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Indeed Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #58.


We. All… even i,

Shiro so

at That. Most,


Have Senses 5… Had at only

some Times, Places

Rare in Our World. Legends Tell


Perhaps so Senses 6. Tops, Sensing



Abilities no more. Than Senses 6

in These 4. Dimensions. 5

so including That Time. Places this sensibly herein

Quirky Quotes

Quaintly Done. #58

Wherebys such Begins. Ending much so


Yet Where. REALLY Sensing More

So Seems. Seemingly

An Impossibility mores. Moreovers


Underlying Much Truth Beliefs Of

Fictional. Facts, Beings Tech.


So Show. We Are Not. Very Sensitive



Sensors Of Sense. No Sense Able Abilities

At Alls

In Deed. Indeed Insensible. So

We Sense Onlys Very. Very Small. Bits


Of THAT Whole. Spectrum Sense Able

In Our World. Legends Tell


Sensibly Begins. At Arounds, Abouts ‹0-5%.?.

  • goes Sensory Ways Down. Means Some

Calculators i, Shiro use so Display

such as combos of

.01%.?. Of All. Also… = approx.


such Ways mean much like reading Only

one word

of every page of a book

and reviewing that book sayings extensively

readings so done so per se. Sayings that. This

would be so wrong. Wronged woeful

are we too. There. To think We Here


too know mores than… .01%.?. of Anything



Ways arounds abouts our world. So means

here. There

EveryWhere is Much, more


than Here. Thereaways so writ

here on WordPress. Pressing on with Mind Research

amongst Otherswise.

A Noted Researcher, Journalist, Activist Thinker so forth.

Forthrightly left Posted so succinctly written for

Us. All So This Below So Writ. Quoting

Caitlin Johnstone notes


“… In reality we’re all spinning through black space in a universe which we neither understand nor control. Our brains process just a tiny fraction of the data taken in by our sensory organs and our sensory organs process just a tiny segment of the light and sound and other information which surrounds us.
We can’t even predict what our next thought will be. The narrative of a separate individual moving through spacetime exerting full control over his or her fate is an illusion in multiple ways and on multiple levels, and the surest and least stressful place to stand is in full comfort with that reality…”


Thus So In Yours. Dream

In Our World. Legends



Next So In Our World. Legends


Be 100% = One Posted Too. To

Be One. Unblinkerings



next on 3/9: Imagine

Magi Full Born Stars. Magi Call

Borne Parted. One Too.