, Friends and Foes, Travels. Travails as well. Well as

His trademark Humor.



Read and Write Within.

A Book for Fans of Russell, Comedy and ongoing Social, Geo-Political Issues. Whilst

expressively told and written

the Main Theme is one heartfelt. More aware than many, of disparities ‘tween Rich

and the not-so, Russell manages to cut through much red tape with uncommon sense. An


intense feeling of thought and care within words within. Taking Times to explain

His Views. With Laughter to uplift and seriousness to seek and search the Issues

prevailing. A Book written to and for new Ways.


An easy read.

Not an Intellectuals or Experts Essay on Modern Life.

A Comedian… who thinks. On Social Issues and Concerns.


Language used is oft… Raw.

Direct yet directed.

Reflecting Russell’s Comic Approach.

‘Tis not scholarly but nevertheless. Real.


Society’s graven images and idols… torn down.

His reasons why as well. Well as



Critics may lambast this style in an effort to misdirect His message.

This though is Russell’s Ways.

(Have include a Video Interview. Below a Ways…)


Honest, forthright criticism… and repair.


On Personal and Global Levels. To be so applied.

For. As is so writ. Therein.


“…It’s only because I decimated my life by aggressively pursuing eating, wanking, drinking,

consuming and getting famous that I was forced to look at spiritual alternatives…

The revolution cannot be boring…” Russell says as he encapsulates in one phrase…


“…We’d all be a bit disappointed if utopia and ditching capitalism

boiled down to ‘We want to be a bit more like Germany’ – fuck that…”


Russell thus combines a Social Conscience with Comedy too. To

show how even a Revolution of Mind can spread the Love. All

over Our World. Legends of Control unraveled.


A Revolution of Love.

By intense application prior to implementation.

On a Global Level.


Recommend this, i, Shiro do. Indeed in deed.



Branded. With Love.

Yours to Read. The Book.




Russell Brand.


That is. In deed.



(Video Link)


Control Your Laughs, Tears and Scepticism.

Love the Revolution.


A Revolution of Love.


Russell Branded Style Therein. Thereof.


Enjoy. Join.

This Revolution.

Spread and Share this News.


With Love.



A Book Recently read indeed. Having appreciated his approach to Humor and Life Situations… so too now,.. His Writings. RUSSELL BRANDS REVOLUTION OF LOVE Book Reviewed. a Shiro style… BRANDED HUMOR AND INSIGHTS INDEED.


“…If You Suppress The Truth it Becomes Your Enemy.

If You Expose The Truth it Becomes Your Weapon…” 

(Col. Corso).




Our World Legends.

Be One.


Brand Your Ways.


With a Revolution.

Of Love.


Live Your Dreams. Well as. Also.



(Video Link)




Shinsengumi. Team Shogun. Special Weapons + Tactics.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Search For The Other Stone. Newtons Notes. Noted.

As above, So below. This Alchemical Wisdom from Our World Legends has much to reveal. Reveals more of and about that Philosopher’s Stone as well. Well as it has revealed there are Two. Stones. Philosophy. That is. Tracking through Sir Isaac Newtons Notes in a Seek and Search. Thereof. In Code. Poetry also. More Stones to be overturned too. Pt.2. Herein. Those Stones. Two.


Continuing on. The Hermetic Philosophies of Olden and Ancient Alchemy oft

use similes in comparative regards wittily to their Wisdom, as per those

of Dark and Light. Two. A Pair


thereof. Therein



(Music Link)


as well. Two. Well too


as this complementary Dualistic Approach. Content

thus and so too. To so delve AND leave no Stone un-turned. So. Be

it. ‘Tis

said in Our World. Legends such as so and this


For The Other Stone.

Newtons Notes. Noted.

Need to. Be. Noted too. To be thus and so considered as Ones



from a Master of Alchemy. As well. Well as

Others Subjects and Topics of discourse. Of course. Too. To


begin. Herein. Pt.2.


Whilst used as a Natural Philosophical Type Approach. Perhaps

Natural oriented Approach too. One Alchemy

was paired.

With Lab Works. That is. As well.


This Heating, Puffing of Metallurgy Flamed is long, labour intense.

Akin to a Black-Smith’s Enduro or Marathon. Tedious, Precise

can be. Be it worthwhile. Now to. Recap on this and so

Background too. To


What IT is. That Sir Isaac Newton did. Too. To

and with those and these. To find in deed. Indeed

that and those

Philosophers Stones. Are Two.


A Pair.

One Naturally-Worked. One Lab-Worked.






The Tenets of Lab Alchemy.

Recalled. Herein.

As Below. As well


vis Manly p.Hall:The Secret Teachings Of All Ages, pg 502-


via (the late) Prof. James Campbell Brown

CHEM.PROFESSOR OF UNIV.OF LIVERPOOL in his ‘ History of Chemistry ‘ noted his understanding of the Alchemical Purposes according to the Texts/treatises he had perused;

as being 1 or more of the main 7 aims as below: namely;

” …this, therefore, was the general aim of the alchemists–to carry out in the lab., as far as possible, the process which Nature carried out… seven leading problems occupied their attention;

  • 1. The preparation of a compound named elixir, magisterium medicine or philosopher’s stone.
  • 2. The creation of homunculi, or living beings.
  • 3. The preparation of the alcahest or universal solvent.
  • 4. Palingenesis, or the restoration of a plant from it’s ashes.
  • 5. The preparation of spiritus mundi, a mystic substance.
  • 6. The extraction of the quintessence or active principle of all substances.
  • 7. The preparation of aurum potabile, liquid gold, a sovereign remedy...”


These would have been typical of the choices for Sir Isaac. To Experiment. With.


Note the Professor mentions this and that “…general aim

the process which Nature carried out…”.



the process..:

Thus and so,

in simpler and common norm Real World Terms. That is:


Alchemy is, the Human version or replication of the Natural Processes,

Systems, Methods and so forth and so on. Of Our World. The

Mother Nature. Of Earth.


Our Home.

The so called quests for Alchemical Gold were the Lab Versions of trying to do.

What Nature did. Does. They believed as We STILL do of the Nobility

of that Metal Gold. It’s Beauty, Uses and so forth. They

were thus and so seeking Mother Natures…


Natural Recipe.


The Pyramid whose nomen means Pyre Amidst. Fire Within. Is the Ancient Egyptian Version of a Volcano. Look-a-likes and Name-a-likes also. Just swap Lava for Nile Waters. Alchemy Pump.


Trying to figure which and what Ingredients. Got that Job. Done.

Thats’ All. Alchemy is. In the Real Our World. Legends then of

Pure and Alchemical Black-Smithing using Natural

Process and Processing. As well. Well as


Elemental Tech.

’tis usually so and called within Our World Legends. Herein.

Natural. Philosophy. Lab Works too. To


herein as well. As well did the Alchemists so try and mimic or replicate

what they thought these Natural Processes involved. Thus was the

Basic Designs of their Lab Equip like a mini-Volcanic Forge.


Hows and Whys of Ancient Egypt with their Pyramid Tech. Therein.

Herein also. No big… Mystery. Mysteries remain so only when there still

are those who ignore this Natural Elemental Approach. The Above Gif of the

LavaWater-based Volcano Fire-Powered Pump that is the

Pyr(e)amids(t). Inners.


The Electrical Capacitance Discharger that is the Ark of the Covenant. The

Holy of Holy Chambers with the Spire sky high. Collecting Natural Electricity. Thus

and so then the reason for Biblical Aprons and Crystal Vests for these

High-Priests. Wooden Carry Poles too. To and for this to safely


ground. Out. As Image Below. The



Arc Light Battery and Torch it powered shown in many Egyptian Friezes

and Bas-Reliefs. Looking similar Apparatus to Our Electricity.


Another Below. Imaged. Herein also. As well The Famed Pharos Lighthouse


Arc-Lit. Torch. of Yore. Egypt. gifcredit/thanks:gifer


with it’s Natural Electric Power

Crystal Lens Apparatus. Imaged elsewhere. At mo’. To


the Piezo Pressure Power Effect produced via the Quartz Granite of the Pyramid

Blocks which Powered that Night-Lit Top-Piece. The Hand-Bag Battery shown in the

Below Hands of the Gods with Wings. Same Race


from All over Our World. Legends from the very large STEPS AND STRUCTURES

in Baalbek, South Americas and Egypt machined and so produced. That still

many of The Sciences wonder in amazement that Our Ancestors even had such


Skills. All these Mysteries. Are Not. At All. All

are Natural Powered Phenomenon.


Elemental… My Dear…



Bags of the Gods Winged.


That’s it. That’s All. About that.


Back-stepping thus in and to. In Egypt.

Which the Alchemists thought very highly. Of. Too. Thus and so.

Alchemists do so and oft retrace their Lineage… to

that Egypt of Yore. Thus,

this and why. Also. Done. Recapped. So

Sir Isaac. Gets to Work. From Home.

Now… Here. You may feel the need to ask.?.

Well.?. Did He. Find the Stone.?.


Did Sir Isaac find the Lab Stone of Philosophy.?.

i, Shiro… don’t know…. yet. Yet did He writ


in a very Combo Giant Mystery Ways. Ways over mixed, some well



Over 10 Million Words did He. So Writ. In Papers, Correspondence, Scientific, Religious, Administrative, Alchemical, Mathematics, Sciences and so on and so forth. The Search is on. Also

there’s this. That is


a lot of it is. In CODE. It is in deed.

And this i Know too. The Code

changes in and


of some Nature. Alchemical. Seems.

Researchers continue to look and probe. Therein.


The Cradle Of Newton. Elemental Forces of Nature.


Those i, Shiro have perused thus far have shown.

Alchemy Works. Somehow. Sir Isaac realised this Early

in His Search for the Stone of Philosophy. He knew it Worked. If…


You have the Know-How. That is. The Ways.


For example; One of the Substances applied in the Manner of the Alchemy Professor Guidelines above is said to be one of Two Experiments that need to be Mastered before attempting The (Lab-worked) Philosophers Stone. Newton did that Experiment.

It Worked.


Of Course. Coarse


though obvious was this and that Result. The

Stone that resulted from that Experiment was exactly

as described by these Ancient Alchemists. So.?. Where


did Sir Isaac get the Recipe.?. From them also. Hidden

deep in Cipher in the Text of an Alchemical Tale. Poem

actually. By Ovid. Of Years B.C.


Yes that’s right. So

he said. Writ actually. As part of that afore 10 million. The Recipe


for a Alchemical Stone pre-cursor was encoded in Words

and Symbols of an

Ancient Text. He found it,



read it and realised. That.

‘Cos of His Studies, Experience, Knowledge and so forth. Forth


and rightly knew… it was actually sounded akin a Recipe. Everyone

else thought it was… gibber. ‘Cept He. He thus and so then


deciphered/translated it into Lab Terms He knew and He



(Music Link)


understood. Then did that biz. Buzzed metallically

A Purple Stone

did then and thus emerge from His Works. Worked


a paired treat

in deed indeed. In deed as the Promise in afore mentioned

Alchemy Recipe. No

need indeed for the


Stony Cold Silence.

That Science then uttered.


An intrepid Researcher at the right Places and Times

to decipher… what was All and many Others

thought gibberish. Or something else. Just Prose.


‘Twas. Not. Notwithstanding


whilst Science credits Sir Isaac with much of this Times and Places Early

Sciences and Applied Knowledge. Knowledge He also thus realised

during His Studies and Experiments Other than that. Of certain

Sciences that is. Is considered Scientifically unsound it seems.


So and thus.



Silently. Also.

By Science + co. per se it seems. In deed.



More’s the pity and Inspiration lack therein. For more

is tragically so. Then missed. Missing


the Point. Of Sir Isaac’s Life Works.

As above, So below.


He seems to wish and want for others to simply

Learn off the Past. Teachings. Also. His depth of Knowledge

much more than JUST Science.


By cleansing his Character of All that some and so consider

Unscientific. Such

A Man. Will never be Known. He too. Has Two. As We All.

Do. Two.

Sides, Personas, Characters. Roles and Dreams at least,


as well. Well an Inspiration in any of the Fields he did

so Worked. So


Our World Legends do so and say. Herein.


Much on and in His Mind. Isaac Newton thought about many things Other Ways than just Science. In Balance. Inner and Outer in deed.




(Video Link)


Inner Experimenter… Outer Scientist. He

spent much Times and Works balancing both.


Balance. Of Self.


For Science can not. For

Alchemy is not. Bound

nor Balanced by Science.


It is the

Other Ways. Around. Indeed. In deed

The Newton Ways.


Of Alchemical Natural Elemental Philosophy.





(Music Link)


Our World Legends.

Be One.


Be Balanced. Not Bound.


Find Ways.

Wherever You may be.



As well.


Tesla. The Slide-Show. Herein.



Next… The Beast of Suburbia. Vacant Dreams.

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i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


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Search For The Other Stone. Alchemy Newtonian.

‘Tis oft said that Two’s Company and Three’s… Not. Dualism is buried oft embedded in so many Ways, Methods and Teachings from all over Our World. Legends from Alchemy as well. Well as The Stone of Philosophy… too. Pt.1. Two Stones.?. Too.?. Join i, Shiro and Sir Isaac Newton as we Seek+Search out that Stone solid Duo. In his Notes that is. Times and Places to search for that Other Philosopher’s Stone.?. Herein.


As Above, So Below. Simply Balanced.Balanced Simply.


With this advice of the perennial wisdom from that

Olden and Traditional Alchemical Philosophy realised. Realised


i, Shiro… this Work was only half completed. Then.

Mine that is. Herein.

Realised this issue just Doubled. Itself. Whilst i then. Then

and Was to NOW


leave… No Stone further Unturned. Again and too. So to

Search For The

Other Stone.

Alchemy Newtonian.

Would be i, Shiro steps first therein. Thus and then.

Herein. Now.


Revelation Times. Also. Not


necessarily. Biblical. For as

and has. Been said. Is this as follows.


The Sun and Moon. Yellow Light and White Light. Warm and Cool.


As Above, So Below.


This Ancient, Perennial Axiom or Wisdom Saying thus

and so, informs and beholds.



Two Mysteries.



Above. Below.

An Outer. An Inner.

Exoteric. Esoteric.

Complementary Paired.

Two Sides. Two Views.

Complementary. Paired.




This realisation of multi approaches appears known of oft. perhaps

by many. Many

so called Crafts, Apprentice Ways, Learning Institutions

and some


Societies with Secrets use such a seemingly Method or Ways. To

convey Teachings, Guidance, History. Our World Legends. Too.



(Music Link)


Two. Sometimes more.


Double-meanings and so on. Layers of Knowledge. Also. Also

and thus many Aspects become paired in that process and


of the Tale being Told are then, understood as dual. In Application that


is. Understanding of both. Meanings. As well

this can also. Extend back. Into. Into


the Text itself. Back. Too.


Such is so. Herein too. With such and so


Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac Newton,

who did this too. To




find in Ancient Poetry a duo. Dual


in the sense that the Tale has a General Outer Message/Meaning

whilst buried or rather written in within there are…

Other(s). Sometimes similar in meaning. Oft though…


a better Term perhaps.?.


Sir Isaac Searches

Too. Two

Stones it seems as well.


Dual-Natured. Double-Aspects.

Yin-Yang. Up-Down.


Lab Work-Work of Nature.

etc etc.

Inner-Outer. Too. Two also.


Alchemical Treatises and Texts of Our World Legends related

oft use such a written Device. A device, a double-whammy

that such as i, Shiro. Occasionally


do so and use. Herein.


Sir Isaac Newton Equations = 23900… Nasa says… something not quite like that… at all. Herein. What can it mean.?. o the gravity… of it all in deed. photocredit/thanks:thelivingmoon


Newton. Isaac. Sir thereof. photocredit/thanks:livescience


Sir Isaac Newton as well. Too. Above. Imaged.

Herein. As well.


Well as the Legends have recently spoken to i, Shiro

they have led – eventually thus and so

to the Natural Stone Of Philosophy. To The Philosopher’s

Stone. Therein. The Research on that Search and then

that of the Find. Therein. Also


a Revelation. Two. The Subject that is too. Two phrases

that bind as The One;.. As above, So below.


Inner. Outer.

Lab Work. Work of Nature.




Philosophy Stones too. Two.?.




As well.?.


There are.?. Are there.?.

In the Real. Two


such Stones.?. For real.?.

Two Philosophers Stones.



Two Stones of Philosophy. Our World Legends

get and got a second somewhat deeper Search and Find. Herein.



The Man.

A Man.

The Our World Legends previous Research uncovered Sir

Isaac Newton’s interest. Interesting now to take a further Seek and Find. In

His Personal Notes and Writings. ‘Cos we can. Now.


Sort of. In deed indeed.


As Times and Places go by Our sense and knowledge of Isaac Newton are being

refined. Far from a simple struggling Scientist into a Man struggling with Inner Secrets.


His semi-solitary Ways were chosen as well by choice…

and circumstance. As well. Ways of things. Then.


Of Science, Theology, Alchemy and Life.

In the Real.


Isaac Newton. At Work. Home. photocredit/thanks:baomoi


At and during these Times, were Sciences also struggling with Power

sharing. By Church and/or State. Such a mix. As his Notes do and so show

mixed up His Life. Human Traits to the fore as well. Well as

doubt and concern with chosen Field and Future. Personal issues hung


in that Balance therein. Heavy on His Mind.

Isaac was a Thinker type of guy. He actively sought to appease rather than argue.

For many Years he refused to let Others see his Science Marvel of Principia

simply because the Nature of The World and Society at that time was so turbulent.


Though distrusting the Church. The State fared lil’ better. Also.

Geopolitics, Vested Interests, Conflicts of Interest. All which Sir Newton

had no interest. At All. He Lived in such scenes for some 25+

Years of Reformation Ways of a Society reforming itself trying to fit in. In


such of Our World. He simply wanted to continue his Works and Studies.

Which would eventually rearrange later World Views… without

any conflict being thus attached.


A Dreamer too perhaps. His Ways.


His interest in Lab Alchemy came soon after realisation. Realising

the said Experiment… actually thus and so





The effect on this Man must have been total and tremendous. Here He

is… an Early such and so straitlaced almost pure dedicated and puritannical

leaning Researcher/Scientist who has continually and then gradually

with lost Faith and Reason also

abandoning Church AND State. Only to keep his idea of Morality,.. somehow

intact and then.


To find a Truth within the Legends of Alchemy. Such a Truth.


The Experiment Worked.



(Music Link)


Before His Eyes.

Ancient Truth realised. Therein He was. He knew.

The Alchemists were right. On

the track. Of something. That is.


He too… had much more to Learn from this Past.

As now i, Shiro. Herein. Do.

Below. Times and Places soon too. To


Recap. Refresh Memory.

Times and Places. Lab Alchemy Defined.


Thus and so. Soon in and of



Alchemy uses much of Nature to Explain the Natural Philosophy. Symbolically as well.


Two. Pt.2.

More Lab Work… and Notes to go. Through.

Of Alchemy. Sir Isaac Newton. Also. In the-next. Pt.2.


Search For The Other Stone. Newtons Notes. Noted.


Therein Stones Two too. As well. Well as.

As above, So below. So.


To so and realise a complementary. Two.


Inner in

to Outer. Simply and thus and so.


Live Your Dreams.


Musashi the Master Swordsman.Gets this Close.With Wood.Herein.That Legend. gifcredit/thanks: pinterest


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein. It so seems.


Till next…